18 May, 2022


Weligama Mayor To Take Battle Against UNP To Supreme Court 

Weligama Mayor Rehaan Wijeratne Jayawickreme has vowed to go to the Supreme Court to fight UNP efforts to expel him from the Urban Council after his petition against the party was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on Friday (21).


Releasing a statement, the Weligama Urban Council Chairman said he would “immediately appeal” the decision in the Supreme Court.

It was “disheartening” that with all the challenges to democracy mounted by the government amidst a public health crisis, the UNP remained focused on petty vendettas and subverting the democratic will of the people of Weligama, Wijeratne said in the statement.


“They may succeed in stripping me of my position and handing control of the UC to the government, however no one will succeed at stopping me from standing for the truth and doing what is right for my constituents, regardless of the political price I may have to pay,” he vowed.

Wijeratne said he would resign if he exhausted legal remedies to prevent the UNP from removing him.

His statement also revealed that a senior office bearer of the UNP had recently called him to inform him that the party would cease attempts to remove him if he issued a public apology to Ranil Wickremesinghe for his 2019 comments questioning his leadership of the UNP.

“I informed this senior UNP office bearer that notwithstanding any legal threats or intimidation, under no circumstances will I apologize to Mr. Wickremesinghe for accurately and faithfully representing to him the concerns and heartfelt views of the UNP voters who elected me to the Weligama UC in 2018,” the Weligama Mayor said in his statement.

Wijeratne said that shortly after he had urged Wickremesinghe to hand over the party reins to Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa, the UNP had decided to nominate Premadasa as presidential candidate.

However, “the UNP’s subsequent insistence on retaining Mr. Wickremasinghe as its leader has caused the party to lose over 100 seats in Parliament and many of its most senior and capable leaders,” the Weligama Mayor noted.

In May 2019, Rehaan Wijeratne Jayawickreme wrote to then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe urging him to step down and hand the party over to Premadasa as internal conflict gripped the UNP over its presidential nominee.

“I write this not because I am against you but because I now think your time has passed,” Wijeratne’s letter to Ranil Wickremesinghe dated 14 May 2019 said.

The party responded by suspending Wijeratne’s party membership and moving to oust him as Weligama Mayor. The dismissal would pave the way for the SLPP to wrest control of the COuncil, Wijeratne noted. The UC Chairman has filed legal action against the UNP over the matter. Rehaan Wijeratne Jayawickreme is currently a member of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya.  (Nimal Ratnaweera)


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    Over to Shyamon. Now you know why SJB was formed.

  • 5

    This clearly shows all the political leaders do not care about common man. Their power is the most important thing. Both the parties SLPP/SLFP or UNP/SJB both are same.
    NPP has no chance until such time people forget their 1989 mission deeds.
    We need a altertforce. But the all the intellectuals and professionals could not get together. We need an Imrankhan who will start now and build an organization to send these bastards home one day or Kejiriwal in a short time who atleast made a difference in Delhi a small state assembly.
    Neither Rajapukses nor Ranil/Sajith can salvage this country.

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    ” the party would cease attempts to remove him if he issued a public apology to Ranil Wickremesinghe for his 2019 comments questioning his leadership of the UNP.”

    UNP is in a paralysis until Ranil is removed. What a disgrace, as Uncle JR was one of our best statesmen.

    • 8


      “UNP is in a paralysis until Ranil is removed.”

      So will the country until people remove the clan and Sinhala/Buddhist fascists from abusing power.

      “What a disgrace, as Uncle JR was one of our best statesmen.”

      Uncle JR presided over two state sponsored pogroms, initiated a war that lasted for 25 years, committed war crimes on both Tamil and Sinhala speaking innocent people, enjoyed impunity for himself and his henchmen, enjoy watching his ministers MPs, and cronies stealing state assets, …………….

      Indeed he was one of your best statesman.

      • 1


        Cyril Mathew was a Christian. SWRD was also a Christian convert to Buddhism. Most of the early politicians were educated in Christian schools, followed by Oxford/Cambridge. Where do you think they learned about divide and rule? But your brain is so empty, you are blaming everything on S Buddhism, like a drunk parrot. JR would have turned Sri Lanka into Singapore, unfortunately, the kalathonies started their war.

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    As stated in the article, the whole thing boils down to “swearing allegiance” to the party leader if not “out you go”. It also follows that as a member of a party, the loyalty towards the party constitution and its policies are secondary. Alas! this is true, for all political in Sri Lanka. The culture of having a “leader” of a political party was authored by “Tricky-Dick” better known as JRJ. He introduced the concept and others too found it “convenient” to take the cue, all in the name of preserving the unity and integrity of the party. Having a different view from the party leader is a profoundly serious offence, like committing the offence of “Lèse-majesté” in some countries. It could even mean that curtains are closed for the guy as far as politics is concerned. If there is no discussion, and debate leading to a mature conclusion then it is a one man show. Decisions taken in the name of a majority decision is essentially an act of Rubber stamping the wishes the big boss. What then is the difference between the “Workers Party” of North Korea and a political party here? NONE.

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