23 May, 2024


Deceptive Cabinet Reshuffle – No Lesson Learnt

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

This week’s deceptive cabinet reshuffle reminds us the age old adage of changing pillows for headache. It also indicates that President Maithripala Sirisena learnt no lesson from the verdict of the people in the 10 February 2018 local government elections and failed to understand the mood of the people.

Many in the civil society who are keen on bringing the corrupt, criminals, fraudsters and other such rogues who brought the country to its miserable state expected some move to expedite the process of bringing them to justice.

Those who are keen on restoring law and order as a prelude to move ahead were of the opinion that the only person who could clean up the country of corruption and crime is General Sarath Fonseka who is credited with the ending of the 30 year ethnic conflict.

When General Fonseka himself offered to undertake the task there was spontaneous response in the civil society. Even those who voted against the government in the recent local government elections responded positively to the move.

When there was speculation about cabinet reshuffle influential Purawesi Balaya urged the Government to appoint General Fonseka as minister of law and bring the law enforcement authorities under him.

Highlighting the importance of this move senior university lecturer Ven. Dambara Amila Thero urged the government to appoint Fonseka as law minister to expedite high profile investigations against the Rajapaksa regime which were long delayed.

Insisting on the need to establish an operational command term for six months for Sarath Fonseka to put things in order, he expressed deep disappointment with yahapalanaya administration’s failure to take the Rajapaksas before the judiciary.

However these saner voices were ignored and hopes of people were dashed as very ministers who were accused of corruption and fraud remain in the newly reshuffled cabinet. It seems holding on to power, positions and enjoy perks were given top priority than cleaning up the country of the interest of the country.

Reiterating this columnist Dr Mareena Thaha Refai urged in her letter to the editor column in the Daily Mirror this week for President Sirisena to pay attention to the wakeup call-referring to recent local government elections results.

It appears  politics and power have become the exclusive privilege of the two major political parties-United National Party and Sri Lanka Freedom Party – which ruled and created the mess which the country is passing through

This also sent another message to the country – that the President Sirisena has not opened his eyes and understand that people are not happy with the way the country is being run.

Both President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe formed what has been described as the unity government. Three years later today this so called unity seems to be distant dream and they both have miserably let down the country.

The way President Sirisena openly criticized Prime Minister Ranil Wickreamesinghe during the recent local government election speak volume for how the two let down the people who voted them to power. The tragedy is that despite all these open criticism the two have decided to form a government and work together. It is fast becoming clear that this unity is unity written in the sands.

On the other hand bond scam and the reported involvement of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in the bond scam controversy remains fresh in the minds of people as the media went to town with it. This was even debated in the parliament. Under such circumstance it is difficult to understand the logic behind President Sirisena appointing Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Law and Order Minister.

Though people demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the government which remains in disarray it appears that external forces such as United States-Israeli and Indian Axis wanted this extremely pro-western government to continue in view of the importance of this island to their political and military goals in the Indian Ocean.

It is common knowledge that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa would do anything and everything possible to come to power again.

For example the election held on 10 February was local government elections. However former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, using his racist media mercenaries, began to project as if he was elected as president of the country. They began to play psychological game to hoodwink the people who still remembers the days of Rajapaksa era white van and other atrocities.

In the midst there were reports saying that former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa stating that he cannot become prime minister of Sri Lanka as he is a citizen of United States. The question is who offered him the post of prime minister.

Rajapaksa camp tried their best make the maximum use of recent local government elections results to stage a political come back. What is important for President Sirisena to consider is that though the people do not want the dark Rajapaksa era to return, their failures to act on time may bring back the dark days once again.

Meanwhile the reported speculations about various deals involving the three – Mahinda Rajapaksa, Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil wickremesinghe to continue in power – is disgusting. People suspect it was due to these deals all culprits remain free.

However under the circumstance the need of the hour is for a third force which could bring good elements from all communities to free the country from corrupt elements.

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  • 12

    Lateef Farook,

    Unfortunately, both the Prime Minister and the President thinks that the populace is as stupid as them, with low IQs, but there is a debate on this.

    They are trying to fool the voters the second time.

    After all, they are politicians.

    • 3

      amarasiri: something wrong in your comment. I heard Public in Sri lanka calle Politicians Thirashcheenayo which means animals. they do not udnerstand anything around. they jsut eat, live and enjoy.

      • 1

        Jim Softy,

        You mean they eat grass?

  • 6

    Appointing SF to the post will bring a military man to policing role. Moreover, law and order will turn to revenge, harassment, vindictiveness etc. It will be from pan to fire…

  • 3

    Now it is not difficult to understand and figure out why the two leaders are reluctant and obstinate in their attitudes for completely avoiding their obligations. They have shamelessly and brazenly disregarded the supreme oath of allegiance they have made to the constitution and to the people of our country. What can the people expect from such dishonest and deceptive Leaders. Now they have realised that if any investigations are allowed to be done their hidden agendas and corrupt deals will come to light. There can be more serious and vulnerable issues that can emerge which only the inner circle are aware of. One cannot rule out these possibilities as investigations proceed. So the obvious thing is to nip it in the bud, by stalling the legal procedures as being done now. The two leaders seem to be in the same wave length, though they appear to be at loggerheads. If they are genuine they should get on with their jobs and allow the Law to take it’s own course. Inaction of the two leaders and their obstinacy and lethargy in their performances in this area leaves much to be desired. It is highly suspicious. If they have solid reasons as to why they cannot expedite the investigations they should explain to the people. People are not prepared to accept cook and bull stores. They are not naive and they are wide awake observing what the politicians are up to .

  • 2

    You can fool some of the people ……………..

  • 2

    SF seems to be the last resort of many who’re rendered hopeless but how undemocratic his being in the house after the rejection by people.

    There’re many like SB, Mahinda samarasinghe without people’s mandate to represent them.

    • 0

      SL needs undemocratic politician now. All our democratic politicians are with strings attached.

  • 3

    Fact is, the current lot of politicians are Deaf, Dumb and Blind. They can neither Hear the people, nor Understand them nor See the disastrous results of their (politicians) action/inaction. So, we have little choice but to keep voting for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind politicians to continue their Pillage, Plunder and Chaotic misrule. The politicians are the Biggest Curse on Mother Lanka.

  • 1

    Gut feeling Changes: Some people are never happy whatever you do. The President promised a change that one could feel in one’s guts. And that is what has been produced. I saw many people laughing so much that their guts were about to come out. Other were crying so much thattears were flowing like Kalu, Mahaveli and Kelani rivers. What more do you want?

    • 2

      Edwin Appuwo,
      I thought you would have gone to Rajendran. OR our beloved late IHI.
      Anyways, I missed your back and forth sarcastic comments on this forum.
      long time no see, how is your toiletting engineering down there going on for you ?

      Just shocked hearing that young actress found dead in Dubai. She is just 54.

      So, have you still been continuing your play boy life being caught by Saudi open prison enviroments ? Actually, I could never do the job as you guys do man. On my way back from lanka last month, I happened to stay few hours in Abudabi. People were nice, but I thought I would not remain their a day.
      But arabs in general are very human. One of my friends had a pain in hisleg and failed to walk to the gates, but ground staff helped him so humanly.
      That is not the case in Europe everywhere.

      Now please dont come with insulting counter – we know your behaviours very well.

      • 1

        Ya(Ha! Ha!)palanaya: Insulting, Hatharabirikatharina? Never again. Sarcastic yes but not insulting. Now I write only Dhamma type articles. Being a Non-Buddhist, you may not know about the famous 16 dreams of King Kosol of Kosala Desha of India, who was a great disciple of Buddha. Recently my research has uncovered a whole Volume of Dhamma, which reveals that King Kosol had many more dreams. Please see a description of the 25th dream as a comment in the story dated 26th Feb and entitled “Ranil In Committee-Appointing Spree as Minister Of Law And Order.” It will also explain what type of toilet engineering I am in to now.
        You guys are lucky to be dealing with White shit mainly. Here, after 2 years of Ya(Ha! Ha!)palanaya, we deal with really heavy stuff including Ali Beti.

        • 1

          I am telling you Mr.

          Srilanka is not for decent leaders.

          Lately, I happeend to travel to the country for a dana ceremony.
          There i had the chance to collect my own info being close to various walks of life down there. No matter your mothers would have been abducted, they the average have not the least compassion. Money leads anythign and everything. I also went to my mother s grab and spoke to her a while … to keep me feel bit fine since the injustices I was compelled to see down there within and outside of the families.
          I dont think our people ( masses ) would ever become like civlized.
          They just show off to be buddhists, not many of them belong to. Real teachings of buddhas lie somewhere else Mr.

          Yes, YAHAPALANAYA is not for idiots – there the average should have long been made clear.
          Rajaakshes would suck the last blood of the poor of poor – since their power intoxications are that high as no times before. Their voice is to protect bunch of thugs, that have to line up to prisons next.
          Most of them have somethign in their bins, but seem to have audacity to address the gallery as usual.

          • 0

            Mahinda and MS: 4 Beeri Katha, it is not right to generalize and downgrade a complete section of the population, the way you are doing based on a sample too small to be statistically significant to from a theory.

            Mahinda has charisma while MS has none and RW almost none. After the bond scam I lost respect for RW. He has priorities wrong. The Party comes before the country and the Royal classmates before the Party. His thoughts are only dreams. King Kosol also had dreams but he did not all that to change his policies because he had good advisers.

            The people of the South are always grateful for favors done by others and never forget them. Mahinda ended the war in grand style and that is why he is popular even now.

            • 1

              No man, decency has no place in the country today. They the rasacals have taken it away.

              Just imagine, how they Derana Hiru and Sirasa telecast. They are all on their abusive gain taking agendas. No good things the current men have achieved are given any publicity.

              I hated all along even if my times spent there down. I thought, it is better to go somewhere else for my next trip.
              I loved only Kelaniya Perahara.
              That was nice to behonest. It was after many many years I had the chance to enjoy it.
              Mahinda did not end the war. It was just all or not event.
              Only brave soldiers and other forces are the ones that should get the credit.

              Rascal family made it their issue.
              How many of the poor people were attacked , slaughtered , butchered by the activities of Rajapakshe rascals ?

              If I woudl have been the one to give the order them getting caught, I would not delay a second to ge tthem by their horns.
              I think we deserve good leadres but no means Rajapakshes.
              Never again.
              We faced insurgencies in 89. Never again, we dont want Premadasa to return.
              Only way out would be to support a civil society leader who many would think can lead the nation than any so called senior men.

              I dont think Rajapakshe has Charima… and Mr Sirisena does not… What about Dr Rao in India – what matters should be what they focus. Today there is a freedom but the days of Raja, we had only psychosis.

  • 0

    If SF’s names is implicated in the Lasantha Wickrematunga assassination wont his prime objective be to erase any reference to him in the evidence and investigation if appointed to law and Order?

    • 3

      But SF would never be like dishonest …

      Believe me he is the only man in that entire bunch to be honest.

      He is the real war hero having worked die hard for the country.

      He di dnot leave the country even if he wanted to … searching for greener pastures.

      But hhi hii Gota did everything but Gotas media units painted the picture in favour of the rascal family.

      Today even if Gota remains as US citizen – no body seems to question why he keeps that passport if he is that patriotic ?

      It is all, people are biased and made biased by lanken media.

      All others that lived before in the country and then became non-srilankens by regi – are attacked but GOTA has the audacity to declare it.. hi hi .. i m US citizen.. ha hahah..

      Why on the earth lanken media men have been abusing this way.

  • 2

    What is the point in a cabinet reshuffle? They are all rogues. After 70 years of UNP/SLFP government these bas….s are still deaf to the cries of the people. A recent UNICEF report on Sri Lanka had this to say: For a country that suffers no significant food shortages and provides extensive, free maternal and child health services, it is rather paradoxical that malnutrition affects nearly one-third of children and one quarter of women.

    Almost one out of five children are born with low birth weight – Around 29 per cent of under fives are reported to be underweight, rising as high as 37.4 per cent, in some deprived districts.
    14 per cent of under fives suffer from acute malnutrition (wasting) when their weight is compared to the weight of a normal child of the same height.
    Nearly 58 per cent of infants between 6 and 11 months and 38 per cent children between 12 and 23 months are anaemic.

    Well that is one hell of an achievement for the UNP/SLFP politicians. May they all rot in hell.

  • 1

    Blame ourselves. We wanted to chase MR. We were less focused on ability of people whom we’re going to replace with, of course we did not have much choices there.

    1: MS, who was not even ready to be president, nor did he dream of becoming one, or having any leadership qualities (BTW, who under MR could have practiced or developed such qualities?) or charisma, was fooled by RW, CBK to take up a toughest challenge. – Now we demand more from him?

    2: RW, who was not ready to give up party leadership for the sake of the party or for the sake of people who have trusted the party despite so many set backs – Then we expect more from him too?

    This is a cursed land with lots of idiots as voters, who follow the tradition even in voting.

    • 0


      I think we should be happier to have chased him away from the direction he and et al were targetted to

      Right at the moment, people woudl do any kind fo broad day light murder for money. THERE are no values remain in the average mind set of the people.

      Just talk to various walks of life and get it by yourself.

      Be them graduates or others, their general knoweldge is far from the average european.
      They know nothing about YAHAPALANAYA. if their issues would have been pleased by any means, they would be ready to betray their votes. THat is it.

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