4 June, 2023


Distressed Rajapaksa Turns To UN Chief For Security Protection

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who once snubbed the international community has turned to United Nations Security General Ban Ki-moon, seeking his intervention to restore the Army protection provided to him.

MahindaIn a petition addressed to the UN Chief and Human Rights Commissioner, Rajapaksa’s media division who initiated the campaign on change.org has claimed that following the government’s decision to withdraw army protection from the former President, he has the risk of being assassinated as he is considered anti-LTTE and is instrumental in defeating the terrorist outfit.

“Due to the pressure of the current government leaders of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Army Commander has ordered to remove the Army personnel providing security to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The particular Army squad consists of 89 soldiers and the majority are commandos, who are highly trained to protect the VVIP in any situation,” the petition said.

Citing reasons further, the petition said that the recent discovery of several suicide jackets and C4 explosives along with firearms, were all causes for concern and the government’s failure to repair Rajapaksa’s bullet proof vehicle that met with an accident several months back is yet another reason which increases his vulnerability.

Meanwhile, Rajapaksa declared that even though his security was removed he still had the self-satisfaction that he was able eliminate the fear of war from the minds of the people. “Even though I may no longer have my security beside me, I will always have the self-satisfaction that I was able to eliminate the fear of war from all of you,” he said in a post on his official Facebook page.

Speaking in Parliament, just minutes before clashes erupted between MPs this afternoon, Minister of Regional Development, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka recalled how the security of former President Chandrika Kumaratunga was drastically pruned from 60 to 30 during Rajapaksa’s era. Kumaratunga narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in 1999 when a suicide bomber triggered the explosive device at the final presidential election rally in Colombo. She sustained injuries to her right eye and face, while the blast claimed over 30 lives.

“Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is just a Parliamentarian, cannot protest about his security being replaced with police. He should be grateful that he at least has sufficient police security,” Fonseka said.

Fonseka also disclosed that he has a security detail of just 15 policemen. “So if the Army Commander who won the war is provided with just 15 policemen, then I don’t see why a former President who is now a mere Parliamentarian wants massive security detail,” Fonseka added.

He also faulted former Defence Ministry Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and said he should take the responsibility for the killing Major General (Retired) Janaka Perera in 2008 at a rally in Anuradhapura. Fonseka said that Perera and his wife died due to the insufficient security provided on Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s orders. According to Fonseka, at the time Perera was killed, he only had six police officers as his security detail. Major General Perera was also the opposition leader of the North Central Provincial Council at the time he was killed.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe informed Parliament that it was the police that was providing security for him as well as President Maithripala Sirisena. (By Munza Mushtaq © Colombo Telegraph)

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  • 6

    Bullshitting LTTE supporters are all jumping up and down like mad hatters on this page !!! Go get a life if you can, LTTE Balu Makkas.
    No doubt you are all waiting to frolic in another blood bath which seems to be the only thing that makes you happy. By the way there’s no ragging at Law College – this page is full of lies just like the election propaganda. Who produces wal booru idiots like these? Poor SL. There’s no hope for SL ever with booruwas like these, surely.

    • 15

      I think if Sarath Fonseka is given just 15 PCs only for his protection…. 50 or less than that would be more than enough to give the proection to MR. why ? a) Field Marshal Fonseka is the first enemy for any LTTERs … since he is the one who mastered the war against Ltters and defeated them.. even if the politicla leadership ate the entire cake not sharing to the due….. b) If significant punnkku eating men and women still believe, MR to be godded… just to calm them until sensing – it is worth to settle this issue iwth giving some 50 or less than the amount being deplo<ed for the former army commander… That we all the 156 can be released and subject to normal salary… The saveed funds this way, can be useful to save the villagers from being killed by WILD elephants.. daily.. Those people have no help at all.. and Rajarata people .. whose young being caught by UKKD….. please … heavens sake be thoughtful …. DEWIYANE:… I am saddened not being able to do the due for the latter.. but wehave been raising funds to help them with… soon we will come back to srilanka and help those poor.. at least providing them with dialiyse equipments.

      • 5

        Fonseka needs no security. Whats the threat to his life. He took money from the USA to sell his county and betray it. Thats why the LTTE paid for his election campaign in 2010 with the USA and EU funding. Wel widane is a traitor.

        • 24

          Baba is still at home. Not started school yet.

          • 21

            Baba represents the intoxicated, blind folks.

            Thanks to Rajapakshes MEDIA units.. they will stay so until they die.

            These stupid folks are the targets by Rajaakshes for their surivival.

        • 23

          Have you gone crazy? He was imprisoned with hardcore LTTE men at Welikada.

          This drama queen loves attention on himself. He’s no different to Prabakaran and his ego.

        • 11

          Fonseka is not made out of bone and fleish – only your god father is out of them… my foot..

          I think General Fonseka has made it clearly as to why we must not put MR in a special place.

        • 6

          Did Prabakaran and Whitehouse email you personally that they are funding Fobseka’s campaign?

        • 10

          My dear Baba(Boy or Girl)

          Foneseka is a fighter.I do not know whether he or MR have taken money from anywhere.Lets say they both are good people or lets say they both are bad.But you see the courage in Fonseka’s life. He was almost blasted into pieces, and then came out of death and lead the war ,he was imprisoned,shamed into the core. Can you or MR survive through a journey like that.He has fought his way back again to be in the lime light and enjoying what he is doing.So my belief is that he is an extra ordinary man and he was instrumental of winning he war.His courage shows everything.I am not a fan of both.But there is something special in this man though he sometimes utters unworthy statements.

          • 8

            You are stretching it a bit to say Mahinda Rajapakse is one of the good people. I would have believed it of his father D A Rajapakse but his children had turned out to be out and out scoundrels.

            • 6

              Jihadi Sociopath,

              Rajapakse was elected to do the job and he did it at all against all odds but he is not a muslim so you are troubled!!
              – the sinhala vote speaks for itself. The sinhalese are grateful to him.

              Stay put in Infidel land or Go to Syria and fight your stupid war.

    • 14

      Ayoh . Modapaksha Bum Succccc…..r

      You can see clearly here on CT. almost 95% are Ante Pakshe comments asking him to GO TO Hell.

      You and the rest of 10% are just Racists trying to whip up Racism and getting paid By MR With Blood Money which was stolen from the state.
      He’s already been partially Punished by God , Do you think you’re supporting an honest cause ,in fact likes of you driving this old Pariah Dictator into Early Grave,

      He may be drinking all the Viagras and Ginseng for Longivity but the Pressures on him by the likes of you will kill him off soon.
      Then put the Blame on the LTTE.
      You too may be a cause for his end by Whitewashing your master.

      • 2

        To ‘Analyst:
        You say: “… almost 95% are Ante Pakshe comments asking him to GO TO Hell. You and the rest of 10% are just Racists…”

        1.Your basic arithmetic is wrong
        2. Your statistics are way off even though you label yourself an “ANALYST”. The people who insult and use bad language in their denigration of MR (i.e.,the 95%) are simply full of vengeance and hate which does not seem to abate in any way despite over 1year of giving vent to these utterly negative and irrational emotions.
        3. The balance 5% (btw NOT 10%) who write otherwise are the only sane lot who are not filled with racist hate, but see the dangers of exposing MR who should be considered a national hero for having brought PEACE to this island, by ending the LTTE’s 30-year reign of TERROR.
        The terrible consequences to the nation should some danger to MR’s person come about, are obviously not at all a matter of concern to the 95% as they go about flashing their hate-filled, selfish and uncivilized mind-set. What is more, many of these people are probably educated professionals.

        This country can NEVER move forward into PROGRESS and UNITY with this type of fanning of the worst in us.

        • 11

          @ country first ,I Apologise for the computer glitch. I meant to say 5%.
          On the subject of venting racism what about you? are you not spreading hate? your one way track of Racism of 5% makes unequal to 95% here on CT who are just fed up of this continuous greed .
          We are talking about DEMOCRACY IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT., With your venting here do you think the citizens of our country can ever live peacefully ?.
          Who is Fanning hate? All you are glorifying war ,death and Blood Bath nothing else,
          Will you ever let people to live peacefully without fear??
          I Don’t think you can answer to any of this.

          There is always TWO SIDES TO A STORY .

          • 2

            To Analyst:
            How do you label me a racist for being happy the war is over, when the Tamil people themselves acknowledge that they are happier without the LTTE abducting their children, as well as with the opportunities they now have to rebuild their lives which were destroyed by the long years of a war…a war that brought nothing but suffering to all concerned. Both sides suffered, and the Tamil people suffered MORE.
            Why do you view those who feel freed and happy by the ending of war as being “racists”?
            Isn’t your interpretation irrational and frankly highly biased?

            • 6

              Country First,

              I will point out here one by one…

              1). Don’t you understand from the way the majority commented here they are not happy with MR and the way his Family and succours behaved , Dictatorship is milder way to put it.
              Most of them wants Peace , so why are they VENTING OVER on this person you call it war Hero.
              Something is missing there??
              2) The Biggest Lie had been there were multiple factors which brought an end to the war ., the reason for that was the Mighty power force, used to ANNIHILATE Innocent and Not Innocent.
              It was not a war of Invasion but The total OPPRESSION. Total vengeance.
              IT WAS NOT A ONE MAN SHOW , to be applauded ! Ok!!
              Him and his group are applauding themselves to Hood wink the masses. Try to get the BROWNY POINT.
              3) W hat about the oppression continues by the armed forces.
              4 ). The Lands belonging to people are being used by the Armed forces for their pleasure while holding people in camps as homeless with no motivation .
              5) So much of State wealth has been Plundered by ONE FAMILY AND HIS HANGERS ON.
              Recently The President of Brazil was impeached for Misusing of State Funds.
              6) Case Pending on Thajudeen, as fingers are pointed at one family.
              These are state crimes , “it’s not as white as you Whitewash it”

              The list is too long to mention here , you asked so it’s here.


              • 0



                1. ANOTHER EELAM WAR BACK;

            • 13

              What are u talking about….

              “Country first ” is by gone…

              “Rajaakshe First” is the present slogan….

              My foot, why cant we hand over this bugger to Hague once forever ?

            • 7

              I like to call myself a Proud SLankan who loves SL and its people . But there had been clearly Unfair and Unjust ways of Ruling practiced in my country for decades.

              Mistrust , jealousy , selfishness , Racism, Religious intolerance all these were allowed to flourish in my country by the Politicians.
              The Politicians also Robbed the State while promoting the above .

              After watching the disgusting behaviours of our Politicians in the so called Holy place called The Parliament
              on YouTube I am lost for words.
              Where were the Parliament security ?? Were they sleeping while the idiotic politicians shouting like Hyenas.

              Our country could have been a powerful state in Asia with high Literacy we were boasting about.
              Now we are in the bottom of the pile with illiterate donkeys ruling the country.

              There’s a saying “A House divided against itself cannot stand ” similar to ” United we Stand Divided we Fall”
              When the country is engulfed with its own Demons there will never be Peace or Prosperity.
              Let alone Competing with other Nations.


              The proof of the Pudding what we see in the Ruins of Anuradhapura, Mihintale, Sigiriya to name a few.
              School trips , Picnics and , Pilgrimage to these places are not just a JOLLY TRIP but an eye opener as these were caused by the Past inhabitants ( our forefathers)

              The elected Politicians were shouting like Hyenas in the Parliament.
              Were they elected by People from the Buddha land where Holy Buddhism Practiced or elected by Animals from a Jungle??

            • 7

              Country first, listen!! who ever who commenting over here I guess, are not disagreeing the fact that MR did give leadership for finishing the war .But he can not take entire credit for that. Lets be educated as most of us are here.We give respect to him no problem at all on that.But lets not forget that he was elected to do a job at a salary which is borne by public to do an honest job. You tell me where and when he and his team of experts, relatives, colleagues, ministers etc, etc did an honest job. They simply looted every possible penny they really could have.Naming a few secretaries , brothers , sons, in laws ,mistresses what not .List is long.He simply allowed them to do what they wanted to do.That was not smart work. That ‘s bloody stupid.They even did not spare “”sill reddha””.This guy is a fool .He is suffering now mentally than all of us.He came robbed and left. He did every dirty trick to rob public money for educating or promoting his children on unethical means where as you and I work bloody day and night to pay for kid’s education and make a hard sacrifice to grow them to be responsible children of society. So he has to face this KARMA , no God can change that. That is the universal rule.

        • 11

          Country Farce

          “almost 95% are Ante Pakshe comments asking him to GO TO Hell.”

          Hell is where he is.

          “The balance 5% (btw NOT 10%) who write otherwise are the only sane lot who are not filled with racist hate, but see the dangers of exposing MR who should be considered a national hero for having brought PEACE to this island, by ending the LTTE’s 30-year reign of TERROR.”

          If anything, you should consider Hindian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon, National Security Advisor M K Narayanan, and Defence Secretary Vijay Singh the national heroes of this island for having brought peace to this island.

          To show them your gratitude please visit New Delhi and sing the Indian National Anthem with gusto.

          To help you with I copy paste :

          Jaya He
          Tava Subha Name Jage
          Tava Subha Ashisa Mage
          Gahe Tava Jaya Gatha.
          Jana-Gana-Mangala Dayaka, Jaya He
          Jaya He, Jaya He, Jaya He,
          Jaya, Jaya, Jaya, Jaya He

          By the way, the anthem is in Bengali a regional language and not in Hindi.

          This country can never move forward into progress and unity with this type of fanning of the worst in us by the paranoid Sinhala/Buddhist bigots, which includes Rear Admiral, you, Wimal Weerawansa, Dayan, and a few others.

          • 4

            To Native Veddah:

            Perhaps the “Hindian” Foreign Policy makers thought it was time to atone for the training given to the LTTE in the late ’70s which turned out to be creation of a Frankenstein monster that showed its ‘gratitude’ to “Hindia” by assassinating its young Prime Minister, which served as the turning point in the Eelam wars.

            btw, I can sing “Jana gana mana adhinayake Jaya He” (with gusto), so your help in this regard is not necessary. Also, the anthem was in Bengali only because it was composed by the internationally renowned poet/playwright Rabindranath Tagore who was a Bengali. In terms of its emotional appeal at the time of Independence there was no Hindi anthem to match it.
            Ananda Samarakoon, who had been a student at Tagore’s Santiniketan, composed “Namo Namo Matha” in similar style and appeal, which is why the Sinhala version has such a special place in the Sri Lankan psyche as the island’s national anthem, just as the national anthem in Bengali does to all Indians.

            Besides, India’s princely states that were brought together at Independence with their multitude of separate languages to accept Hindi as India’s national language, was in complete contrast to the situation in Sri Lanka where >80% were Sinhala speaking at Independence. That says it all.

            • 12


              “Perhaps the “Hindian” Foreign Policy makers thought it was time to atone for the training given to the LTTE in the late ’70s which turned out to be creation of a Frankenstein monster that showed its ‘gratitude’ to “Hindia” by assassinating its young Prime Minister, which served as the turning point in the Eelam wars.”

              Training didn’t start until mid-1983 or there about.

              You agree it was the Hindian decision and their help which obliterated the LTTE while Sinhala speaking youth from villages were being used as cannon fodder, for the mistakes of their past generations.

              “Also, the anthem was in Bengali only because it was composed by the internationally renowned poet/playwright Rabindranath Tagore who was a Bengali.”

              You are missing the point here. The Bengali anthem represents the unity in diversity of India, though it is spoken only by 90 million people out of 1.3 billion. You don’t seem to appreciate the founding father’s of modern India, a broader perspective than a parochial nationalism.

              Hindi is not a National Language. Hindi and English are official languages at the centre level while regional languages and English used at the state level. You may find this arrangement unacceptable from a parochial/racist point of view.

              Read further:

              Hindi, not a national language: Court

              January 25, 2010

              Gujarat High Court has observed that though majority of people in India have accepted Hindi as a national language, there was nothing on record to suggest that any provision has been made or order issued declaring Hindi as a national language of the country.

              The observation was made by division bench of Chief Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya and justice A.S. Dave recently while rejecting a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by one Suresh Kachhadia.

              Mr. Kachhadia had filed the PIL last year seeking direction to Central and State government to make it mandatory for manufacturers to print details of goods like price, ingredients and date of manufacture in Hindi.

              The court observed, “Normally, in India, majority of the people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many people speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script but there is nothing on record to suggest that any provision has been made or order issued declaring Hindi as a national language of the country.”

              “No mandamus can be issued on any manufacturer or others for giving details or particulars of package in Hindi in Devanagari script,” it further said.

              It was contended by Mr. Kachhadia’s lawyer that Hindi was the national language and was understood by a large number of persons in the country.

              The Counsel representing central government submitted that specific provision has been made under the Standard of Weight and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules of 1977 that particulars of declaration should be in Hindi in Devanagari script or in English.

              The court said that the Constituent Assembly while discussing the Language Formula noticed the recommendation of the Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights, which recommended the formula as per which, “Hindustani, written either in Devanagari or the Persian script at the option of the citizen, shall, as the national language, be the first official language of the Union. English shall be the second official language for such period as the Union may, by law, determine.”

              However, in the constitution, Hindi was declared as an official language and not a national language.

              The court in its order said Part XVII of the Constitution deals with Official Language. Under Article 343, official language of the Union has been prescribed, which includes Hindi in Devanagari script and English.


              “Besides, India’s princely states that were brought together at Independence with their multitude of separate languages to accept Hindi as India’s national language, was in complete contrast to the situation in Sri Lanka where >80% were Sinhala speaking at Independence. That says it all.”

              It says nothing. It shows, you still live by the majoritarian myth. Majoritarianism does not give them the right to impose bad laws and bad behaviour unilaterally on others. If you believe 80% gives you more rights than the rest, then of course, you will have to accept you have more stupid, arrogant, and racist than the rest of the people.

              You will have to put up with crooks because your petty nationalism gives them sanctuary.

              I suggest you get out of your 80% bunker once in a while and see how other countries adapt and change, for the good of the country, its people and the world.

              • 2

                To Native Veddah:

                You say:
                “Hindi is not a National Language. Hindi and English are official languages at the centre level while regional languages and English used at the state level. You may find this arrangement unacceptable from a parochial/racist point of view.”

                However, the reason for this being so is because unlike in Sri Lanka, no language was spoken by as many as ~80% of the people at the time of Independence, although Hindustani was the most widespread. Thus for example, the Tamil language in Tamil Nadu only FOLLOWS in importance the unifying “OFFICIAL’ languages of Hindi (#1) and English (#2). The Tamil language is thus relegated to the lesser status of being a “regional language”.

                The reality then is that Tamil Nadu with its 72million Tamil speakers do not have the Tamil language elevated to neither National language nor Official Language on a par with the status accorded to Hindi and English.

                Contrast this to Sri Lanka where the Tamil language which is spoken by approx 20% (~3.5million) of the people, is recognized and accorded the status of being both a National Language AND an Official language, and on a par with Sinhala which is spoken by ~80%. However, this is evidently not enough for the Tamil political leaderships who are now moving for self-determination (a.k.a ‘secession’) once more.
                So, who in Sri Lanka are the racists, pray?!!

                The Indian national anthem being in Bengali had nothing to do with the “unity in diversity” that you profess as reason for its adoption….this concept is a more recent invention.

                Bengali was the language of the Hindu poets and lyricists and Bengal was the seat of India’s literature and its purest music. It was the natural language adopted under Gandhiji’s leadership for the spirit of the Indian Independence movement.
                “Unity in diversity” has come much later in the aftermath.

                THAT SAYS IT ALL, AGAIN!

                • 10

                  Country Farce

                  “INDIA’S NATIONAL ANTHEM The Indian national anthem being in Bengali had nothing to do with the “unity in diversity” that you profess as reason for its adoption….this concept is a more recent invention”

                  “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.”

                  ― Mahatma Gandhi

                  You are still living in your 80% bunker therefore unable to see outside world. Aren’t you lonely up there on your own singing national anthem in Sinhala with gusto?

                  Please consider coming back to civilisation.

                  Rest of your rant does not merit a response. I leave it to fellow forum sharers to judge your worldly knowledge.

                  • 2

                    Native Veddah:

                    You blithely quote Gandhiji….but didn’t India fail the Mahatma completely in its inability to deliver “unity in diversity”, when a Hindu man brutally assassinated him?

                    And has not separatism gone on regardless in the subcontinent both with Pakistan and the unresolved Kashmir problem?

                    The gap between your rantings and Reality has remained unbridged and will likely stay on for eons to come, as a reminder of India’s hegemonic ambitions that override justice and fairplay in dealing with its neighbors.

                    That says it all again and again

                    • 8

                      Country Farce

                      ““Unity in diversity” has come much later in the aftermath.”

                      Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation. ― Mahatma Gandhi

                      You ranted.

                      The issue that I highlighted is the idea of unity in diversity was very old (even some trace it to Sanadana Dharma). By quoting Gandhi, I just wanted to tell you that you are nothing but an ignorant, ill informed, little islander, bigot who prides himself in empty words.

                      Do you celebrate yourself being a complete ignorant?

                      What happened after Gandhi is best left to the Indians and Hindians to deal with.

                • 10

                  Country Farce

                  ” The reality then is that Tamil Nadu with its 72million Tamil speakers do not have the Tamil language elevated to neither National language nor Official Language on a par with the status accorded to Hindi and English. “

                  However Tamil is one of the classical languages among the few.

                  Note Chinese admiral Zheng He visited this island more than 500 years ago and left a stone inscription in Tamil, Persian and Chinese.

                • 7

                  Country Farce

                  “The great lesson is, that unity is behind all. Call it God, Love, Spirit. Allah, Jehovah — it is the same unity that animates all life from the lowest animal to the noblest man.”

                  Swami Vivekananda

                  Unity in Diversity
                  Jnana Yoga – Frank Parlato Jr.

                  (Delivered in London, 3rd November 1896)

                • 7

                  Country Farcical,,

                  Chronic Faecal,

                  “”However, the reason for this being so is because unlike in Sri Lanka, no language was spoken by as many as ~80% of the people at the time of Independence, although Hindustani was the most widespread.””

                  When standardisation of education came into being the proof of the pudding was exposed by none other than G.L.Peiris at Colombo Campus and Magistrates Courts.

                  There was no Sinhala/Suwabasha dictionary.
                  The first words of your language came from the language of the slave traders- portuguese
                  1 English; Shirt Spanish: Camisa; Sinhala: Amude/Camisa
                  2 English: Shoe; Spanish: Zapato; Sinhala: Amude/Sapatu
                  3 English: Towel Spanish: Toalla; Sinhala : Amude/Toalla
                  4 English: Table Spanish: Mesa; Sinhala : Amude/Mesa
                  5 English: Closet Spanish: Armario; Sinhala : Amude/ Armario
                  6 English: Space; Spanish: Sala; Sinhala: Amude/Sala
                  Spanish Roofing S type Rustic Antique Red, Dark /Light, `Mission Clay Roof Tile`
                  Where did you get Kavun Kokis, Idiappa Appa?? You are Bandit Hora Oru school Drop out. Sinha-le – the beast Hydrocele!!

            • 15


              “”Besides, India’s princely states that were brought together at Independence with their multitude of separate languages to accept Hindi as India’s national language, was in complete contrast to the situation in Sri Lanka where >80% were Sinhala speaking at Independence. That says it all. “”

              Pagala Bewaqoof, I dislike saints without sin.!!

              Patriotism is the incubator of wars.

              Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others, merely because you were born in it.

              Patriotism is to politics what faith is to religion: The unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or that may actually be in conflict with factual evidence.

              Similar to religion, patriotism is an emotion, as opposed to a rational thought process.

              Though Hindi is spoken by 0.48s billion worldwide and English is spoken by 0.503 billion worldwide.-

              there is a tradition of defence of Sanskrit and Hinduism both native to the land. It was defended in the Deccan Plateau.The warriors even the British feared- Maratha Army Maratha Navy. Sivaji Bhonsle had to first wipe out the Islamist invaders of the total North above the plateau, Then the Portuguese, Dutch & British. The last Maharaja after the EEIC took over was at Thanjavur Maratha kingdom. Understand why Tamil shall remain and why Hindi (Farsi+Sanskrit+Urudu) has no place as a national language. All the classical languages of India as recognised by the government of India lay in The Deccan Plateau- only Tamil is the stand alone of these.

              It was Fred Truman who became President within short notice that created the partition without any knowledge but a dislike for coloureds except Anglo Saxons.He dropped the bomb on Japan without batting an eyelid which Roosevelt would never have done as the war was over.

              9/11 you had your luck but there is Good Friday too like what transpired with Pakistan West and East.So don’t bet your luck- every dog has its day. Both are dogs fighting one is sinhala +muslim 90% vs Tamil 10%. the closest is the hindu to India. Do not take patience for weakness the Island historically belongs to Greater India- Indira’s hubby was a Farsi so she gave away Katchi without consent of the people and the constitution is clear the judicial review is supreme.thanks to another Farsi- Nani Palkhiwala .

              nothing is too big or too small for India. Like the British we say when the time is right we go for it. Please put your Hegel Egghead house in order.

              Time to move the SC/ST Butt. Puddu, Chal mera Gadda.

              • 2

                Jai Bolo:

                Within all the gibberish you write there are only a few lines pertinent to the issue being discussed:

                “Understand why Tamil shall remain and why Hindi (Farsi+Sanskrit+Urudu) has no place as a national language. All the classical languages of India as recognised by the government of India lay in The Deccan Plateau- only Tamil is the stand alone….”

                Despite all your criticism and decrying of Patriotism, is this not a display of the selfsame arrogance??

                • 10

                  “Within all the gibberish you write there are only a few lines pertinent to the issue being discussed:”


                  You have no brain!! try SinGayLish since English is not your mother.

                  I am a realist and can dream but not an hegel egghead.

                  Go read between the lines. I read any page diagonally and understand.

              • 1

                Jai_Bolo ,

                Here we go again , Javi character in full swing as Jai_Bolo this time , man if you want to engage in discussion , please do so according to the rules , what are you on about here ? God to third world to super power , world war 1 ……. what a clown !

                • 11

                  Hegel Egghead Sevela,

                  When I call a man openly, you’re a liar, you’re dishonest, you are stupid, and you do not dare to sue me, there’s something basically wrong

            • 5

              Complete(ly) F*ck(ed)

              “” training given to the LTTE in the late ’70s which turned out to be creation of a Frankenstein monster that showed its
              ‘gratitude’ to “Hindia” by assassinating

              “its young Prime Minister”, which served as the turning point in the Eelam wars.”

              Stupidity and unconscious prejudice work more damage than fraudulence.

              Ever heard of primary and direct information- information from the horses mouth- the day after the assassination I met Dr Neville Kanakaratne and he informed me that S.P. Chanakyapuri (school mate of Rajiv and one of his personal bodyguards) had called over and accused Pavement Premadasa for the hand behind the assassination and that he would do the counter within an year in the same style. Dr Neville only listened to Premadasa not even FM. If you are a B**ls carrier please check with Paskaralingam or better still Bradman Weerakoon. I went over and met the SP via friends connection and he gave me details.
              Don’t talk shop bla bla bla ambude Mahadann Muttha!!
              Rahul Gandhi Approved the finish while at Tamil Nadu ` I have not got justice for my father’s assassination` at a meeting of youth who were asking for justice – and all hell broke loose at Nandikadal.

    • 7

      No doubt the way this man has been upto will cut his neck by own.

      All educated forces inthe country are in the view collectivity succeeded war end…. not Rajapakshes…

      Very same leader to have gone wird in the post war sessions proved the former… anyways, stupids dominated 3rd world countries will take longer to grasph it….

      Nobody – in the country almost 50% are underpovert would agree to finance your secrutiy men … if you were a god given leader to have done that much it would have been an exception. But a leader whose term put the end to 30 year civil war has worked becoming an anoher hatred citizen breaking the thoughts and morals of the nation – in the post war sessions… he has thought it would have been a licence for him to go on ruining and looting the poeples funds.. So in this context, the bugger should better send to Bogambara rather than even thinking of allowing him any further security.

      Besides, any other presidents have ever made the kind of requests asking to keep his familiar men around him?

      who d you think he is ?

    • 4

      SLFP got 60,000 in Galle. UNP had 75,000 in Colombo. If SLFP wants to put forward a claim that they matched or even did better than UNP on the MayDay, it may be right considering the difference of the activity levels between the two cities Colombo and Galle. JVP alone had 7,000. All other communist parties were in Narahenpita gathered only 15,000. If one compares that with JVP the other communist parties have underperformed much lower than JVP. When that is the case, it is more than obvious that the Old King’s influence in gathering crowd is negative on the May 1st.
      When New King stood for SLFP (Jan, 8th 2015), with the SLFP stalwarts like Chandrika, Rajitha, Magala and many others in the general election he won. Old King stood for UPFA with the communists and he lost. New King led EP election was won by SLFP, but the General election led by Old King (Aug, 17th 2015) was lost to UNP. You may understand people cannot get well the law. They care less about who was the legitimate candidate of the SLFP. In those elections, their perception was New King, not Old King, was the actual representative of SLFP. Apparently this is not the scenery when Solomon West Ridgeway Dias broke up with UNP. When Ranil took over UNP it dwindled a lot. Now it has been rebuilt adding members from SLFP and shedding GL like unwanted from it. Chandrika would like to do the same to SLFP. But the New King is little sacred of the communist. But sooner or later, Old Royal will be flushed out to surrender under the communist. Old Royals are going to see end of Lankawe’s communists’.

      Owlish, you are betting on a wrong horse. That is not the culture of Lankawe, a country, where the Kaheemish thrives. This is called the ticks are immobile even after its death of the cow. Old King’s physical body is safe, unlike as you are attempting to show. But his body of fame has died long ago. His zero casualty child was introduced in the wrong by Dayan in UNHRC and it has been murdered since then over there. Every Tom, Dick and harry knows in Lankawe know how he swindled the country. Some bald head ante-Buddha activist, to ensure that their alms bowl will be filled up for ever, trying to make him as hero and savior of Sinhala Buddhism. But the truth is, those crowd would do what they did for Solomon West Ridgeway Dias for anybody. Now a lot of people have started to understand the inside of this Ayatollah style games. Eventually they will demand for secular governments, which the British had left with in their constitution and its section 29.

    • 6


      Stop bullshitting by blaming everything on the LTTE supporters.

      Your Professor Makka Bass G L Peiris has written to all the embassies in Colombo about the safety of Mahinda Rajapakse.

      What an idiot he is. He should have written to all the embassies to donate two chicks each to run a purposeful chicken farm in Mahinda’s Borugoda. The Makka Bass could be the Chicken farm manager.

      At least two chicks will be given by one of the embassies to kick start a purposeful preoccupation for both numskulls.

      If the chicken farm is successful they can open a fast fried chicken outlet next to a kassippu kade to keep themselves occupied.

    • 2

      This Pinguththaraya makes entire developing world a laughing stock.

      Sadly, even after 15 months of his records high defeat- he seems to be fighting to for his come back.

      Pigs might fly actually. These men are a severe headache for entire world.
      Today, each every item being spread like viral tothe world- it sb een small vilalge. My ones known to me question (Switzerland/Italy/Germany/UK) why our men are that greedy at power. CBK left- she did not bother anyone. JR left,he did not bother his successor… all others in the past none of them were so GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDY for power as Megalomanic Medamulana born Rajaakshe…. why why why ?

    • 0

      Rajaakshe men are sinking… Karma has taken him away.. the Manwadu…

      Sarath Fonseka is the winner of the era….. his sacrifices proved the nation.. everything can be succeeded if you are clean
      [Edited out]

  • 22

    Amusing to note that suddenly explosives and suicide jackets are found when this shit is requesting army security to not be removed. He has resorted to every crooked trick and deceit to try to come back to power. He is now only a mere MP and should be only provided with security which other MPs are entitled to. Should he desire to maintain the security accorded to an ex president, then this shit should resign as an MP. What SF says is perfectly true and sensible.

  • 20

    Put him in Jail. There he’s safe and we are safe too. For a company he can take Gota also to have a chat ”all about good olden days”….

    • 13

      A most practical solution MirakRajBanda.

    • 10

      That is the only way out to save all the funds which are further being unnecesarily being wasted giving him a security – it is reported 256 personnel are deployed to save his bum… can you imagine… ?

      Srilankens are crazy… or fools ?

      Former Army Commander is given just 15 security men to protect him…

      almost 15 times more than the war won Army commandeers ?

      Are we the srilanken that fool to bear the sums and millions being wasted this way ?

      Dr Merkel or her counterparts in Europe would not have even 50 member team to protect them…

      Can you imagine guys ? this is how lankens wasting tax payers funds.

    • 7

      I really dont know why the current govt wait further…


      There the bugger had met with Udayanga Werratunga who is a criminal being search by lanken and interpol police.

      RW and others should the parliament clear as to why the action was not taken as due ?

      Why MR to enjoy imunity this way, while he conitnues all illegal deeds on broad day light.. ?

      Can anybody please explain why the Journos inlcuding CT are silent in this regard, as to why the lanken State keeps quiet in terms of UDAYAGAN being not ARRESTed ??????????????????????????????????

      Is that becasue the lanken state scared of RUSSIANS ?

      Lanken current state is not strict enough by anything… see it below please… the punishment being discussed /imposed is not worth even a fart…. concerning all the bits.. actually, these men should be subjected to month long bans to parliament… stopping their salaries… in Germany if the kind of incident would have been there, tthe men would have been interdicted.. RESPECTING ALL CIVILIZED LAWS… harders laws,…. tame everyone learning and teaching all the improtantce of lawboundness. [Edited out]

    • 7

      What nonsense this guy is asking?????He lost presidential election, looted money day and night ,misused public money at will.The best and most suitable thing is to put him behind the bars. Our stupid people with shit in brains still worshiping this Tsunami thief like the God. He should have been put behind the bars in first place at that point of time ,But that his idiot fraud cheap justice Wanachara Silva saved his fat ass.Look at this thief’s face.Bloody drunkard.He will rot in this life only.

  • 12

    This moron complaining about his unfixed bullet proof car. He should be provided wit a bullock cart so he and the rest of his family can climb aboard and head back to Medamulana. Better yet he if craves security so much, especially high security, send him off to WELIKADA. He will do just fine. The General did okay surrounded by murderers, drug dealers and better yet the very LTTE prisoners that he had fought against.
    This clown just cant take rejection. He needs to cut his losses and retire like the old fart he is and pretend to live off of his parliamentary and presidential pension.

  • 14

    This proves that the seemingly anti West Rajapakse is a perfect actor when wants to be nationalistic to gain support of the masses. When in power he literally told the UN to fly a kite and attacked its credibility when accused of HR violations.

    It is very interesting to note how he has turned to the UN now for help – an international body who His buddy and actor Wimal faked a hunger strike against ( the only thing that kept Wimal alive was Lemmon puff)

    These individuals are not national heroes but national opportunists who take the innocent masses for a good ride.

  • 2

    Removal of security is due to promise given by P Ranil and sira to LTTE diaspora to come to power . they agreed with LTTE diaspora they will create the environment to kill MR easily. to stay in power for ever

  • 15

    Ayyo, Madpaksa.

    What a pity. LOL

    [The particular Army squad consists of 89 soldiers and the majority are commandos, who are highly trained to protect the VVIP in any situation,” the petition said.]

    Just an MP. Oh boy, what a downfall. Karma is a bitch. got it.

    Anyway, buruvamsa, Shenali Waduge Dayan, Mahindapala and IH will protect you sacrificing their lives.

  • 7

    will Chinese Government protect him like saving the private ryan? as Hambantota is going to be another Sinhalese Nandikadal.

  • 9

    Send Murderpskse to the people in Nandikadal …..young and old are waiting for this animal


    • 4


      Nandikadal is for barbaric savages and LTTE raw-flesh-lovers.

      It is not a place for a brave leader who saved the innocent lives of Tamils in the North from the claws of a brutish, merciless bloody tiger.

      • 4

        [It is not a place for a brave leader who saved the innocent lives of Tamils in the North from the claws of a brutish, merciless bloody tiger. ]

        Ya. The place for genocide Madpaksa should either be The Hague or Hambantota. Welikade is also ok. But his final destination is The hell.

        Karma is a non-hybridized bitch for Hybrid Madpaksa.

      • 5


        the whole world know the barbaric actions of Sinhala army and Political leaders in Nandikadal

        he he he without the chemical boms supplied by poverty India you will continue to fight with LTTE for another 50 years

        A fake ..borrowed..artificial victory …but modayas danced for free liquor


  • 4

    If the charges are proved regarding the first family dealings during the last regime they will be all be well protected in jail along with other supporters like Weerawanesa, Ratharan, jonnyiya,bandula, aluthgamage. This will save the country public money

  • 7

    Rajapakse think his life is threatened, then he should use his ill gotten money to build an army for himself without taxing the people of Sri Lanka. Army of the country is there to protect the country not to protect a lost individual who is only an MP now.

  • 4

    This is a photo taken probably in Thailand. See the print Special variety … Something in Thai. Besides that could someone clarify if this man is drawing the pension of the ex-president as well as the salary of the MP. If yes, then it is a shame. What good is it to the country and its people to maintain a rogue politician and family? Now I understand why Sri Lanka is an under- developed country or whatever you may call.

  • 4

    HOW ABOUT FAKE MURDER AND DEATH. He and his servants can easily create a scene to hood wink the PRESIDENT AND THE MASSES.
    just like they did to Thajudin.


  • 10

    What is the rational behind the removal of Army protection from MR ? let’s say MR’s security detail is approximately 100 odd army soldiers , obviously those who are protecting MR are are very loyal to him and it’s a fact. those soldiers are special trained soldiers ; thus , they are very capable of executing any discrete operation , sensing this danger , authority had reacted swiftly . what sort of dangers can these elite forces do to the current good governance ? MR’s army security must consist of different kinds of lethal weapons , may be automatic machine guns , bullet proof vehicles and bullet proof gear etc . now let’s consider a scenario where 100 odd special trained soldiers with a cache of lethal weapons storm in to a nerve centre and start demanding , what options would the military have ? MR is a type guy who will never give up without a bitter fight , he has literally lost every thing which he had for the last 10 odd years , question is , can he afford to sit back and watch the drama unfolding ? He is certain that every single member of his family would end up in jail ,what can he do to prevent the unavoidable ? isn’t he desperate ? desperate people do desperate things!
    ideally MR’s security should not consist of any automatic weapons , they must only be given a few shot guns, that’s all.
    army security must not provide for the Mafia king under any circumstances , let him write to Ban ki Moon or Obama , who cares !

    • 9

      My Dear Friend Srilal, please expose as much as you can.. – your comments are so informative.

      THey the abusive MEN are now on to twist the average mind sets even if the security issue is obviously not really a threat for lanken SAIBABAs protection.

      Please reveal more about Rajapakshe realities.

      Greetings from Vienna Sirimal

      P.S There is a guy called CHAMPA – nodoubt to have appointed to defend Rajakashe on CT. Please check it.

      • 4

        Dear Sirimal ,

        Thanks My friend , our fake fallen hero crying foul now , what an irony ? this guy never thought that one day he will have to relinquish his power , he thought till his death he would be in safe hands , alas , things have been changed , now the pay back time .

        As to Champa character , i had dealt with her/him earlier , not lately though , is it really worth engaging with these type of narrow minded people ? i haven’t had the time to read his/her comments , is it like K.A Sumanasekara type nonsense ?

        Keep posting sirimal .


        • 4

          May be Champa be one of the illegal blood of Mahinda Rajaakshe Rascals.

  • 6

    The PM had officially declared yesterday that Ltte is wiped out and
    the organization no longer exists. This is based on the intelligence report submitted by the security forces after the haul of weapons belonged to Ltte, recently. The rehabilitated Ltte cadres,small in number, were taken in for questioning to find out whether there had any connection with the recent haul of arms in the North used by Ltte previously and the media blew it, out of proportion, saying that Ltte is regrouping and induced fear into the minds of the people, specially the Tamils who have just completed a cycle,undergoing hardships and they dread re emergence of any militias in N/E

    It is not right on the part of MR and his clan to call for Army to
    provide security to former President while undermining the capabilities
    of other security forces like the Police, Navy & Air force. Here, one is comparing the strength and weaknesses of each security force, while
    all of them are trained in providing security to VIPs, who are under
    threat to their lives. There is no ‘red alert’ issued by the country’s
    intelligence of any threats to life of individuals, hence people who
    require additional security should accept what is given by the govt.
    and it is norm in other countries that Police, guardians of the Law &
    Order within the country, provides security as they know the terrain
    and vulnerable areas of the country, where an attack could take place
    as they deal with crimes every day.

    The hue & cry made in the Parliament and subsequent exchange of blows
    in the house of people’s representatives, on this issue is quite unwarranted.

  • 6

    MR thinks just because he won the war he is entitled to rape the country Sri Lanka. He should be happy to have the protection he is already given. He, together with his siblings, and his family, looted all the wealth of the country and is suffering from the sickness that he cannot do it anymore. You greedy self-serving drunkard; enough is enough, and the time is up for the “Yahapalanaya” to send you where you really belong – Welikada.

  • 6

    Why did MR went to Thailand Capital & then to Thailand-Myanmar Border state ?

    Could it for some secret talks related to how a government can be toppled with help of loyalists from the army ?
    If not why he need 100 army persons with high calibre weapons ? I’m sure police security is fine for the ordinary MP Mahinda , like the police security to Maithiri and Rani.

  • 4

    Look at Thoo Noda King completely dejected.

  • 5

    1) He claims additional security on the basis, he defeated terrorism. If he in fact defeated terrorism, then he doesn’t need any protection from terrorist. If he needs protection from terrorists, then he didn’t defeat terrorism.

    2) When he was in power, he told UN not to interfere with Sri Lankan affairs. He claimed Sri Lanka is capable of handling its own matter internally in a fair manner within Sri Lankan judicial system. Now why the double standard? Why is he begging the UN to interfere, because Sri Lankan judicial system hasn’t changed since he was voted out of his office.

  • 6

    This man is a heartless criminal who can commit any crime. He might use his security personnel for all illegal activities for he is not known to have ever done anything legal. Providing him with protection could boomerang on the government. Does this Discarded President think that he is more important to the country than the President himself. Maybe for the jokers like Dinesh and old G.L. [Edited out]

    • 4

      We saw his representation in the parliament day before yesterday.

      Even monkeys would have behaved better.

      RW and other senior UNP politicians were speechless.

      Speaker went on begging the monkeys to behave well.

      Above all nasal tone of the nation – Dinesh Gunawardhana took the lead not being exemplary.

      Speaker honrouble Karu J reitered taht DG has often been like that over the past few weeks.

      These men telling someting about MR and making to live their fantasies … take revenge on others..

      All what Sarath Fonseka added were the truths but truths.

      I believe, there should be STF within the parliament to control most thuggish personaliteis.

      UNP young politicians behaves very decently except the few showed their devil dances by coming to the middle space.

  • 0

    Did Vellala Sambandan shot himself in the foot, by backing the wrong Horse?.

    CC Chairperson for the Centre and Periphery is Dilan Perera.

    He is a loud mouth who gets his mouth into gear before the brain.

    Some may even say he is a dickhead.

    But I don’t use that sort of parlance, I didn’t see any other person with a committee which has any resemble to political power sharing.

    So obviously this must be it, to give Vellala Sambandan his Homeland.

    Dilan Perera who wasn’t even elected will happily recommend what ever Batalanda Ranil tells him.

    But even 225 Dilans can’t change Batalanda Uncle’s constitution, unless Sripavan has something up his sleeve.

    But no way our inhabitants tick off a separate Land for the Vellalas who are doing better than the rest in all parts of the Island.

    And Sira can not even venture beyond Galle.

    Even that was possible because of the Rent a Crowd ,who were shipped out from the North and the East.

    How can he go to Matara or beyond and ask our poor rurals to give an Eelaam for the one time Tiger supporters.

    When their poor sons made big sacrifices to make Batalanada Ranil who was Pirahaparan’s buddy become the PM.

    And Bodhi Sira the President who is now begging from the West.

    And appointed the “Ambalangoda Nariya” as a Field Marshall who is now insulting the great Armed Forces..

    Batalanda’s only chance of giving something to fulfil even half the promises in his MOU with the Diaspora and the TNA and the UN is to strike a deal wit Rajapaksa.

    Our inhabitants definitely will listen to Rajapaksa if he comes up with a proposal to make every body equal in the areas where the Government has control.

    Other option Batalanda must be thinking is tell Sira to bugger off and go to the Electorate himself asking for the inhabitants to do it for him.

    But he has Buckley’s getting it through .

    And it will be be the end of him too, because of the the way the inhabitants feel about this Yahapalanaya now.

    • 0

      Sumanasekara, are you gone nuts? you are still asleep and having a wet dream of MR. We are a lot far away and discussing the begging of MR at Banki Moon to protect him. Why dont you wake up and go to his help? Dont waste your precious time in analysing matters which are out of your reach anyhow.

  • 3

    Time to start a new Party with true Progress of our country in mind.
    The conditions should be with the Party logo of :

    1) Number one Priority of Total commitments to my country and to all the people.

    2)This Party will have no place for Thugs , Murderers , drug Peddlers, Paedophiles , Rapists, and Thieves.

    Young or middle aged men and women in equal numbers( equality for women.). with good character and education, witty and intelligent Will be called to contest.
    The Party leader will have the Power to Scrutinise the suitability of a candidate from the Provinces of our country.

    3) The main aspects of progression should be the country first and the people who live in next .

    4) Aim to build the country to be competitive in the challenging world. Eg: In Education, Jurisdiction and , Devolopements, ect.

    5) Most important aspiration of each individual be : Serving to the Betterment of our country and our People of ALL NATIONALITY,


    All they talk about In our Parliament about who gets what and most. It’s called” GIVE ME ,GIVE ME , GIVE ME MORE”

    HAVE they discussed about the future of our country and its developments ?? NO, NO ,NO


    Nothing so far has happened on the whole , in the Juditiary.. Bargaining and escapism going on with the help of the crooked judges and juries.

    The Criminals are ( those await for hearings) allowed free to walk and talk.
    The Ex President wants his Army Protection in the PRETEXT OF FORMING A N EVENTUAL COUP??

    Don’t be afraid people!!
    We have seen it all during our short life of Independence.

    The answer for all this curse would be the formation of a new party , hoping it would be successful .

  • 2

    actually there are somany people want to see MR dead for his misdeeds and not only the much hyped LTTE rump, if at all existing. Under a similar situation with respect to a journalists killing Gota said the regime was not responsible for the killing of him because this journalist made lots of enemies through his writings. This apply to MR as well. MR is a coward, he was keeping the masses under threat by creating grease yaka, white van abductions etc. MR, Gota & other loosers are still trying to profit from the alleged LTTE revival. Now he is seeking a UN intervention. The GOSL should tell him that they have a “home grown solution” and dont need any help from the much hated west and its “coolies”. MR is a shameless fellow without any pride and dignity!

    • 2

      The home grown solution for the Rajapaksa nuisance is to let a bunch of “rehabilitated” LTTE’ers to disappear him in a white van for good.

      Rajapaksa problem will be solved overnight and his dedicated bunch of troublesome followers in parliament will also be silenced. One stone to kill two birds, no?

  • 1

    What kind of myopic idiots are these people who cannot comment on an issue without going on a tirade of hate and invective?
    Are all these anti-MR people going INSANE in their desperation to keep the Yahapalanas in power?

    • 2

      Poppy cocks!! You have got it !!
      The majority is against you and your lies.
      No turning back !
      Black is Black , White is White not as you interpret that Balack is White.

      • 0

        Correction : ” BLACK ” above
        before some dumb points out computer errors.

    • 6

      He is part of your culture your history like the ellara dutugamnu dual.

      There are accusations against him and he should be tried by an independent international jury/judges. BodiSira is guilty too and he should face the same music. The LTTE should face the same too, KP,Karuna, Douglas etc.

      Displaying of animal instincts and brutish methods only exposes to the world what a farce your 2500 years vulture is.

      It is unlucky to have STF black cats guard When you are a mouse!!


      • 4

        Will Rajapakse do it if he is pushed??

        Indira Gandhi sprinkled it with zest and vigour, her ‘give me handcuffs’ appeal on a roadside culvert at the Delhi border after her arrest in October 1977 made the Janata government look silly and inept and gave her theatrics legendary status.

        The north of India went berserk and filled the rivers with bicycles, the streets were cleared of traffic right down to half way north south India- over 1000KM.

        Indian protests planned around release of Indira Gandhi assassination film.India’s intelligence agency has warned of potential violence around the release of Kaum De Heere, a Punjabi film which portrays the assassination of India’s former prime minister Indira Gandhi.

        As of 22 August 2014, the movie is barred from release in India.

  • 1

    What Army protection to this Pinguttharaya..people much happy now without this joker. …

  • 3

    Rajapakse should have thought about that while he was in power, when he curtailed former President Chandrika Kumaratunge’s security as an act of revenge. He is also an ex-president but unlike Chandrika could not even serve two full terms. So he by any chance cannot expect anything more than that was provided for Chandrika.

    All he can hope for is the security he supported and provided for Chandrika and he cannot have any more special privileges other than what is provided for an ex-president. His suffering is his own creation and there is nothing much UN can do for him. He is having the taste of his own medicine.

    Rajapakse is doomed only because he is one who never accepts his own faults but blames others for the mistakes which is squarely his.

  • 0

    Batalanda Ranil forks out LKR 6000 Lakhs for his two cars.

    That is LKR 3000 Lakhs for each , says the JVP “Prince” who Batalanada bought for just only LKR 25 Lakhs.

    No wonder Batalanada Ranil and Bodhi Sira had to cut down on Rajapaksas security costs.

    To put things in perspective, my humble pad in Wellala Gardens cost only LKR 100 Lakhs.

    I could have bought 30 of them for the cost of Batalanad’s just one set of wheels.

    And my pad has even full Sea View too.

    How things have changed under Yahapalanaya.

    BTW, Ranil must be feeling fully satisfied after Anura Prince gave his speil in Yahapalana Parliament yesterday.

    Because Batalanda Ranil’s ancestors, sorry predecessors Uncle Junius and not so Uncle Preme tortured and killed over 25,ooo poor innocent naive youth .

    Who went behind Anura Price’s predecessors hoping to go to paradise in “Cuba”.

    Being the Economic wizard he is, Batalanda Ranil must be thinking what a bargain the JVP ” buy” is.

    When you crunch the numbers it works out to about only about LKR 1000 per body.

    Hope Anura Prince Rest in Peace as those poor souls didn’t get that chance.

    Because their parents and loved ones couldn’t find their bodies.

  • 3

    Mahinda should seek political asylum in Australia. His friend Tony Abbott is no longer in power, but Mahindapala can pull some strings through Greg Sheridan.

    By the way, where the hell is Rohan Gunaratne, THE terrorism expert these days????

  • 2

    This coward Mahinda Rajapakse severely admonished the distressed families who turned to the UN appealing for their loved ones missing after being taken by the military. This criminal and coward faulted the those families bringing disrepute to the country for appealing to the UN. He declared the Sri Lankan security and the judiciary has enough capability to sort any problems and by appealing to the UN the families and the Tamil people were only brining disrepute and serious risk to the Sovereignty of the country by the actions of the Tamil people.

    Now he is doing exactly the same for what he blamed the Tamils of doing. What happened to the capabilities of the security forces and the judiciary he ones praised. What happened to the respect of his country and risk to the Sovereignty for the complaint he has lodged. So only when the Tamil families complain to the UN there is disrepute and risk to Sovereignty of our dear country and nothing goes wrong when he complains to the UN. To hell with this bugger. GROBR – Good Riddance of Bad Rubbish

    This bugger is having a taste of his own medicine. Only now he knows what distress is. This idiot needs to suffer for all the serious offences he committed while having all the influence he had as president, managed to erase as many evidences as possible. But certainly no criminal can remove all the tracks and certainly some will lead back to him. He is only a shame to the country and not the people who complained to the UN for their missing loved ones who were killed by his and his brother Gotabaya’s orders.

    He should be arrested and tried for the offences he committed conveniently under cover of impunity and immunity vested in him as President.

  • 3

    He and the family will be protected by the High walls of Welikade in the near future so nobody should bother very much about his and his family safety

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