26 September, 2023


Election Rally For MR Held In The Guise Of A Business Forum

A rather cleverly disguised election rally promoting the campaign of President Rajapaksa was held at several locations in Colombo yesterday, which attracted the participation of hundreds of private sector professionals.

The event titled ‘Momentum’ was held at several star-rated hotels in Colombo yesterday including Cinnamon Grand, Galadari and Jaic Hilton and was attended by several government mouthpieces including Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Central Bank Governer Ajith Nivard Cabraal and Treasury Secretary PB Jayasundera and President Rajapaksa himself.

Mahinda BF Pic Sudath SilvaThe twitter page set up for the event reads that it is a ‘forum focusing on the significance of stability on the business and economic landscape of Sri Lanka’.

The organizers of the event, who have called themselves the ‘Professionals for stable Sri Lanka’ had spent lavishly on the event locations and had even set up a live link up connecting all the forums held in different hotels,so that the participants of each event were able to follow the happenings at the other locations.

Those who participated in the event said it was no different to an election rally held on the streets as the majority of addresses had been focused either on the war victory or the mega development projects that are being carried out in Sri Lanka.

Gotabaya, Cabraal and Jayasundara despite being public servants shamelessly campaigned for President Rajapaksa, speaking on how the war had hampered the economic growth of the country and of how the Rajapaksa regime is turning it around by embarking on the development work that are being carried out in the country.

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    The event titled ‘Momentum’- to Jan 9, 2015

    Momentum = Mass x Velocity

    Yes, the Masses are going with Matripala Sirisena, and the Velocity is increasing too.So, the Momentum for Mr. Maitripala Sirisena is increasing daily..

    Because nobody will come for the Medamulana MaRa fake rallies, MaRa is trying to sneak in and substitute.

    Here is Something for the Medamulana Maras to”Enjoy” on the 9th of January.2015 while reading The Common Sense Sri Lanka 2014

    The Sinhala Subtitles are the Modern MaRa version of MaRa going berserk after losing on January 9, 2015.


    What Hitler said in 1945 in German,and what MaRa is expected to say in Sinhala and with English Subtitles is given below.

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Sinhala?


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      Don’t you remember your leader Sarath Fonseka also addressed business forum before last election and shouted as KALA WEEDA and lost the election

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    Peoples agnoy has reached to beyond bearing to this day.

    This man should not only be defeated but deserved to be hung by his balls immeidately after the victory is declared.

    May all forces be strenghtened the knowledge of the rural poor that have been vulnerable to get caught by Rajaapkshe blantat lies.

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    According to Astrologer Thotawatte – THE PRESIDENT WILL BE DEFEATED BY 09th January. Hamas kalaya will take his life – to the very same manner Premadasa senior s fate ended up. AVI GATHTHO AVIYENMA NASIYA – history reflects

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    I think he will be invited to take his money and go.

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    What’s wrong holding an ‘Election Rally For MR In The Guise Of A Business Forum’ if there are businessmen readily prepared to attend it? Surely they couldn’t have been desperate for a free lunch. I too was there.

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    Private sector professionals are not fools.
    They attended to know the ‘depth of the waters’ of the attempted ‘brainwashing’ which they were sure of being attempted.
    Gota and Cabraal & Co. are characters whose antecedents are well known to them.
    An evening of fun and relaxation as far as they were concerned.

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    MECHANIC and others…. there is nothing wrong holding a “Election Rally for MaRa (Alias Dias Pora) …. but the wrong is that Government Servants Gothabhaya and Ajith Nivard Cabraal participated and they are Government Servants…. the Election Law very clearly states that Government Servants cannot participate in Election Rallies…… so here is another instance of FLOUTING THE LAW” by none other than the PRESIDENT…… what a disgrace what a disgrace.

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      Tell us which political party that ruled Sri Lanka since JRJ hadn’t use government servants for its advantage? As far as I am aware every government had ‘FLOUTED THE LAW’. I am not saying MR shouldn’t walk straight but to expect him to play fair when the opposition is driving a cut throat and a dirty game of politics is just foolish.

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    Well I was there myself. It was well organised and well attended. As the article suggests it was lavishly arranged. No harm in that too. The sentiments of the people were not overtly shared and they were discreet in their conclusions. This is what I found out.

    Most of the professionals want the end of the Rajapakse regime. That is clear. Not that they favour Maithree in any particular way but they see him as the only person who can eliminate this corrupt family at this present time.

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      As a businessman, I have noticed that all most everyone at the forum have been very upbeat about the on going peace and political stability of the county. Their only concern is about what’s in the store.

      By his own admission, Sirisena has failed to get regulations through for an act already passed. Meaning he couldn’t get a pictorial warning that he desired in the back of cigarette packets. Sirisena also failed to safe keep an all important bill (Seneka Bibile proposals) in his or his computer hard disk. And not just that, he openly complained that, that bill was stolen by a woman named Theresa. If Sirisena couldn’t get two simple jobs done in spite of him being the Sectary General of SLFP, the dominant party of the government and a cabinet minister, I have been wondering how he could bring about the necessary political stability to enhance the current growth. As far as I can see, Sirisena simply doesn’t have the political acumen to take the country forward. Hypothetical Sirisena regime will be like that of Chandrika or even worse. I think the entire country will get in to a mess and grind to halt from day one.

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      Before you arrive at conclusions you must tell us who and who comes under this category of ‘professionals’. If you mean the big headed ones with pseudo qualifications but no doer capabilities, I say, they are the minority and particularly when talk about the sea of voters.

      One other point, whether your so-called professionals favor Maithree or not, one cannot pick and chose the President. It’s either MR, an attorney-at-law and a proven man or Maithree, O’level passed ex-gramasevake who himself acknowledged as incapable. You mustn’t try to bluff yourself like computer jilmart, JVPers.

      • 0

        Mechanic, [ Nut Loose];
        Paid Shill!.

        This Presidential election is Between the

        O/L Not Passed Attorneys Eta Low,
        [ T/V Hadda Knows how to pass [Law] Low exams].

        And O/L passed Farmer’s Son / Grama sevaka’s [Goviya].

        Goviya Will Win and Hadda’s Pina Go Home. Maybe Run like Marcos .

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