25 June, 2022


Escalation In Surveillance Of NGO Activities – NPC

The National Peace Council has expressed deep concern over the increasing and continuous surveillance of civil society activities by the Rajapaksa-regime using military and law enforcement authorities in the post-war period.

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

In a media statement issued yesterday, the NPC has noted the escalating surveillance operations – initially widely prevalent in the North and East but now spread to the entire country – includes every aspect of civilian life including weddings, puberty ceremonies, memorial services in addition to seminars and workshops organised by civil society organisations in the North.

Underpinning their accusations and concerns, the NPC has pointed out that during the past month, its activities implemented under the inter-religious reconciliation programme have been subjected to surveillance by security forces on three occasions.

Among the three incidents where the NPC activities were disturbed by military and police surveillance were:

1) An inter-religious dialog in Kandy

– the event had been held inside a private hall of a reputed civil society organization. Despite informing the relevant authorities of the event, intelligence personnel had entered the hall in civvies and had recorded the discussion.

2) An event in Galle

-Despite inviting the local Police to attend the event,another Police team had arrived at the premises to investigate the programme

3) A youth Amity camp in Addalaichenai in the East

– Although the local police and local government authorities had been informed of the event, uniformed military personnel with weapons had arrived and questioned the organisers of the programme on three separate occasions over a two day period.

The NPC has pointed out that two of the incidents occurring outside the former war zones of the North and East indicates surveillance is now being carried out in the entire country.

In its statement, the NPC has also pointed out that this type of activity has resulted in the polarization of social relationships and a perpetuation of such conditions of insecurity will contribute to the creation of a lasting social mistrust between communities and jeopardize reconciliation. It has also stressed on the fact that such spying on civilian activities will also lead to the emergence of forces that lack faith in peaceful methods to rectify their grievances as happened in the 70s.

“The government needs to recognize that the surveillance of civil society activities by members of security forces strikes fear and resentment in the minds of the people – particularly those of the ethnic and religious minorities that would in turn lead to self-censorship and reluctance to voice their grievances,” the statement notes adding if not, the concerns will remain stifled and would continue to fester within the hearts of the people who feel  victimized and deprived of justice.

Writing furthermore, the NPC has pointed out the breakdown of affection towards the government as a result of the public being intimidated due to spying and surveillance, will turn the reconciliation process harder to achieve.

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    Doesn’t this guy look a psychopath?

    • 5

      Leon, you read my mind.
      He just doesn’t look like one but he is one.

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    An Inter Religious group singing Hymns and listening to Pirith surely doesn’t warrant Army attendance, unless the soldiers have nothing else to do.

    Youth Amity sessions between rural Sinhalese and rural Tamils both are obviously non Vellalas, can’t be anything more than a Paduru Party with a few Manoharan and MS numbers.

    Our Muslim youth won’t come for those anyway.

    Army dudes dropping in is possible for a good time. Probably they would have brought some grog for the boys too.

    But the unspecified Event in Galle is a worry, mainly because it is unspecified.

    Could it be that Puberty Celebrations which the NPC is on about?.

    But I am flabbergasted to hear Dr Jehan Prerea and his Peace Council mates hold Period Parties for their daughters.

    Because my Colombo Elite mates laugh at the rural Sinhalese who still practice these rituals.

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    ‘Escalation in Surveillance’? Where in the world is it otherwise?

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    Actually there are some reasons behind this escalation in surveillance.

    An inter-religious dialog in Kandy,

    Kandy is sacred city where “Dalada Maligawa” situated. No NGO’s are allowed to organize any kind of Inter-religious or other religious activities in that Holy City. In Kandy our Mahanayaka’s will allow only to have Night Car races with foreign Prostitutes and unlimited “Mathata Thitha” and only Carlton Sports Club has that exclusive right as sponsor of the Carlton Sports Club has blood relationship with Lord Buddha.

    The other activities are strictly prohibited in Kandy except Bomb attacks from Karuna Amman and Pilleyan.

    Our Govt. has received some intelligence information that this NGO is influencing people not give evidence to the Govt. appointed War Crimes Investigation Panel and encouraging them to go in front of Madam Pillay’s Panel. That is the reason behind this surveillance.

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    Reconciliation between all communities is the least on their minds. The more society is divided and sectarianism is rife, society will play right into their hands. It is the divide and rule policy that best suits their interests. If there is reconciliation and consensus, then the bone of contention will be turned towards them (the government) for their ineptitude, misrule, poor governance, rash blunders, foolish ideas to set up the many white elephants when people are struggling to survive paying massive amounts of their earnings on electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, bread, milk powder and other basic necessities, whist they live it out in style bathed in super luxury comfort. Therefore to continue living in their dream world ‘heaven on earth’ lifestyles and continue accumulating their ill-gotten wealth which they plan to take with them into the hereafter, it becomes more necessary for them to keep the broth on the boil and simmering all the time.

    In comparison, I would like to make one simple contrasting example with a very small state like in Qatar, where through government subsidy, the minimum price is alway maintained on at least one staple food and that has never changed for the last 15 years. That is Arab bread (what is famously and popularly known as Khubus). It is affordable by everyone, and eating it can be sufficient as an entire meal. Priced at a pack of 10 Khubus for just 1 Riyal. It is a means to ensure than no one goes hungry and EVERYONE can afford it, and by the way there are none so poor living in Qatar. This bread never runs short in supply and plenty available in all sales outlets throughout the country, throughout the year. It is probably the same in all of the other Arab countries as well.

    Being a SL Muslim and having lived there, I always felt I was most welcome in every place I went. It was a truly great experience to be in a blessed country with absolute peace of mind, with nothing to fear over what could happen next. The fear used to be who would turn up next at the doorstep next, like for instance asking to fill-up forms for purposes such as racial segregation and getting singled out for attacks. You cannot refuse since he is a Police Officer and you don’t want to oblige as it may be like signing your death knell. Either way a hopeless situation. The only option available to just sign it off and be resigned to one’s fate.

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    This is brau ha ha from Jehan. The intelligence people only seem to come when they are invited, the recent incident in Maradana amply demonstrate that they are napping and the Embassy staff together with dollar vultures are free to do what they desires.

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    Jehan and Norwegian Kroner at work…………………

    Educated at harvard. Salviating for NRK.
    Jehan get involved in something useful that suit your credentials instead of coughing for others.

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    Every country does that.

    SL should closely monitor NGOs like Saudi, USA, India, Russia, China, etc.

    NGOs are NOT above the law.

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      Thank you for you wonderful advise…………FAT-SHIT-MA FUCK-U-SHIMA!!!!! Are you back in Colombo on vacation from the ME brothels.

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    You have no concept of the inner workings of the actual NGO. They will lie, cheat and steal to obtain their funding from Western agencies that are happy to give out the money and turn a blind eye to the discrepancies.

    Falsehoods mean nothing to these people just as long as their salaries are paid.

    Just take the AHRC as an example.

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