2 July, 2022


Front Man Betrays Basil, Wants Tax Revision From Inland Revenue

A leaked letter has revealed how a very close associate of the once powerful Basil Rajapaksa has betrayed the former Minister of Economic Development, dragging him in to yet another money laundering scandal.



In a letter addressed to the Commissioner of the Inland Revenue, Muditha Jayakody has claimed that although he had accepted that a large sum of money amounting to millions which was in his bank accounts, the truth is that this was not his money and it belonged to someone else. He has therefore requested the Commissioner for a tax revision.

“That money is not earned by me, nor did it belong to me or my company. It belonged to another person, and based on his instructions, I purchased a land to build a house at 111/3, Mahawatta, Gangabada Road, Mapitigama, Malwana,” he said in the letter.

As per the letter sent by Jayakody, who is the owner of Muditha Jayakody Associates, an architect and engineering firm, the cost incurred to build the house stood at Rs. 2,500,000.00, Rs. 26,972,795.00 and Rs. 74,655,199.00.

Jayakody went onto say in his letter that the money was given to him by another person who requested him to handle all the payments in relation to the construction of the house in Malwana. Incidentally, Rajapaksa is the owner of a palatial river side villa in Malwana which was built at a cost of at least Rs. 100 million and the architects of the project was Muditha Jayakody Associates.

While reiterating that the money did not belong to him and it belonged to another person, who he did not explicitly name in the letter, Jayakody requested the Inland Revenue Commissioner to provide him with a tax revision as he has been taxed for money that did not belong to him.

“I have also been slapped with a nation building tax on the money that does not belong to me, so please review this matter,” he said in his letter.

When the Colombo Telegraph contacted Jayakody he said that he did not wish to speak about the letter as it was a matter between him and the Inland Revenue. He also said that the CID was investigating the matter. When asked for the name of the person who gave him the money, he declined to name the person.Muditha JayakodyMuditha Jayakody taxMuditha Jayakody tax 2


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Latest comments

  • 32

    Everybody in Sri lanka should be allowed Tax refunds based on the claim “it was not my money. It iwas some one else’s money. He jsut kept that money in my account for safe keeping”.

    • 23

      This is what PEOPLE president once uttered at the time, tsunami donations were found in his sister account.

      May be Rajakashes protect those sums for the nation but always putting the bank accounts of their men,

      see how nice and intelligent they Rajakashses have been .. whatever they did – have been missing – no records found…. This is the system they introduced to the easy targets of the nation.

      Why not – if 70% of the nation feel that it is fine with them, ::::: this was the reason they continued that way.

      These are similar to those of Zimbababwe under THeir beloved. ::: almost everyon ein that country are happy to go with… SO what is the problem…

      Thirisannu Rata Kewa.

      • 3

        Jayakody is not a baby to plead as such. He knew very well if that was Black money or not.Even if the money was given to his building company to build,it is a simple case of finding the registered owner of the land.
        If the land is also registered in his name, all the people caught with black money will claim that it is all Basil’s money!

    • 5

      Hey idiot Jim Shit, are the Tamils included in receiving the tax money as well? You are a joker!!!!

    • 4

      Front Man Betrays Basil, Wants Tax Revision From Inland Revenue

      What about the Killings and Murders by Namal Rajapaksa and Mahinda Raja[aksa?

      Through the Grape Vine, Bulath Vine, Vettila Vine….

      An attempt on life of Rajapakses’ hired assassin captain Bharatha : like father, son too seeking to liquidate witnesses !

      There had been an abortive attempt on the life of Army Captain Baratha Kodituwakku a main hired assassin (now under interdiction ) of Lakshman Namal Rajapakse , who committed a number of crimes during the nefarious decade on behalf of Namal.

      Kodituwakku who was attached to the third Gemunu Hewa army camp , Matara as a commanding officer, during the nefarious decade had on behalf of Namal engaged in illicit treasure digging , extortion , murdered enemies, and abducted young girls and gave them over to Namal for his bed diet.

      Currently , he is a prime witness in the cases pertaining to the criminal activities of Namal.

      Kodituwakku who was released from remand custody on bail , was shot at with a T56 weapon on the 30 th of August by a group that arrived in a white Mazda vehicle at about 7.50 p.m in front of Ruhunu University, Wellamadama, Matara. However , since the firearm failed to fire , Kodituwakku has managed to run into the Ruhunu University and hid in order to save his life.

      The University security officers who witnessed this had handed over Kodituwakku to the police. On the following morning, that is on the 31 st at about 9.15 , the Van in which the suspects had come was found abandoned in the Kurunduwatte Junior Vidyalaya playground. A mobile phone hidden under the driver’s seat and a bag suspected to have contained the firearm that was used for the shooting had been detected and taken into the custody by the police .The police had also discovered that the revenue license and the registration number of this vehicle are fake.

      Captain Baratha Kodituwakku and his brother Captain Moorthy Kodituwakku are bosom pals of Namal Rajapakse. Moorthy was a chief of Namal’s Nil Balakaya , and also his co ordinating secretary . It were these two brothers who dug for treasure in the vicinity of Asapuwa Aaranyasena , Athudawe , Matara .

      When Baratha was the commanding officer in the Matara camp of third Gemunu hewa commanding force , he had been unleashing brutalities and violence against those who politically opposed the Rajapakses in Matara – beating and assaulting them ruthlessly . It was Baratha who also enlisted ‘Ambalame Suddha’ an underworld criminal to work as Namal’s hired assassin , and to help in their criminal activities.

      Baratha as was always the case with all those murderers and criminals associated with Rajapakses , he too had derived maximum benefits from Namal ( oblivious of national interests and people’s legitimate needs). One such benefit conferred on Bharatha was : 8 buses of Baratha are plying along Matara- Colombo expressway.

      Southern provincial council former minister Danny Hiththetiya was also murdered by Madusha Lakshan with Baratha’s support . Subsequently , when Lakshan was arrested , it was Baratha again who liquidated him , and destroyed evidence. Based on the 30 th shooting episode , now it is clear the necessity to destroy evidence , that is of Baratha the witness has arrived.

      It is no secret that it had been the practice not only of corrupt and cruel Namal Rajapakse but even his father Mahinda Rajapakse who is by now a byword for corruption and criminalities during their murderous history , to liquidate their enemies using the underworld criminals , and thereafter enlist others to murder those hired killers thereby wiping out evidence .

      Taking advantage of the 1988 -89 unrest and violence , it was ‘Chandi Malli’ who was used to kill a number of popular lawyers of the district who they suspected may be their rivals , and Chandi Malli the hired assassin was murdered through Wambotta .

      To kill Wambotta , Gotabaya Rajapakse , (Mahinda’s younger brother ) used his security divisions . By that time Gotabaya had become the defense secretary . Although these have not been proved so far in courts , all those who know the facts would not hesitate to testify.

      In the circumstances , the latest attempt on the life of hired assassin Baratha Kodituwakku is not just another ‘murder attempt’ on just another individual .

      • 3

        Now all you have to do is to offer amnesty to Bharatha and ask him to confess. Namal….NO more!

      • 3

        you are talking just like eye witness to your so called utterances. if your utterances are correct.why do you not go to police and make complains.police may love it.you seem to be a member of gang that made all the crimes you mentioned here.

        I am from matara hambantota boarder village toward Tangalle. I lived there since my birth though now live in near to Colombo to help my four children’s higher educations as all are under graduate of universities in and around Colombo but I used to visit my native village and beyond twice a month for my business. but never ever heard such a rumors from any village folk although from Galle to tissamaharama along both side of the Galle road are relatives of mine.you just spread rumours to defame Rajapaksha family in order to get political advantages. you must be a media man of either Tamil Diaspora that are looking for opportunities to kill MR physically or politically or a media man of opposing fraction of MR in SLFP OR UNP. But people living in these two districts know the truth.your kala dutu kala wala ehaganimay theory will not works. yes I am a supporter of MR since my child-hood.

    • 1

      Yeah ;~)))) and the poor citizens should be taxed at high rates. Eventually, it will comeback and haunt those politicians and businessmen who own businesses; because people won’t have money buy products or services. At the same time self-centered and foolish politicians will make sure that poor people will continue to daydream Sri Lanka will become like Singapore and knowledge hub of Asia, in order get those poor people’s votes.

  • 10

    Muditha Jayakody RE: Basil Rajapaksa

    RE: Front Man Betrays Basil, Wants Tax Revision From Inland Revenue

    //”While reiterating that the money did not belong to him and it belonged to another person, who he did not explicitly name in the letter, Jayakody requested the Inland Revenue Commissioner to provide him with a tax revision as he has been taxed for money that did not belong to him.”//

    //“I have also been slapped with a nation building tax on the money that does not belong to me, so please review this matter,” he said in his letter.”//

    Rayamaya and Gampolaya, the modern version, being taxed on stolen property!

    Muditha Jayakody, that is what happens when you team up with crooks, you become a crook as well.

    Like the man from Raigama Meeting the man from Gampola.

    Raygama and Gampola are two villages in Sri Lanka. They were quite famous in the days of the Sinhalese kings, for some of the kings used to live there. A man from Raygama is called Raigamaya and a man from Gampola, a Gampolaya.
    There were once a Raigamaya and a Gampolaya who travelled from village to village carrying pingo-loads of Betel, and Arecanuts, to sell. Betel is a kind leaf that grows on creepers and Arecanuts, a kind of nut that grows on trees. It is a habit among Ceylon villagers to chew betel leaves with bite of arecanuts and lime. The two men used to meet in an way-station to pass the night.

    One day, Raigamaya thought of earning more money by cheating Gampolaya. He collected leaves of pepper, which looked almost like betel. He packed his bag with leaves of pepper. Gampolaya did a similar thing. He wanted to deceive Raigamaya by putting DOMBA nuts, which looked almost like Arecanuts, into his bag.

    When they met at the way-station, they talked to each other as usual. But each thought to himself thus: “I will take my friend’s bag, as if by mistake, and make money by selling his goods”. The next morning, when Raigamaya awoke and hastened to fetch his friend’s bag, he found that his friend had already left with his own bag! Both felt very happy that they were able to fool the other. But soon they discovered that they were themselves fooled! Ever since then, people say “Like the man from Raigam meeting the man from Gampola”.

    This proverb is used on occasions when a crafty man meets his equal.

  • 8

    Ranil’s F**CID is not the Australian Federal Police. All they could find on him was some flag poles given to Provincial Councils, after two years spending tax payers money. That is to get the Hoorey from the Diaspora boys who have funded this gig.

  • 20

    Together they’ve done it and now struggling for survival.

    Arrest this man and investigate the matter; he’ll come out with facts.

  • 11

    It is easily provable all the high crimes deliberately carried out by this man.
    But the current duo are still too patient thinking about the people power of this torn nation.

    People are more in to culprits for one reasons, their MEDIA men did not allow them to fed with facts.

    They even teachers believe, Rajaakshes are still innocient all what are being investigated are for political revenge.

    Please MEDIA men negitiyawa, to turn the STUPID mind sets of brainwashed masses. That can gear up the process sooner than later. Basta

  • 15

    Sharia law in demand to teach a lession to this man – Basil.

    Today he has been uttering all clean talks on public stage wihtout any shame. These men have proved their blatant lies will never be gone under carpet.

    Jaya niyathia, these are prima facie evidences to prove the gravity of their high profile money grabs.
    These ballige puthas thought the sun would stay shined for them, and that is why we cant see any of proper domuments to trace most of their transactions.

    These men deserve hard punishments. Basta

  • 21

    The day this man will be sent to long years of Jail – the day srilanken people would feel recoverd.

    This man is absolutely a high profile criminal aby all means.

    • 2

      …or back to his domiciled country of USA where supposedly Inland Revenue laws are enforced more efficiently than SL?

  • 13

    This is a fantastic defence: Any idiot caught with ill gotten money will claim it is money given by someone else for safe keeping.
    Proceedings against this person must begin with confiscation of unclaimed money and then taking him into custody for further interrogation. Unless the real owner is divulged and proven he should be treated as the criminal.

  • 7

    He should be taxed and penalized. The GOSL should make it utterly distasteful and expensive for anyone to be a party of a crooked politician in his quest to plunder the nation.

  • 4

    Everybody including the Rajapakses should be asked to explain how they got the money to purchase the mansions they own in Oklahoma, USA and elsewhere. There’s a wonderful rule in UK Customs. Dogs sniff out the people carrying £1000 and over in cash when leaving UK. The money is confiscated from those who cannot explain with the relevant earnings declared to Inland Revenue & Customs. The people caught so far had been corner shop owners travelling to India and Sri Lanka with unaccounted incomes.

  • 4

    Well I certainly hope our buddy K A Sumanasekera too is a custodian of another mans money!

  • 3

    Pls don’t waste anymore of public’s money. Leave him alone . Coz I have not seen a single guy punished. If you can’t penalize the criminals why investigate?

  • 0

    This is a bull**t story good for bull***t eaters.
    When one builds a mansion spending over 100Mn,first he must make sure that the Land belongs to him. If not, he’ll simply lose any claim to the building.

    If as Jayakody say’s the money was given to him to cover the costs of building, then he should have issued receipts for all the monies received with copies retained and a paper trail should be there for this money as such large sums are not paid in cash.

  • 2

    1 . If this was money from a client this should have been shown as a liability.
    2. If not why? It looks that it has been taken as revenue in relevant years. Why was it done that way?

    3. If it was a deposit by a client expenses should have been set off against the liability . If not where was it shown?

    4. Was there an agreement on the scope of work and the methodology for release of money .

    5. This is RS100m and not 1,000. What type of receipt was issued.

    Interesting Story . Even if FCID cannot prove all IR has to do is to charge tax and let the man appeal and may be go to courts .

  • 3

    Money laundering is a serious offence and should be dealt as such.

  • 2

    Tax is liable:

    3.Stolen funds

    nothing wrong in taxing on the stolen funds, basic tax law. the tax man doesnt care\
    where u get the funds, but the tax has to be paid.
    Police might want to know more details- money laundering act
    thats a different investigation.

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