2 December, 2023


Dharmishta Sirisena Plays Saffron Card

Contrary to what Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena boasts regarding his published official stance that he is working towards ethnic and religious harmony, the main page slider of the official website of the President only carries four photographs of him posing with Buddhist monks giving more meaning that he himself supports Buddhist supremacy.

Maithripala webAlso the cover page of his official Facebook page highlights him posing in a photograph surrounded by a group of nine Buddhist Monks.

Whilst talking about peace and reconciliation the President appears to be promoting the Sinhala Buddhist supremacy through even his Facebook page where he is further pictured with Buddhist monks.

What is startling even further is that the photograph containing him in the Presidential official web page carries a cropped version of the national flag where the photograph of the symbol of the lion takes center stage cutting off all other ethnic groups. The picture of the lion in the national flag of Sri Lanka carrying a sword represents the Sinhalese ethnicity and the bravery of the Sinhalese nation.

President.lk Maithripala

Maithripala President.lk 10 June 2015

Maithripala president.lk June 2015

Maithripala President.lk 10 June 2015


Maithripala web

Maithripala FDB page 10, June 2015



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  • 11

    Bodhi Sira wouldn’t have the Gig without BBS Gnanissara.

    Norwegian Solly never gave up his determination to avenge Rajapaksas for finishing off his erstwhile mate Pirahabaran..

    And Solly commenced planning while his mate was still trapped in Nanthikadal.

    Solly organized the leadership training for Venerable Gnanissara soon after Nanthikadal.

    Gnannissara put the training in to practice in 2014 big time, creating Baththudeen and Assath Sally Wahabi Front.

    And Hakeem and SLMC probably were kept in the loop by the Ambassadorial Staff in Kurunduwatta.

    January 8th saw the outcome of Solly’s Master Plan.

    White man is light years ahead in skill set over the rest, when it comes to regime change in third world countries who do not tow their line.

    Solheim is now having the last laugh, watching TNA Abraham flying First Class all the way to London with Swiss NGO’s complimentary tickets.

    And officially present their new recruit LTTE heavy Suren Surendran to our unelected PM’s special emissary Samaraweera in front of a British Audience..

    Wonder what Solheim has pencilled in for Abraham to put in the List for Implementation after Solly’s allies , UNP London,BTF,and CBK force Bodhi Sira to make Ranil the legit PM after the Election.

    Abraham’s Boss Sambandan has already said that it will be all in their Manifesto and no room for excuses this time..

    Our Mahanayaka of Asgiriya has already passed on the blessings of the all three GEMS to the un elected PM , while castigating the real Sinhala Buddhist people who got rid of the Tamil Terrorists.

    Our Mahanyakas don’t even get leadership training in the West.

    How cool…

    • 3

      Consent-building with Sinhalese parliamentarians and voters at hme should have taken place instead of Confidence-building in London with Tamil diaspora if resolution of the conflict is the reason.
      But the reason for the latter is to convince i.UNHRC to delay any action on Sri Lanka and ii.EU to grant GSP+. The previous regime was openly hostile towards UNHRC. It lied in its 2005 and 2008 applications for GSP+ and the EU found out about it only in 2009 and withdrew GSP+ in 2010. The current government is very careful not to make those mistakes but to put on a show in London with the Tamil diaspora.
      Resolution of the ethnic conflict through Consent-building at home is much more problematic and would be something no leader has tried in the ast 67yrs.

      • 1

        This local consent-building is part of the handi-work of planned photographic
        display. The 1st move to tackle the outer boundaries (IC-Diaspora etc) is a very
        tactical move for a stable and genuine change locally in the future, before the end of MS era? These are my guesses.

    • 9

      Synonyms for lanken current day politics:
      RW: Mr Clean, Gentleman, calm and decent
      Maithree: Gentle politician, calm and decent
      Vasudewa: withered Pumpkin, spent source of the day, opportunist
      Dayan Jayathilaka: [Edited out] of the lanken politics
      Wimal: Buruwanse, Street boy turn Politician without OL, blatant liar, hate monger, scare monger of the day
      Gommanpila: Teeni politician with teen thoughts
      Sajin Vaas: [Edited out], Baggage boy of Raja family, high profile abuser

      Rajapkahse: [Edited out], high profile corruption driver, tschunami embezzeler, liar of the day, unpredictable, high criminal leader

      MR: Meeharakara Rajapakshe
      Gotababaya: Whitevan man, High criminal abductor, former petrol shed worker,

      Shiranthi Rajapakshe: High profile Gold business queen,

      Namal baby: CSN sport sender frauds, Cheap degree holder, [Edited out]

      Rohitha Rajapakshe: Law breaker of Airforce

      Yoshita Rajapakshe: so called astranaut, but wihtout basic degree qualifications PhD applicant

      • 6

        Hi guys, i am out of the country- so i cant know more about the synonyms of the day, bu tyou may ..

        Please add more to the list – people should finally get how megalomaniac they have been ..

        Gone were the days, we just let it go, but please act today, if not today when ?

        Only way out for lanken problems – is to give awarness programs to the gulliable, gawky, uneducated masses – basing on the realities that Ranja and horu have done to the nation. Outer cover was nice but content

      • 1

        Longer Meeharaka Rajapakshe stays scot free, the worst we the people will face inthis country.. All the right respecting men of the island nation must work hard to find out all the prima facie evidence to convict this man. Then only the wounds of people across the nation can finally see comfort at least for some extent. Irrespective of the damage done to the nation, even today to sabotage the peace movements being out of the scence should be punishable. All gods should work on this to bring these highly abused men before the courts soon. Then only, the rest of senior politicians – that really love the country becoming a civlized one become into the reality. God save our mother lanka-
        Ms Maraloathoni Rome, Italy

      • 0

        I think this self decorated “Sama” deserves all the above mentioned “titles” before anyone else. Its like a real ‘hora’ points to others and say “anna hora” in order to draw a better picture for him/her self!

    • 2

      You explained it Sumane, Gon sira rat wikka, The country won by sacrificing the lif and limb of soldiers, is sold out right in front of them!

      • 5

        Come and go on back licking to Rajapakshe could solve your problems.

        Dont be a burden to UK social system – being refugees for no reaons. You buggers have no rights to manipulate UN convention. 5.8 mio of your sort are waiting to welcome you back in home country. So long your ilk would not see it right, nothing would work for the betterment of this nation.
        We are blessed by My3 his governance today than it had been until 8th Januray. Barbarians sucked the nation – but you guys thought it was his patriotism. Even today over 3000 complaints have been investigated against Rajappakshe all time abusive government. How could a man give a life to the nation – if his secretariat fails to record to hiring cars and vehicles under his.
        Elemnination of terror was interepreted for their sake. You guys thought, that it was Rajapakshe alone fought the war. We know everywhere where brutal wars had been – if their forces would not have sacrificed nothing would have achieved. THe very same so called magic power not ot have done the least in the post war sessions, being pragmatic and collective- is the greater questions to me the folks among sinahalya, tamils and other folks that respect law and order, justice, and peace – but permanent peace.
        Please Srilanath the name of god or your motherland, please wake up and see it right. dont be belonged to DJ, Wasidewa AND the like[Edited out] that would do anything to achieve their oppotunistic targets. Else, mother lanka, future generatons would only hate and curse on you man… now is no too late.

        • 2

          You may have good intentions, but keep wonder countries like US have so many secret services, military powers!

          There is no reconciliation as long as Tamils learn to live with sinhalese.
          Reconciliation is not we give up everything! They take in all!

          My kids may have at least Europe as second class citizens. Your kids will have nothing unless you protect it for them.

          In real politk, it is all extortion, intervention,not democracy freddom.

          Listen to George Carling!

          He explains the extent of freedom we have in west. I was thinking like you when I was young, in time, you will see.

          • 5

            Srinath. Gunaratne

            “There is no reconciliation as long as Tamils learn to live with sinhalese.”

            Have the Sinhala/Buddhists learned to live with the minorities? If they have could you let us know the time line?

            “Reconciliation is not we give up everything! They take in all!”

            It is not a matter of giving up everything. Its about giving back what is rightfully theirs, including the rights of the Sinhalese and Buddhists.

            • 1

              If Tamils to learn to live with Sinahlese, we the sinhalese should do the same. Is this the situation in real world of srilanka ?

              Perfectly know, that is not the case. Taking for example, now the good ies make very efforts to amendments to the prevailing structure focusing the benefit or all – but Meeharaka Rajapakshe is active as no times before to stand on the way.
              Even propose to add more MPs to the gigantic parliament.
              So, these guys that licked the backsides of UK go on praising not current regime but MR `s

              This is the ground reality. Srinath or anyone of that kind will not see it right. If there is no reconciliaton among all – nothing like permanent peace woudl be the consequent.

              There should be a living process of turning criminals (half of the nation are criminals) into civilized cultured men andwomen.

              Every second does not know what is YAHA PALANAYA.. they interpret it what had been carrid out by MR as Yaha while the all diehard work loads of current day politicians are as WAHA.

            • 0


              “Have S/B learned to live with the minorities?”

              It is nothing to learn. They have been doing that for years and years. Vedda, you better clear your mind first from hatred towards S/Bs. And do not try to implement a system that is only an imagery and never being anywhere in the world!

              • 0

                max Moron

                “They have been doing that for years and years.”

                We know it thanks.

                The history stands witness to their achievement in learning, learning to make more mistakes, and hiding behind Sinhala/Buddhism when things go out of hand.

                Learning should be aimed at making less mistakes but not deliberately making more mistakes.

                “Vedda, you better clear your mind first from hatred towards S/Bs”

                I don’t hate people specially the Sinhala/Buddhists morons like you. In fact I pity them for their stupidity. I really think that you ought to be liberated from your Sinhala/Buddhist fanaticism, rage and stupidity.

                ” And do not try to implement a system that is only an imagery and never being anywhere in the world!”

                There is always a first time for everything.

                • 1

                  Vedda the awkward, your naked stature comes out whenever you comment over S/Bs. You have a s/b phobia if not hatred. I cant do anything for that and only thing I can say is read properly the history but not thru the eyes of christian or judaic eye but more of a balance mind.

                  I cant counter argue with you when you say “there’s always a first time for everything” but that is only a illusion and good for a fantasy. Or a rope to bash S/B’s as long as your satisfied. I do not say at all, s/b’s are perfect and never have done any wrong. They have their own weaknesses. But more than they have done harm to other beliefs in SL, others have gone against them by the influence of their racial leaders. If you go thru carefully into the history, S/Bs’ had to be the victims of Tamil chauvinism and still continue to be the same. Sadly that has misinterpreted otherwise and Vedda, your a part of that misdeed.

  • 23

    The best way to keep these ‘monk’ies under control is to show that ‘I am with you’ op-ads. Sirisena is a ‘good’ politician to have known that and he clearly adheres to it. Sirisena must be very careful of these monk’ies’ because most of them are about power and not of ‘enlightenment and true liberation.’ This does not apply only for Buddhist monks but of all so called ‘Religious Leaders/Authorities’ of other religions too.

  • 23

    Things cannot change wholesale overnight. We have to give time. What is important is the willingness to change, though gradual. However it shouldn’t be too slow to make the change ineffective. We cannot expect ‘revolutionary changes’ as envisaged by some, under the current circumstances.

    Sengodan. M

  • 12

    Sri Lanka is not a secular state. The country’s constitution give foremost place to Budhism and more than 75% of the population are indeed Buddhists.

    President Sirisena is doing what all other Sri Lankan leaders in the past did by showing himself as a devout Buddhist. This is nothing new or novel. Also he is not going to give the Tamils anything. Muslims under his regime will be treated in the same way the previous governments treated them. TNA asked the Tamils to vote for Sirisena without any written pact and Sampanthan & co will not be able to get Sirisena to give the Tamils any meaningful rights. Sirisena will not promote ethnic or religious harmony at the expense of his Sinhalese vote bank. The reality is that no Sri Lankan leader will be able to give parity of status to other religions because Buddhism is the paramount religion in Sri Lanka. Full stop.

  • 35

    I share the view that the article is designed to paint a wrong picture of President Sirisena – the only politician in the post-indepedence history of Sri Lanka who voluntarily gave up some vital powers of his office for the sake of good governance and democracy. He not only willingly gave up his powers, but also worked hard towards the enactment of the 19th Amendment for this purpose.He is much more than a politician, a true statesman indeed!

    • 0

      “who voluntarily gave up some vital powers of his office”
      That was in the election manifesto, wasn’t it?. He did not give up anything, but 62 million people did. Don’t forget, he is just a paid servant of the Sri Lankan population.

      “a true statesman indeed!” . I agree on this one pal.

      • 2


        “but 62 million people did”

        The last time I checked the population of this island stood at about 21 million.

        This is a serious explosion of population.

  • 27

    He is a Buddhist so what ? What’s the problem with that ? This dumb author must obviously be from another religion trying to jack up another issue. People like you should not be doing newspaper articles.

    • 2


      “He is a Buddhist so what ? What’s the problem with that ?”

      You like chicken curry, would you like to hang few chicken bones around your neck.

      Religious beliefs and affiliation is a private matter, especially the politicians must keep his/her religious activities as private as possible.

      If you are a Buddhist I would love to see you adhere to what Buddha taught you. Political Sinhala/Buddhism is the curse of this island therefore liberate Buddha’s teaching from Sinhala/Buddhism.

      “People like you should not be doing newspaper articles.”

      People like you should not support the politicians (mostly crooks and despots) who prop up Sinhala/Buddhism.

  • 13

    A Quote from Russian president V Putin

    “If minorities prefer Sharia Law , then we advise them to go to those places where that is the state law. Russia does not need minorities . Minorities need Russia , and we will not grant them special privileges , or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell “discrimination” –

    We also need leaders who will call spade a spade without trying to be politically correct

  • 28

    Whats the wrong being with Budhist monks ..as his excellency is pure Buddhist.
    We don’t want a president who pretends to people we need a real genuine man like our president..MS.
    I couldn’t find any legitimacy in this article except hatred ….

  • 26

    This is a scurrilous article to alienate the minorities from Sirisena. Likely written by a Rajapaksa worshipper.

    Sirisena needs to keep the sinhala on board to win elections and carry out his democratisation programme. The sinhala people need to be weaned away from the devious demon Rajapaksa and Sirisena is attempting to do that by projecting himself as a sinhala Buddhist.

    There is nothing wrong in what he is doing and I see no hidden agenda in that.

  • 18

    Freedom to express, write, speak.So you have it.. HE President has his freedom to go anywhere, seen with anyone, He went to rape victims house in Jaffna so what? This article is to just tickle the the under carriages of minorities..Take it easy.

  • 13

    I think srilankans are not ignorant people to elect MR again. He can try his level best to cheat people using anti Tamil trick but people should know, if he is elected again, the sleeping war crime report will wakeup and it will affect those who carried out orders from their masters. Economical sanctions will affect ordinary people. Is MR and co will care about ordinary Singhalese whether they stave or die – all they care about is their family and stolen money. It is utter waste going behind them. They did crime, they killed ordinary people, they stole people’s money and they have to face war crime investigation, they cannot find scape goats. There is a saying in Tamil, the thief stolen the mango escape but the person lick the seed get caught.

  • 12

    Honestly! CT when you start looking for things you start seeing them everywhere! None of the Flags are cropped, only the pictures. And you can see some Organe also WHOOPS!! Does that mean the Tamils are also included by mistake??? :P Compare this with the actual culprits who protested ignoring a court order and waved intentionally CROPPED FLAGS and then said “I didn’t notice bc i was preoccupied” please dont waste people’s time and try to abuse your newfound media freedom.

  • 6

    Did CT need Rajapaksa money to continue the publication?

  • 4

    No,No.No Dear friends. It is crystal clear that this article gives a wrong picture to the entire world. This is absolutely an erroneous conception. Hope the relevant authorities will remedy this situation without delay.This shows that people look at these things in hawk’s eye.

  • 10

    Recently My3 went to Jaffna and visited the mother of Vidhya, the school girl who was ganged rape and murdered. There were no saffron clad monks, no Sri Lanka flag, no Tiger flag. But My3 surrounded by a local Tamils.

    Did anyone exploited the photo to scream Tiger sympathiser!

  • 5

    My friends. do not panic. President Sirisena will never let down the religious and ethnic minories; he is just playing ball. He has spent moost of his time while at home in Jaffna where he was received with rapturous welcome. He spent his first 100 days meeting with his new found friends in UK, the Queen of England, the Us officials in Geneva and representatives of tamil diaspora. He , infact said openly , at the Slfp gathering 2 months ago that the country should be proud that the Queen of England shook his hand with her bare hand, and her Majesty the Queen took the trouble of removing her gloves to shake hands with His Highness the President of Sri Lanka..
    He will never, ever let down the tamil and muslim minorities, the diaspora or the paymasters of the colonial and neocolonial west.

    • 1

      We all thought that you were far from getting it – that Prez Sirisena is concerned of all facets of the ground situation.

  • 11

    Whoever is writing this inflaming crap needs his birdbrained head examined. What do you expect when MS is attending a Buddhist ceremony; he should take a retinue of Hindu, Christian and Muslim clergy with him, just to make his picture politically correct? Just go and get yourself a life you ignorant racist writer. It is people like you that is making this country a blood bath, looking for reasons and innocent situations to exploit your evil agenda. Get lost, you rotten scribe!

  • 4

    “Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena boasts that he is working towards ethnic and religious harmony”

    Can the Sri Lankans believe in what the present president utters? He uses his excellent oratory skill in Sinhala to fool the people by preaching “vadi bana” since he left the SLFP in November last year. What the intelligent people have realized now is that he is working against his published official stance.

    Having becoming the president of SLFP without the genuine support of the corrupt party members he is bogged down in governing the SLFP rather than governing the country effectively. In doing so he is breaking all promises and waste public money to appoint more and more ministers as bribes in order to prevent them from supporting the MR Junta. The situation has become so hilarious now that the people are longingly waiting for the opportunity to chase these rascals away from the parliament.

  • 2

    Buddhism has no boundaries. Buddhism means, seriously practising and obeying the teachings of Lord Buddha. Therefore, posing for photos with saffron robed Buddhist Priests doesn’t make anybody a Buddhist.

    Certainly not this President Maithree, who even removed the Buddhist Flag from his official ceremonies and replaced it with a ‘weird looking’ mixed pastel and burnt colour ‘foreign’ flag which doesn’t reflect any religion in Sri Lanka. None of the above photographs carry a sign of a single Buddhist flag.

    President Maithree’s conduct from January 9 upto now, proved that he is not a true Buddhist who practices Lord Buddha’s teachings. He should learn the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism first. Then he should practice meditation especially “Metta Bhavana” to develop loving kindness and get rid of resentment and vengeance over former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. President Maithree should know that hatred is never justified in Buddhism. He should learn from the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as how to he should develop compassion.

    Many people in the government from President, PM to various Ministers criticise on daily basis former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s visiting Buddhist temples and joining other devotees in practising Buddhist rituals. As Buddhists, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa or us never get irritated with them as we regard all those who criticize him are non-Buddhists. True Buddhists never insult another Buddhist for visiting temples and engaging in Buddhist rituals. Nobody has a right to ‘dictate terms to a Buddhist’ as to when or how he should go to temples or ‘as to what or what not he should do at temples’. Buddhism has no boundaries.

    Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is visiting temples, joining with other Buddhist devotees, engaging enthusiastically in Buddhist rituals on daily basis while remaining calm, loving, and equanimous despite President Maithree’s hatred, resentment, spitefulness, envy and vindictiveness towards him.

    Many Buddhists don’t get the opportunity to visit temples everyday. In that case President Mahinda Rajapaksa is very lucky. Everyday watching him on TV attending Buddhist rituals in temples in various parts of Sri Lanka makes the minds of many Buddhists purified, composed and filled with benign thoughts. Buddhists gather much merits by listening to Buddhist sermons that he organizes every Full Moon Poya Day at his southern home. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has become a part and parcel of the daily life of every Buddhist in Sri Lanka. Buddhists have never been so warmly close and emotionally attached to any other leader, other than Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    The majority of the people in this country are Buddhists. We want a ‘Proudly Southern Strong Sinhalese Buddhist King’ to rule our country again. We want former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the only leader who vowed to protect and uphold Buddhism in Sri Lanka, to take the reins of this country again.

    • 2


      Hardly any Sri Lankan can call themselves a practicing Buddhist.
      The philosophy is just beyond them. It’s just another label
      like race,caste etc for them, and you seem to be one of them.
      I guess it’s hard to practice it in the modern day, when one chooses a materialistic life. But then you shouldn’t call yourself a
      Buddhist, just because that label is
      handed down from parent to child.

    • 1

      Religion and politics can never be mixed without the nullifying effect of one or the other. So either you are a good politician or a devout and religious person. You cant be both at the same time. As a politician you have to play your cards to win the trust of the people, in the process they need to excel in the skills of polite tricks. Where as if he is genuine to project himself as a religious person, it should not be done in front of the cameras for the world to see, but in all humility and in privacy or confinement of very close kith and kin, without any luxury settings but with many sacrifices and hardships, feeding the desperate and poor without any expectations from them (such as their vote), and giving from the right hand that the left hand does not see, simply with good intentions to accumulate merit – now that is what I would consider a religious minded person. This former President is enjoying the best of both worlds and most cannot figure out his game plan and fall at his feet and treat him as deity. A sucker is born every minute.

    • 1

      [Edited out].

      ThAt is what your So Called BUDDHIST, Former President Doing.

      In Buddhism, There are 5 Precepts.
      and How many Precepts your So called Buddhist [Edited out] OBSERVE????????.

      We Know Mr Mr Sirisena Obsreve At least 4 precepts,
      As He is not a Namesake Buddhist.

      He is not Doing Killings,
      He is not doing Thefts,
      He is not womaniser.
      He Does not Consume liquor,

      As a Politician Of course He Must Lie,
      Canot help
      He should lie to the world.
      That is the Way of politicians.

      But Your Patron king, No 1 thief of Sri Lanka, saviour of The Nation, [ My Arse], do all the Sins With his Stooges and [Edited out] like you,
      and Shows us that He is a Devoted Buddhist.

      • 0

        The profane language lover, making a record with the most “edited out” words in one comment!

        It is not worth making a reply to your third rate comment. However, I just want to say that I am happy the way you made yourself a cynic, before others do. Look at the following:-

        “As a Politician of course He (Sirisena) Must Lie, Cannot help He should lie to the world”.

        “We Know Mr Mr Sirisena Obsreve ‘At least 4 precepts’, As He is not a Namesake Buddhist. He is not Doing Killings, He is not doing Thefts, He is not a womaniser. He Does not Consume liquor”

        What kind of a joker is this JULAMPITIYE AMARAYA? He himself admits that Sirisena lies to the world. What is the guarantee that Sirisena didn’t lie to JULAMPITIYE AMARAYA that ‘he doesn’t kill’, that ‘he doesn’t steal’, that ‘he is not a womaniser’ and that ‘he doesn’t consume liquor’? Poor AMARAYA, the profane language lover, doesn’t know that Sirisena has lied to him too, the same way he lied to the ‘world’. Sirisena is a memorable liar and this JULAMPITIYE AMARAYA is a memorable fool.

        Unlike Sirisena, King Mahinda never lied to me. Rest assured.

  • 3

    Now Maithree is playing a double game until Mahinda clan become diminished. He prolong election because of this. Maithree want SLFP government not UNP under Ranil. He back stab Mahinda once . Now Maithree trying to back stab Ranil even. Ranil know these things. So Ranil has to allow Mahinda clan to strengthen against Sirisena well and allow to divide SLFP in time.

    • 1

      This is what exactly is happening in Sri Lankan politics right now. People might not like when the truth is told.

  • 2

    If UK (as of my reckon, most of the CT contributors see that country as the “ideal” and “ultimate” democracy in the world) can start everything including their national anthem with “God”, and if the president of USA (another model country for the same crowd) needs to pledge his/her solidarity to the country by keeping the palm on the bible why not a Sri Lankan leader have pictures of his own belief in his official or otherwise web page?

    Why on earth people get upset over that??? Is it only Sri Lanka cannot have its own identity among every other single country in the world??

  • 2

    CT has become a bankrupt tabloid which insults journalism and its motto. This is hardly newsworthy. MS is a Buddhist, and he has included pics of him at an event of hi belief. The concept of racial harmony goes beyond posting some pics of participation at events, its more about the conduct and view someone has about ethnic equality. I don’t expect the writer to understand this concept anyways, so… ’nuff said!

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