26 June, 2022


Elected Leader

By Udaya R. Tennakoon

Udaya R. Tennakoon

Udaya R. Tennakoon

Sitting on the throne

Having the crown

Dwindles the brain

Having power Crane


Grave words

Sharpen swords

No many roads

Nowhere Gods


You are the man

We people won

Take your gun

Fire on ! We don’t run


You told, you are my men

We told, you are our king

We are the men of that nation

Under your feet as a sin


Heart and mind were ravaged

Wealth and land were grabbed

Tax and the rest we granted

Kingdom you have painted


Earth and sky are heaven

Kith and kin are fine

Cloak of face is shine

Doesn’t matter beggars no coin

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    errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….stick to your day job .

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    Rubbish. Democracy is here alive and well. Otherwise how come, the arch opposition to MR, proxy LTTE, the TNA got over 80% in NP in spite of the alleged army interferences? TNA won because it presented jingoistic policies and a demagogic clique as candidates that 80% people there want. // You can write your ode. But that truth shown in elections at NP must be applied to the entire country as well AND in toto. // Sinhala Buddhist people in villages are the majority in this country by far. They look far beyond nepotism. They want peace and stability and improved life. MR provides that in abundance. So, get it right, like the people in the NP, Sinhala villagers keep voting MR for he gives them exactly what they want. // I am not saying appointing wrong people to high position is right. But did not American people’s President John F Kennedy had appointed his brother as the Attorney General. Was Bobby the most suitable for the job? And that’s only one example.

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      Stupid Banda Govt Crony & Henchayyah using readymade cut & paste in every comment pages.

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      TNA won because GOSL could not effectively prevent people from freely choosing their candiates as International Monitors were watching over GOSL. –Without the International Community keeping an eye on Northern Elections, Rajapaksa regime would have either cancelled the elections or rigged it in such a manner that their stooge Douglas would have won.–The other major reason GOSL could not engage in effective suppresion of the NPC elections is because CHOGM was on the horizon.

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    Elected Leader ?..! Sure, by a whole bunch of idiots who still believe he’s even a leader..Many people call him a murderer, a wanted war criminal, a megalomaniac, a despot, a dictator, a crazy nutty guy…. Grow up people, stop reading The Nation, The Daily Noise, and listening to BBS/JHU/ venomous propaganda and be a ‘frog in the well’… OMG !

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