30 May, 2024


Fell Into A Well At Night – Fell Into The Same At Daytime

By Suranimala Umagiliya

We are back to square one. The die is cast and Sri Lankans have once more shown that the inherent latent base tribal instincts are alive. None of the moderate, enlightened and a humane voice is heard, other than within the converted. When Robert Knox said “the Cingalese are a cunning lot who mistake the low-level cunning they possess to be a high level of Intelligence,” he was not wrong by far.

Easter Sunday attacks by terrorists are three weeks away. The principal targets were the Catholics at prayer. The high-end hotels were attacked for maximum attention. The terror group ISIS identify the Catholics with the West and therefore belong at the top of the pile of Infidels. Yet they undoubtedly are terrorists. Quite rightly the Muslims in Sri Lanka from the highest to those Muftis, spread across the world condemned the attacks. The Muftis and the Mullas were categorical that the Quoran was misinterpreted by the terrorists. They went further. No Muslim burial was to be accorded to them. How much more can be said or done to condemn the attackers by their own community and religious leaders?

Take a quick peek at the scorecard of Sri Lanka since Independence. The Sinhalese by virtue of numbers have been the ruling right through. It is, therefore, the Sinhalese who must take the credit or blame for the state of the country. I leave it to you to peg our country vis a vis others for the physical quality of life successive Sinhalese governments have rendered to us. Sinhalese-Buddhist, was coined by politicians with a low level of cunning to dupe the Sangha and the masses to believe that they were a special breed. They forget that in such belief they have nothing much to show for it. Not even the purest form of Buddhism preached by Gautama Buddha, which too has over time politicised into a hybrid version in practice by the Sinhalese.

Let us cut to the chase and discuss the core issue of this article. The hounding, assaulting, vandalising of Muslims who have nothing to do with terrorists, has begun. Please check the video where this Buddhist monk is praising the Catholic Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. He has not understood the essence of the appeal of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. He only takes one sentiment and that too out of context, either because he lacks comprehension and or is foolish, or is cunning enough to use such for his advantage however, misplaced it may be. The monk leading the mob paying tribute to the Cardinal quotes him by saying the Cardinal acknowledged that Sri Lanka is the land of Sinhala Buddhists and the other minorities will do well to understand that. He stuttered but did not go so far to say the minorities will live by that edict but the body language conveyed it.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s message was to overcome hatred through love. That was the message from the Holy Bible Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith conveyed to his flock. That was a symbolic pronouncement which his flock followed. Did the Maha Nayaka’s follow suit? Nay.

The violence unleashed on innocent Muslim brothers and sisters seems to be the work of politicians. The foolish will believe that they are government politicians. It is those who have fostered and feasted on constantly reminding that the Sinhala-Buddhists need an enemy, who stands to gain.

Sri Lanka will keep repeating the same mistakes. The majority in the villages and other hangers-on around corrupt politicians do not have the capacity of thought and the good men keep silent.

What is the prognosis? The Tamils were chased in 1983. They were accepted in droves by Uk, Australia, Canada, Italy, USA, France and other developed nations. They have done better for themselves than staying behind in Sri Lanka. Their children have gone on to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Accountants. They have bought Houses, Cars and enjoy high-level medical care. In other words, all the modern conveniences that are but normal in such countries. Why did they not achieve such in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka does not have a robust economy and extend equal opportunity. Corruption and graft are endemic.

With such attacks on Muslims, it is but natural for developed countries take them in as refugees. They too will have a better life and their next of kin will go on to become Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and Engineers whilst the Sinhala-Buddhists will be left to run Sri Lanka exactly like they have run it since Independence.

The only appeal to the Sinhala-Buddhists (I am one too) who do not seem to have the capacity nor intelligence to respect humanity and separate the criminal element from the innocent, is to delve deep into another inherent emotion. Just as Robert Knox said if the low level cunning cannot be used they must respond to the other emotion – Jealousy. If you do not attack innocent Muslims they will not be able to go and live in developed nations as refugees. Thenceforth their next of kin will not have equal opportunity to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Accountants. Try that.

Will we do that or continue to fall into the well which we fell in the night, at daytime?

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  • 32

    There’s no first class second class citizens in Srilanka. All Srilankans have equal rights as citizens of the Country. People like you create more terrorists , and a threat to Srilanka .These monks should learn from Sangakkara.

    • 29

      Certainly the Sinhala people are going nuts when everyone says it’s not a Buddhist country, why not call it a ” RACIST BUDDHAGAME LAND” ?? Can you still go Nuts??
      Or “KILLING FIELDS OF BUDDHAGAMA LAND ” Or more to the point

    • 27

      Champa, Such, JD , Eagle beagle,
      NUTS the Sinhala Racist majority are going Nuts because they have been brain washed to believe they’re pure, they belong to this Buddha land.
      They do not make 100% Buddhists ! Then how, certainly you have been brainwashed. Now time to sit and think.
      Crap! What crap?
      Mahawamsa Narnia chronicles fabricated and adapted with all the lies by the saffron robed Parasites.
      Srilankan Buddhists have lost the plot.

      • 18

        Will some one pass a message to Lord Nasty , Oh ‘Blake that this land belongs to
        Sinhala Buddhists, Tamil Hindus, Muslims, Sinhala Christians , Tamil Christians, Malays and Burghers in statistical order.
        Not otherwise ,they cannot fabricate and bury Srilankan history by colluding with Sinhala Racists.
        Those who does not know others history should mind their own business stop meddling in in country’s history.
        All have Rich history to be proud of in our land called Ceylon / Srilanka.
        By colluding and propagating Lies influences HATE , THUGGERY AND MURDER.
        IM BEGGING YOU PEOPLE! Why ? why? why? Stop being ignorant of the country’s history.

    • 9

      Don’t say nonsense. Even I am a Catholic enjoying doctrines of Christianity without any harassment or misappropriation by Buddhism and it’s people. We are treated as same as equal rights what majority Buddhists are given. Buddhism Sinhalese culture sole represents Sri Lankan identity. It’s never discriminate any cast, creed or any nations unlike other Muslim nations. It respect all individuals rights in this country. What is the problem with Islamic Muslim community in this country. Thay are enjoying their faith and it activities more than other Christians and Hindu s in this country. Each and every kilometer they have established mosques. Chanting (shouting) every every quarter of the day. Who asked them to stop. They can marry many more times. Doing every type of business as their choice. This Buddhist nation ask any questions. No! So what is the reason they are involving these kind of barbaric atrocities committed against innocence other communities. It’s crystal clear that was preaching by Muslim leadership and it’s attachments in middle East to establish Sharia law enforcement in this tiny island. We shouldn’t allow it tactics and strategies to be activate in the our motherland. Must avoid using Muslim principles in our education system and eradicate it aim on ground level. Otherwise our offsprings will curse a this generation without mercy.

    • 11

      Yup, 11 likes, and 9 dislikes. Sinhalese have a 100-year plan. 30 years more to go. Next is Christians. Get ready.

    • 14

      If the tone and tenor of this man’s speech is an indication to Buddhism practiced by them, then I would prefer not to call myself a Buddhist.

  • 28

    Tired, Tired and Tired of hearing excuses for calling Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist. Till that thought is taken away from the ideology of Buddhists this land will go down and down. Tired of hearing the rhetoric that there is a hidden hand – the US. Stop throwing the blame. Let us unite and destroy forces within us. This was done by Sinhalese powered by religious leaders. Muslims will be given refugee status and go and prosper in other countries. We will have to suffer and die with idiots. Stayed in this country as we believe in our glorious land. Now for the first time I wonder if my kids should move over seas. I always encouraged them to stay. But SL is back in the boonies.

    • 23

      I do not think Muslim refugees will be welcomed the way the Sri Lankan Tamils were welcomed in their hundreds of thousands in many western lands . Around a million Sri Lankan Tamils migrated to the west but many western nations , were reluctant to take Muslim Syrian Arabs as refugees . Most of the westerners will be reluctant to accept these Sri Lankan Muslims as they know most of them a very radicalised Wahhabi. Especially after the church bombing incident and This is the reason Sri Lankan Muslims identity themselves as ethnic Tamils and down play their religion , when claiming asylum in the west

  • 22

    [I am sure today they must be eating the robed food items]

    haa…ha.. these senseless, inhuman goons will be filling their bellies with halal food. What a bunch of disgraceful bastards. These dirty goons are disgracing many loving buddhists. But they have to come out against such low lives, including this dirty filthy rouge in robe, to save their reputation. Why do we need such thugs in robes?

  • 26

    We are waiting

    If The President ,PM ,Judiciary, and other sincere MPS don’t jointly amend the law of anti Terororism and include all mob violence under anti Terororism and bring in the death penalty to hang terorists and criminals involved in mob violence along with contract killers ,drug dealers and lockup those involved in hate speech for minimum 10 years and max 20 years with canning .
    We know that not a single politician is sincere .

  • 27

    Cardinal Malcom Ranjith may have said Sri Lanka is a Buddhist Country or Buddhism should hold the foremost place in this country in a different context but the dirty low level Racists who belong to the Opposition (SLPP) have taken full advantage of what the Cardinal mentioned and keeps on quoting the Cardinal making all the minorities hate the Cardinal. What these dirty racists cannot understand is, the Cardinal represents only the Roman Catholic Church and not the entire Christian community of Sri Lanka. There are also the Non-Catholic Christians, Muslims and the Hindus? Another important fact is, just like the people of Sri Lanka, all the four major religions practiced in the country were also imported or came from outside. The only advantage the Sinhala-Buddhists have over the others is the number, they are more in number, nothing else.

    The basic fact is, Sri Lanka is not a Sinhala Country or a Tamil Country or an English Country? It is not a Buddhist Country or a Hindu Country or a Muslim Country or a Christian Country. It is not a Country belonging or dedicated to any one religion or ethnicity. Any one ethnic or religious or linguistic group becoming more in number (majority) in a particular territory or the whole country does not make them the sole owners of that territory or the whole country.

    Sri Lanka belongs to all the linguistic, ethnic, religious, and ideological groups with their historical and cultural backgrounds who have become citizens of the Sri Lankan state and who are therefore known all over the world as ‘Sri Lankans’. We Sri Lankans irrespective of Race/Religion have no other country but Sri Lanka.

    • 18

      Whoever comes to power should ensure that Race, Religion and caste should be a private/personal matter and should not be mentioned in any official documents. There should be no majority/minority race/religion, only one nation/ethnic group known as Sri Lankans. The Sinhala (upcountry & low country), Tamil, Muslim, Burgher cultures should be considered as part of Sri Lankan culture. There should be equal status, equal rights and equal opportunity for all and there shouldn’t be any special or foremost place for a particular Religion/Race. There should be only one law for all and no person (including the President) is above the law.

      • 10

        I agree with you totally. This is not the time to discuss about race, religion or ethnicity. Our focus should be as Sri Lankans to spread peace and harmony among all peoples of the country. Let’s leave out the discussion on ownership of our motherland till peace and order is restored. All political and religious leaders should refrain from highlighting these sensitive issues at a time when the nation is reeling with pain and shame at what is unfolding in the country. Celebrate this holy week of Wesak in meditation, reflection and doing good to those around us. Let us take control of our emotions and feelings of anger and hatred; calm ourselves into saner and more sensible thinking and give serious thought to this discussion at a later time in a more civilised, intelligent and cordial manner.

    • 14

      Well said. This stupid targeting of innocent Muslim civilians should stop.

      • 5

        Siva Sankaran Sharma,

        Did you tell the same thing when LTTE terrorists attacked a mosque and killed worshipers. When LTTE ordered Muslims in the North to leave within 24 hours. Hypocrites!

        • 12

          So you agree that the SL Govt is a terrorist organization.

    • 5

      Do you think the Sinhala-Buddhists who believes that, because they are the majority, the whole country belongs only to them and do you think the Tamils who believes that since they are the majority in the North and East, they are the sole owners of the North-East region, going to change? The Sinhalese believe that the whole country belongs to them and the Tamils believe that one-third of the country (two-thirds of the coast) belongs to them. Such belief is instilled in the minds of the Sinhalese and Tamils right from birth which cannot be changed. The poor Muslims who do not ask or believe in any such thing are being beaten by both Sinhalese and Tamils.

    • 7

      The cardinal does not speak for all Catholics either. I’m certain that there are many Catholics out there who will not agree with some of his statements. For example, most of us did not have feelings of wanting to hunt down the perpetrators of the Easter attack, mercilessly. What we were concerned about was the pain and suffering, the distraught, the injured. We prayed and trusted that the Catholics will not hit back in reprisal. Maybe he speaks for himself. We were brought up at home to think of ourselves as Ceylonese ; Sri Lankans. In our formal school education these discussions never came up because we grew up with the natural inborn pride of being a citizen of the country. What we debated in school were topics like” Teaching is better than nursing” or ” Honesty and loyalty are the best ingredients for friendship. No other bishop of the Catholic Church has spoken out on this subject.

  • 11

    The moment the constitution states that Buddhism will be the foremost religion of the country secularism goes out through the window. The mistake our muslim brethren made was trying to isolate themselves from the community they lived in. This became more evident after the 1983 disturbances. If I am not mistaken it was the Late Mr. Ashrauff who told his muslim community “don’t laugh at the tamils because they are being attacked, next could be us.” What prophetic words. All these issues are due to the craze for power of power hungry politicians. As long as this craze is not eliminated we have to live with these incidents which could happen every couple of years. That’s the reality, whether we like it or not.

  • 3

    People! you keep fighting arguing about each others religion. Please try and understand that the Lankan leadership and judiciary has huge holes in the systems and they manipulate and bend rules according to their political, personal agenda and survival. They people waited patiently for 20 days without any violence. This was politically motivated and they damaged some of the temples and Buddhist statues as well. The burning anger in this country today is not against Saharan the bomber.! As Christians say, they have already forgiven the killers. But no one will forgive the leadership. Rulers first ignored warnings given to them by Indian intelligence 5 times prior to 21 April. Then the forces rounded up almost all the terror groups, their accomplices and ammunition within days. People valued all these and was hinting that Army commander was a better option of a president in 2020. Politicians all this while kept on blaming each other. Gen Fonseka virtually begging for the post to crush this new terror groups. The Defence Minister, Ruwan W, PM, President were all half baked set of weak politicians with no idea of the threat to the nation. Or they weren’t bothered. People were angry, Gotabhaya is very silent . The commanders started getting calls to release the arrested people some were given bail with the pretext of a police oversight. People needed action. The Chicken brain leaders failed. What do you expect? With news coming in that U.N. forces are going to be stationed in Lanka. Look at the wider picture. This is a Global threat and our clowns were caught with their sarongs down. People will not take it. They want these weak rulers out fast.

  • 4

    Apr 21 – freaking Muslims expel all of them, they knew and did not inform us, all of them are terrorists

    May 12 – you know you can’t blame all the Buddhists its a tiny group, it’s political, we the majority are good

    I still say Buddhism has nothing to do with these barbarism, so do Islam it has nothing to do with terrorism, the problems are with people their understanding

    Still many Buddhists aren’t tolerant of other faiths even though they condemn violence they still have the “Muslims are going to outnumber us” mentality

    They don’t want to see people identify as Muslims, the move is to cultural assimilation, they want the Muslims to resemble the majority

  • 3

    I agree with you totally. This is not the time to discuss about race, religion or ethnicity. Our focus should be as Sri Lankans to spread peace and harmony among all peoples of the country. Let’s leave out the discussion on ownership of our motherland till peace and order is restored. All political and religious leaders should refrain from highlighting these sensitive issues at a time when the nation is reeling with pain and shame at what is unfolding in the country. Celebrate this holy week of Wesak in meditation, reflection and doing good to those around us. Let us take control of our emotions and feelings of anger and hatred; calm ourselves into saner and more sensible thinking and give serious thought to this discussion at a later time in a more civilised, intelligent and cordial manner.

    • 6

      Agree with you Ethel Nanayakkara:-
      Let us on this Full Moon day of Vesak, Concentrate on What the Buddha really Taught!
      -By Spreading Maithree and Karuna to those around us, whatever their Beliefs!
      -By Meditating on the Universal Truths that The Gautama Buddha Gifted to Us!
      -Not By Worshipping a Tree under which He sat!
      -Not By Chanting or Listening to Verses to an Accepted Tune, without
      Understanding the Deep Truths contained in them!

  • 5

    To all the backside-lickers of you-know-who you want to blame the UNP:

    When the government of the day instigates a riot, it does not stop after killing a few people, champs. If UNP for whatever reason was behind this, it would have been another 83. Nobody to stop it.

    You may ask ‘what about Aluthgama?’ (at the cost of admitting that the government of the day instigated that one too). That was different because there was no popular sentiment against Muslims then. Right now there is genuine anger against Muslims, and if the government had supported it, it would have been unstoppable.

    The fact was that it was initiated by the opposition, and stopped by the government. This is why it was relatively minor.

  • 2

    The Mantra “This country belongs to Buddhist-Sinhalese” is not new. Sarath Fonseka said it.
    Gotabaya said that all Tamil speaking people, except Lankan Muslims, are terrorists.
    A new Mantra overtaking the old Mantra implies “Others be ready to leave”.
    There is more to it than meets the eye.
    At the assassination of SWRD B case, it was revealed that from 1956, SWRD B was kept in a gilded cage by
    Buddharakeetha Thero. The Thero instigated the 1958 Pogrom against Tamils to prod SWRD B to further the Thero’s shipping business interest.
    In 1959, the Thero conspired the assassination, to take over the government in the expected riots.
    In the ‘tragedy’ that was 2019 Lankan Easter Sunday, Muslim Businesses banded to protect their interests. Unfortunately the violence that erupted could not be controlled. Muslims now accept the blame.
    Competing businesses financed the right-wing, extreme nationalist Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). The anti-Muslim mantras were loud and clear. MR & GR saw the potential and adopted BBS. With impunity BBS wrecked havoc including the anti-Muslim 2014 Aluthgama Pogrom.
    Rest is……Need I say it?
    There are reasons to believe that BBS has a share in the ‘tragedy’.
    No one dare investigate this!
    PS: Seven decades of Business Rivalry?

  • 0

    Marco Polo says ” The people of this island are by no means of a military habit, but on the contrary, are abject and timid; and when there is occasion to employ soldiers, they are procured from other countries, in the vicinity of the Mahometans.. Chapter x1x – of the island of zeilan.

  • 0

    Fell Into A Well At Night – Fell Into The Same At Daytime

    Fell Into A Well At Night – and got the frog in the well mentality

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