26 June, 2022


Disappearance Of Lalith And Kugan: Keheliya In A Muddle, But Faults Defence Ministry

The disappearance of human rights activists, Lalith Weeraraj and Kugan Muruganandan has placed ex-Minister Keheliya Rambukwella in a muddle. However, Rambukwella, who was also the Government Spokesman during ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s tenure, has faulted the Ministry of Defence, claiming that he merely made a statement based on the information he received from the ministry in 2011 that they were both in government custody.

Lalith and Kugan

Lalith and Kugan

Rambukwella who appeared before the Jaffna Court on Friday to give evidence regarding the disappearance of the two human rights activities, who were also members of the Frontline Socialist Party went on to add that after giving his statement to the media that Lalith and Kugan were in government custody, he had ‘forgotten’ about the incident, and had no knowledge of what may have transpired after that, as he did not follow up on the incident.

The next hearing of the case was fixed for August 12.

The whereabouts of both Lalith and Kugan are still unknown, after they disappeared in Jaffna in December 2011, while organizing a press conference which was to be held to coincide with the International Human Rights Day.

Eye witness accounts said that both Lalith and Kugan were abducted by a group of men who came in motorbikes and a white van on the Point Pedro main road.

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  • 19

    Catch the bugger keheliya and either water board the bastard or pull his toe nails out. Then he will tell it all. These parayapaksa thugs need the same treatment they gave innocent people.

    • 2

      KR always talks nonsense that is why he is referee to as Kehelmal Rambukwella.

  • 12

    It can’t be so difficult for our sleuths to backtrack the records and find out who in the Defense Ministry informed KR that Lalith and Kugan were in government custody.

    Follow the trail and nail those responsible.

    No prizes for correctly guessing what happened to them!

  • 8

    He has forgotten after the fall from the balcony in Australia….like Duminda Silva…ALL INSANITY PLEAS SHOULD NEVER BE ENTERTAINED BY COURTS….these are loop holes exploited by lawyers…who fight for injustice…throw da bugger in jail for vouching in favor of a megalomaniac named Gota…

  • 8

    Nothing moved that time without the knowledge of Gotha. So a treatment to gotha will bring the truth. Kehilia is an open mouth idiot ,should not waste time with him. According to Hindu believe, those people will get all those torture after death, that is why people are afraid of death. At the present world most of them go through that while living. Science tells the same thing – every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. Those buggers should not die easily, they have to rot to death. More people curse them,earlier they suffer. Eventually affected Tamils and Singhalese will get justice – this is Hindu believe. Those who steal poor peoples land will die in that same land due to natural disaster like lightening- all the dead spirits will not let them lead a pieceful life – see MR’s face and belly, looks like he has already started to suffer – the smile on the photo taken in the plane looks artificial- sure he couldn’t have slept on that comfortably seat without lot of booze – he is not normal – he is suffering for the crime he committed to innocent Tamils.

    • 5

      Former JVPer and Minister Mahinda Wijesekera is one good example of what happens when “KARMA” comes calling. He is just a vegetable today, and paying for all his sins. Hope the same awaits all those who killed and maimed others, before they say goodbye to this world. there is NO Hell or Heaven, everything is here.

  • 6

    Watch out Keli Keheliya might jump out of another balcony. He is one who cannot be trusted. He was begging to come back to UNP but PM Ranil refused and then he became a supporter of Mahinda. Do we need politicians like him?

  • 5

    These two activists were white vanned long time after the end of the war. What they had to say and reveal put the government in a tight spot. Hence they had to be made non existent. This Keheliya thug must be grilled further. Who in the Ministry of Defence gave him that information and when. How can he so easily forget the disappearance of two prominent activists who his own government at the time took into custody. Where in the chain of command into the order to white van the activists was Keheliya. Did he give the direct order or did Gota.

    This blighter knows more than he is imparting.

    • 4

      …..’This blighter knows more than he is imparting’…..

      That much is probably true, but in reality most of what he knows is second-hand.

      The Kehelmalla Rambutanpotha fall back was “I’ll check with the ministry/President/Presidential Secretariat/Defence Secretary and get back to you”.

      Kehelmalla was the talking orifice for the MaRa regime. That was his biggest ‘crime’ and in that respect he shares the dock with many others.

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