5 July, 2022


C’wealth Secretariat Sending The Wrong Message To Authoritarian Regimes: Canadian Envoy

The Commonwealth Secretariat was sending the wrong signal to anti-democratic, arbitrary and authoritarian regimes and forces by creating the impression that standards and principles count for nothing, Canada’s Special Envoy to the Commonwealth Hugh Segal said, after the second independent jurists’ report commissioned by Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma was exposed on Colombo Telegraph a few days ago.

Senator Hugh Segal

“That this legal opinion, and the other on commissioned from the former chief justice of South Africa, were kept from  the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group meetings last spring and this fall, is a serious  weakening of Commonwealth purpose and standard,” Segal told Colombo Telegraph.

“This is the Commonwealth Secretariat looking away at precisely the time it should be engaging fully in defense of Commonwealth values and principles,” he charged.

Segal said that the recent and timely release by the Colombo Telegraph of the second legal opinion on impeachment by the eminent British Jurist and scholar, of Sir Jeffrey Jowell,QC, underlines the difficulty in which the Commonwealth Secretariat  finds itself.

“The clear violation Sir Jeffrey cites o by the impeachment, of Latimer House Principles -an integral part of the Charter of the Commonwealth-signed last March by Her Majesty in the presence of High Commissioners from the Commonwealth in London, including those of Canada and Sri Lanka,is fundamental to the core values and principles that define Commonwealth membership,” the Canadian Senator said.

He said that all Commonwealth members and the 2.3 billion citizens of the Commonwealth have and had the right to expect more,including,of course, the residents of Sri Lanka.”

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    Dear Senator
    Pl tell your parliamentarians:

    ”Prime Minister S.W.R.D .Bandaranaike (SWRD) expanded the horizons of the Sinhala people in 1956 but simultaneously drew in the horizons of the Tamils and diminished them as a people.

    For nearly 60 years thereafter, amidst bloodshed and tears, Sri Lanka has been trying to restore the balance but has not got it right yet. …” –
    Will President Rajapaksa expand horizons for the Tamil people? Neville Jayaweera,https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/will-president-rajapakse-expand-horizons-for-the-tamil-people/

    • 0

      Moral of the Story and bottom line is: The Commonwealth of Clowns (CHOGM), a BRITISH COLONIALISM CELEBRATION PARTY which is today also a platform to boost third world military dictators in Africa and Asia should be SHUT DOWN!

      The Commonwealth of Nations has NO geopolitical, social or economic purpose and is merely a colonial relic that is a huge waste of funds that needs to be CLOSED DOWN.

      It is not just useless it is positively dangerous because it boosts MILITARY DICTATORS like Mahind Rajapakse.

      • 0

        Why are the Sri Lanka Trade Unions and the Left nationalists not protesting the British Colonialism Party to celebrate third world dictators in Colombo?
        CHOGM is a huge waste of funds to boost the Rajapassa dictatorship.
        Rajapassa has turned CHOGM it into a massive security operation, and ego boosting exercise while his brother Gota the Goon;s military has destroyed Colombo’s tree canopy in the name of security for the CHOGM clowns!
        The more irrelevant the Commonwealth of Nations the more extravagant the CHOGM SHOW to celebrate British Imperialism and third world dictators!

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    Commonwealth has lost its core values. recently a fake feminist from Sri Lanka won an award from CW. it was a self-nominated award. CT please dig up more information on that too

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    Senator Segal has a lot more urgent message to his parliament:

    ”This week, the country-wide acquiring of lands by the State in pursuit of its militarization cum post-war tourism goals came starkly into focus when journalists trying to take photographs of civilian homes reportedly being demolished in Valikamam North were (allegedly) threatened. ….” –
    In Sri Lanka A Military State That Devours Land? Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena, 3 November 2013,

  • 0

    Why is the shameless shill Sharma hanging on?

    Out with the unscrupulous fellows from the Commonwealth Secretariat.

  • 0

    Canada is the only odd one out.

    May be sub zero temperature has frozen their brains (of any).

    Arabs will teach Canada a good lesson.

    • 0

      Fathima FUKUSHIMA the Jim Softly..
      ARABS WILL TEACH? ahahah Arabs knows aleady what the hell Sinhala Budda has done to Islamic Value and thrwon a Pig Head to the Mosque and balpsamy… well dont touch the wrong people my friend, its a Bomb that you are trying playing.

    • 0

      Canada is hardly the odd one out. It is the silver lining amongst the dark cloud of corrupt Commonwealth under the equally corrupt leadership as evidenced belatedly by burying expert legal advice it spontaneously sought.

      Losing its way, it launched the Commonwealth Conversation in 2009
      as “clear direction, identity and purpose (was) at a premium” a sadly, is also so, to this day.

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    Who Cares or Listens to Canada!! You guys are odd one out, keep it up !!!

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    Harper Govt in the 7th heaven thinking they have the Tamil votes in their bag.
    Just wait for the election results to experience the shock the Toronto tamil will deliever.

    Need to learn by trial and error. 2014.

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    Most of the CW member country leaders are anti democratic and oppress their own people. Sri Lanka is a best place for them to meet,eat,drink and dance. Nothing else.Mara will spend all his money (Not his own money) to make this thamasha a happiest.People of the member countries will get nothing.

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