29 November, 2021


Fell Into A Well At Night – Fell Into The Same At Daytime

By Suranimala Umagiliya

We are back to square one. The die is cast and Sri Lankans have once more shown that the inherent latent base tribal instincts are alive. None of the moderate, enlightened and a humane voice is heard, other than within the converted. When Robert Knox said “the Cingalese are a cunning lot who mistake the low-level cunning they possess to be a high level of Intelligence,” he was not wrong by far.

Easter Sunday attacks by terrorists are three weeks away. The principal targets were the Catholics at prayer. The high-end hotels were attacked for maximum attention. The terror group ISIS identify the Catholics with the West and therefore belong at the top of the pile of Infidels. Yet they undoubtedly are terrorists. Quite rightly the Muslims in Sri Lanka from the highest to those Muftis, spread across the world condemned the attacks. The Muftis and the Mullas were categorical that the Quoran was misinterpreted by the terrorists. They went further. No Muslim burial was to be accorded to them. How much more can be said or done to condemn the attackers by their own community and religious leaders?

Take a quick peek at the scorecard of Sri Lanka since Independence. The Sinhalese by virtue of numbers have been the ruling right through. It is, therefore, the Sinhalese who must take the credit or blame for the state of the country. I leave it to you to peg our country vis a vis others for the physical quality of life successive Sinhalese governments have rendered to us. Sinhalese-Buddhist, was coined by politicians with a low level of cunning to dupe the Sangha and the masses to believe that they were a special breed. They forget that in such belief they have nothing much to show for it. Not even the purest form of Buddhism preached by Gautama Buddha, which too has over time politicised into a hybrid version in practice by the Sinhalese.

Let us cut to the chase and discuss the core issue of this article. The hounding, assaulting, vandalising of Muslims who have nothing to do with terrorists, has begun. Please check the video where this Buddhist monk is praising the Catholic Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. He has not understood the essence of the appeal of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. He only takes one sentiment and that too out of context, either because he lacks comprehension and or is foolish, or is cunning enough to use such for his advantage however, misplaced it may be. The monk leading the mob paying tribute to the Cardinal quotes him by saying the Cardinal acknowledged that Sri Lanka is the land of Sinhala Buddhists and the other minorities will do well to understand that. He stuttered but did not go so far to say the minorities will live by that edict but the body language conveyed it.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s message was to overcome hatred through love. That was the message from the Holy Bible Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith conveyed to his flock. That was a symbolic pronouncement which his flock followed. Did the Maha Nayaka’s follow suit? Nay.

The violence unleashed on innocent Muslim brothers and sisters seems to be the work of politicians. The foolish will believe that they are government politicians. It is those who have fostered and feasted on constantly reminding that the Sinhala-Buddhists need an enemy, who stands to gain.

Sri Lanka will keep repeating the same mistakes. The majority in the villages and other hangers-on around corrupt politicians do not have the capacity of thought and the good men keep silent.

What is the prognosis? The Tamils were chased in 1983. They were accepted in droves by Uk, Australia, Canada, Italy, USA, France and other developed nations. They have done better for themselves than staying behind in Sri Lanka. Their children have gone on to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Accountants. They have bought Houses, Cars and enjoy high-level medical care. In other words, all the modern conveniences that are but normal in such countries. Why did they not achieve such in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka does not have a robust economy and extend equal opportunity. Corruption and graft are endemic.

With such attacks on Muslims, it is but natural for developed countries take them in as refugees. They too will have a better life and their next of kin will go on to become Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and Engineers whilst the Sinhala-Buddhists will be left to run Sri Lanka exactly like they have run it since Independence.

The only appeal to the Sinhala-Buddhists (I am one too) who do not seem to have the capacity nor intelligence to respect humanity and separate the criminal element from the innocent, is to delve deep into another inherent emotion. Just as Robert Knox said if the low level cunning cannot be used they must respond to the other emotion – Jealousy. If you do not attack innocent Muslims they will not be able to go and live in developed nations as refugees. Thenceforth their next of kin will not have equal opportunity to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Accountants. Try that.

Will we do that or continue to fall into the well which we fell in the night, at daytime?

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  • 33

    IRONY is that those who are being attacked by the so called Buddhists are fasting in this holy month of Ramadan hence they are practicing the Pansil or Panchasila. The five precepts of Buddhist morality. Namely:

    Do not take life
    Do not take what is not given
    Do not distort facts
    Refrain from misuse of the senses
    Refrain from self-intoxication through alcohol or drugs

    Who are currently really Buddists ? and who are not ?

    • 13

      Almost everyone lived at least for some years are well aware of the fact, that the buddhism down there in SL are just the make up.
      They go on preaching, but when it goes to hurt the other, they are the world champions. There they dont care about them being wrapped by SIWURU or anything :
      Best example was loudly and hurtfully displayed by GHANASARA until he got caught for one another crime, and not convicted criminal, spending his SODOMY-AFFINE life in a cell in Colombo.
      So five precepts as I learnt in Daham School are often broken today by THOSE SIVURU wearing monks themselves. Those monks now are caught lanken lime light, ones by name ” BADDHIYA” “Gunawansha” or the like keep on spreading hatreds and hate mongering speeches some how not telling it directly.
      However, alone the wording they are used to repeat in their public speechchesseem to have no bounderies.
      ” meka apee ratee… this is our country.. this is a country for buddhists ” why on earth these BPs and WPs go on saying that, if we sinhalayas are used to say so, the questions such as ” where is the country for tamils, muslims and others”, automatically come up.
      Those who have brains stay away from not giving a damn about mentioning these alarming issues. THis country and society is so rotten by date, as nothing can heal them … nor even think of it… saddest reality

    • 17

      Hope, there are at least some Lankans who are starting to realize that …… we are sliding into the unknown …………..

      The Bandaranaykes unleased a brand of gutter politics that started the rot ……….. now the demons they unleashed are coming home to roost ……….. now the Bandaranayakes themselves are not safe from what they unleashed; they are no safer than you or I. Now, the Rajapakses don’t care/give a hoot for their mentors the Badaranayekes; their use by date has passed.

      One day the demons the Rajapakses are unleashing now will come back to haunt them ………. Just like the Bandaranayakes, one day the Rajapakses themselves – when their used by date has passed – won’t be safe from their acolytes.

      The tragedy for the country is …….. the demons the Bandaranaykes unleashed, the Rajapakses, are worse than them ……….. and the demons the Rajapakses are unleashing now are even worse than the Rajapakses themselves.

      It’s a spiralling race to the bottom.

      Hope at least some will get/see what I am struggling to articulate here.

      • 4

        Nimal Fernando@
        We cant see the light at the tunnel regarding any good leader with the talent to do the good work for the benefit of the masses in this country.
        As for me, as one living in the west for long, only leader who would fearlessly stand against lanken UNCIVILIZED rascals but being bound to LAW AND ORDER is the only alternative for the future.
        He should have the guts to stand for it…. Mr Wirkamasinghe is decent but he is TOO slow at work… but I dont think Sajith Premadasa woudl have the TOOL to it properly either.. since he lacks so much of BROADER thinking. Just pleasing his bums, being close to SIRISENA what he has been doing is just cutting his neck by his own.
        Mr Nagananda Kodithuwakku would be a better choice if his profile would have been KNOWN to the rank and file. For some reaosns his is not becoming that polarised.
        Now the air is so thin… as if we can see it happeneing also in 2020… we are so pessimistic about our future. Greetings from Germany for this day.

  • 2

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  • 17

    low level cunning indeed, personified by our dear leaders MS, MS and MS…and their dear buddy the latter day heavens hooray – for good measure

  • 13

    Sri Lankan State discriminates against Tamil language while Sinhala is for practical purposes the official language. Buddhism is given the foremost place relegating other religions. Sinhalese form the Security forces nearly100%, even the police force in Tamil regions is bulked by Sinhalese. Almost all Government jobs are held by Sinhalese.

    During several riots and pogrom against Tamils and Muslims Sinhalese mobs were not prosecuted and justice was not done to the victims.

    The security forces committed genocide of about 150,000 Tamils at the end of the war with LTTE with impunity. Even today Security forces aid and abet Sinhalese rioters.

    Sinhala youth that formed the JVP were the first terrorists. Sinhalese mobs that attacked, raped and killed Tamils are terrorists, because their goal was to terrorize the Tamils and plunder their properties.

    After the Easter Sunday massacre many voices are advocating unity among the ethnic groups and religions to eliminate IS-linked terrorism. Such calls emanating from foreign state actors and the UN must also look at the State’s actions that gave rise to terrorism of different kinds.

    No ad hoc solution or fight against terrorism with international help or expert advice is going to solve the fundamental problem: the Sri Lankan State does not offer equality for its citizens of all communities; it does not provide justice for the minorities; it does not provide equal opportunities for all entice groups.

    So long as Sri Lankan State enforces Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony, minority communities will continue to feel that the state does not represent their democratic aspirations for equality and justice.

    Switzerland and Singapore are shining examples where three communities are treated equally and justly and they prosper peacefully.

    Will Sinhalese leaders ever come up with the vision to build an inclusive, just nation for all its citizens?

  • 15

    Does the government has the guts to arrest and jail this monk for inciting violence.

  • 10

    some of what the cardinal said is good but some are not so good
    he talks of the wrath of god but to true christians god is a god of love
    as an imagined expert on security he wants the houses of all muslims and catholics searched
    but the attacks on mosques and business premises of moderate muslims in the nwp is the work of extreme sinhala buddhists but he has exclude them from the search
    when he talks of peace he is a man of god but when he attacks the dereliction of the present govt without naming names he is getting into politics
    time he took a breather in the present context and left talk of peace to the mahanayakes

  • 19

    I am sure this Monk belongs to Rajapaksha Nikaya. Very good speech according to the teachings of Rajapaksha nikaya. This kind of Monks should get the same dose of medicine as Galagoda Aththe Gnasara got.

    • 9

      Lapatiyo, not just to thatonly but RAJAPAKSHE PINGUTHTARA nikaya… this monk seems to have no sense, but just drops down it as fish mongering man would do it at the fish slap.
      We talk high about our buddhism, being the predominantly in SL, but the message being sent by the kind of low lives being wrapped by SANGA costumes are the real criminals behind them.
      These pseudo men are the bread makers of Rajapakshe blood thirsty political doctrine. They have been indocrinated by Rajapakshe loyalists on and on.

  • 2

    Like to see Mangala and Dr Ranil’s mates opening their Embassies to issue PR permits , like they did for the Tamils.
    If they do, it will be great , because not only this Writer even I want them to become Doctors . Engineers, and Lawyers. which is a good thing.
    Although Education does not seem to neutralize their Radicalism..

    Sinhala Buddhists on the other hand aren’t welcome in the West, unless they are UNP supporters with a Lot of Dosh.
    .Politikkas are exempt of course.-
    Good example is the JVP Bosses who left ,leaving the poor cadres behind.

    Are the trouble makers real Sinhala Buddhists in those areas.?
    I don’t think so, because the Cardinal himself said the Mobs who started all this in Negambo are migrants.
    I mean from other parts.

    BBS, PHU, and Mahasonas I don’t think can come under cover
    Pohottuwa supporters now are not certainly in the same category as Cingalese …who welcomed Robert Knox.
    Besides there is no one , absolutely no one from the Yahapalana Government who has put the hand up to challenge Nandasena,

    So who are the Politikkas who benefit from the these Mobs?.
    Dr Ranil has a heck of a lot of unfinished Yahapalana Business in his MOU with the West and the TNA ,
    Even Kirra is now desperate to get the CTA.

    Emergency means no Elections.
    No wonder no one from the Yahapalanaya is putting the hand up…-

    I am more than certain that Manggi, Dr Ranil, NGOs Sampathar, Abraham and the West are not going let Nandasen become the first uncontested President of the Mahavamsa……

  • 12

    Why is he saying these are Portuguese born again?
    All are spokesman for the new SLPP who was responsible for digana attack , was not some SLPP members caught red handed and remanded for digana attacks.???
    Are The Sinhalese willing to drag the country 30 years back according to this monk advice ?
    Think well and act

  • 8

    SALUTE to you. What have been venting here for years is put in simple but succinct words. Thank you so so much. I believe after living along with the Cingalese for years the rest too has become Brain Dead but extremely cunning. Until now I had been addressing Lankans as retards but now I have decided to address as BRAIN DEAD, which is more appropriate, not a diagnosis but pathological (physiological) state of their mind. As I mentioned elsewhere people who left have done very well and shown significant progress as a community.

  • 6

    Please send a copy to one Rajeewa who is a cunning racist and an expert in alternate facts.

  • 17

    As long as there are donkeys like this fellow in yellow robe there is no hope. Look at his voice and the language, what a shame and what a disgrace. Is this sick bugger talking or hooting? These buggers will ruin themselves and let them go to hell. Thank god most of tamils left this hell hole and now they all can by this pathetic island but what for? Productive sinhalese too have left. Only this type of kupadi Theros and shameless goons will be left behind to further ruin this country. Go ahead thero and you are very close to Buddha.

  • 6

    Just like those terrorists were not Muslims, this fat saffron robed thug is no Buddhist.
    Buddhists do not rabble rouse, spew hatred, but try to bring peace and calm.
    He is a racist trying to to Gnanasara’s place.

  • 3

    Dear Suranimala,
    Very good article.
    As a Srilankan Sinhalese Buddhist, I appeal to the silent majority of peace loving Srilankan Sinhalese Buddhists to condemn the unruly activities of these uncivilised minority Srilankan mobs and inform the Police about their organised activities to ensure that these mobs will not abuse the law of the land to destroy our country.
    I am certain that the “monk” in the video is not a Buddhist Monk.
    It appears that this “monk” is using of the good name of the Lord Buddha to fulfil the aspirations of a handful of nationalists who try to destroy peace and freedom which are supreme goals of Buddhism.
    I have extracted the following passages from an article written by Mr. Gamini Jayaweera on 22 May 2015, titled “Banning Active Politics For Buddhist Monks” published in the Colombo Telegraph. It clearly gives us guidance to identify the noble Sangha from the immoral Sangha:
    “The following stanza from Dhammapada clearly defines the Buddhist Monk’s position in relation to engaging in worldly events.
    “One is the quest for worldly gain, and quite another is the path to Nibbana. Clearly understanding this, let not the monk, the disciple of the Buddha, be carried away by worldly acclaim, but develops detachment instead.”
    “Explaining the Paharada Sutta, Bhikkhu Seelananda of Kandyh has stated
    “The immoral sangha really are impediments to the Order. They commit even grave offences. But there is no immediate assemble of the community of monks and expulsion. Undoubtedly stern actions are to be taken by the Head of the monks and the regime in power in order to purify the Sasana.”
    “It must be said that the majority of our Noble Sangha in Sri Lanka are preaching, practising, and teaching Buddhist principles to uplift the moral values of the lay people. These noble monks have not become “pawns” of the politicians to obtain honorary titles, well paid jobs, and other worldly gains.”

    • 3

      An Observer

      “As a Srilankan Sinhalese Buddhist”

      Could you define and explain what you mean by the above identity?
      If It is nothing more than a habitual rhetoric hyperbole I do not expect you to respond.

      • 1

        Dear Native Vedda,
        In Sri Lanka there are Srilankan Tamil Hindus, Srilankan Tamil Buddhists, Srilankan Tamil, Catholcs, Srilanakan Sinhalese Catholics, Srilankan Sinhalese Hindus, ………………………….…………………and so on.
        As a Srilankan Sinhalese Buddhist, I thought I would state my feelings about the Buddhist Monk’s unacceptable behaviour as demonstrated in the Video.

        Do you think that it is wrong for me to state some of the true facts about Sangha as stated by the Lord Buddha?

        Please do excuse me if I have hurt your feelings.
        May you enjoy good health always.

        • 1

          An Observer

          Thanks for your response.
          I still do not understand what is this all about, Sinhala/Buddhist or Sinhala/Buddhism.
          I am told the phrases came into practice only about 100 years ago, first used by the public racist Anagarika Homeless Dharmapala as a new political identity.
          As you know almost all Sinhalese use this new identities without really understanding the meaning or without a clear definition, which as my Elders tell me have alienated the people from each other.

          I also never understood the meaning of Sri Lanka and how it has become synonymous with this island only after 1972.

  • 6

    The hate spewing Monk is just as bad as the hate spewing terrorist. No difference.
    God have Mercy on us all.

  • 5

    Who ordered army/police to keep blind eye on attackers?

    Whose idea it was to order army & police to do that & throw the blame on Mahasohon & the other controversial chap Namal Kumara?

    Whose idea it was to do that & divert public interest somewhere else & stop investigating Muslims taking part in extremist activities.

    Yes it’s repetition of 83, where the then govt. ordered forces not to attack the attackers to Tamils & passed the blame to JVP & proscribe it.

    Like they silenced the JVP, the average Sinhala voice (the majority) is going to be silenced.

  • 5

    “When Robert Knox said “the Cingalese are a cunning lot who mistake the low-level cunning they possess to be a high level of Intelligence,” he was not wrong by far.”

    Best quote seen in a life time, how very true, should be written in GOLD and hung in the parliament and every household to remind them everyday.

    Only the idiots don’t realise that they are self destructing…sooner or later for sure

    Unfortunately for this land, good people like the author and Malcom Ranjith are migrating to Australia and other places leaving the country with the donkeys and scoundrels

  • 12

    A goon in a safron clad sprays venom to to the mobs and thugs. He has, like Gnansra, enjoys full immunity from hate speech to carnage.
    What a dirty nation??

  • 10

    Lord Buddha would not have approved this kind of rabid Sinhala Buddhism. True there is an issue that has to be resolved amicably and not killing each other or destroying and looting property. This is exactly what this man wants lifting the curfew. He is blaming the President and the PM for enforcing curfew. He seem another Rajapaksa goon who does not see it is the Rajapaksas that have created these National Thawheed Jamath by providing succor to them. If not for curfew that was declared that afternoon on the 21st itself, there would have been a repetition of July ’83. As to whose need this carnage was unleashed is very clear today as many including the Rajapaksa moles as Nmal Kumara crowd being apprehended for inciting and committing violence. This man is barking up the wrong tree.

  • 2

    dont worry call the expert
    the cardinal will bring peace between buddhists and muslims

  • 6

    Is there any law & order in this country? Police cant do their duty. Thugs ( future politicians ) surround police stations. Former thug ( present politician) goes to police station takes out the suspects in his vehicle.Next day has the guts to explain to the people his virtuous act.
    We the Dumb people watch this guy jabbering and say HOORAY! We do say that because we know the so called govt. of this country is powerless to apprehend this thug.
    Some well known thugs are arrested. I am dreading the day they enter politics and the poor police officers have to salute them when they would be in power in this country of lawlessness.
    This morning another of President’s men gives a fu**ing excuse why the president is not in the country when the whole country is bleeding. He is telling us our president is gone to console the Chinese leader for the bombing of a Chinese hotel. So who consoles the people who voted him to the idiotic power he enjoys?
    Dear president when you come back please sack this poor bugger. – Who cares.
    Now coming to the article. Everyone in this country has the freedom to speak. But if that speech incites anyone or of hatred nature that person /s should be put behind bars. Hope the govt would arrest guy in the orange dress ( I wont call him with the venerable title given to people who truly wear that dress}

  • 10

    Suranimala, you have done a brave attempt to send this message across. Majority will not be able to comprehend because the Sinhala Buddhist starting with the chief prelates, priests, political leaders and would be adherents are not only fools, but also retards. I agree 100% with Lankan who share the noble precepts. We are just Buddhist in name only. We are not at all genuine with our beliefs at heart or in our practice. This is an infamy to Buddhism.

  • 8

    So sad to seewhatis happening. It is those who are directly responsible for this carnage are power hungry duo MS, MR, GR not forgetting RW who is also an idiot along with the other three and the rest of the blind idiots in the Parliment.

  • 1

    So sad to see what is happening. It is those who are directly responsible for this carnage are power hungry threesome MS, MR, GR not forgetting RW who is also an idiot and the rest of the blind idiots in the Parliament..

  • 7

    The way Buddhist monk is speaking is nonsense how can a Buddhist monk talk like that no discipline
    spreading hatred only hatred speak if we ten monks like this that’s the end of Sri Lanka.

    • 5


      “The way Buddhist monk is speaking is nonsense how can a Buddhist monk talk like that no discipline”

      You are mistaken for these are not Buddhist Monks, but Sinhala/Buddhist saffron clad thugs. Most fascist sympathisers adore them.

  • 2

    Suranimala and Rajan Hoole,s articles both put together with supporting video evidences (of the riots) tells the whole story behind the Easter Tragedy. There is no need for any extensive in depth analysis, geopolitical views, conspiracy theories and other alternate facts. Some who continue to write and readers who comment on these lines , too are aware of these facts , but will continue with their bull shit, because their purpose is to shutdown the truth. It is time, those who are brain dead should realize , we are not and hose who are cunning should realize we are not.

  • 5

    most workers in the muslim owned shops were buddhist. looking up and spitting seems to be in the DNA.

  • 5

    To make it understandable to Racist Sinhala Modayas who calls this country as Buddhist country / Buddha Land is a myth or just fanatism. Who have no brain to believe that this nation does not made up of Sinhala 100% ethnic community.
    They have been brain washed wrongly by whom??
    The present and past days of clergy men in yellow with Narnia chronicles Mahawamsa of rewritten verses to make believes have brain washed the Nationals .
    The true fact is The country was never in its history was 100% Buddhist land to claim that statement.
    Are the deaf dumb and blind following fake statements made by heierachies for their own benefits in the act self destruction continued for decades??
    Ok people wake up from your slumbers and give a thought .
    Who is brain washing whom??
    At present Sinhala community which contains Buddhists and Christians makes 82 % How one can claim a Buddha/ Buddhist nation??
    Out of this 82% according to national statistics how many of the percentage are Christians/ Catholics??
    Minus them will make just 78-80% of Buddhists who worships Lord Buddha!!
    Where is the 100% to call this a Buddha land??
    Please do your maths, and wake up to the facts of truth.
    Please don’t live in ignorance.
    By virtue of thuggery annihilate every other religious believers and conquer , and then only you can make this a Buddhist nation, not otherwise.
    Enough of stupidity ingrained in the false beliefs.
    Racists with education have brain washed the uneducated and they believe in this false beliefs, and continue to destroy our nation.
    Continue to kill and destroy with the help of all Sinhala Racists in Srilanka and by the Sinhala Racists domiciled. abroad continue to destroy theirs and my nation!!
    What for??
    They’re not 100%majority with their false claim??
    Are they all been Brainwashed???

  • 3

    Would the author provide supporting evidence to establish that Singhala Buddhists are behind all the attacks?
    The article does not add anything helpful to understand what is happening apart from whipping the most convenient whipping boy ‘Singhala Buddhists’.
    Before long, it will be a crime to be a ‘Singhala Buddhist’.

    • 1

      Sunil you have a point. Recently the Police discovered a large stock of robes somewhere.

  • 1

    Who is this monk?
    First time I saw this monk.
    The way he talks is like someone who wore the saffron robe the day before the riots.
    It is the duty of the Chief Prelates to verify who this monk is, his Guru Hamuduruvo and his temple.
    If he is a genuine monk (I doubt it), he should be advised to not to use the saffron robe to give a wrong picture of Buddhist priests and Buddhists who are NOT part of these riots.
    It looks like someone has thought the game is incomplete without a video of a man wearing a saffron robe.
    Sinhalese Buddhists don’t approve this type of speeches from Buddhist monks or those who pose as Buddhist monks.
    People will take the right decision at the right time to change the slave government.
    There is no way people use any force other than the BALLOT to change the government.
    Riots have taken place after 3 weeks of the bloodbath when people were tried to get back to their normal lives.
    It looks like the government does not like the society to be peaceful. That is why they themselves created unrest in the country.
    Ordinary citizens, especially Buddhists are NOT a part of the riots.

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