22 May, 2022


Covid-19 Pandemic: Urgent Need For A Stricter Lockdown – Association Of Medical Specialists

“We plead all stakeholders involved in controlling the current pandemic to consider longer and strategic lockdown protocols (minimum of 14 days continuous) based on expert advice, before it is too late,” the Association of Medical Specialists has said today.

We publish below the statement in full:

We, as the Association of Medical Specialists are gravely concerned about the imminent surge of COVID-19 positive patients to catastrophic proportions.

While acknowledging the efforts made by the government and the Ministry of health for getting ready to handle massive influx of patients, we wish to stress that no country in the world has been able to control the pandemic by expanding bed strength, oxygen supply, ventilators or ICUs. This is a temporary and quite expensive solution useful only in managing the symptomatic.

Had improved infrastructure been the answer, no developed country would have had such high caseloads or fatalities that we have seen in the recent past.

Sustainable, long lasting and speedy solution would be adherence to accepted social, behavioral and hygienic preventive measures known to all to reduce and eventually to stop transmission. As all individuals do not follow the advice of health care professionals, time is ripe to modify their behaviour by imposing certain restrictions. This view is shared by the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) and other medical academic bodies, two world renowned Sri Lankan scientists, Dr Malik Pieris and Prof. Kamani Mendis and another wider group of experts (all the letters are attached).

We believe that although such measures could bring greater hardships mostly to poorer segments of the society, scientific methods should be adopted for an effective and productive outcome at this critical juncture.

We plead all stakeholders involved in controlling the current pandemic to consider longer and strategic lockdown protocols (minimum of 14 days continuous) based on expert advice, before it is too late.

Yours sincerely,

 Dr LakKumar Fernando                                                               Dr R Gnanasekeram
President-AMS                                                                             General Secretary-AMS

CC: 1. Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Prime Minister of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri    
       2. Hon. Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Minister of Health
       3. Hon. Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle, State Minister of Primary Health Care, 
            Epidemics and COVID Disease Control
       4. Hon. Prof. Channa Jayasumana, State Minister of Production, Supply and  
           Regulation of Pharmaceuticals  
       5. Dr. P B Jayasundara, Secretary to HE The President
       6. General Shavendra Silva, WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc Mphil 

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Latest comments

  • 1

    This is stated in the article: ” (all the letters are attached).”
    I see no letters attached. Copies of this have been sent to the “team of Health Ministers”.
    The situation is obviously serious, and there is some acknowledgement of the government’s failure, but the contradictory statements issued are causing confusion among the common people.
    Let’s be realistic and count out of the “common people” we who check things out on the Internet. Saying that doesn’t amount to saying that we are in any way special.
    Other “political developments” are going on apace still. Basil Rajapaksa in America, Avant-Garde accused all acquitted, Port City Bill being passed by a Parliament in whom the people have lost faith within seven months of their being elected, etc.
    The COVID will clearly spread because few people know what to make of this situation. As for me, I’m staying within my well-ventilated house, and little garden that I’m fortunate to have.
    Those not so well-placed will go off their nuts!
    Thanks CT for keeping us informed.

    • 3


      According to media, 44 patients succumbed to Covid-19 yesterday (21 May 2021) and total number of deaths stood at 1,132.

      Where are the smart ass Patriots and all in one experts
      Ravi Demala Perera,
      N Pereass
      Gota ………………….?

      The inapt patriotic war mongers still believe they won the war.
      By the way Weerasekera, Gota, …… Shavendra, Kamal(a) are still fighting the LTTE.
      Come to think of it Shavendra, Kamal(a) and Weerasekera are fighting their own shadow.

      • 3

        Native , as usual the damage is done and now is a question of any Salvage. This being an invisible enemy our heroic pseudos are clueless. There is not much of difference in throwing holy water and taking a dip, isn’tit. You must be aware of Teldeniya hospital reports there is similar reports coming out of North/ East.

  • 1

    ”…such measures could bring greater hardships mostly to poorer segments of the society, scientific methods should be adopted for an effective and productive outcome….”

    Would the academics kindly give an idea of the ‘scientific’ methods when we believe in divine intervention & home grown remedies? The hardship faced by ordinary citizens during the initial ‘successful’ curfew for continuous 5 weeks has not helped, despite the bragging of the GMOA & self acclaimed pundits. Has the distribution of food by the army & the Rs 5000 doled out to the poor been effective? When the health authority, even with the intervention of military ‘precession’, is unable to provide a systematic vaccination programme, how can the govt. succeed in a logistical nightmare of providing food for the masses in the event of another continuous curfew?

    Even backward ministers can learn from other countries how various degrees of lockdown were introduced with minimum hardship to citizens but I won’t be surprised if another continuous blanket curfew is imposed, allowing cronies to benefit. When the minister for pandemics, herself a medical officer, is prepared to sell the vaccine, it’s buggerall for the poor. The choice is death by the virus or by starvation.

  • 0

    People should take more responsibility and care,even the developed and producers of the vaccine took almost one year to roll-out the.vaccine,but almost getting the jab the curb is down
    That’s true economy impact,but people should take more precious,and educate
    Rather than showing the gloomy new beds equipment etc show the real hospitals and.patients and the real hardships ,make them aware we familiar with home medicine so workout everyone should do their.part
    Hope and pray we.overcome of this,
    It may harsh as.suggested better put curfew for 14.days and allow only essential workers ,like before military can coordinate essential supply

  • 2

    We have warned the people in many ways. Today it has been becoming a great threat to freedom of speech in the country as no times in the past. There are specualtions, if JVPrs would come to street, they the rulers would arrest them. Can you imagine ? How can a democracy to fall that deep ? I have no doubt Dr Fernandoupulle and several other doctors would be the first ones to be caught by new form of white van treatments raising the head these days.

  • 1

    Not Urujuwa, but those who voted for the pact yesterday should be treated with ” police extrajudicial killings”:

  • 1

    Bunch of lying freemasons the lot of them.
    There are already petitions being filed to take bill gates and his cronies to the international criminal courts for staging this pandemic.
    In the near future we will witness all serpent seeded masons taken down. They know it and are panicking. This is just a desperate and futile attempt by them to set up their NWO.

  • 4

    Reputation my foot. All the idiots demanding respect as if kassippu and swindling deserves a reputation. Professional advice is based on education, not earned from uniforms and weapons. Uniform and weapons are meant for brainless.

  • 0

    Adherence to accepted social, behavioral and hygienic preventive measures known to all to reduce and eventually to stop transmission.

    Doctors are fully covered, behavioral and hygienic preventive measures.
    Transmission veiling of faces has to be worn by all virus can be transmitted by the eyes and reach the brain.
    The muslin woman wear Burga it is seen as terrorist If the Doctors and nurses wear it in blue color it is seen as health care professionals. Instead of black wear all blue. Non expensive solution useful only in managing the symptomatic and one step to keep away pandemic.

    FULL COVER Clothing can be treated with repellents to prevent insects Clothing can offer protection from biting insects when it is of a thickness and
    texture through which insects cannot easily bite

    • 0

      This is what I found:
      The virus has been detected in tears and conjunctival swab specimens from individuals with COVID-19,”
      “If someone rubs their eyes and then touches someone else or touches a surface, that kind of transmission mechanism could occur.”
      I doubt if the virus has much interest in the brain.

      • 3

        What brain?

  • 3

    The newest endemic on the rise. OUR Medical Specialists can set guide line Black fungus

    Cases reported Recently people are suffering from black fungus in india infection shoots up spread into the brain and end up major surgery removing the eye part of the jaw. That is why covering face is recommended

    • 1

      There is plenty on our plate already.
      Have we finished with the dengue?
      We are on a side dish, which some think is the main meal.
      You are talking of after-dinner extras.

    • 0


    • 1

      Not just black fungus, but there is also white fungus which is going to be much worse than that of bf.
      I think our health ministry is not alert on any danger before the nation.

  • 0

    Dear Editor,
    Be much obliged if you may consider allowing this brief notice here , though am aware it is meant to comment on the above article.
    my request to post it here is because this os the most recent article& most readers will notice it.
    =This is connected to my personal image and the comment damaging was written in one of your article comment column.
    A Person using a Nickname styled
    Sinhala Man has made a serious
    allegation against me branding me a fraud , it has caused me serious damage to me and my family.

    Please note Colombo Telegraph I do not in anyway hold your journal responsible at all.You have always been very accomodative and encouraging , I been with you for almost 10 years .
    To publicly accuse a person as a fraud you must have solid evidence of the fraud , you can not use your loose mouth freely damaging people.
    – I am give Nick- Sinhala Man
    24 hours to reply with evidence of any fraud he has accused me of or withdraw it and make an apolagy.
    if not I am making a complaint to investigate the allegation and followup legally
    I have all his imformation needed to do so.
    He must not take me for a jestor for his past time.
    I will do anything to protect myself from any damages .
    I sincerely hope The editor be kind enough to approve my request.
    Thank you

  • 3

    It ain’t funny anymore when ignorant call facts as cruel thinking. Have to keep remind self , after all its Lanka I haven’t heard it much outside of splendor and prosperous island

    • 3

      I guess archeologist DRS had taken Kannata accounts just a few weeks too soon.

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