18 August, 2022


Country Reverting To Two-Party System

Following the unprecedented defeat for the ruling coalition at the recently concluded local government elections, it is likely that a broadly two-party system will evolve according to sources from the major political formations.

It was reported that Ranil Wickremesinghe was to request President Maithripala to sanction the forming of all-UNP government now that the ‘unity agreement’ between the SLFP and the UNP has expired.

Sources envisage a rapid decline of the SLFP which, under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena could muster less than 15% of the vote, with the majority joining the Joint Opposition and therefore the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) while those who for various reason will either not join the SLPP or will not be welcome siding with Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNP.

Meanwhile the President has maintained a stony silence following the electoral debacle, but is expected to make ‘a special statement’ subsequent to ongoing feverish discussion with political confidantes.

However, sources close to Sirisena told Colombo Telegraph that he will do his best to stop such developments.

In the event that a UNP forms a government on its own the cabinet will necessarily be downsized to 30 as per the 19th Amendment to the Constitution where it can only exceed that number in a situation where there is a ‘National Government.’

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    You say that Mahinda should do a complete judiciary clean-up….
    Percy are you serious? What sort of a clean up?
    Impeach all of them with an Exam Cheat Namal by his side?
    Your cure is worse than the disease!

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    Some of the media portals are only playing a broken record of Ranil’s election defeat ,the thing is he won this one with a good favourable vote

    ,I doubt there is anyone you can compare with Abraham Lincoln ,who faced losses not just politically but almost everything he touched , so it is an absurd point to stress , Abraham never quited ,

    So if Ranil did not quit l, it is simply because the entire UNP did not want him.to ,simple as that.

    But so far even most medias are missing a v
    Important message they need to convey to the people..


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    The most important message is to change the miserable constitution , what we have now is like the good old Sinhala saying goes The prosecutor becoming the Judge.

    The media has a huge responsibility to agitate the mass to the maximum to educate them the importance of an executive peoples body (A senate )non affiliated to any political party and appointed by the people to monitor and regulate any government’s decisions ,even have the power to halt it if required .

    Every political oppositions has failed all the time to end misdeeds of
    fellow politicians and address the grievances of the people.

    Over to you MEDIA ,

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    The wife of a friend , predicted this downfall from day one Ranil brought in Malik ,she us so brilliant ,if Ranil had opted her the post she would have done a better Job.

    Ranil must step down from. PM position like a gentleman and let The President appoint a new PM.,and Malik can go camping GROBR .

    Have these goons no heart at all ! ? No conscience ? Its like sucking the blood from. your bleeding mother I wish all those who robbed this nation that was already bleeding rot in this world, because no use to wish them to rot in their grave ,they will rot anyways

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    We are getting back to two-person (MR&MS) governance. The transition was three person(MR,MS&BR)

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