29 June, 2022


Defence Ministry Constantly Intimidates Our Local Level Politicians: Champika

Members of the common Opposition movement gathered before the Elections Department this afternoon and urged the Elections Commissioner and the IGP to vacate their positions if they are not ready uphold election laws.

Champika Ranawaka

Champika Ranawaka

The protesting politicians and their supporters staged a sathyagraha and a protest campaign before the Elections Department this afternoon as they expressed their objection to the lack of action against election law violations that are being committed by President Rajapaksa‘s campaigners.

JHU General Secretary Patali Champika Ranawaka speaking at the sathyagraha said, “Our local level politicians are not able to actively engage in campaigning for the upcoming Presidential elections because the Defence Ministry is constantly interfering through the area police to intimidate them. . .”

He said if immediate action is not taken to ensure all contestants adhere by election laws, it would only lead to a mass uprising that would end in a bloodshed.

“We call upon the EC to intervene and prevent this blood shed because this country has seen enough of it.”

Meanwhile, UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva who also addressed the media at the gathering said that their message to the authorities appointed to uphold election law is simple and clear.

“This is our request to the EC and the IGP. Go home if you are not ready to perform your duties and ensure that the laws are upheld,” he added.

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    Champika Ranawaka and Common Opposition,

    Please send notices to ALL, police officers that their actions contrary to Law during the Election are offences and disciplinary actions including dismissal and jail if criminal will be taken against them.

    Send that to other Govt. officials who are in conflict with the Law as well.

    This notice should be sent Now.

    • 2

      champaka – what a change

      is he the new mouth piece of tamil separatism amd muslim extremism?

      • 8

        And then Sinhala Extremism. Sinhala Buddhist at that.

      • 5

        Nishantha De Silva

        Read below what Patali Champika Ranawaka said about VP. What do you have to say about Paadala Ranawaka?

        Now it seems that VP was a cute and cuddly tiger.

        Prabhakaran was better than President Mahinda Rajapaksa, should be punished properly

        December 7, 2014 at 11:44 am | lanka C news

        Speaking at the ‘Satana’ political programme in the Sirasa television,the former Minister and the general secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya party Patali Champika Ranawaka had said during the past five years the President Mahinda Rajapaksa had done more harm to the country than what LTTE leader Prabhakaran had done in the 30 years of ethnic war.

        The Rajapaksa administration was very corrupt and was full of ‘deal’ people and when he realised it only he decided to quit and should not allow them to flee the country and should be dealt under a peoples judiciary and given the maximum punishment.


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      Mangala and Rajitha Special Media Conference

      RE: State Employees doing Illegal Activities..Complaints by State Employees

      Streamed live on Dec 18, 2014
      Mangala and Rajitha Special Media Conference


    • 3

      This hypocrite Champuka, unhappy about loosing the all powerful power ministry, has taken the leadership of the attack against MR. He is even trying to overshadow “Maaru Sira” who did the “maaru” because he couldn’t be PM.

      Sira didn’t bring the promised 60 to the UNP and Champuka lost his suave right hand man Gammanpila who proved to be a principled patriot. Champuka looks like a “lon halichcha balla” these days.

      Now Maaru Sira and Champuka are going to hell in a hand basket, with the help of cretins like Amarasiri, Javi and Navin.

      Oh! Bring back Taraki.

  • 4

    Come on Champika! That should be the voice and spirit of leadership. We have to fight for our rights. All sensible people of the country are with you – except, of course, a few stooges like Nishantha!

  • 2

    Ah poor poor baba, complaining …..didn’t complain for 9 years :-)

    • 3

      ḍakaitī/dacoit the Asian: be like a bamboo not the old oak tree
      because the winds have changed direction from east to west and
      we are the best Cola Colaba Collo Kello!

      He is a segment of fire in the wind like your Suma et al.

      Gulliver in the land of Lilliputs- It was all in the fire in the wind.

      One step at a time – take it from there.

      USB3 (us before 3)

  • 1

    Defense ministry and everything connected to Rajapakses were forward looking and pro active and excellent for Champika and co when Gota had been spending millions to build ‘Sadaham Sevena’ and etc for Ven Rathana and their stalwarts. Rajapakses has became bad as soon as Champika was removed from being the minister in charge of electricity. Fools cannot understand that appointing and removing ministers is the prerogative of the President.

    Whether Sirisena and Champika form a new party or not both of them are certain to become dead ducks after the coming-up parliamentary elections.

  • 6


    “Whether Sirisena and Champika form a new party or not both of them are certain to become dead ducks after the coming-up parliamentary elections.”

    Did you read this in Ancient Jaffna (1929)?

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    Champika Ranawakas decision to quit Govt.was a Principled stand.Abolish EP,setup Independent Commissions,Restore democracy and Rule of Law etc etc…How could this amount to Champika being a mouthpiece of Tamil separatism and Muslim extremism?

    • 0

      Mr. J. Thavarajah

      That is the mindset of most Sinhalese and it has worsened with the passage of years. This is why it is impossible to prevent this Island becoming one of two nations viz:- Sinhala and Tamil – in accord with our pre-1515 history. That marriage of about 200 years between the Sinhala South and Tamil North-East was destroyed by the Buddhist priests leaving the serene sorroundings of the temple and betraying Buddhism – from the early 1950s. We are now going through the divorce proceedings.

      Like, in the case of birth, there will, sadly, be some blood-letting. But it will be nowhere near the calamity that befell the Indian Sub-Continent in 1947. The Sinhala Nation must hold the Rajapakses responsible for cheating Justice Wigneswaren’s NPC – that is, otherwise, paralysed by design from September last. That will be the main cause, certainly not the only one, of the inevitable rupture. The region, the international community and the UN will do the rest. Methinks that is the best solution for both sides after being at each others’ throats for over 6 decades.


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      Fool/Bevakuf: The winds have changed direction from east to west and Pattala is fire in the wind that is a pain in the bum of Monday Kill- Nishantha De Silva no Suinday Sil

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