29 June, 2022


Electing Sirisena As The President: Have We Made The Correct Choice?

By DNR Samaranayaka

DNR Samaranayaka

DNR Samaranayaka

The expectations about the changes that could occur as a result of President Sirisena’s victory had led many people to believe that Sri Lanka will enter into a new phase under the Sirisena administration. Most people expected a change in the political culture that plagued the country with rising corruption and falling law and order. Since Sirisena was known to be a simple person with no direct links to political corruption or any other anti-social activities, he began to receive a wider support as the nominee for the presidency. This support would not have been possible if Ranil Wickremesinghe was the candidate opposing Mahinda Rajapaksa. He would have certainly added another loss to his long list of failures since the early 1990’s.

Although Maithripala Sirisena was in politics for nearly 50 years, he was not known to be a dynamic politician who has achieved anything of significance. He started as a ‘Gramaniladhari’, which is the administrative tier at the lowest level in the public service. After a few years, he joined SLFP to pursue a full time career in politics. In 1989, he contested on SLFP ticket and became a member of parliament. He rose from an ordinary member of the party to be the Secretary of SLFP—the most influential position within the party. He has been a minister since 2004; at the time he left the part to accept the coalition nominee for the presidency, he was the Minister of Health. His main interests, as the Health Minister, were the reduction of tobacco and liquor consumption in Sri Lanka. For this effort, he received two awards from the Harvard University and World Health Organization (WHO). maithripala-sirisena-pic-via-his-facebook

After nearly two years at the helm, it is beginning to cast doubts as to whether the people have made the correct choice of electing Sirisena as the President and allowing him to enjoy executive powers with a lavish life style at the tax payer’s expense. Although he frequently makes statements highlighting his achievements, it is difficult to find any evidence to support these claims. As briefly discussed below, his claims of achievements only show his attempts to seek cheap publicity.

I restored democracy after 2015: Sirisena, The Hindu, Nov. 11, 2016

In a recent interview with The Hindu newspaper, Sirisena said, “Those who have been in power and have lost power are trying to sabotage all these activities”……”They are abusing and misusing the democratic freedom that I have restored in this country.” He further said, “When the people made me the President, they did not ask me for food, water or clothes. They wanted a society where they could live freely and happily. I have given that to the people.”

The President Sirisena has a very short memory. The freedom that people began to enjoy after the election is not the making of President Sirisena. The country had already moved in this direction even before the election was held. The 2015 election was one of the cleanest elections that the country had seen for a long time under any government. Most elections in the past were marred by riots and vote rigging, but none of these was seen in the 2015 election. There were no evidence of intimidation, abductions of opposition candidates, violence aimed at the opposition, or any other form of threat to peace during the election. There was no stuffing of marked ballet papers in sealed boxes, and even the police were acting much more responsibly compared to other elections in recent times. The election commissioner and even the foreign observers gave a clean report on this election.

This change was largely due to the wave of protests organized by various social groups, especially the forum organized by Sobitha Thero much before the election. The freedom that we see in the country now is in fact came before the election. If the election was held as it was done earlier, President Sirisena would have lost and he would have gone 7 feet underground, as he revealed later. The freedom that people enjoy now has nothing to do with the President, and it is entirely the efforts of the people who agitated against the Rajapaksa administration for some time. It is this agitation that brought Maithripala Sirisena to power as well. The country has not seen any change that we can attribute directly or indirectly to President Sirisena or his administration. If he is responsible for this change that we see after 2015, he must tell us what he did to bring this change. However, as various reports and news items reveal on daily basis, the police and the judiciary are still under government surveillance to control decisions that could go against the members of the government.

Good governance under Sirisena administration

Yahapalanaya’ was the magic word that emerged after the 2015 Presidential election to describe the policies that would be implemented by the Coalition government if it came to power. It has now entered into our vocabulary as a household word. Its frequent use by the people and the media is not to acknowledge what the present government has done, but to repeatedly tell the government what it has not done according to the promises that were made earlier. As the criticisms mount on the government, president Sirisena appears to be complaining about the inaction of those responsible for dealing with corruption. Consider the absurdity of the following statements by President Sirisena.

1. If we clean corruption in some key institutions, a good portion of our budget deficit can be recovered. Culprits are few and we defeat them, PMD News, Dec. 09, 2016

This statement by President Sirisena clearly acknowledges the presence of large scale corruption costing the country billions. He also acknowledges that actions on those responsible for large scale pilfering of public funds are yet to be initiated. Furthermore, it also implies that actions to bring them to justice is someone’s responsibility and apparently not his. He says, “We are going to defeat them”, but he does not say who he refers to as ‘We”. This statement clearly shows his lack of seriousness and leadership qualities in dealing with one of the main issues that brought him to power.

He also makes an absurd statement about the relationship between corruption and budget deficits. The money siphoned off into private accounts of corrupt politicians cannot be easily recovered. No country uses these as a source of financing budget deficits. Even if it is possible, it will be very insignificant and the expenses on recovery always outstrips the amount collected. Corruption is a disease that has harmful effects on economic and social development. It increases budget deficits, taxes, debts, cost of borrowings, and inflation. It also has adverse effects on the poor due to rising inflation reducing their meagre real income, which in turn reduces their living standards further. If President Sirisena can show the country that this money can be recovered to help finance the budget deficit, then we all should appreciate his efforts. If he cannot do it, he is only displaying his ignorance about the issues that even an average citizen would know. He must have seen at least 30 budgets during his time as an elected member, but he still does not know how the budgets are financed.

2. Environment conducive for corruption must be eliminated, PMD News, Dec. 10, 2016

This is another absurd statement by Sirisena. Does he understand that it is his and his government’s responsibility to take action on corruption? He was elected by the people with the promise of Yahapalanaya and not just to make ridiculous statements from time to time.

3. Maitrhi reveals Rs 3012 million went missing the day before the presidential polls, Ceylon Today, Nov. 28, 2016

This statement had been made two years after the 2015 presidential election. He has revealed that a check has been issued on 7 January 2015 for Rs 3012 million on behalf of the Mattala Nilwala scheme. After two years, President Sirisena says that he does not know what happened to this money. If he does not know about this money, who should know about it? What has his government done so far to take action on this? It is not difficult to find out about this transaction since it can be easily traced to the recipient. He has simply become the messenger about frauds that are taking place, but does not show any interest in taking action. Even though the incident took place two years ago, he appears to have just woken up and has suddenly realized that the money has gone.

4. Yahapalanaya is not a joke to us, I am serious about good governance and my government is committed to fight corruption, PMD News, Nov. 26, 2016

People remind you all the time that Yahapalanaya is not a joke. It is you, the prime minster and your government think it is a joke. That is why the government continues to ignore the screams of the people telling you to do what Yahapalanaya promised. Over the last two months more than 100 articles appeared in media sharply criticising not only the failure to implement the promised Yahapalanaya, but also the corruption in the present government.

5. People’s confidence on government has not diminished, PMD news, Dec. 26, 2016

This is a totally immature statement and not expected from a person holding the highest office. It is the same as a little girl asking, “Am I Beautiful?”, and no one is going to say ‘NO’ even if she is not beautiful. This statement needs no further elaboration as it already speaks a lot about the President.

I am ready to make the SLFP a victorious party, PMD news, Nov. 26, 2016

As revealed in the above statement, Sirisena’s main desire is to bring back SLFP into power. He says, “As the SLFP, we should teach a new lesson about how to work honestly by refusing fraud, corruption and irregularity, and not putting the money of the people into our pockets”. The President was speaking at the SLFP Membership Promotion Program in Galle District held on November 26 2016.

Maithripala Sirisena has been a leftist from the beginning of his political career. As the Hindu newspaper reveals he still has Lenin’s photo hanging in his living room. Despite being a strong left oriented politician, he accepted to be the nominee of a government that will be formed with the help of the UNP, which is known to hold more liberal policies. If a person is fully committed to a particular ideology, it is difficult to understand why that person joins a party with a completely different ideology unless he saw the opportunity to grab power.

The majority of the votes that he received at the election in 2015 was not from SLFP supporters, but from the UNP supporters. What Maithripala Sirisena says now clearly undermines the trust placed on him by millions of people. This statement is simply a slap on the face of non-SLFP voters in the country who worked hard to bring him to power hoping he will address the issues related to corruption and democracy, in particular. Has he ever considered how the people who supported him at the lection feel with this idiotic statement by him? Can a person be so disrespectful for those who did so much to make him the president? He not only shows his lack of respect for the support he received, but also displays his ignorance, selfishness and opportunism.

Unfortunately we can’t find a SLFP government in the past which did a great service to this country. SWRD Bandaranaike created a mess by nationalizing private companies and bringing them under government control. The result was inefficiency in basic services, drop in investment and a decline in growth. Then he brought the Sinhala only policy to be implemented in 24 hours. It was essentially a policy that meant to grab the support of the Sinhalese to win the election. Unfortunately, it led to a sharp division of the two main communities, leading to the emergence of radical groups in the Tamil community in the 1980’s. As a result of this ill-conceived policy, the country is still struggling to bring the Sinhala and Tamil communities together and heal the wounds of the war.

Sirima’s government from 1970 to 1977 introduced price and import controls. They resulted in long queues even to buy basic consumer items such as milk powder or bread. People had to stay in various queues to collect their basic necessities. She suffered a humiliating defeat to the UNP led by J.R. Jayewardene in 1977. Chandrika ruled the country from 1994 to 2005, and she was more interested in her personal life than the interests of the country. It was during this period that the ethnic conflict intensified and the army suffered heavy losses. From 2005 to 2015, the country was under an UPFA/SLFP government. We all know why it was thrown out in 2105. Given this history and the experience with him as the president, do we really want another SLFP government under Sirisena?

Solving the problems of Tamils is my problem, The Hindu, Nov. 11. 2016

In his interview with the Hindu, Sirisena said, “solving the problem of Tamils is my responsibility”. Unfortunately, this is not a problem of Tamils, but a problem of the entire country involving all communities. It is not a problem that Sirisena can handle or solve by himself or his party. It has remained as the most complex issue that divided the nation for a long time, and its characteristics sharply changed after 1983 July riots from a communal problem to a conflict that led to a war between the government forces and the Tamil liberation army. The war ended in 2009 at a heavy cost to human lives and properties. The wounds of the armed struggle are still visible as diaspora continues to influence foreign governments to bring war crime charges against the former regime and the army.

It is not a problem that can be solved through constitutional reforms, but through understanding, negotiations, education, interaction with other ethnic groups to develop trust and confidence to work together for the benefit of all community groups. It can take a long time to come up with a fair solution to all stakeholders in this conflict. What the government can do first is to establish a system of good governance to make the Tamils believe that a fair solution is possible. President Sirisena’s approach to this problem, as he states at the interview, is by making frequent visits to Jaffna and make friends within the Tamil community. He has already travelled 11 times to Jaffna, but unfortunately his approach is unlikely to solve anything even if he travels thousand times. He sees this is an issue that should be simply built on friendship.

Prior to my assuming office, Sri Lanka was an unaccepted country in the international community, The Hindu, Dec. 14, 2016

In the same interview with The Hindu, President Sirisena has also made the following statement, “Our government has turned a new page in our international relations. Prior to my assuming office, Sri Lanka was an unaccepted country in the international community. I believe that all the countries in the world are our friends now. The manner in which I obtained the support of the international community — I feel it is a victory for me. Not just a victory for our country and people, but also a personal victory for me. In today’s circumstances, no country can develop by making enemies in the international community”.

According to this statement, Sirisena has turned Sri Lanka from an unaccepted country in the international community into a country that is loved by all the countries in the world. He says “I feel it is a victory for me.” He wants to solve the country’s domestic and international problems through friendships that he has developed since he became the president.

President Sirisena has also made a statement recently about the war crimes allegations that were instituted by UNCHR. He claims that he was able to save Mahinda Rajapaksa and the members of the armed forces who are accused of committing war crimes during the final stage of the conflict in 2009. Although Sirisena openly says that his intervention has cleared those involved in war crimes allegation, there is so far no official statement by the UNCHR. Without an official statement to the effect that the charges have been dropped against the former president and the members of the armed forces who are accused of war crimes, these allegations can be resurfaced again and again, especially under continued pressure from the Diaspora. President Sirisena must prove that the UNCHR has completely cleared them or else he should withdraw this statement. If the president has already dealt with this issue, why is he pleading with the President Elect Donald Trump’s help to squash war crimes allegations?

President Sirisena is always ready to take credit that others do not see that he has anything to do with it. Unfortunately, he does not realize that the international community considers him as a friend in his official capacity as the President of Sri Lanka. Any person who holds this position will receive the same recognition. Even Mervin Silva or the Pistol wielding Chairman of Hambantota PS, they will also receive the same recognition. It is the position and not the person holding the position is important. Furthermore, friendships with powerful politicians have a very short life span since a politician can be powerful leader today an ordinary citizen tomorrow. A good example is the former Prime Minister of the UK, Mr David Cameron. After the Brexit he had to retire from politics. Similarly, after 20th January 2017, Barack Obama will no longer be the president. President Sirisena counts them as friends. They did not do anything to him or to the country when they were in power, and they do not have the same status now as they had before. Has the President Sirisena ever considered why they think him as a friend, not the former President?

After 198 years, I cleared the names Wellassa heroes including Monarawila Keppettipola, PMD News, Dec. 8, 2016

This was the most disgraceful act carried out by Sirisena as the president. As reported in Ceylon Government Gazette on January, 10, 1818, (reproduced in Sunday Observer on 11.12. 2016) the reason that the names of Keppetipola and 16 others have been written in Sri Lankan history was because they were considered as traitors for the uprising against the British rule, especially after the capture of the Kandyan kingdom by the British. They were captured by Captain O’Neil on October 28, 1818 and were offered the option of seeking pardon from the colonial rulers, but they refused the offer. Instead, Keppetipola offered his head to be severed from his body pointing to his neck and all others followed the leader.

If Keppetipola and others sought the freedom from the Colonial rulers, they would have been granted clemency by the Colonial rulers. If that happened there is nothing significance about their uprising against the British. Like many others who fought against the British rule, whose names are not recorded in history, Keppetipola and his group would have not been remembered as heroes. They are so remembered for their heroic act for rejecting the pardon and choosing death instead. By clearing their names what President Sirisena has done is to completely take away the historical significance of this event. They deserved to be on historical records because it is the only way the country can remember them as national heroes. Furthermore, since they were branded as traitors under the notice issued by the then Governor Robert Browning on 1818, on behalf of the colonial rulers, it is not normally removed by another ruler who does not represent the British government. By calming to clear their names, the President has tried only to get cheap publicity.

“I did this” and “I did that”: President Sirisena

In some of the statements reported above, President Sirisena highlights his achievements since he became the president and takes credit for them. However these claims of his achievements could mislead the people because he has not done anything significant to achieve the respect of the people over the last two years. Most people are highly critical about the President and his government for the failure to address the promises given to them and the commitment they made to establish good governance or clean government under the new administration. If he has made any significant change under his administration, the people will immediately recognize what he has done. He does not have to say “I did this” or I did that”. He has not only failed to deliver the promises, but also shows that he does not have the leadership qualities or a vision to take the country forward. Usually a popular leader does not have to brag about his achievements because the people are already familiar with what he had done and what he will do in the future. It appears that he is trying to build up his ego through cheap publicity.

His push to bring back the SLFP into power also involves a conflict of interests because he is planning a government under a SLFP in the future while being the President in a government who received unprecedented support from the opposition. Unfortunately, he does not have the brains to understand what he is doing is unethical. It is very clear that we ended with the wrong choice as the president, although the country got rid of Rajapaksa government.

The writer can be reached on tilaks@iprimus.com.au

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  • 9

    tilaks@iprimus.com.au probably never even voted in the election. lol. At the time, yes he was the better option, no man should go for three terms; that’s pure greed, and for anyone who blatantly supports that notion, pure stupidity.

    The fact that MS won, was proof enough that the system was working. Whether or not the Govt. is effective, and a subsequent analysis in retrospect, can be used to evaluate a decision to vote someone in…is just…pointless.

    Don’t like him? vote him out. People didn’t like MR and voted him out too.

    • 4

      If not MY3 who could drive away Rajaakshes and save the nation from the slope we were about to fall.

      Lankens in general are easy memory losers.
      They cant value anything.
      Pleare read the history, My3 took life risks. Thhere, I respect you Sir.
      No matter he is not from Elite. Nor is MR from Elite.
      But he has not rascal mindedeness. Yestreday we got to know more from BBS the mannerMR has really been.
      Much more to come about the guy… people are far from true colours of MR.
      If not for My3 who would have saved the bum of lankens not being cornered by International Community by today.
      The danger was not overlooked
      But these are no values to the many since Media are against them.
      Media are blind folded as the nation has been.
      Yesterday BBS themselves said, if MR called a MONK as ” a man” Face book men would have PRAISED him.

      But if RW or MY3 did so, FB men would have attacked both as Gota s force assulated anyone who rose against Rajaakshes.

      • 12

        It is just the nature of lanken folks. They are no grateful sorta of people. They forget easily just focusing only surface issues. What did MR et al do interms of the greiving folks. Just for his sake, let it go with construction works, but he was not the person started them .. that started in the days of CBK last term. But since the war is over … all focused on them,.. are no magics. But punnaku eating majorities … that have never seen High ways …. are fooled by their rhetorics. I really dont think this ballige putha deserve to be called Rajaathuma. Gon thadio gave him that naming: Most fit woould be DRUG KIN PIN NEXT TO LANZA:

    • 10

      Is there anybody of integrity to choose from among the politicians in Sri Lanka for the post of president? None!

      So instead of draining the swamp Sirisena is also immersed in the swamp now,just like Donald Trump came to power saying that he world drain the swamp: Now Trump is deepening and widening the swamp.

      • 0

        Kim Jong Un- You are a disappointed man trying to justify your stupid will of eelam.
        Trump has not come to power as yet and what he says is what Russia and China are learning.
        Sinhalese would be better off employing you (like VP) to steal the nuclear bomb from Nadu and Make Lanka Great. (The north Korean support was the biggest during JVP insurrection)

        • 2


          “Trump has not come to power as yet and what he says is what Russia and China are learning.”

          Such as ….?

          “Sinhalese would be better off employing you (like VP) to steal the nuclear bomb from Nadu and Make Lanka Great.”

          Does Nadu have a nuclear bomb? If true Nadu should give one or two to Sinhala/Buddhists. Being self destructive stupids the Sinhala/Buddhists are ever ready to drop the bomb on themselves.

          • 0

            “”Such as ….?””

            No outgoing American President has been humiliated as much as Obama Hussein by Russia. Putin awaits Trump from 21st. Exon CEO (purchased for $180million) business friend of Putin is the go between.
            Xi has similar cards placed- a business go between. He would revalue the Yuan…..
            Lanka is of no concern- keep on cannibal island mugabe 2.

    • 3

      I no means agree with the writer saying that Mr Sirisena has no like high achievements along his 50 year political carrier. Alone saving the country from a man who went mad as no other leaders by 2014 is the highest achievement. Had Mr Sirisena denied the prez candidacy, do you guys think anyone could chase away Lanken Mugabe ?

      Assuming Mahind won the election. What could have been by today

      a)The talks billa stories in the air shortly before the election holding days – electric chair – foreign invasion as if we the soils filled with diamonds -and so many other Jathaka Kathas and astrological predictions were rained and the society was so twisted by all high anxities – Remember ? In that context, do you think that UNHRC WOULD NOT have pressured on the nation if Mahinda got elected ?
      I guess, the Interenational communiteis could have gone until the countriy is imposed with trade embargo…
      if that happened only like FACING powercuts, people would notice it. That is the typical nature of SINHALESE dominated idiotic nation.

      b) If foreign communities did not get unite to help the country iwth funds and otherassitances, how would MAHINDA WITH HIS BIG TALKS face the all fallen economy of the country ?
      The interests of the loans taken REPEATEDLY by Mahinda in his 2nd terms started to be effecective with effect from first quarter of 2015. So how could Mahinda the most abusive man of the country – the most abusive leader for westerners could face the loan payments, if they had been not the least to pay SRILANKEN losses … ?
      May be the man thought CHINA would even buy his wife to allow him long term loans ? But the reality as it is – Chinese criticised srilanken former man loudly as they could in interenational press. They made it very clear, those loans are to rebuid the nation and long term investments… there is no way, that the country can avoid paying them back. Like we are made slaves to CHINESE… now the very same cesspit permits to talk nice words about his Hapankam/wonders.

      c)Remember the manner oxford gathering block Mahinda s visits to UK 4 years ago.

      d)Remember the growing attacks against sinhala monks in India inthe last days of Rajaakshes. Rajakashe the word was like NO second to IBOLA virus to many but with except to Belarus, Uganda, Northkorea, Swazialand

      e) Today thanks god, THANKS TO MY3&RW commbination, they respect us as srilankens folks. They have no big talks about the BLACK SHEEP being brought before Hague on War crimes, had that been the case, I personally would have been happier though…
      Why our people underestimate all these ?
      Thirisannu kiyala mata hithenne.

    • 3

      I don’t know whether the title is the choice of the author or CT but the people have made the correct choice between Mahinda and Sirisena. Otherwise half of the population would have been lost their lives in the hands of murderous Mahinda family. Every street would have filled with white vans to pick up those who voted against Mahinda. People would have lost their right of vote to elect their leader thereafter. Mosques, Churches, and Hindu Temples would have turned into pieces. Even Buddhist Temples would have replaced with Mahinda Temple. In other words Budda’s statues would have replaced with Mahinda statues.

    • 1

      DNR Samaranayaka

      RE: Electing Sirisena As The President: Have We Made The Correct Choice?

      The Problem the People had during 2014 was how to get rid of Mahinda Rajapaksa, MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa AmaNa MaRa HoRa MaRa DhushaNa MaRa.

      That was accomplished with Sirisena as the common candidate by the People.

      Now the People have to deal with Sirisena, who has turned out to be, influenced by MaRa and BBS, as a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, Mala-Perethaya and Sevalaya, Titles he acquired during 2016.

      What additional titles will Sirisena acquire during 2017?

  • 9

    Majority of Lankans have done an irreparable damage to their country by electing a puppet like Siri. If not, the ‘headless chicken’ cap does not come to head of the mother Lanka. Whatever the lickers of Yahapa say, thats the truth.

    • 9

      Now even 7 mio are well aaware of the gravity of the abusive cultures that YOUR athigaru introduced this country.
      Siri and RW will succeed it you will see it.
      They have to remove all kakka left behind by your athigaru. That is a long term issues. you have no education at all to see it:

    • 6

      For the sake of the future of hte nation, please join them Max.

      You cant have more reserves offered to you from MR people.
      You will surely end up in the near future so that your wife or wives will drive away you realizing that you are nothing but an another licker of the cheaper quality.
      Even beach boys of Hikkaduwa would not have reactd the way letting them abused by foreigners, but you guys are permamently blind.. I really dont know why ? Even threewheeler drivers are clever than you guys.

    • 6

      You the blind and deaf willlet your wives to go on raped by them, but others would not. We respect Mr Sirisena alone for that matter he had balls to stand against and send the most abusive lanken Mugabe go home.

  • 12

    ‘Thanks for this forthright article. Someone should send a correctly translated version to the President, who is trying to run with hare and hunt with the hounds, very stupidly. He is the greatest problen of all, in the Yahapalanaya government. He is responsible for most of the misconceptions and misapprehensions about the current government .

    ‘ Colombo Toaday ‘ of 4th January’2017 reports that the President had said he will not deal with the Rajapakse group anymore. This begs the question whether he has been dealing with them during the past two years! If so, what were the dealings about?

    Is he capable of reforming? Has he got the capacity to reform? Is he going to be a major factor that destroys the Tahapalanaya government, among many other issues?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      I agree. Well analysed and presented with glaring facts throughout. None of these people can grasp what he is talking about. So sad. That is the crux of the problem today. lacking the simple logic of understanding a simple issue.

  • 4

    The question defeating Rajakshe is also raised.

    The qustion defeating AND removal of Gota from his all mighteous super status is eqally important.

    We perfectly know how MR and gangsters would have put Mr Sirisena if he was defeated.
    These MR men are canibalists born canibalists. Crocodiles tears of them are to control gulliable Maxes Sumanasekara, Sachs, Jimbumsty the like men in our society.

  • 1

    The plan was to make Ranil the Executive Prime Minister as stated in the 19th amendment draft. Things did not go to plan. He may have been a better leader, msot probably a stronger one.

  • 4

    What said in the article is true. But at that time, the most urgent need was to through away Rajapakshas. For which he was the suitable candidate compared to Ranil. If Sobitha Thera woud have been the candidate it would be the ideal situation.

  • 10

    No point blaming anybody except MR, who should take full responsibility for the dismal failure of the present regime, causing a tremendous damage to the image of mother Lanka, whilst forcing the people to experience immense hardship.

    If not for his blindness and greed for power, including the change of the Supreme law, the Constitution, to remain in power for a further term, this would never have happened. Sirisena, RANIL & Co shall be dealt with severely for the serious damage being gone to the Nation and for their total failure to fulfil their election pledge made to the citizenry to establish corrupt free government, instead indulging in it much worse than MR.

    • 5

      You are dead right.

      If collectivity failed to drive away the man.

      He would have been known as NEXT IDIAMIN BORN TO lanken soil. All was clear that the man was dangerous and merciless not only towards innocient notherners but also southerners.

      Alone for that matter, I respect all … this change was mixed with everything. People could not bear it at all.
      They abused it to core. Today the very same idiotic men rise to question, My3 deserved no to become the leader.. my foot.

  • 1

    what can he do for that matter what can any Sinhala leader do?
    who rules the country? “Men in Yellow Robes”!& Men in Uniform.!

  • 2

    Citizenry shall fight for their legitimate right to restore the Rule of Law in the troubled Nation

    In his campaign for the office of the Executive President, Sirisena, pledged the citizenry to adopt a policy based on corrupt-free administration. Attending the World Anti-Corruption Summit held in London sometime thereafter (on 12th May 2016) he declared that his government is was committed to combat all forms of corruption, an extract of which is reproduced below.

    ‘… Corruption is one of the factors that promote political violence and other forms of human rights abuses. Sri Lanka went through such a stage during the previous administration. The people reacted strongly against corruption by changing the corrupt administration by the power of the ballet in January 2015 at the Presidential election and again at the Parliamentary election in the August 2016…’

    ‘…We were elected to office on the policy platform of democracy, good governance and rule of law. Therefore, we consider our prime duty is to root out of corruption from the country. We are happy that the summit proposes to establish an International Anti-Corruption Centre, all of us as leaders need to act collectively to strengthen our own law enforcement agencies to track the corrupt and recover the proceeds of corruption…’

    • 3

      From what I heard you should be a fearless and smart lawyer.

      Tell me please when evidence are on the table, why the prosecution against some men still stay lagged ?

      For example, yestreday, I heard Dilantha someone -is said to be Clercal Clerk of BBS lead adding powerful statments about former PRESIDENT, in Which he says at the time Nimal Lanza was caught by police to have trafficked loads of Drugs to the country; you may have seen the man was about to be arrested, there FORMER abusive leader mediated himself paying a personl visit (using state helicopters) to Lanza s house Negambo- and huged him as a courtesy of showing to the masses DRUG trafficking was no means a punishable act.
      Later former President had added to press by himself – ” drug business that Nimal Lanza was involved – is no harm to lankens since those drugs are not consumed in Srilanka ” Tapes, audios, Videos are all in ciruclation even today- so was the seriousness of FORMER President and his nature towards drug trafficking.
      Now I know inlcu. my nephew thousands of young lads are caught by Drugs in the country, the families met with the problems are sending all curses on to drug kin pins. Our torments of sadness find no words to attack those men who instead supported Drug trafficking abusing Presidency.
      Why there is no a single LAWYER in the country to take up the issue against former President YET ?
      I am a srlanken living in the west, would respect you so much if you could please pass me your genuine thoughts on this.
      I appreciate your recent fearless acts against lanken crimes.

      • 6

        Careful Dan. You are talking about the Kudu King of Fishtown. He was not only hugged by the Great Liberator, but also by the present Messiah. In fact the Kudu King is a minister in the current Yahapalanaya government. No, don’t laugh! That is the way our country is run. The cabinet has a good mixture of genuinely smart people, some mediocre ones, kassipu-mudalalis, drug-mudalali’s, kudu kings, and a good number of pakaya’s. Really good and talented people are emigrating. You made a smart move long ago (I hope you are not thinking of going back; are you?)

        In Sri Lanka today, a decent well-educated young person is faced with doing an honest job and struggling to get a fair reward. OR, join a political party and fall into bad company.

        Take your pick.

        • 1

          Why lankens of the day support
          drug dealers ?

          Srilankens are believed to be literate – over 90%
          Why then the people behave so – supporting rather drug and killers more than the gentle sorta of politicians.

          Why ?
          Who can help me when getting all these pplease ?

          In 70ties and 80ties people respected the educated folks
          Cultured people etc.
          Today why it has been lost having bred thugs, rapists, drug traffickers and the like

          • 1

            Dan Fernando:-
            Re Your Statement – “Srilankens are believed to be literate – over 90%”

            Literate does not equate to Educated!

        • 1


          THis will explain more about join-venture drug trafficking.
          In Malaysia – Drug trafficking is a crime with punishment
          similar to DEATH penalty.

      • 0

        How these beach boys of the areas became wealthy men within a short period of time ?

        Please lawyers of real nature, over to you do something that can teach these men a lession.

  • 5

    Once upon a time in the faraway little state of Burulankawa, the time came for elections. The hard-working people had been suffering a plague of bad leaders for some time, and so they looked around for someone that was ‘clean’, relatively speaking, of course. The only brave thing they could find was a booruwa. They elected him. Every one rejoiced, and shouted “now we will have good governance and strong leadership”. Time passed, and the elected booruwa collected lots of fleas on his bodies and neighed a lot. The big booruwa couldn’t even control his naughty baby booruwa at home, so he took the little booruwa everywhere(yes, even to the UN). Big Booruwa neighed loudly but the other donkeys couldn’t give a hoot, they were busy attacking the piles of carrots. WE the People got thoroughly fed up. So fed up that we were even willing to listen again to the Big Bad Wolf who roared “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I will blow this rotten house down”.

    Good People, you cannot make these things up, so wait and see the next episode unfold. Soon.

    • 4

      I heard that Batticalo buruwos are on a rise these days for some reasons.

      If those animals know what you talk about comparing them with most abusive lanken 2-legged buruwas, they would find easily offended.

  • 6

    I always thought that MS lacked political charisma, education & leadership to govern a country & Mr Samaranayaka has echoed my view most eloquently. MS seems confused or lost in the political wilderness, which is SL today, with members of his own party, in both, Govt, as well as, in the opposition benches. Either way, he seems to have no understanding of a coalition Govt. Maybe he should be given a job description of his duties.

    As Mr Samaranayaka has described, MS contradicts himself. For example, when MS publicly states that he will safe guard war criminals, he has shot himself in the foot. After all, a criminal is a criminal, war hero or not, & the armed forces of a democratic country has to be disciplined from the top. Instead showing leadership to end the controversy impartially, by asking the international community to literally shove the war crimes allegations under the carpet, he has shown naivety in international politics.

    However, although I personally think Ranil would make a better President, in the eyes of the average voter, he was a non runner, which, I am sure, he acknowledged, therefore, a puppet candidate acceptable to the masses was necessary & MS fitted the bill. Unfortunately Ranil has been a big disappointment, allowing cronyism to thrive but today, SL has no capable person with integrity to take over. In this light, I think Ranil still has a second chance if he can crack the whip to get his own party members to toe the line. There are a lot of inefficient, incapable & illiterate dead wood in his party & if he can get rid of them & reform the party, maybe with younger politicians with a better education, he will be at least considered a reformist & he has nothing to lose trying as he is already a loser to most people.

    • 4

      My foot… did Dr Narasinghe Rao had charisma. And all other parkistani or Bangaladeshi leaders had charisma ? Please focus on the west, not even many are charismatic leaders. Most of them are qualified to be leaders since they have collected exp. I have no doubt, if the whole hearted support is offered to the current prez, things would turn out to be fine in the months to come. Lanken situaton left behind by MUSALAYA is no comparable to that of any other place of the world.

      And the fact lanken Media men are fully paid mafiaose… they dont pass the real news to the ones who really need to be fed with -those are the rural masses whose votes are the prey of these political predators.

      When any talkative man of Wmal Burwanse nature adds all low level but rhetorics but viral-effect are being telecasted repatedly by DERANA-MARANA and HIRU-BORU as if they should be the headlines of the day.

      Yesterday for example, they opened the plant sites for several companies. The decent leaders did hype up the occassions, but just took part them decently and opend them.
      Had MR been the leader, it woudl have been a MERRY MAKING event making further millions of losses for the occassions/Grand openings.
      That is the difference between the cultured and the uncultured.

  • 3

    Maithripala would not have been elected ,without the UNP votes. Now he says he is keen on bringing the SLFP
    to power. Whstis his game.? Personally I do not think he can be trusted. His smile says it all.
    All what he has done is gone round the world. He is either giving awards or receiving.

    • 2

      UNP leader would not have been elected if MY3 DID not become the president.
      Remember ?

  • 1

    “His push to bring back the SLFP into power also involves a conflict of interests because he is planning a government under a SLFP in the future while being the President in a government who received unprecedented support from the opposition. Unfortunately, he does not have the brains to understand what he is doing is unethical. It is very clear that we ended with the wrong choice as the president, although the country got rid of Rajapaksa government.”

    Summed up very well. I fully endorse everything he says.
    After elections, Ranil should have got a few ‘clean ‘ SLFP ers and others and formed a government.
    Things would have been much better. For two years talking of corruption M but no one behind bars.
    I have lost faith in democracy .

  • 1

    The title of this article: “Electing Sirisena as the President: Have we made the correct choice”. The answer is YES. The reason: Because there was no better choice to get rid of a “Despotic” Regime. On the other hand what if Sirisena was not the choice, who would have fulfilled that urgent need to chase away the then existing regime? Normally, it would have been the Leader of the Opposition; but what would have happened if that Leader was the choice to contest against the incumbent President? The obvious result would have been the return of the “Tyrant” that the country wanted to get rid of. The person who spearheaded the campaign to oust the then President,viz. Rev. Sobitha knew well that reality and was looking for an acceptable candidate other than the Leader of Opposition. So under the circumstances then prevailing and the need of the time, the choice of Sirisena and electing him as President was correct.

    Now that “Choice” has been put to a litmus test purely on the basis of performance that goes with fulfilling the expectations of the people. This evaluation has to be done compared with the task that was entrusted in the hands of the elected President and the Government. We all have to agree that TASK was not an EASY one. We know the “LEGACY” left behind by the Despotic Regime of MR and needless to reverberate on it, because it is too much a pain to bear with. That heavy burden and the uphill task must be accepted and evaluation of performance must also be relative.

    However much the task of rebuilding was burdensome, it is no excuse to exonerate the President and the Government of neglect of duty entrusted to them by the people. The initial mistake, as I see, was the giving of a written pledge to fulfill innumerable tasks within “100 Days” commencing from January 10 to April 23, 2015, on which date the Parliament to be dissolved. That never happened and the President and the Government failed to fulfill most of the scheduled tasks. Then after the August 17, 2015, the two Leaders – the President and the Prime Minister failed and deliberately and knowingly went against the expectations in forming a TEAM to work with, starting from the appointment of a Cabinet of Ministers to the staffing of Ministries and State Agencies. Examples of such deliberate and highhanded decisions were very many and continue to date. In summery, it could be stated that ALL those who were entrusted to take over and do the Governing have forgotten the BEGINNINGS and as a result all of them are neck deep in a mud pit. Now they do not know what they “TALK” and “DO”. No wonder, because ALL of them are born and bred foolhardy in the business of Politics and nothing more NEW or INVENTIVE could be expected of them at all. It is of no use to invest any more skill in correcting the present lot. That is a WASTE of time and money. But, this is not the end of the tunnel. Now the people have to develop the skills and know how to make the next calculated JUDGEMENT and look for alternatives and bring in the next CHANGE without allowing the wounded canines to strike back. No use crying over spilt milk; but recollect strength to make a CHANGE.

  • 2

    After electing one of the prolific traitor in modern sri lanka as president,
    Yahapalana gon rala now conspire to get rid of the very man who helped them. Is this irony or what!

    Looks like the rattle snakes are committing suicides!

    There was a country on an economic journey! destroyed everything for the pure greed and now our people raise hands to gods.

    Why did you think that MS was kept as Health Minister, Even then all he did was giving excuses for the Bibile proposals. Go read old news papers.

    Now MS has antagonized the cigarette mafia, well there will be people paying for his head!

    • 2


      “Looks like the rattle snakes are committing suicides!”

      Not all of them.

      Aren’t the clan, cronies and you alive?

  • 4

    Dear Mr Dan Fernando
    I read your comment and I thought I should invite you to look at the bigger picture in the government business in the Republic of Sri Lanka, which I am sure most citizens are clueless.
    As you are aware, Sri Lanka is a representative democracy and the lawmakers have pledged to the people to respect and honour the independence of the judiciary, the Constitution and the law (read the preamble to the constitution).
    Now I invite you to read the following, which is an extract drawn from the judgement dated 07th Oct 2016 given by the Supreme Court dismissing the Fundamental Rights Action [No SC (FR) 233/2016].
    “… What is more significant in deciding the issue is Article 4 (c) of the Constitution, which clearly states, “the judicial power of the people shall be exercised by the Parliament through courts ……….. except in regard to matters relating to the privileges, immunities and powers Parliament and its members, wherein the judicial power of the people may be exercised directly by the Parliament …”
    The said case was filed in the public interest, by a fellow lawyer Mr Dharashana Weraduwage, challenging the conduct of Ranil Wickramasinghe, the UNP MP now holding the office of the Prime Minister in the current administration, referring to a statement he made in the parliament on 07th July 2016 requesting the Speaker to overrule a judgement given by the Supreme Court. The language he used to undermine the authority of the Supreme Court (extract reproduced below) is clearly of an unbecoming of a person who holds the office of the PM on trust.
    “…The Supreme Court does not even have to exercise the judicial power of the people and the Parliament has it, the Court does it on its behalf and the Supreme Court does not have the power to violate the basic tenets of the Constitution; which the Supreme Court has been unfortunately doing in the last decade … ”

    In this regard, it is noteworthy to draw the readers attention to the extract drawn from the ceramonial address made by K Sripavan, the Chief Justice on his inauguration ceremony as Chief Justice, on 09th Jan 2015, wherein he stated as follows.
    “… Credibility of the Judiciary rests in the faith of the people, indispensable to that faith is the independence of the Judiciary…”

    “… The power of the Judiciary depends largely on its reputation for independence, integrity and wisdom…”

    “… It is for the Judiciary to uphold the constitutional values and to enforce the constitutional limitations. That is the essence of the Rule of Law…” and

    the Chief Justice concluded his speech with the following remark made to the lawyers to be firm and uncompromising in their role in the administration of justice.

    “… The members of the legal profession should strive to occupy a prominent place in the heart of the people and the public life in the country. Thus, the strength and stability of a democratic state rests upon the vision and wisdom of its legislature, the efficiency of the Executive and the integrity, impartiality and independence of its Judiciary…”

    I do not intend to make any comment here but leave it you and the rest of the other concerned citizens to understand under what pressure those who refuse to compromise their integrity independence and impartiality perform their role as lawyers in the Republic of Sri Lanka, in the fight against the lawless administration to protect democratic rights of the people, whose sovereign rights are being openly betrayed by corrupt people holding high profile public office.

  • 5

    I agree that both Maithri and Ranil have disappointed, and I rather fear that 2017 is going to be a terrible year. I’m writing from a Bandarawela where most wells have run dry; whether the failure of the monsoon (no visible sign of “drought” yet) or the Uma Oya Scheme is more to blame, I don’t pretend to know.

    Agriculture and power generation are going to be major problems this year.

    Most of DNR Samaranayaka’s complaints are justified, but not that one about “the President’s lavish life-style”. The man is not a villain, but he has disappointed.

    The government and Ranil are also disappointments. Yes, Ven Sobhitha was the hero of January 2015. We would do well to read and digest what the wise “Spring Koha” has to say.

  • 2

    Electing Sirisena As The President: Have We Made The Correct Choice?

    Any pick is good or any pick is bad, if you want to say so.

    If you have oranges and apple and one pick an orange or an apple and if you analyse his/her choice either good or bad then there may be a point or no point.

    But if you have only bananas one picks one banana out that basket and you go ahead and analyse that picking a banana is wrong then, what kind of argument is that or what is the point there?

  • 1


    • 1

      Why should he have convicted anyone ? It is no means his duty but he has not paved the way such lawful entitites to deliver as they should. THat is where has been making a greater mistake. His voice is no powerful enough putting the pressure on the responsible.
      We should be paitent, but our patience should also be respected.
      Life long we cant allow them to wait bringing due reforms. I think thre is a real problem – big rock being stay stand still onthe way not allowing even any tiny move to forward can be possible

      which is: the nature of lankens in general

      If the western counterparts would spend just few weeks to get their most needful bills passed by majority voters of the parliaments, there strategies being applied in convincing the listerners and spectors should be far stronger than those of lanken politicians. Why cant lanken lawmakers be in touch with western counterparts and get their assistance so that our motors can finally start running ?
      Why and for what purpose those funds have been abused for Embassies and their maintenances if the purpose is not to exchange where it is necessary ?
      I think what lanken politicans should be proactive in getting the sources through diplomatic connections. The western countries will surely help SRILANKA if they would have been approched by going through proper channels.
      Just allowing idiotic extremists to spread the kind of assistance shoudl also be stopped by every means by instroducing code of regualtions how the media institutions should telecast or broadcast views not misleading the torn nation.

    • 0

      I agree. Well analysed and presented with glaring facts throughout. None of these people can grasp what he is talking about. So sad. That is the crux of the problem today. lacking the simple logic of understanding a simple issue.

  • 0

    In life, one has to make a choice at a given juncture. After having made the choice, there is no point in saying that “We made the wrong choice”. Everything has its pros and cons. It is known that the Rajapakse regime delivered. But at what cost? No one can yet prove the acts of alleged corruption. I was and am convinced that there was corruption judging from the opulent liofe styles of the then Presidential Princes.

    I knew very well that in choosing MS, the delivery rate won’t be that good. I also knew that the picture would not be that rosy as painted (like promising the moon!). I knew that they are likely to choose catchy phrases like “Yahapalanaya”. The opulency of the Presidential Prince is not that bad as the previous ones, but I did not in my wildest dreams expect him to be such a buffoon to disgrace his father’s name in geeting involved in night club fight. The former princes knew the fine art of romance where they were able to use enjoy the pleasures of the flesh of the women of their choice and maintaining the loyalty of them. The present guy appears to be absolutely crude. It is surmised that women in the club would have requested the owner not to let him in, resulting in the brawl due to denial.

    What has to understood is that the general trend is that it would go from bad to worse, irrespective of the ruler or leader elected. In the past we had leaders who sacrificed their personal wealth for politics. When Mr. Dudley Senanayake passed away, some say that his Bank balance was only Rs. 400/=. Now! You enter into politics to earn for seven generations.

    • 1

      I really dont think your thoughts could ever be right.

      If not chosen, who woudl have been the leader… things would have been reached all the dread ends by today….

      I am not in SL, I know what I am talking about… the entire west was against Mahinda Jarapakshe…. lankens were compared to those of Lybia, North Korea, Irak and the like countries… the manner Rajaakshes and their brutal men rejected leaders not allowing entering the countries were all criticised by International community.
      it was a greater mistake them the Rajakashes to feel that we ONE another poor developing nation to boast about our 0.0000000000000000001% achievements… being swollen on a war victory .. not considering those winning and defeating both are srilankens.. … made us permement fools… LIke spit on facing up…
      You guys will never get it man.. I think today situation is thousand times better than under Meeharaka and his cronies, but we still need to achieve lot more.

      Besides, people are very like fools, I mean majority of the nation. Please check the posts being spread viral through Face B.
      There they just sell their STUPIDIEs.

      How come ? They have no thinking abilities. All alone the folks ahve been fed with WRONGFUL views about the country.

  • 0

    Under the circumstances that is the most feasible thing that the Sinhala polity could have done. Bensen Berner

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