17 May, 2021


Defence Secretary Confirms Plot Was Underway Yesterday To Create Unrest In Kurunegala

Defence Secretary Shantha Kottegoda said he received information regarding ‘interested parties’ working create a tense situation in Kurunegala yesterday, while appearing before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter attacks

Shantha Kottegoda

“There was a gathering happening in Kurunegala yesterday and we saw groups of outsiders arrived in the area and organized themselves. We also heard a few powerful figures were there,” Kottegoda sad.

He said due to pockets of violence erupting in various areas, they have been forced to divert military forces engaged in counter-terrorism operations, to control violence and unrest.

Secretary Kottegoda in his responses to the Committee, also called upon the media to report on incidents responsibly and provide clarification as much as possible to the public. He added social media has been a main tool spreading misinformation in these trying times, while pointing to the controversy that built around locally produced UN buffle vehicles that were misinterpreted as a foreign army landing in Sri Lanka, on various social media platforms.

He also highlighted on the importance of implementing a long term deradicalization plan to rehabilitate those indoctrinated on Islamic extremism.

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Latest comments

  • 22

    Who is the MP for Kurunegala ?

    • 29

      Steve – I think it is Medamulana Meeharaka Mahendra Percy Rajafucksha who still thinks that he is the “King of all Kings”. He is also known as “Tsunami Hora.”

    • 9

      US Citizen Gota and US puppet Bondscam Ranil are the 2 “Manchurian Candidates” of the USA in their bid to weaponize religion in Sri Lanka, create chaos. and set up a military base to choke China and Iran– with their Saudi and Israel proxies who have been spreading Wahabism on the one hand, and Buddhist violence on the other.

      BBS, Ravana Balaya, Mahasohon Balakaya, as well as, Tauwheed Jamat and all the other Wahabi Muslim groups are all funded by the same CIA Saudi funds
      The game with Gota and Ranil is “heads I win, tails you lose”. Either way, whether its Puppet Bondscam Ranil or US Citizen Gota, the US wins!

    • 14

      He is the person who is behind all these troubles in order to come to power. He is putting up others to do the dirty work expecting him to reap the benefits. I will not sign the no confidence motion, but you all do it, is a perfect example of this double game.

  • 32

    Deradicalisation plan should be started with President Sirisena and current OPPOSITION leader in the parliament. That will then become exemplary to other men that are on the list having proved records their criminal actitiives.
    Sooner the better we should all stand against Extremism of all forms. Not just point the fingers at MUSLIM minorities, but SINHALA extremists that have now been marching under the lead of just releasted GHANASARA should be arrested and put in a permeent jail.
    Then only we can think of a better future of the young ones in this country.

    • 0

      Well said,. Yes against all form of extremism including the extreme behaviour of security personnel. Thanks for the secretary for having a better attitude towards the problem.

  • 38

    The government should find out who among them are organizing these Sinhala terror mobs to spread fear, hatred, attack innocent civilians, damage property, and maybe kill them. Every time there is ethnic violence against the minority, these terrorists are sent in buses and trucks to cause irreversible damage to the country.
    Always, you will find the hands of some politicians behind these organized terror mobs.
    If ANY honest leader knows who is behind any such politicians, arrest the scumbags, publicize their names, and let the country know.

  • 6

    Defense Secretary Shanta Kotegoda,

    Who are those interested parties and whose self-interst is being served? Why is that the media do not report that? Is the media also controlled by those with self-interest? Who gains by the chaos?

    Regarding the ideology of the so-called Islamic Terrorists, the ordinary Muslims have been vowed and threatened, by claiming that the Wahhabi-Salafies are the ‘True’ Muslims, the Muslims have failed to call them, Satanis, Satan Followers despite references given in the Islamic Sources, Hadith of Najd, by Bukhari and Muslim.

  • 25

    ” We also heard a few powerful figures were there. “
    Why can’t he name the powerful figures. ?????????????
    Are the powerful figures more powerful then the law enforcement authorities. ???????????????????
    If the powerful figures are really powerful then they might as we be allowed to create their own powerful private armies and the legal law enforcement authorities can be done away with.
    The people can go to the created private armies and get their problems solved.

    Somewhere along the lines the politicos are playing with each others balls starting with the Eunuch and Moron while the country goes to the dogs ( if the lovely land has not already gone to the dogs ) and good people pay the price.
    Sri lanka is doomed never to recover and whatever is left of the lovely, resplendent land will sink into the stinking cesspit of politics. So be it.

  • 24

    “We also heard a few powerful figures were there,”

    We are tired of hearing this. Few powerful figures huh? Why don’t anyone with a backbone name them? It would help us a lot for the next election.

    • 7

      the guy who was recently pardoned by the President?

      • 6

        Rajash – To be specific, he is Venereal Gandasara the wine, women and song man who was given a pardon by President Gonna-Sena!

        • 5

          Thissame Gnanasara was involved scolding the Police Officers manning the entrance to the Southern Expressway before it was officially opened, demanding him be permitted to use the Expressway. When he was refused, he blasted the police in choice filth in Sinhala refering to their mothers as ‘Weysigeputha’. Gnanasaraya also boasted that he got late because he was at a meeting with Gota. So naturally the silence of the Police.

  • 21

    I suspected the same . Who is the sitting MP of Kurunegala ?????. There was one more report which I found surprising. The doctor who was arrested was working there and more than 50 or so women who complained are from the same area. Today The staff of the hospital told media they will boycott the Government appointed inquiry commission, but will readily participate, if President appointed his own. Knowing our lying President now a days no one is trusting him, may be this group of staff are exception ?????. Why is that every nefarious shit including the recent riots, is coming out of Kurunegala ????? Is there any reason???? Next thing you hear will be Ganasara getting in action in KURUNEGALA.

  • 11

    You had enough time to prevent the previous organised attack, you were told by Patholaya to keep quiet.
    Now all the oraganizations like UN
    Amnesty are here so you have no choice.

  • 13

    Why won’t you name the ‘interested parties’ who desperately need a regime change while My3 and Ranil fallen into their own fantasy dreamland?

  • 21

    Let me make my self clear. If the accused doctor is found guilty ethically in any single case then appropriate action should be taken. But the media and bunch of racist are not the court in making that decision. We have been hearing this hatred comments and conspiracy theories for some time.(since Ganasara came to limelight). Especially about sterile pills in eateries, sweets given in Muslim owned outlet stores, Ganasara and his goons personally spreading these kind of rumors in past and debated on irrational and illogical population ratios —-etc—etc. Any surgical procedure needs to be explained (that too in native language ,not foreign/English) to patient and family before the procedure and based on that understanding patient gives informed consent by signing the form
    which is attested by a family member and staff (usually a nurse or junior doctor) and finally the relevant doctor too have to sign. How come 50 or so (I am told now it has reached 100) women waited for this long to make a complain, that too of this serious nature. If a woman is denied of a child due to unethical reasons will she wait that long to make a complaint????. That too the complainants ,accused doctor and staff are all from Kurunegala which is where recent riots originated.

    • 8

      chiv ,

      Slum politics is simply the name of the game . Sterile pills and
      sweets rumours are recent and aimed at Muslims but long
      before that , to my knowledge , in 1980s Sinhalese women were
      scary to drink Cokes offered in Sea street Jewellery shops for the
      same reason ! So , this hatred filled , non-tolerant culture has deep
      roots and against all non – Sinhalese Buddhists and the culture
      got worst with the coming of technology and it further went to pigs
      (I respect dogs) with free social networks and some SLUM dwellers
      managing to reach countries like Italy , Korea, France , UK by
      BOATS . Well , it would be grossly unfair to stress the fact that
      Muslims , Tamils and Burgars are not any better either on many

  • 18

    Dear Hon. Defence Secretary Shantha Kottegoda, Stop moaning about it. Whyare you all so insecure? The defense apparatus has been given the powers to deal with this. If mobs are acting to threaten the peace of this nation then consider them to be no less than the terrorists who have already threatened the peace of this nation. Punish them severely once and they will not come back. These mobs are cowardly animals. You can see animalistic behavior so treat as such and stop this nonsense. The amount of damage done to this poor country’s economy alone is justification enough. Let alone the destruction of the fabric of this nation. No tourist if going to land knowing what you’ve just said about Kurunagala. Future generations are going to be paying for it. STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! THAT’S YOUR JOB!

  • 19

    Mobs Rule Lanka!
    Govt. broke their promises to the people to fight corruption.
    When so called Buddhist Clergy played havoc on minorities especially Muslims.
    Govt didn’t believe the warnings of the Islamic Clergy (Ulamas)
    Colluded with corrupt of the previous regime.
    President ignored the intelligence warnings.
    Some people
    Started to take the minorities as bites and started Digana – Nothing happened.
    Even Forces colluding with Digana rioters were seen with a blind eye.
    Tamils warned Muslims this is exactly what happened in their areas and could happen to Muslims.
    Muslims laughed at them.
    Majority Sinhalese even didn’t believe that our soldiers could do this.
    Ask Sarath Fonseka . Even he would say all his soldiers are sinless professionals.
    Then Easter Sunday happened
    President took his time to return to SL
    Then went again to console Chinese leader while his countrymen/women were suffering.
    IGP and Def Sec were made scapegoats.
    The legislature and media didn’t agitate for the removal of this executive
    And Kuliyapitiya and Minuwangoda happened.
    Muslims said our homes were searched and we were kept indoors.
    Mobs ran riot in the above two places while a curfew was on
    Everybody is somebody and wants to interpret the law the way he/she wants.
    A nail cutter is Kris. Swords in two mosques become all mosques are full of swords.
    A fellow passenger in a public transport is a subject for racial abuse. or to be searched by everybody in the bus.
    A Muslim cant walk on the street without being abused.
    These are all done by less than 5% of the majority community but if this is not nipped in the bud , we have to face heavy consequences.
    Some suburbs and rural areas even the police is using the situation to their advantage.
    They arrest a Muslims and release after a bribe ranging from Rs.5000 and upwards.

  • 9

    Sri Lanka suffers for her avoidable erroneous ways. The Tamil Question should have been settled with ease and wisdomn in the early 1960s – but racial prejudice stood in the way. The big-stick of 7/83 was the wrong tool. And that took 30 years with no solution in sight. The wound festered and the Muslim Question was imposed on us. Now in addition to both is the enormous weight of direct and indirect intervention by three global powers.

    As someone commented in these pages, the journey of the Kallathonies will be with us again – this time in the opposite direction. This began, in bits and pieces, a few years ago. Astonishingly, a Prince in the Royal family was the sponsor and chief beneficiary gaining from this lucrative trade – according to Intelligence sources
    Down Under. Only the naïve will deny even the Sinhalese have started to “escape”
    although, so far, in smaller numbers – mainly from the Sinhala Catholic/Christian Districts. The Middle Class predicts a hopeless future and encourage their young to escape the oncoming danger. Sinhala Buddhist politics and theocracy be praised.


    • 1


      What is ‘Tamil Question and what is ‘Muslim Question’?

      ‘What is it that the Sinhalayo are enjoying that the other communities are not enjoying because they are not Sinhala?’.

      In fact, minorities in Sri Lanka enjoy privileges that Sinhalayo do not have.
      # Wellala Demalu enjoy the privilege of having ‘Thesawalamei’ that prevent Sinhalayo owning land in Yapanaya.
      # Muslims have ‘Shariah Law’ that allows them to have several wives, marrying underage women, Halal food, Muslim Banks, Muslim and Arabic schools etc. etc.

      Native Sinhalayo did not invite your ancestors to come and settle down in Sinhale. If you guys have problems living with native Sinhalayo get lost without grumbling.

      • 3

        Buddy in that case even u have to pack n go to india coz this land belongs to vedhas.. cheers mate

  • 8

    Name the plotters and arrest them

  • 6

    God sake Split it out who are these power full figures try to. Cover

    • 0

      Who pardoned gnanasara? Who pays money to Anandasagara? Who appointed Hisbulla as governor?

      Your choice President in 2015.

  • 4

    The biggest problem in Sri Lanka is not the terrorists. Our forces can control them pretty easy. Our biggest problem are our politicians. They create more mayhem and corruptions than any terrorists can.

    Do you know any POOR POLITICIAN?

  • 1

    “He said due to pockets of violence erupting in various areas, they have been forced to divert military forces engaged in counter-terrorism operations, to control violence and unrest.”

    It could be that Muslim politicians are hiring thugs to create problems to divert attention of Security Forces from search operations and hunting down of extremists and terrorist sympathizers. They are the people who have plenty of Saudi money that can be used for this kind of things.

  • 1

    Just after 4/21, an article written by an Indian in the USA (counter current.org ?) outlined that gotabhaya Rajapakse to be the benificiary and BBS and Wahhabis are ganged as one entity. There was a Wahhabi attack in Bangladesh. I think that is for propaganda purposes. some from the Police itself can shoot their jeep and after that the news go, A police Jeep was shot at and some officers were injured. May be they hit the head on the boards when the Jeep was speeding or Braked.Military intelligence was handed over to Police and Pujitha Jayasundara and some others became dictators because they were appointed by the constitutional council. so, we are not answerable to any one. SO, things may have begun long ago. That is why Muslims became very aggressive. They would have honestly though Allah wanted them to do this. Why did they break ACJU into so many other or 62 other organizations. Were they spreading Various African Wahhabi Ideologies. Media would say every thing is BBS when the payee says write this article.

  • 3

    Sri Lankan should do something for their safety.

    1. Form village groups to safeguard themselves from outsiders attacks.
    2. Pass a resolution that they don’t trust the politicians and the constitution
    unanimously. Declare that they don’t recognize MS as President or RW as our
    PM. Do not recognize the constitution any more.
    3. The members and their families will safeguard themselves and Govt. will
    have no rights to intervene.
    4. Form Administrative committee and block outsiders from coming into their
    5. This has to be done in every GN area.
    6. Collectively declare to the SC that they wish to form a new state writring off
    the present rot.

    Sounds silly, but logical.
    present one.

  • 3

    Every person and persons serving in the capacity of a public servant is a true Arsehole and Arseholes.
    This is not just a figure of speech but a real definition of these Arseholes appointed to public service.
    These bloody Wankers are more frightened of the Politicians than the Terrorists.
    The whole bloody lot smell of rotting Dog Shit.

  • 1


    your statement is dangerously seditious.
    Careful what you say .the CT is not responsible for your statements .

    None of us are 100% invisible

    Edwin , Rohan , Retard , etc ,etc are also.not invisible.
    Just a chummy advice from a chummy reader


  • 2

    Shantha Kottegoda was only a few years senior to me at S. Thomas’ and I can tell you fellas here that he is a very efficient and a courageous soldier and a human being.

    Let me also everyone that us Thomians know how to treat minorities well, so to speak. From SWRD Bandaranayake to Cyril Matthew to former Air Marshal Donald Perera, we all know how to keep the minorities in check.

    The Anandians, the Nalandians and the rest know only to cry and whine. The Royalists with the exception of JRJ and Gamini D, the rest are a worthless bunch.

    The Sinhalese can be assured that they are in good hands while a Thomian is in charge.

    Esto per petua.

    • 4

      Retarded Lt. PereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRA – Unfortunately, you are retarded!

    • 5

      Retarted (Rtd) Lunatic (Lt)
      You racist swine is a disgrace to all Thomians. Don’t ever mention this Anglican school again.

    • 2

      Seriously! Sadly, it looks like your primitive brain is yet to graduate from school. Even teenagers now have a better understanding of the world around them. I urge you to watch this when you have a free period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPxXqEQ4VPo

    • 1

      Then does your statement apply to Presidents also? Must we bypass Ananda 2019 and wait for St Thomas 2025?

  • 5

    Yes, yes – some powerful figures were there. Certainly, they would burn, and destroy what’s left of the country. Come what may, what they want is power by any means. They would finish off the minorities- Tamil, Muslims etc. The next best thing would start when they go for the throats of each other of their own kind but the way things are going on, it would happen, and not far but around the corner.

  • 0

    the doctor was successfull, the budhist terrorist are jelous.

  • 7

    @ Reginald the Retarded Raghead Shameless Perera,
    Gamini D was a Trinitian you f’ing homian. Here a good exercse for your brain. Bend forward, and then over, and between your legs like the army teaches you to stretch in exercises, and then poke your head and suck your brains in there where the sun does not shine. This might cure your mental illness you racist RETARD. Your not a staunch and true Thomian but a homi like the rest of your faggots that adjust “straps” to signal cowards to strike the innocent Muslim, Sinhalese and unarmed citizens.

  • 2

    If USA is behind causing disruptions in Sri Lanka with a hidden agenda, matters like Ranil wanting a
    bulletproof car all of a sudden for MR, and MY3 pardoning BBS Leader and sending him to the field, who are best targets to cause an upheaval in the Island – these two starlets are expendable by USA standards.

    Lets us all be prepared to see some fireworks while the SL Army Commander is bereft of Intelligence
    Officers or Thinking Intelligently for once – his experience is Store-keeping, sorry Supply Logistics!!

  • 0

    [In fact, minorities in Sri Lanka enjoy privileges that Sinhalayo do not have.
    # Wellala Demalu enjoy the privilege of having ‘Thesawalamei’ that prevent Sinhalayo owning land in Yapanaya.]

    Blind eagle Moron, you are with your lies again. You are cheating yourself man while hiding in Down under enjoying their charity. Who the hell told you that others cannot buy land there? Can you prove that? According to Thesavalamai once someone wants to sell a land he or she has to ask the neighbours as to whether they are interested in buying that land before selling it to outsiders. Morn this is to preserve good neighbourliness. Imagine, if you come as my neighbour, what will be plight of the people around. Then either put up with a evel man like you or in Dharmista fashion bump you off. But tamils cannot do that and that is not their way. Moda eagle what is the difference between you and the gongs gathering in front of Kurunegala hospital or running around with looted goods in Kuliyapitiya. There is one woman in kurunegala had reported that she had gone blind after caesarian operation, are you sure it is not your daughter? Think rationally, write logically and live meaningfully instead of being blinded by rabid racism.

    • 1

      That is how Wellala Demalu prevent Sinhalayo or to that matter even low caste Demala people acquiring land in Yapanaya. Native Sinhalayo should have followed a similar method to prevent Para Demalu and Muslims acquiring land in this country.
      At the time Portuguese came, Sinhalayo were the majority in Yapanaya. Portuguese barbarians grabbed land used by Sinhalayo to cultivate tobacco and indigo and brought slaves from Malabar to work in their plantations. After colonial parasites left, Wellala Demalu who worked as agricultural laborers grabbed that land and applied ‘Thesawalamei’ which is a Malabari customary law to keep ownership among Wellala Demalu.

  • 3

    [This might cure your mental illness you racist RETARD. Your not a staunch and true Thomian]

    Oh deiyane, this bloody Retard Shemale a Thomian? My foot, this goon must have come from a pirivena being discarded by parents for being born as an evil. He is still remains an evil. He is a bloody imposter claiming to be a Thomian. This must be an anti-christian ploy. Now that they are tired of Muslims and the attention is on Glorious cardinal Ranjith. Keep up man and that is the way to survive.

  • 1

    According to the media reports there were protests taking place in Kurunegala because the govt appears (& suspected) to be moving towards covering up the alleged misdeeds of the Muslim doctor and instead punish the director of Kurunegala hospital and the DIG in charge for acting against the Muslim doctor. Minister Rajitha alluded to it and UNP aligned websites were publishing stories against Divaina, the DIG and the director of the hospital. Not sure whether the secretary and/or CT are trying to mislead us.

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