1 December, 2022


Daham Sirisena’s PSD Security Removed

Special security provided for Daham Sirisena from the Presidential Security Division (PSD) has been removed with immediate effect following their involvement at the Clique nightclub on Saturday morning, highly placed sources told Colombo Telegraph.

This step has been taken on the orders of President Maithripala Sirisena.

“President Sirisena does not even approve Daham going to a night club, let alone being involved in such a brawl,” a close source to Sirisena said.

The source added that removing Daham’s security was the first step taken to punish the President’s son, and more action will follow on the instructions of the President following the completion of the investigations.daham-sirisena-pic-from-his-facebook

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Latest comments

  • 33


    So most of you people here actually think the President of a country is going to take away the PSD attached to safeguard his son? How freaking dumb can Sri Lankan’s get? Good luck Sri Lanka. You’re going to need it.

    This statement itself is the start of a cover up lol.

  • 29

    I dont think he’s done anything that’s even vaguely worth applauding. The incident was still covered up and he wasn’t even arrested, which is what shouldn’t been done according to the law. Didn’t king elara run over his own son with a cart because he ran over a cow?

  • 58

    Need to remove his Name DAHAM and replace it with Adaham

    • 12

      Dunno if what the president has done regarding his son’s behaviour is enough.

      But, unlike Mahinda Rajapakse, at least Sirisena knows what his son did is wrong!

      That itself is a bonus and a step in the right direction!

      Aren’t we lucky!!

      • 3

        “”Dunno” from fido, fido ado fido,

        “Rajapakse, at least Sirisena knows”

        they both have the same source of intelligence coming in.

        Passa was deaf as a door post because he was in power sent up the gum tree by posters and media and called rajathuma of Medamidula maligawe.

        While this rustic kibula is yet at his embryo stage as CEO of island.

  • 37

    How can a man who cannot bring up his son well be the President of Sri Lanka ? No doubt Sirisena is beginning to get what is in store for him…

    • 67

      What a f..king joker you are!

      Did you look at the sons of MR? Bloody thugs.

      • 31

        Don, that’s why guys like you got reed of MR. So Sira & his family should be behaving much better. Not worse than MR. I think you are the joker here(also using bad words – Cheeeeyaaaa)!

      • 6

        Giving him time he will be a copy of Rajapaksa Brats have you forgotten already his honest father is from Rajapaksa stable before he jump the fence.

      • 6

        This guy is a coward. That is worse than being a brave thug.

        • 8

          padda of monster rajpassa who hangs himself for a selfie,

          coward of the country,

          porriki hetti, you never knew zero- poor at maths just a typist registrar.

    • 22

      Look at your ponsi Mara Brutes ?? Have they done anything great for the country other than swindling the wealth of the nation and Murdered any one they did not like.
      People were ordered to kill. People were silenced for uttering the truth .
      You saying the Medamullas brought up the 3 Brutes to be decent citizens??? No , Never.

      Best place to be back in Lankaweb the Racists mouth piece.

    • 9

      You are the born idiot.

      Go to europe or any other places and see what you are adding is right.

      Regardles of the parents and teachers, today s youth go in wrong direcitons.

      I believe it is the internet and social media make them turn out tobe that sicky.

      Some parents are lucky to have raised good children while others not.

      Please see it around your family circles, there too you will see it. Parent give their best to guide them, but somehow in today enviroment, they lose the c onrtol somewhere.

      But Danajaya Hettiarachi and the like youth have turned out to be even champions even if the kind failed to get through alevels or any other exams well. This is common to whole world regardless of where you are.

      • 5

        You are right to man extent. Prez allowing security to the son and other privileges only add to the problem.We must study how things are done in UK which a good example of a country run properly.I see many flaws in this government that should be put right.
        There’s much hypocrisy in our politicians and I doubt that they could put the country right.Previous regime has set a very bad precedence and to come out of it is difficult.

    • 4

      one can not lame a father for his son’s sins or vice versa.
      should your logic not apply to rajapakse or for that matter to any politiian.
      it is a crying shame that most politicians breed thugs both female and male.
      hirunika comes to mind with female thugs. remember the abduction of a youth not too long ago

  • 27

    The President has done nothing to merit.
    PSD removed. WTF is that? Anyhow the first family is protected 24/7.
    This is just an eyewash for the masses.

    When the fizz fizzles out after a period of time, there will be more of the same.
    It is no secret that this brat is not controllable.
    There is nothing the President can do with an uncontrollable BRAT in the Presidential House.

  • 34

    Well done DAHAM on your recent behaviour. You have made your country, school, flag, and your family proud. What more could you have done with your goons and anti social friends. Its a tragic pity that dutch courage, brave people like you exist in your land. We are sure that if you had to take on the night club security staff single handedly you would have eventually ended up properly bashed up. Your media has found fault with your father’s predecessors sons accusing them of this and that but no proof has been so far produced in a court of law. At least they played rugger and kept out of night clubs.
    As for you, you are a sorry state of a human being and your social background can be determined from the company you keep.
    By the way stop using RAYBANS sunglasses, for cockeyed buggers like you deserve magnifying glasses.
    Anyway what has been done has been done and the tarnish and varnish cannot be removed. You will never learn and when you do it will be when some really brave guy comes up and gives you a bloody thrashing to keep you remembered all your life. Good luck to you when that day comes.

    • 14

      Come on fellows this is just a kind of Eyewashing the gullible Masses and the Media,

      Are we gullible Folks???

      • 2

        Analyst yes you are one gullible individual.

    • 4

      where did you get your blinkers. from carlton house?

  • 15

    Some commenting this article have congradulated for president’s “brave step” for taking off the PDS from his son. Ha ha ha how can you be so naive? This is just to calm down the situation. Or I would call it “damage control” action.
    With all the “media censorship” the “President’s Men” could not suppress the incedent leaking out to the media. So now the president wants to kill 3 birds with one stone.
    1st he wants to show the public that he makes no exceptions to his son (for his own good image.
    2nd he wants to show the media that he is not like MR when it comes to his son, and gain some mileage through that.
    3rd good image campagime for “Yahapalanaya”.

    But will there be real concequences? definity not. All this is just to calm down the masses and media. I’ll bet with anyone – this too will have a silent death like the “Ausi bribery Case”.

    By withdrowing the PSD they have admitted that Daham was there and his involvement. Then how can that Click manager say he was not there ? and as in a normal case will there be a proper investigation ? if so will Daham be arrested and brought before the law ?
    I doubt very much ! as I said this is just cover up to calm the situation. Nothing else !

  • 14

    What is this man doing for living other than being the
    son of the president ? Already one of his uncles has
    been chopped off by a murderer without thinking twice
    that the victim’s brother is the president of the
    country . It is utter disgrace to the country that the
    sons of politicos grow up with thug mentality. Whatever
    punishment meted out , nothing will change the way
    people will look at the president . People expect their
    leader to come from a respectable background.IT HAS

    • 5

      “What is this man doing for living other than being the son of the president ?”

      It is how very wealthy people anywhere behave. They know that money buys influence, so they can get out of any situation by pulling the right strings. Those with political connections are the worst.

  • 9

    Messrs Suren Surendran , Sambandan, Rev Emmanuel , are all on on the Government side.

    All LTTE prisoners are being released by Batalanada Ranil and Bodhi Sira .

    Gota can’t now even have a leak, without Yahapalana Intelligence Officers watching him.

    There are no Dalits in Colombo who are patrons of those Hip Night Joints.

    Why does Daham need Presidential Security Guards?..

    • 2

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “All LTTE prisoners are being released by Batalanada Ranil and Bodhi Sira . .”

      Were they sentenced before being released?

  • 13

    First of all, why was he provided with PSD security? how much money from public coffers has been spent so far for his son’s security and what’s the purpose? Was he a soldier during the 4th eelam war? Mr My3! do you know how difficult it is to live for an average family in Sri Lanka?
    This is how Prez My3 resolves issues!
    He let the culprits do their dirty job and then remove the outer cover without cleaning the inner core issue.
    Example: The whole world screamed about the Central Bank bond scam; today’s ‘Pathikada’ with Banduala Jayasekera gives a clear picture of how much Sri Lankan taxpayers have lost. What did lethargic My3, as prez do about it; the same thing:
    He let Mr. Clean and Central Bank governor Alosius rob the money (now amounting to 11.2 billion which is equal to 112,000 millions), waited for robbers to rob and run away, and at the end, the he said he would not re-appoint him. Today, everybody knows that Mr. Clean hired him back from back door.And taxpayers are paying him their own robber once again.
    What kind of joke is this Mr. Prez?

    • 0

      These are all a bunch of blood sucking robbers crookedly came to power using language and religion. The country was doing well under Britishers rule. Look at the backgrounds of these so called presidents and ministers.

  • 4

    Has the Yahapalana Ayotolla Whisky Madam got anything to do with this?.

    After this Red card,Dahama has Buckly’s of becoming even a Yahapalana PM let alone the President.

    Most he can score will be a Junior Minister job, like so many other dudes with similar records in Batalanada’s Yahapalana Government.

    That is if Batalanada’s successor will go to bed with the Sira’s Blue Boys Brigade..

    Whisky Madam is ready to strike while the iron is hot..

    SLFP Seniors have unanimously decided to import Young hyphenated Bandaranayaka back to Srilanka, to face off Namal Rajapakasa.

    Wonder who these big ass SLFP Seniors are, because all the ones I have seen at the Ratnapura Anniversary Bash are the hangers on, some of whom have even worse Report cards than young Daham.

    There is no need to name names,

    But I would have named if I could at least find one real micky mouse SLFP Senior there..

    • 3

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “all the ones I have seen at the Ratnapura Anniversary Bash are the hangers on,”

      You mean including yourself. However, you have a job to do, carrying MR’s clanking b***s.

    • 0

      Both lot have bad eggs,not in line with the party character.MR’s lot too had Whiskey parties in NY and his sibling in Kingston(UK),perhaps never completed his studies.
      Our leaders must be mindful and have some sort of control in their private lives or they may not lead or able to govern the country.Example of good governance is UK,must get people from there to advice us as we are suffering from the frog in the well syndrome,not knowing the good life enjoyed in good countries.All we get is some negative influences that are practiced in the gulf states where most go abroad to work.I see many Muslims beginning to live and dress like the medieval Saudis.That a another problem the country have to live with.Hope these mislead people will realize that they are now not welcomed in many affluent countries.They too must step back and reconsider their position with respect to their religion that has been manipulated.We must sort our country in line with other good countries we all like to live and work.With a greater effort we could be good as any other good country.
      RW seems to move in the right direction,though we can’t get close to him personally,his body language and dress code is in line with the modern world that we must be heading to.

  • 1

    Daham Sirisena must Arrest Immediate Effect by court of Law or Law of land . Dep. of Police act soon!

    Which is the key role of “Good Governances” that President that Promised to 6.2 millions of voters in 2015 January 8th.
    That is the way MS has bow down to people rights of democracy!
    Why so late?

    No need hide fact and truth by abusing power of Executive President power like MR mistakes during his rule.

    The MS accountability is there ,you (President) no way to get out of from the act of violation of law by your Son ?

    What was that King Elarad did in his rule, when his son violated rule of country?
    He has guts to punished his Son. Why not MS do same thing without give Capital punishment to his SON?

    Then “Rule of Law back to base! President must set Example soon?

    Primer of Ranil W…that Christian Democracy of UNP is working and being put into fast track that “rule of Law” is working and alive promised by you Ranil.W..@@@@@@@@ 2015 August 17th.

    1 Why is that Attorney General Department so delay act on the procedure of court case against Daham Sirisea ?

    2 What is the reasons that Criminal invegeastion of Police has been STOP by the IGP is doing nothing by Daham Sirisena assault man in Night Club?

    3 The whom has been committed crime and that violated Law and Order of the country not taken single action by Police.?

    4 Is that “Rule of Law and Good governance” that practices by President MS and Primer Ranil W…of UNP new regime?

    5 Where is CBK that “Rule of Law” by new Federalism?
    Is that CBK want to Replace Her Son after Daham Sirisea lost his
    political credentials?

    Game of political power & the Remain in power must that STOP and respect and accepts norms of law and order of country that is most important thing for majority people WANT of all Sri Lankans.

  • 2

    So much to write here about the unlawful behaviour of our Law Makers children.
    Since 1980’s these brats have not respected the law of the country and the parents have not been able to control them.

    Only way to correct this is to suspend the Security not only of the Brats, but the Security of the whole family too.

  • 3

    Shouldn’t remove the PSD instead of gives him protection keep an eye on his thuggish behaviour otherwise he will like another Duminda Silva.he is like Malaka Silva anyway.

    • 1

      another self centered atta bola from the village who refuses to see nearby- Long-sighted by design.
      his aim is for Nobel then village louts hail him as king and vote on all 4’s- after that the sky will fall on the island.

  • 5

    SRI LANKA POLICE..! Dekata navena, katu lewakana

    Police can fix these issues if they do their job as Police officers, and they got to have balls and guts to stand firm against any Politician or anybody. No one is above the law.

  • 3

    Mr. President,
    By removing Daham’s PSD security you have accepted by default that Daham was at scene/was involved in the N/club attack. So as the next step please Surrender Daham to the law enforcement authorities – YOU WILL WIN THE NEXT ELECTION WITH A 5/6 MAJORITY.

  • 1

    Well done Mr President! I pray that your actions will not only be justice in action but will also help your family!
    Best wishes

  • 3

    You could have just given him a good slap or two and you know this was not the 1st time he’s behaved badly.

  • 0

    Charles Perera: I think you got a good reply from Don. Please don’t try to advertise that “Monster” who even brought up his children to be “Blood Sucking Monsters” and we know who they are. At least we, including YOU now have the FREEDOM to “Criticize” and have the HOPE to LIVE to see another day. If you said this same thing of your HERO, that were SEEN and KNOWN to the people of Sri Lanka at least to put him to correct track, then you would not be living today to say your words to the present President. So please know to differentiate the two, one of your HERO with the present President who is trying hard to correct5 the course.

  • 4

    Why was security given to this man in the first place?
    Yes, Apachchi needs protection, but it should not go down the line to protect non-entities like this man!
    I am old enough to remember that I too went to school with grandsons of former Prime Ministers. Those great men never shut the “Queen’s Highway” (as it was known then) to allow their ‘offspring’to attend school on time!
    Just who the hell do they think they are? Remind them that they are children of Public Servants! Earn your respect man – NOT demand it! Parents chose their jobs, and it is high time you realised that it carries certain risks.Too bad!
    It still does not give them ‘rights’ to display thuggery. Let your first lesson in humanity be “HUMILITY”. Have you not learnt anything from the teachings of Sidarth Gautama? As a Father, I would have ‘grounded’ you for 5 years!

  • 0

    I think that people are not interested in knowing how the President will deal with his son as his father in regard to the offense he had committed. We want to how the mill of justice will grind in regard to this case,because we want to make sure whether the President is a politician who walks the talk!

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