16 July, 2024


Expose: ‘Kangaroo Court’ Member Dr Rajitha Also A RS 7.5 Million Golden Key Depositor

By Colombo Telegraph

A Minister and a member of the notorious Parliamentary Select Committee which investigated Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake was also among the Golden key depositors the Colombo Telegraph can reveal today.


The name sited as Dr N.H.R.H. Senaratne,  NIC number 501501760 V, who deposited RS 7,500,000 is none other than Dentist and MP Rajitha Senaratne. This information has been extracted from Watawala report.

By being a Golden Key Depsitor, Dr. Senaratne demonstrates a significant personal interest in an important part of the subject matter under inquiry. What makes matters worse, is the fact that he has not at any stage disclosed this conflict of interest to the CJ or her legal team – and CJ would have been well within her rights to object to him being a member if this was done. If the PSC purports to exercise ‘judicial power’, such undisclosed (and apparently hidden) personal interest arguably constitutes denial of the requirements of natural justice. It could also be argued to amount to corruption, in as much as the PSC would effectively be seeking to consider the propriety of the CJ’s conduct in relation to the Golden Key case, which can only be done by persons who (unlike Rajitha Senaratne) have NO personal financial interest in the matter. Another serious and ugly concern arises – whether those who secured Dr. Senaratne’s appointment to the PSC were (a) aware of this conflict of interest and were furthering such corruption and/or sought to use such conflict of interest to somehow procure purported ‘findings’ to the detriment of the CJ, and more seriously to the detriment of the Rule of Law and due judicial process and judicial independence.

Many commentators describe the Parliamentary Select Committee against Chief Justice as a Kangaroo Court

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    This man deposited his money in a crooked Financial Institution and lost it.

    How can that be a conflict of of interest between him and the Chief Justice of the country?.

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      Oh Sumane, are you a kiri baba born yesterday?

      The Minister should disclose his income to income tax and he waw responsible for charging Wijedasa Rajapaksa for defrauding taxes earlier. So, he should do better than Wijedasa.

      He should also disclose it in his assets and liabilities statement and cannot find CJ guilty of not doing so.

      If CJ gave a verdict unfavourable to depositors of this crooked financial institution, then, the Minister is a loser and to prevent that he has all the incentives to have a CJ of his choice appointed to that post. That is the conflict of interest.

      • 0

        Oh I get it now,

        Why would the CJ give an unfavorable decision?

        Isn’t this a open and shut case where thousands of mums and dads including our village mums who slaved in the Middle East lost their hard earned Dough?

        Or one more thing. Didn’t know that Wijedasa dude is a Tax Cheat too.

        Thanks Lover J.

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    One thing I can tell you.If he has earned that money illegally and spend on Children education then children will have to pay that sin.Being a doctor he should have realised that.

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    Is there any honest politician left in SL ?

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    Country would have been much better without These fuc…g politicians.

    We don’t need them anymore. They should be kicked out and should burn the Parliament for Good.They are leeches who suck people’s blood doing nothing.

    Let the people work and spend the the money for their needs……without politicians…….and Judiciary could administer the Law and order.

    Basil Rajapakse is the Biggest Ho..a. ….giving fake economic figures.

    I bet there did not come one million touricts to Sri Lanka in 2012.

    Hotels say they were less than 2011. BARA ruins the tourist industry.

    Sri Lanka’s Ashchariya.

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    Let us start the second innings of impeachment and appointment of a stooge. Expose all ills of PSC members including ,financial, terrorist, PRAA, sexual, bribes, crimes etc.

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