23 June, 2024


Dissolution Invalid: Supreme Court Issues Historic Order Allowing Parliament To Meet Tomorrow

In a landmark order, the tripartite bench consisting Chief Justice Nalin Perera, Justice Prasanna Jayawardena and Justice Priyantha Jayawardena stayed both Gazette notifications issued by President Maithripala Sirisena proroguing and dissolving Parliament.

The Gazette dissolving Parliament was stayed till the 7th December while the case was fixed for argument on the 5th, 6th and 7th December.

Meanwhile, the Gazette convening Parliament on November 14 will stand active, which means Parliament could be convened tomorrow.

The three-judge bench gave the order after considering submissions made by all petitioners and intervening petitioners on the President’s decision to prematurely dissolve Parliament, despite strong constitutional barriers imposed by the 19th Amendment to the constitution.

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Parliamentarians also met Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, soon after the order was issued, urging him to convene Parliament as soon as possible.

More stories loaded.Speaking to media from the Hulftsdorp courts presses, UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa said Parliament could convene even tomorrow. He requested all UNPers to refrain from resorting to violence and maintain law and order. Meanwhile, informed sources told Colombo Telegraph that Speaker Karu Jayasuriya is currently preparing a statement on convening Parliament tomorrow.

UNP Leader and “ousted” Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe informed his Parliamentarians that he was ready to show his Parliamentary majority at any time. He also told them to “get ready” to attend Parliament tomorrow.

Commenting on the order, UPFA Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa said, “SupremeCourt has issued an interim order. This is not the Court’s final decision. I have never seen politicians get so excited for postponing elections. The UNP have a history of postponing polls but eventually voters will decide.”

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Latest comments

  • 13

    Paymentarian are equipped with good knowledge than the shortcut new MP they predicted the correct results now no one can camouflage constitutions like ones upon a time youngster should joint the parliamentarian able to take correct decision

    • 3

      Now only the Criminals who are unable to govern by the constitution and the rule of law stand by the Rajapaksas for the whole Nation and World to see.

      The Rajapaksas Criminal Cabal is in trouble and exposed for all to see.

      They are still desperate to escape the special courts and will try to fool the public and come back to power by hook or by crook. Maithripala Sirisena exposed himself as the protector of the Rajapaksas Criminal Cabal with his recent actions betraying the people of this country.

      This is why they all fear Ranil and attempt cheap character assassination tactics by calling him a butterfly.

      Stand by democracy and Ranil.

    • 2

      My this request is to Mr. Ranil W (Hope he will see this.)
      Please CANCEL, I repeat, CANCEL your rally scheduled to be held at the Lipton Circle on Thursday.
      I don’t see any reason to have it anymore as the SC has already given an interim stay order.
      You must remember that we still have issues against your government.
      I raised my voice only to protect people’s rights and the sovereignty of the Parliament, not to protect you or your UNP.
      Therefore, show compassion in victory. Don’t let anyone to insult or ridicule the former President or the JO, as he or them have nothing do with President’s constitutional coup which took place due to a temporary political insanity.
      Now it is over!!!
      Moreover, you and your UNP Ministers (especially Mangala and Rajitha) should remember that the majority of the population is with the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and NOT with you.
      Therefore, don’t do anything to hurt their feelings. When you were down, we never attacked you.
      This is only a small hiccup.
      We will bounce back with our leader, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa sooner than you think, to make sure that you and your government don’t have an easy ride.
      So, please cancel that rally and tell your Ministers and party supporters to be grounded. Thank you.
      If I were the former President, I will have a big laugh and forget about the whole episode. (Honestly, a laughter erupted from me even now.)
      I invite you, President Sirisena, SLFP and the UNP to do the same!
      We, Sinhalese can always laugh of “political tragicomedies”, can’t we?
      There had been more absurd scenarios in our history than this. Remember the folklore “Subha and Yasa” and “Maname??” Ha ha ha.

      • 1

        Attempting to seize power by unlawful means is called sedition, a serious offence.
        What about your hero Modawansa who refuses to accept the order? Anybody who took advantage of illegal orders must be arrested. But Ranil is too soft and won’t do it. I don’t know why.
        That senile buffoon Mahinda could have easily won an election in 2019, but guided by fake lawyers like Sarath Silva the public sexual acrobat, he jumped the gun. Now let them pay the price.

        • 1

          old codger
          The “serious offence” you mentioned was done by the President. If anybody to arrest, it should be the President!

        • 0

          old codger
          In addition to what I said before.
          An NCM against MR has proved that his appointment is legal. Therefore MR or JO has not done anything wrong.
          But honestly, I think we should forget about the whole episode.

  • 87

    It is a victory for Sri Lankan democratic traditions.
    It is a victory for 22 million Sri Lankans .
    It’s a victory for the rule of law;
    It’s victory for Sri Lankan constitution.
    It’s a victory for all Sri Lankan parties .
    It’s a defeat for dictatorship
    It’s a defeat for jungle rule .
    It’s a defeat for political cheats.

    • 48

      I hear The Chinese Ambassador is on his way to Temple Trees, while Pujith Jayasundera is also there, saluting non-stop, and has offered to arrest the entire fake cabinet.

      • 3

        Old codger, why do you want to trivialise an important discussion like this?

        • 1

          Above the rest,
          It is not trivialization. Sarcasm emphasizes the real situation, much more than writing reams of serious arguments.
          The IGP did rush to salute MR and the Chinese Ambassador was the first to visit MR, remember?
          This is typical behaviour for sycophants like the “IGP”.

  • 32

    Dr Mahinda

    Hopper Sirisena said he has more trick up in his sleeves. He must have misplaced it somewhere else.
    Why did not he think of bringing back Sarath Nanda Silva and Mohan Pieris as joint Chief Justices of Supreme Court?

    If and when the time is right Sirisena and you should join hands to impeach Chief and other two supreme court justices. You should let the funny colonial hat wearing men know who is in charge of this island.
    According to cartoons, Dr Go has already cleaned, repainted and serviced his fleet.

    • 2

      yes he said I have a few trump cards
      he pulled his first one the dissolution trump card
      that misfired
      he’s being digging his own grave with a pack of spades

    • 0

      “Unless the Supreme Court issues an order entirely cancelling the Gazette, parliament remains dissolved. Just because the Gazette was suspended, it doesn’t reverse the dissolution,” said Wimal. Weerasena P.C !!!!!

    • 1

      He was holding jokers and calling it trump cards. :)

      Forget about his trump card. Someone should put forward a no confidence motion and remove him before the 7th of Dec. If he has a problem with it he can go to court.

      As is if he is removed Ranil takes that seat and Sajith P can take the PM position and get ready for the next election in two years.

      • 2


        Angry Mahinda and his baby Namal walked out of the parliament this morning. Both should leave the country as soon as possible, along with their clan, 200 odd. They have plenty of money stashed in foreign banks and investment more than enough for many generation to come.

  • 42

    Please note that the fight for democracy was not only fought by the Sinhalese. Tamils and Muslims too fought vehemently. I only hope that the Tamils and Muslims will not be used as door mats like Srisena who promised the world for the minorities and ended up with naught.

  • 39

    Let us not be fooled by believing this is a victory for Ranil in any way.It is simply a reprieve for him and his acolytes

    RW is equally responsible with MS for bringing the country to this chaos.

    It is now or never for UNP to march under new leadership instead of making lame excuses .Much as they have not gained anything under his leadership though claiming to have over 40 years of political experience,by continuing to rely on him any longer would only result in the party being relegated to History

    • 0

      This is no right.

      When looking back too many of unexpected decisions taken by MS since 26th Oct 2018.

      I now believe, it was RW was the victim in MS govt.

      The day, MS gave nominations his enemies, I was compelled to believe that Sirisena is no means the person we thought was the pilot to stand against pledged corruption.

      The very same was also added by Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka. What he expresses is always beyond the truths. He said, he never trusted MS thought all stood to appoint Sirisena as the common candidate to fight against Rajapkashe high crimes.

    • 2

      We need a change of leadership in the UNP . People are tired of this instability created by RW’s deviousness.

  • 26

    At one stroke the historic order of the Supreme Court has restored the faith of the polity in the course of justice. Resuscitated is confidence in triumph of right and the correct. From day 1 (October 26) the country has risen to the last citizen in defense of the only clear, fair course. In the onslaught on the President’s vagaries, there is no hierarchy in credit sharing. Yet the valiant and unswerving stand of the Authentic Prime Minister makes Ranil, primus inter pares. At a time of national crisis occasioned by a wobbling parliament, the Speaker acted a worthy ballast and steadied course.

    There have been several others of high calibre: Hon. Sampanthan, the intrepid Leader of the Opposition, who opposed disorder steadfastly besides holding together a community destined to steer elections towards the path of righteousness. The great lawyers Sumanthiran, Kanaga Iswaran, Hisbullah and others argued brilliantly, convincingly and persuasively. Not a shred was left for the AG to hang on to or to argue any further. Dr. Hoole displayed his courage in going it alone in courts, though not leaving out the Chairman and the other member of the Election Commission. Not to mention is the unprecedented number of learned writers and commenters who helped tilt the nation’s opinion and to demoralize the treacherous anti nationals.

    Though a pall of gloom hovered over the country, it has been cleared by the splendid effort of the real leaders. Now every prospect pleaseth.

  • 53

    Well done U N P , J V P , T N A , S L M C , Rishad , Mano , Rajitha and Champika !
    This is historic ! Clean slap in the face of TYRANTS ! Supreme Court , Salute
    to you , I have never done this before to anybody in my life for anything but
    today it comes FOR JUSTICE against MAMMOTH TYRANNY that was brewing
    in the KITCHEN OF CONSPIRATORS ! Hakeem + Rishad , you saved the Muslims
    from the precipice this time , good for you and taste the pleasure of being
    together at the time of disaster ! T N A and J V P did a wonderful job by standing
    together for peace and justice that were in real danger ! Mano , remember , you
    are not small , you are a giant ! Ranil won half the battle of do or die let’s wait
    and see how the other half goes !

    • 1

      God bless the good judges and all others who stood for truth.
      ‘ I just do what the Constitution tells me to do. The only one of the Ten Commandments relevant to the judge’s role is to tell the truth ‘
      ( Judge Antonin Scalia)

  • 47

    It is honestly disgusting to finally realize that we do not have a single TV news that is totally unbiased and for the people.

    We need a neutral media desperately.

    People like Rasool, Nadeem, should handover the position to Roshan, Faraz and lot and leave MTV and get some one with sincerity and establish to establish a news channel for the people,
    like Faraz and Roshan can have it all, I do not know about Sonali, I believe with her none prejudiced attitude and deeply sincere in humanity, she does not belong there too.

    Not a single private News channel of Sri Lanka is worth watching anymore, They all proved unworthy. Today.

    They are all Sri Lanka Fox news to one politician or other..

    • 1

      Swarnavahini remains the only Channel which has not caught the MARA -SIRA disease.

    • 0


  • 44




  • 18

    It is an injunction, a stay order not a rejection. Is CT this desperate? There had not been a judgment,

    • 30

      Dear Wanni,
      “Is CT this desperate?”
      In case it has escaped your esteemed attention, this allows Ranil to show who has 113 and who doesn’t.
      Anything else is irrelevant. The village idiots who carried out this coup could have easily won if they bided their time till 2019. But being village idiots, they jumped the gun.

      • 2

        codger dear there is no mandate to show that mandate, what Ranil can do is to bring a NF against Mahinda, and if Mahinda loses MY3 can appoint another. Oh Mahinda can put fwd the budget and intentionally lose that if that happens MY3 can dissolve the parliament

      • 2

        The village people you are saying about the entire srilankan business class who came to shangrila to support gotabaya, mahinda and slfp or 85% of srilankan upper middle class and middle class who are living in kaduwela specially in bsttaramulla ,thalahena ,Malabe and in krsbawa piliyandala and boralesgamuwa who are voting slfp and Mahinda and make slfp winning those electorate by 50000 majority. Oh my god you are talking about unp and JVP the 99% their members from their small vote base of 22% poor innocent people who are living in villages or else you are talking about the unp business class who are living in kesal watte ,grand pass and nuweraliya maskeliya. Do not try to compare the village peoples party like Jr,premadasas unp and wijeweeras JVP with high class shangrila business class top level business party like slfp and.I can not stop my laugh know

    • 14

      Wannihami, I agree. Nalin Perera was appointed CJ by Sirisena on 12th October, just before he sacked Ranil. It is far too early to celebrate. I wonder if the CJ is just dragging the process out so that he can appear to be giving the judgement due consideration. We will soon know.

      • 2

        Yes, I too think that this is just to show that they (the judiciary) is independent and unbiased…I believe they have already been influenced and the judgement on the 6th of December could be a surprise to everyone. In this country if the IGP, AG and Parliament General Secretary can be bought, how can one have faith that the Judiciary will not bow down to pressure ?.

      • 2


        eva wanasindera was sirisena’s first choice,but thre was lot of opposition because she was a friend of mahinda’s.So i don’t think nalin perera is under any obligation.

    • 1

      wannihami ,

      Festivals are coming to celebrate and you do it on that specific date !
      We all know it is an injunction and that is exactly what the petitioners
      wanted ! It is one step towards rejection by the judiciary and a step away
      from the legislature , that could be tomorrow ! It is not C T that is
      desperate it is the SIRA + MARA combi that was so desperate that wanted
      to live by hook or crook ! And the little baby crab NAMAL was so desperate
      to take the lead in joining the NEW CRAB HOME S L P P ! Wanni , it is not
      yet late to learn that CRABS can not walk straight ! Just watch ! You think
      this COUP is a recent development ? SIRA knew very well that he can not
      live under one roof with the U N P , and the plans were underway since
      reasonably long ! How did Dealdasa , one time justice minister who didn’t
      do anything to speed up corruption cases take the lead to jump the boat ?
      How quick MARA abandons S L F P to join S L P P of THUMMULLA teacher ?
      The next thing he did after taking oath as the ROGUE PRIME MINISTER !
      These things are happening suddenly out of the blue ? The only thing they
      missed in their long time plan was that WHAT IF RANIL REFUSED TO GO ?
      For that they have now seen the answer ! Let us see what more in store
      for them in coming days !

    • 1

      Stay order was the best the court could do considering the number of cases filed on the same subject for and against.
      The court needed to study each before it call for any arguments.
      Making a judgment no sooner the case is taken would have made the court a laughing stock.

    • 2

      Wannihami is right

      This is not a 20/ 20 cricket match

      All Lankans should be very thoughtful and measured in this period of our history

      when the future course of Sri Lanka as a nation is taking shape.

  • 24

    The grown ups have spoken. The power hungry must abide by it, whether they like it or not.

  • 4

    Ranil you are happy about the quick turn of events.
    But I am aware certain other FR petitions pending for judgement for over Two and a half years after the conclusion of the hearings. I wonder what the constitutional provision says about this type of delays?

    • 0

      He is not a person who would become happy easily.

      Just imagine, the way he has been since 26th Oct… He is the leader who firmly stood against Democracy. He did not allow butchers to rob his official residence even if all harm was made to him since then.
      Acutally, none of these powers should be exercised by the new PM and govt, since it is not yet endorsed that the govt is FAKE or not:

  • 26

    The Sri Lankan island had a heart attack and survived by the legal treatment given by legal experts from Tamil, Singhala and Muslim communities. If they could unite to save democracy from heart attack why can’t they unite to save the bad image of the country created by communal elements, the Economy, Tourism .. No country should be allowed to have a say on the administrant of the island. There should be a sealing on the assets of MPs. Inquiries on HR violation cases at APEX court should be expedited to improve Sri Lanka’s image among the international community. If the island is to be like Singapore island. follow its principle policy of Singapore. More powers should be given to PC’s and Governors should be appointed in consultation with PC

  • 34

    Ranil’s steely determination and strength of purpose to fight for the right thing could muster allround support for the great cause. He has shown to the world his true leadership qualities. Karu Jayasooriya’s stand to fight for democracy and to protect our constitution will mark his name in gold letters in the sri lankan political history not forgetting people like Prof Hoole. We salute all mp’s who showed to the world that there are people with integerity in Sri Lanka. All right thinking citizens who stood for the right thing can be happy, it is your victory.

    • 0

      You said that very well, and all Sri Lankans who care for their country and fellow citizens totally agree with you.

  • 17

    Hip Hip Hooray.
    At last we have a real Supreme Court.

  • 12

    Our senior lawyers and so called Constitutional experts must take the rap for rendering Sri Lanka the joke of the world. Surely, they could have come out with
    a set of laws outside the area of ambiguity. Even if the lawyer/s who produced the law made a mistake, the community of senior and able lawyers, individually or collectively, could have pointed out the anomaly and saved the country much trouble. Shame on you Messrs. Sarath Silva, Prof. G.L. Peiris and the ilk not only for establishing there is much in the laws beyond your “brilliance” but more for misleading the entire country.

    What further comedy, devilry and stupidity will Gamarala inflict on the nation for the unwelcome weeks he is going to warm his undue high position.


    • 1

      Ketikaran: You LTTE Tamils are such clowns. It is like Fox saying “tjhis Grape is sur”. You Idiots. Leave the JOKE of the world to us and GO critize your South India aka Tamilnadu now.

  • 16

    It’s time for all Sri Lankans to capitalize on this and unite as one Nation.
    Its time to bring to book all perpetrators involved in corruption, Bond Scam, Mega project scam and Chinese scam etc etc
    Lets clean up and the parliament of corrupt politicians
    A new law should be enacted in the constitution to make it illegal for an elected MP to crossover to another party.
    if an MP wants to cross over he should resign and contest in the by election under the new party banner of his or her choice

  • 0

    Tamil MP s must take extra precaution ..dont trust the south parties or politicians they may bite you during MY3 s predicted B…. BATH tomorrow.

    Specially Murderpakse and his gangs are so angry with Tamil leaders ,remember the beard guy`s vile threat to Tamils ?

    Murderpakse after meeting with Indian Fakir in Maldives can lease an Island there and rule .

    Lot of arrack will flow tomorrow ,please dont be late .

    Let us dance for free liquor.


    Jayawewa .

  • 11

    Supreme Court did not say that dissolution is invalid.

    The heading of the article is written in desperation by Colombo Telegraph!!!

    • 1

      SC’s interim stay order has invalidated the dissolution until December 7 thereby restoring the Parliament which was otherwise “dismissed” by the President.

    • 0

      Nimal Tissa Wijethunga it appears to me you are the one who is in desperation…

    • 0

      What a narrow shave for democracy,
      Imagine there were elections in Jan?

    • 1

      Nimal Tissass Wijethunga
      You typed the following on June 25, 2018:

      “”Yes, I can very well understand what the Anunayake meant whilst delivering the Anusasana at the birthday of Gotabaya Rajapakse.

      If you cannot understand means that you are in the fantasy world of your own and definitely not in the reality connected with Sri Lanka in the current state of condition. Therefore, it is your very poor knowledge on the ground reality.

      Therefore, I suggest you not to poke fingers or make comments when you have no knowledge to analyse matters.”

      Do you still stand by what you typed on June 25, 2018
      By the way could we have the Sinhala version of supreme court’s decsion.

    • 0

      Nimal Tissa Wijethunge,

      The Supreme Court has suspended its validity until it makes a final determination. Thank you for making a distinction which makes no difference.

    • 1

      Dont worry the media is biased it is normal and constitutional,.

      By the way, UNP talking about democracy is a joke.

  • 1


    People are made to wait till 7th December.

    RW together with party mates probably making temporary enjoyment.

  • 0

    It is a turning point when the Judiciary is able to function free from the dictates of the Executive. Yet there should be more positive development in this process so that true democratic values prevail.

  • 1

    Interestingly the “Attorney General” addressing the Courts said: ” The “Dissolution” of Parliament by the President has been done in keeping with the powers vested in him by the “19th Amendment” which became law on 15th May 2015. The relevant Section of the 19th Amendment, he (AG) quoted was: ” Section 5 of the Amendment (19th) that replaced Article 33 of the Constitution with 33(1) under caption “Duties, Powers and Functions of the President. Under Section 33(2) among other matters do state in sub-section (c) ” to summon, prorogue and dissolve Parliament.”. But he “Failed” or “Avoided” referring to sub paragraph (h) of the same Section which stated: ” to do all such acts and things, not inconsistant with provisions of the Constitution, or written law or international law, custom or usage the President is authorized or received to do” So all other “Duties, Powers and Functions of the President laid out in Section 33(1) of “19th Amendment, MUST be read along with this last (h) sub paragraph. Please watch “360” programe, where a “Journalist” argued in agreement with AG and was confronting Wijitha Herath of JVP. Unfortunately, W Herath did not answer the question but strangely “Dodged” it. There are so many people out there more conversant with these legal matters and I would urge them to address this issue for the benefit of the rest of the readers, so that PUBLIC would be better “equipped” to understand the issues.

  • 0

    Congratulations Ranil!

  • 0

    Ranil W,
    Beware of Sajith. He is a snake under the grass. He is putting thugs and hooligans everywhere demanding that he be appointed as Prime Minister. Don’t trust the bastard one atom and try to isolate him as much as you can.

  • 0

    Ranil W get ready to prove your parliamentary majority first so that we hope Sirisena will relinquish his Post of the President of SL

  • 0

    Mad dogs were earlier captured and gassed to death lest they bite again, by the men of the Anti Rabies program.
    Beware the rabid ones infected with the “Power At Any Cost” virus, in and out of parliament.
    The virus is now in some of the Police and armed forces too.
    Gotler & Co., may disseminate newer forms of the virus.
    Ma Lanka has to be made immune to the virus.
    Ranil has to be careful – his security was reduced to ten men earlier.

  • 1

    Even with Sira as the Prez , 70 % Inhabitant population is no match for Dr Ranil, Messers Mangala , Ravi K , Malik Samare ,Kabir Hassan, Mano Ganeshan, Bahthudeen, Abraham, Sampathar,, Hakeem UK, US , Scandinanvian Ambassadors and the NGOs….

    Just imagine what will happen when Dr Ranil’s New Constitution kicks in.
    70% majority inhabitants may form their own government by amalgamating what ever provinces which they can win and form their own Government..

    That is the only way they can save something for their next generations in their 2500 year old Land.

    Wonder whether JVP Prince become a Vice President of the UNP.
    Or contest under the UNP as a Coalition Partner as his mate and the one time Sanga Party Boss Chumpatchaya has done….

    • 0

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      Where is Navin Nayakka and his brother?

      Don’t you think this is the right auspicious time to start a riot against “others” and blame the crisis on them.

  • 0

    Usually CT has the ability to put out the official documents on the web for our perusal. To issue a stay order is the natural course of justice if the court is prepared to give leave to proceed. But what exactly did it order is of public interest. In the absence of documents it is reasonable to presume the usual process of freezing further action on a questionable course of action. That means no question of calling for nominations, no elections while the stay order is in place. What is of academic interest to people like me to know is whether the order specifically stated that the status quo prior to the issue of the gazette notification is to be maintained or not.

  • 0

    The famous 2015 parliamentary speech by Professor G.L. Peiris in which he says Parliament cannot be dissolved before four and a half years was quoted by counsel K. Kanag-Iswaran in the Supreme Court, a short while ago.

    The article was widely circulated on social media yesterday as the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, of which Peiris is the Chairman, strongly defended President Maithripala Sirisena’s move to dissolve Parliament prematurely.

    In his Parliamentary speech, Peiris argued that the 19th Amendment to the constitution had curtailed the powers of the President and the latter was not in a position to dissolve Parliament before four and a half years unless requested explicitly by a two-thirds majority.

    Despite having made these remarks in Parliament, Peiris today filed an intervening petition in the Supreme Court, supporting President Sirisena’s move to prematurely dissolve Parliament.

    Kanag-Iswaran said the argument that Article 33 is a stand-alone argument is merely an “argument of convenience” and should not be permitted in courts.

  • 1

    My concerns are to see the Executive Presidency be abolished and the other is to see a 100% people power Parliament, that is if The UNP comes back to power after tomorrow’s house seating , what I want to see is abolish the ex-presidency, completely strip off the present constitution,replace it with the upper house, lower house, a home grown mechanism must be created to consisting of honest retired men & women of good standing among the public to execute the management of all government tenders and investment(BOI) , leasing or selling no matter how you word it, to foreign investors,& borrowing, Customs, Police, inland revenue, CB, appointments of government staff , and Railway, busses (gov), Tea Estates (private & “state)” also should have a body to be in charge, all workers in the tea and rubber estate should he given a percentage from. The profit on sales plus salary, safe housing, hygienic toilets, schools, health clinics within the estate. These are people who bring us foreign exchange, the slavery introduced by the white man must end, all citizens must be stakeholders of the revenue, poverty must end, the poor must no longer live in just half stomach,House maids should be given special incentives help.them to start a business so they don’t have go back to the middle east, our embassy must have a special until. To keep a watch over them, criminalise racism and all form of bigotry.

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