4 June, 2023


Ex-Senior DIG Anura Senanayake And Former Narahenpita Crimes OIC Further Remanded Over Thajudeen Murder

Former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake and Former Crimes OIC of the Narahenpita Police Sumith Perera was ordered to be further remanded till September 7 by the Colombo Additional Magistrate today. They are currently in remand custody for concealing evidence with regard to the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen.

Anura Senanayake

Anura Senanayake

In May, Senanayake was arrested by the CID following several days of questioning over the murder. The arrest was made after the Narahenpita ex-OIC shared vital information with the CID over the cover up of Thajudeen’s killing.

Thajudeen, the former Havelock SC captain, was killed in Colombo in May 2012 in what appeared to be an accident, but it was later ruled as a murder, with the accident staged.

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  • 12

    GOOD ! Keep them inside or they will tamper with evidence, which they have done and also threaten witnesses, which they have done too.

    Hence there is ample and irrefutable circumstances to keep them incarcerated till the end of the case.

    Let them ROT in jail.

    • 1

      I wonder why the commentators dont add much to this topic ?

      Is that because they are no intrested in ?

      Or CT block their comments ?

      Else, people should have all various thoughts as to why the man in custody does not reveal anything yet

  • 14

    Why not this man is prisoned ?

    If he would nt reveal what CID and the authoriteis make every effort to get him – alone that should be enough to put the man in jail for the rest of his life.

    At least in few years, he will come back to reveal what he knows about the very incident.

    The kind of cases are also telecasted from the US or Europeans countries.

  • 13

    The two MARA kids should be in the courts instead of these two policemen in my opinion as they had the motives. If AS the ass wants to be the fall guy for a family of mafia-like thugs, then let him be; but that MUST NOT deter the law enforcement agencies from tracking down, prosecuting and punishing everyone involved: i.e. with the motive for murder, planning, committing and giving orders for the commitment and subsequent cover up of murder, and other professionals like that former MO and AG Department officers that were accessories to the cover up and misleading courts with their lies. This case must set the benchmark for the dispensation of fair justice in SLK, regardless of the personal and mob-power of those that were involved in this dastardly murder. No excuses what so ever to be otherwise.

  • 9

    Nothing will happen.
    There are too many fart sounds and smells in all direction and we will never see shit.

  • 10

    Still wanting to play ‘Tough’ eh !. Keep him inside until the Rajayakhas join him in the vey near future.

  • 8

    All this and in few months or a year at the most…they walk.

  • 0

    Real hero who helped Sir. Gotabaya Rajapaksa to develop the Colombo city. Should be freed from all criminal charges. I have his music CD, very harmony songs. Good people always illtreated, thats the current goverment policy. Go yahapalanaya Go home.

    • 0

      Eat punnakku further, you will never grasp it.I dont see any difference between you and any grass eaters of the world.

      Gotabaya is a person who has taken the lives of unknown number of people – ALONE in the post war sessions.

      Beautification of colombo was good, but that any good leader could do easily.

      You universal franchise was abused by Rajakshes, they will do so in the future today if their neck would be not cut at this stage.

    • 0

      You perfectly know we can t achieve 100% Good governance so long all repltiles are entwined in the society as a metastasized cancer patient would have to fight in many ways to surive the life.

      Truth as it is we experience some degree of justice being served today than had been under Mr Megalomaniac during the neferious decade.

      There do exist an economic crisis in the country – the way mismangement of high sums belong to state – during the last govt. Day by day, people will know more as to why they collapsed.

      Alone those deals -money grabs making up billions of dollars cant ALL be JUST lies – my 15 year old grand son questined me.

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