28 June, 2022


Development (Special Provisions) Bill – Full Text

The proposed Development (Special Provisions) Bill has run into controversy since its inception and has thus far been rejected by every Provincial Council it has been presented to. The Eastern Province Provincial Council is yet to discuss the Bill.

To read the proposed Development (Special Provisions) Bill click here

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    The CM ‘s who oppose this in order to protect Provincial rights, are Federalists to the core ! like CM Vigneswaran

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    Haven’t got the time to read all this.
    Hope this Yhapalanaya government will relax all exchange controls and make our rupee covetable. Just as we could invest and remit money in Western and developed countries. SL also must open the country to foreign investors, especially small investors who could have a positive influence on the person in the street. They should be allowed to vote etc after a period of 5 years.
    It seems the third world politicians are dead scared of positive foreign influences and intrusion to their countries where these politicians want to isolate their people and rule the roost for themselves, regardless.
    Honestly, we don’t need foreign aid or foreign loans as the country could generate it’s own wealth to develop. Sadly the third world leaders take our incomes, tax money decades ahead with bogus projects that leave us the tax payers with a years of debt. This is another way of the first world controlling the poor countries using Ambude clad politicans,in our case.They pitilessly rob us and vanish to the first world and live a double life.
    So remove the exchange controls, allow progressive people from the first world to invest as small business people or even as permanent residence with their own remitted incomes. I was positively influenced by the few who lived in early 60s.Likes of JR deported them making us unemployed and forced us to go abroad. Their influence on me helped me to further developed my self in the Western country, where assimilation and interpersonal skills are so important to survive in the challenging atmospheres of the developed world. I see sadly many Sri lankans ill fit, getting together in groups and hallucinating about the country’s past unknown history and even religion. They make it difficult the progressive young to venture on the first world like us in 60s.

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    So, it is a weak govt.

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    PM’s development programs are a joke! Ranil’s development dance is meant to benefit China and US, and super rich corrupt politicians in Sri Lanka- NOT ordinary Sri Lankans.

    The super Ministry is being done for the United States to track their Chinese opposition’s so-called development projects in strategically important Sri Lanka.
    Meanwhile, whole Hambantota port is being sold to Chinese, instead of bids taken for different services and functions after call for tenders internationally.
    Miracle of Modyas!

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    Ranil inaugurated the building of a Volkswagon factory recently in Kuliyapitiya.

    But Volkswagon is in massive trouble in EU and USA with cases piled against it in US and Europe for cheating environmental regulations on emissions and had to recall millions of cars is setting up a car plant in Kuliyapitiya? To pollute Sri Lanka and Asia?!

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    One thing for sure the Colombo Port Development would be a white elephant.

    Most of chinas exports is to the west. China launches freight train to Britain
    Its cheaper then ship, faster, no carbon imprint.no somali terror.- way to go.
    2 JANUARY 2017 • 7:48PM
    China launched its first freight train to London on Sunday, according to the China Railway Corporation.

    The train will travel from Yiwu West Railway Station in Zhejiang Province, Eastern China to Barking, London, taking 18 days to travel over 7,400 miles.

    The route runs through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France, before arriving in London. The UK is the eighth country to be added to the China-Europe service, and London is the 15th city.
    (the same train from Spain would be extended to Africa-South)

    The railway is a major strategic development to assist Xi Jinping’s multi-billion dollar ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategy, according to the China-Europe Freight Rail Development Plan released in October.

    The strategy was launched in 2013 and is an infrastructure and trade network connecting Asia with Africa and Europe along old Silk Road trading routes.

    There are currently 39 routes linking 16 Chinese cities to 12 European cities.

    Until June 2016, 1881 services had run from China to Europe and 502 had returned.

    The returning journeys transported items such as German meat products, Russian woods and French wines.

    The China Railway Corporation said the train to London will strengthen the connection between China and Western Europe and improve China-Britain trade ties.

    China’s exports totalled $2.27 trillion in 2015, slowing down from $2.34 trillion in 2014.

    Its economic growth slipped to 6.9 percent in 2015 from 7.3 percent in 2014, marking the slowest growth in 25 years.

    The ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategy is part of an effort to boost trade and economic growth.

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      This means our ports will not be of any use to us if they won’t use it?
      Our cultural, legal and political structure is so weak and venerable, having to deal with likes of the Chinese is doggy and not in the interest of the people of the island. Similar situation exists in whole of Africa where people are in dire poverty while their leaders do what they like, make much money and escape to western countries.
      China wouldn’t dare try their crooked business in the western countries where the leaders in Western countries put the country first,and they don’t take the voter for a ride by going to temples and wearing silly cloths just to fool the people.Huwai when supplied N/W equipment to BT it was strictly business like where strict standards were met and so was Toshiba. Thanks to companies like BT,demanding the best, these two companies make some of equipment in the world.This will never happen in a third world country like SL.

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