10 June, 2023


Daham Sirisena At Racecourse With 40 PSD On Saturday Night?

Reports are emerging that President Maithripala Sirisena’s son Daham has been spotted at Racecourse Colombo with at least 40 members of the presidential security division.

Daham SirisenaThe sight has been off-putting to many people at the venue since the new President campaigned against abuse of power and single family rule by the Rajapaksa regime.

However reports that Daham Sirisena was involved in an altercation are incorrect Colombo Telegraph can confirm.

Daham Sirisena has a chequered past, after he was accused of assaulting DIG Ravi Waidyalankara’s son Asela at Passikudah in February 2013.

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  • 10

    So what? That’s how it should be. What is the point if you can’t crack few sculls when your father is the king. Live it up big fella ! Hard on the grog, side kick the cops, head but the IGP, King hit as you feel and live like no tomorrow. Smash the face of Malaka cus you are the king NOW. Way to live !!

    • 1

      So this is the touted “Yahapalanaya”??????????? OK for them?
      Go get a life, moron,

  • 13

    from the frying pan is it to the fire ???

  • 14

    Don’t forget that MY3 was Rajapaksas right hand man for years before back stabbing him. The effort to portray him as an ‘innocent saint” has worked so far, but the real MY3, the “araliya’ mafia owner should show up sooner or later. LMAO

  • 2

    hmmm…..he looks interesting.

  • 8

    People think (some people) the power turned to UNP. :D ))
    But who the hell owns the top now ? All are ex PA bastards.

    Maithri, Champika, Chandrika, Mangala ))

    3 out of above 4 are the bastards who cheated country in
    1995 and nobody remember now. They hijacked PA and almost
    ABUSED it until Mahinda made PA a strong party.

    The same lobby who hijacked PA, is the same lobby who
    hijacked UNP in 2015.

    Once Chandrika’s agenda is fulfilled,I can assure that there
    will be no UNP left ))) She is like that. UNP cannot reset
    it with weak guys like… ranil, sajith, karu etc…

    Maithri is not a president. He was choosen to bring in to
    presidency because he is too weak and puppet so chandrika
    could handle him her dirty work.

    Enjoy !!!

  • 3

    Well said Lakmal!

  • 2

    Namal Rajapakse and his siblings used visit the race course with the PSD. Now Daham Sirisena following the suit. It is high time the father should admonish the son for the ostentation displayed. (In the first place do you need 40 PSD fellows to look after him?)

    There seems to be something in common in the pictures of Rajapakse siblings and Daham. The gleaming eyes that seem to look out for something attractive. Let us sincerely hope that PREZ Sirisena is quite mindful of politicians sons can be when their drunk with their father’s powers.

  • 2

    all these Fxxxxxx politicians and their son’s are the same. Sri Lanka under went a face change and not a policy change. MS will do the same as MR. As minister of Health he did the same thing and people does not know about it.
    Fxxx these bastards.

    sam appuhami

  • 1

    Daham Sirisena is a sociopath that knows no boundaries or respect others. He is bound to go out of control, I don’t think his father has any control on this sociopath, he assaulted an innocent man in Passekuddah beach in front of his wife, he never has courage to challenge any person by himself, has a bunch of goons that does his dirty work. There is an article re: good governance, perhaps president should start by putting this sociopathic son under some control before he gets his goons to hurt innocent people.

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