15 August, 2022


Easter Attacks PSC: Public Administration Secretary Makes Shameful Display Of Racial Bias In SLAS

Testimony by Secretary to Ministry of Public Administration, J J Rathnasiri before the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing Easter Sunday bombings today, was a shameful display of racial bias in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service.

Rathnasiri was questioned by PSC members on the circular he issued a few weeks ago that imposed regulations regarding government employees’ dress code, which discriminated against Muslim women and the Abaya.

Responding to queries he said the circular was issued following a discussion at a Secretaries’ meeting and the subject Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara was made aware of it.

When questioned whether Cabinet approval was sought before issuing the circular he said it is not the usual practice.

Rathnasiri went on to say the circular serves as ‘a reminder’ in keeping with previous circulars issued on public sector employees’ dress code and that religious, ethnic or communal identities are not considered when making such decisions.

“No matter what religion or community, the dress code must be adhered to and that includes uniforms issued for various sectors. . . After Easter attacks it was pointed out there was a need to issue a reminder about the regulations on dress codes for government employees; previous circulars were issued but they were not adhered to,” he added.

Rathnasiri seems to take after Sirisena when it comes to being aware of repercussions of his actions. He says he has not been made aware of any cases where employees have faced inconveniences due to the regulations imposed by his circular.

“We are ready to take action upon discussing with the Minister, if we are made aware of any injustice or inconvenience…The instructions so far is to revise the circular and not suspend it,” he added.

He also went on to criticize those who sought assistance of the Human Rights Commission with regard to the matter.

“If a state sector official was subjected to injustice, they should be seeking help from the Public Service Commission – not the Human Rights Commission,” he remarked.

PSC Member M A Sumanthiran inquired him of the direct link between the dress code and security, noting since the bombers wore trousers and shirts, they should be banned from being worn as well as per the logic displayed in Rathnasiri’s circular.

To that he said his circular simply refers to ‘what is appropriate’ in terms of a dress code as employees of state sector workers.

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Latest comments

  • 25

    Brave officer ! congratulations! This is Sri lanka , not Iran or Saudi Arabia !!
    burka should be banned in Sri lanka.
    Same the way Islamic banking system is not necessary to Sri Lanka.
    Majority of Sri lankans need not so called halal consumer articles.

    • 5

      These Isulamic banking is another comedy.

      We are Musulims we won’t accept interest but commission yes.

      From 1st January UAE collect
      5% VAT …tax so cash strapped Bedouins can twist their theory if they want …KeKeKeKe we are Musulims we will not tax our people.

      Modern killings of animals is a quick event but using halal the animals suffer pathetically til it’s last breath.

      In Malaysia fanatics bring animals and kill at schools on front of kids in the name of Isulam..never imagine this will affect kids psychologically.


    • 8

      Please do ban halal products and production in THE VERY BUDDHIST COUNTRY and let’s see how they export their goods to the larger world.

      Ananda, there are ignorant fools who live in the well who crocks and thinks that you are the only ones who live and rule the world wake up and come out of your well.

    • 6

      Now what is Sinhala Buddhist attire because this guy is wearing a western dress and is trying to ban a dress from Arabia ha ha ha ha why not wear a sarong and a baniyama and ask all the women to wear osari because that’s the national dress not the saree

    • 7

      And you don’t tell others what to wear. Tell your own people what to wear. We have our own ways. Islamic banking or Halal food is not for all Sri Lankans, in fact, it is for Muslims. You have a choice here.

    • 2

      Trousers, t shirts, jeans, dress suits should also be banned, cmon,this is not europe or america

  • 12

    Testimony by Secretary to Ministry of Public Administration, J J Rathnasiri before the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing Easter Sunday bombings, was not a display of racial bias in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service.
    J J Rathnasiri knows that close to 99% of Lankans are from the same race.
    His testimony before the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing Easter Sunday bombings, was the shameful display in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) of ‘language/religion-divide’.
    During the Ape Anduwa, the suit he wears was considered sign of ‘decadence’.

  • 6

    When questioning the secretary we saw the tone and the body langue of Sumanthiran.They showed like that they are the authority. Brave officer must be commended for his straight forward answers.He said very correctly if dress cord applied differently according to ethnicity, religion those who join the forces of this country will have a big problem. Abaya and Niqab shold be banned as it pose a security thereat.

  • 7

    Well done Mr Ratnasiri. Today we need public officers of your caliber. If This paper is sold I will use it to clean my ass after a shit.

    • 4

      Yes we need them to spread the hate and racism that was hidden all these years. Hatred does not make you prosper and it doesn’t make you look big and macho. You poor fools on the well of Gota spreading it well and swallowing the pill he sold ha ha ha well done SL

  • 2

    Do you want a public servant who says ” yes sir” to every question ask by so called PSC. Those PSC idiots should all these started after April 21. Specially Hakeem. He talks like nothing was happened. This PSC is a joke. Look at who are in the committee except SF.

  • 0

    Congrats mr Ratnasiri. You are a brave man.keep it up . For those who criticise you should read mr Frank Silvas comment In today’s Island. Under opinion. .(18 th June) Well done.Lalith

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