30 May, 2024


Exclusive: Navy Report Reveals Shocking Details Of Yoshitha Rajapaksa’s Rise – Ukraine Paid The Bills

After violating all laid down norms for recruitment to the Sri Lanka Navy, the son of former President Yoshitha Kanishka Rajapaksa received a 13th month course sponsored and paid for by Ukrinmarsh, the Ukranian Government’s “State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade and Investment Firm.” This was followed by other courses including one to become a Doctor of philosophy.

YoshithaIt was all arranged by Udayanga Weeratunga, former Sri Lanka Ambassador to Russia and first cousin of Rajapaksa. This clearly shows that Weeratunga, who stands accused by the Ukranian Government of selling weapons to pro Russian separatist rebels was operating hand in glove with the former President and his brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, former Defence Secretary.

After the new government came to power, the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera appointed a three member Board of Inquiry to probe Yoshitha Rajapaksa. This came on the directions of the Ministry of Defence in January this year.

The Board was chaired by Rear Admiral D.W.B. Wettawa and comprised Commodore U.S.R. Perera and Commodore M.M.V.B. Medegoda. Their report reveals some shocking details:

  • The qualification requirement for the 45th Intake of Officer Cadets, to which Cadet Y.K. Rajapaksa, (NRX 2431) belongs, was to have six credit passes for GCE (OL) in one sitting including English, Mathematics, Science and Sinhala in addition to GCE (AL) two passes. This is what had been advertised. Going through his personal file, it became apparent he has NOT obtained a credit pass for Sinhala in the same sitting. Certificates for both AL and OL are not available in his file.
  • The Board did not come through any material evidence to substantiate whether the Navy took a decision to accept the GCE (OL) examination results in consequent years (2003/2004) produced by Cadet Y.K. Rajapaksa. Therefore, the Board cannot make a conclusive statement on his enlistment. It is possible this could have been considered as a special case.
  • When Cadet Rajapaksa was undergoing training at the Naval Maritime Academy, three senior Navy sailors have been assigned to provide security for him. This is in addition to security provided for the training area by the Presidential Security Division (PSD).

Navy sources told Colombo Telegraph these special arrangements and other privileges including the selection of Lt. Rajapaksa for special prizes were given by one time Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda.

  • Cadet Rajapaksa was not sent on a scholarship to the Britannia Royal Naval College. This slot has been obtained on payment basis exclusively for Cadet Rajapaksa.
  • He has later been attached to the Royal Navy for two more courses in sea training.
  • Thereafter, Rajapaksa who was then a Midshipman (after joining as Sub Lieutenant) was again attached to the International Sub (Executive)Course at the Maritime Warfare College, HMS Collingwood in Hampshire.

After Rajapaksa reached the rank of Sub Lieutenant, has been selected by his uncle Udayanga Weeratunga to follow a Master’s Diploma in the National University of Defence Academy in Ukraine from 29th October 2009 to 31st August 2010. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary ordered that he be paid his daily foreign allowance, travel and telephone expenses. This was whilst the course was paid for by Ukrinmarsh with whom Weeratunga had close connections. The invitation to young Rajapaksa from Ukrinmarsh came in his own name. Therefore no selection process was held. After finishing that course, he was selected to follow a course in doctor of philosophy.

At the passing out parade in Trincomalee Cadet Rajapaksa was titled “Midshipman of the Year” and was awarded the “Sword of Honour.” This was arranged by former Navy Commander Admiral Karannagoda.

On the directions of the Ministry of Defence Rajapaksa was attached to the Presidential Security Division. After work at Navy Headquarters, he reported to Temple Trees to work for the PSD. He was issued a special identity card for this purpose. The transfer to the PSD has now been stopped.

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  • 48

    Ladies and Gentleman,

    This is one more instance how the Rajapakses destroyed every aspect of good governance we enjoyed. Kudu Mervin with a Doctorate and Minister.
    Kudu Duminda as Monitor in a Ministry but known more as a flesh supplier. Ex-Convict Wharf Clerk as Monitor in the Foreign Ministry.
    The man who cried and became PM accused of massive heroin and ethanol deals and seen in photographs with one of Pakistan’s biggest drug traffickers. Jaliya was only able to grin like a chimpanzee in Washington, where most countries worth their name had distinguished men and women manning the crucial DC position. If I remember well, India’s Ambassador at that time was Madam Nirupama Menon-Rao – earlier their Foreign Secretary.

    Is not the Sinhala Electorate ashamed of what the thieving Rajapakses did to the country in the ten years when they were pillaging the meagure resources of this poor country. Are they not aware the country is now borrowing in dollars and rupees to pay instalments of existing loans. A loan to pay interest or capital of another loan is the first basic law that is discouraged in the industry. To even think of suggesting such a man to come back??? One can understand Dinesh G on his own cannot get 5,000 votes. He has to, therefore, count on stirring up communal and religious strife to come to power. If the FPP system was on, the man would never have been in Parliament in the first place – unless on the National List. Are we a country under some higher curse unwanted by the divine above.


    • 5

      How is it this [Edited out]

  • 22

    What will Yahapalanaya do about it? Expose it officially? Charge different players in the corrupt officials ? Sack this bugr ? Or keep it under the carpet to allow others like Daham Sirisena to use the loopholes ???

  • 22


    C.T will expose.

    You and I will comment.That is all.
    The Rajapakse caravan moves on.

    Yahapalanaya is camped at YALA.

  • 28

    Who in this village buffoon’s family could play a piano, let alone a grand piano. These village clown’s cannot even play drums on a wooden plank, who the heck gave them a piano?

    • 4

      Village Buffoons? How pathetic can you be. Is the piano a luxury thing that is made and played by the so called high class society in Colombo. You are an asshole. It does not matter if one comes from the village or the city. That is a mean thing to say and clearly shows that how low you can be. It was the President’s house. Does it matter if he plays or his kids play the piano for him to have one. Have you been or seen any of the previous governments had them while they were in power. This is all because of the drama created by the media you get to see things that has been enjoyed by every family who came into power. Keep in mind Sajith had his education in Uk and wonder who paid for his education while his father was a public servant and was also a village buffoon. I feel sorry for you for your mentality coz I too was educated in a leading Christian private school and we too come from the so called privileged fanilies. But our parents taught us to respect everyone else.

  • 16

    Check who supplied arms to Indian terror groups? Answer: Avant Gard.
    Investigate Gota.

    How come US is not requesting Srilankan government that they want to question Gota (US Citzen) for dealing with terror groups.

  • 9

    All Sri Lankan must aware that the Rajapaksha’s Family corruptions and illegal activities.
    Former President Mahinda Rajapaksha has honoured as given political leadership for conclude the brutal war. But people not given permission to make massive corruptions and looting Sri Lankan government property.
    we all know most politicians have their own hidden agenda. no one honestly came to serve innocent people.
    Sri Lankan Must change theirs attitude and thinking.

  • 9

    As far as I can recall,(in the 60’s and 70’s) A GCE ‘OL” with exceptional sports achivements at national level and above was considered good enough to join the forces as a cadet officer with 4 years cadetship or as a trainee sub inspector in the police with a training period of 6 months.
    Training of the officer cadets were usually in the UK, Sandhurst for the military and Dartmouth for the Navy and Halton or Henlow also in the UK for the
    Air Force. When Sri Lanka was declared a republic the British concessions given for training facilities skyrocketed and alternative arrangement were made with India and Pakistan for officer training. Still it takes a good four years to learn the ‘ropes’.
    One cannot do the ‘Masters’ without ‘Bachelor’. Perhaps when you are somebody, high and mighty and money to walk on anything can be achieved is the moral of the story.

  • 7

    Of course, Udayanga knows this trade well.

    He obtained his first degree despite not attending lectures after his first year. He got his PhD without doing any research or writing anything by himself. Both from Ukraine. He is also a ‘Dr’ in MR’s (and supporters’) eyes.

    He must have simply made his expertise available to his masters.

  • 9

    That’s a concert grand piano! Wonder who plays it, who paid for it!!

  • 2

    The one with a cup of tea in the hand is Yoshitha’s “piano”
    the one in the background is a Grand Piano.

  • 2

    To some of our Baboons this is the biggest issue Sri Lanka facing now. If you go through history of Sri Lankan politics almost all the children of politicians had special privileges. Yoshita was sponsored by a foreign country. Whats big deal? Are the other politicians in power today Clean? Or worse?

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