21 May, 2022


Confidence Motion Supporting RW Passed In House With 117 MPs Voting In Favour

The confidence motion presented in support of UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe with 117 MPs voting in favour.

The UNP and the TNA voted in favour of the motion presented by UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa. JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said his party would not support the motion, but pledged support to any action taken to reverse the October 26 coup.

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    Are the SLPP Jokers popping up like clowns on every media rejecting everything not to their liking.
    They like CLOWN GODAYAS with Silli smiles showing the image of Srilanka as a country of uneducated thugs and rowdies. God they were made Ministers of the fake government.
    Mega examples are Meddamulana gang. Number one rowdy the Fake PM , the white VAN Man,
    the offsprings the Moda Chandyas of the south.
    Latest news a 35 year old shot and killed in Sapugaskanda, why?? Did he talk politics against the thuggish rowdy jokers Party??
    Summery execution ?? May be more of this kind of killings are expected, wonder what the new government can do??

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    We saw on TV during the presentation of confidence motion the spontaneous unity of all the members of the UNP . We did not see anyone the likes of Sirisena who took advantage to backstab their leader.

    Sirisena is a unreliable, untrustworthy, incapable person who really never should have been elected to Parliament leave alone becoming a President. At least now we have correctly identified him, he should be impeached from his chair as a priority.

    He taught wrong lessons and set wrong examples for future presidents, future Prime Ministers, future MPs, future youths and kids. He gave a wrong example of a decent human being. Earlier we forget this man of shame and disgrace will be better and will help the country as a whole to recover.

    God save Sri Lanka

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    How can that Ranil Wicks become and recommend as Primer of Sri Lanka ,this person having criminal charges against Central Bank that Bonds fraud has looted billions of Rupees of public funds belongs to Provident Funds of employees deposits. ..Central Bank? By and large that UNP leaders– Ranil Wicks,
    Ravi K… Malik Samarwirama and Kabir Husun of ISIS and UNP ideologist to be fit for Primer of Sri lanka ?

    How is that such culprit become Prime-Minster of recommend by 117 of members , Speaker and of that Parliament?
    Those who proposed for his Primer-ship that members of Parliament been corrupted in by their politics line of UNP and alliances, Muslim Congress ,Tamil National Alliance(TNA) and JVP to be approved 117 voters in chamber ?

    1 Is this Members of Parliament of 117 ,that having real mandate to Govern Our Country ?
    2 Or rule of the Nation on what grounds by 117 Members of Parliament are recommend to Primer of Island ?
    3 What is the meaning of “good governances and rule of law” advocated by 2015 January 8th mandate is that still valid ?
    4 What is best option before People of Sri Lankan?
    5 Is this 117 members of Parliaments what think that voters, are they(117) feel that People are fools or wise?

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    What a beautiful set of numbers this 117 is?.
    Another 32 and Dr Ranil’s separate Homelands for Ethnics and the Elite will be Home and Hosed…

    With the 500 Million asking price is already in place ,all Dr Ranil backers have to do is Buy one by One or make a wholesale offering to the whole lot….

    Even if Dr Ranil backers double it to 1000 Million Ruppiahs , it will still be a bargain in time to come.
    Mannar Oil & Gas Reserves , Public Lands, Harbors and even Airports are rare assets to acquire in this day and age .

    I did some Math and the result is fascinating.
    1000 times 32 still is only 160 Million USD as the Ruppiah has plummeted to 200..

    Suren in the Diaspora London offered USD 4 Billion to Dr Ranil at the Yahapalana Election.
    Mr Mangala the seconder of the “Dr Ranil Confidence Motion” bragged how that USD 4 Billion is going to change our Lankawe for ever…
    And even promised to hold a Diaspora Exhibition with all the Bells & Whistles.

    Now It is not a matter of whether, but when the Homelands in the North and thethe East will eventuate and change Lankawe for sure….
    As a betting man, I would say it may be as soon as the HC asks the UNP Speaker to Ring the Bells in Kotte..

    5 Million USD each ,will test the Testosterone of even some of our dedicated Patriots in Kotte , who are backing Sira .in this do or die battle…

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      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Another 32 and Dr Ranil’s separate Homelands for Ethnics and the Elite will be Home and Hosed…”

      Many many many moons ago, a Sinhala/Buddhist stupid racist asked a compassionate peace loving Sinhala speaking “Elder” Buddhist monk a very stupid question. “Respected hamathurini – monk you have been campaigning for peace, however there are two states in this island. What do you have to say about it?”

      The wise monk told him, “Yes there are two states in this island. One is in Colombo and suburbs the other is based in rest of the country”. By the way I was there when the wise one pricked his ego. Were you the one who said stupid things to the wise one?

      What do you know about the rest of the country and people inhabiting there?

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        Dear Native,

        The Monk was right .
        But it must change now.
        Ask Mr Dharamalingam the Deputy to Sambanadan..

        32 with LKR 1000 Million each will make the change
        And it will be the North, the East, Colombo & Suburbs and the Rest.
        How long have I been saying this .
        But you don’t listen Do you Native?…

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    Is it possible MS fell for it?
    Did he fall for it when he was chosen as the ‘common’ candidate way back late 2014. Then he dithered and someone noticed this and came up with an offer in October 2018.
    MS sacked RW and from then on the ‘happenings’ happened except for the last one. The parliament brawl did not spill to the streets and snowball. MS is left to carry the ‘failure’.
    Watch this space for the next episode

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