3 July, 2022


Sarath Weerawansa Remanded

Sarath Weerawansa, the brother of Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa who was arrested today by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) has been remanded till September 7.

Sarath Weerawansa

Sarath Weerawansa

He was arrested for allegedly misusing state vehicles during the previous government.

Sarath Weerawansa was arrested after he arrived at the FCID to give a statement on charges that he had misused state vehicles.

Earlier, Mohammed Muzammil, the spokesman of Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front was arrested for misusing vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term. He is currently out on bail.

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  • 15

    Sarath Weerawansa

    “Sarath Weerawansa, the brother of Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa who was arrested today by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) has been remanded till September “

    What is your defense?

    You can tell them that your brother told you that it was his property, and your brother gave permission.

    Cutting grass on the Kitul Tree?

  • 17

    Google Mudiyanselage Lemon Puff Wansa Planned to stage another “Maaranthika Upawasa” against Ban Ki Moon but he missed it due to two reasons.

    His brother was arrested by FCID

    MR is not in the Country to give him a glass of “Thambili Wathura”

    • 1


      Their real surname is not Weerawansa. Some thing like Panikkiya ge sort of .

  • 10

    Wrong person taken into custody and remanded. Where and what happened to the main man RESPONSIBLE? FCID must be waiting to get PERMISSION arrest “Him” from the “High Priest” who is presently away from the country.

  • 16

    Arrest all the previous regime wrong doers’ and lock up and give severe punishment instead of arresting and giving them bail what’s this nonsense this government doing.FCID catch and release on bail what a pathetic law.If a poor person is caught he is jailed for years and years and nobody to ask even.So arrest all the persons and let them serve jail sentence so that others will open their eyes.

  • 3

    This will be another joke because Wimal weerawansha is already in the yahapalana side and he is rewarded for that too, I think.

    • 0

      All the politicians who are being investigated by the FCID are Sinhalese. More evidence that Sinhalese are inherently corrupted. They should learn good governance from Tamil politicians.

  • 4

    Equality before the law in Sri lanka that become upside down! Is no longer there.

    These are all political motivated acts by UNP-Ranil.www, CBK of Tamil decedent blood group and MS of SLFP betray policies of SWRD that they are working behind ‘court of Law’.

    That has gone beyond limits of sovereignty of law that UNP and MS has taken law into their hand? Where is justice of law.

    Is that power of judiciary which that remain in hand of MS of President and Primer of UNP Ranil W…’s ?

    These seems to be political acts and supressed political revival by compradors classes in power.

  • 13

    Balle Jor!

    Who is next? I am dreaming for the Kaivaukaraya alias Thakadiya Wimal Boruwanse/ Modawanse.

    The day he is sentenced for long term imprisonment will be the day Sri Lanka will be 30% sanitized.

    I will throw a big party in Dankottuwa.

  • 5

    Worry not my brother. People will get arrested, sent out on bail. This scenario will go on an on for the next several years & finally they will be all set free to go with another Govt. coming to power. Being a Sri Lankan you should be well aware of our politics. It is only the tax payers monies that will be spent on all these inquiries & commissions etc. They know he & his family played out in the billions. What happened? SWEET NOTHING. YOU SCRATCH MY BACK & SCRATCH YOURS.

  • 12

    So WHAT has happened to Wimal’s wife’s passport case ( isn’t that a criminal offence ? ) , buried by Yahapalanaya ???

    • 4

      Ask Ranil

  • 9

    This FCID is absolute joke to our country .How many crooks so far being questioned have they ever prosecuted being guilty and send to prison waste of time.Finally all are the same cover up their own back

  • 3

    This is another one of those charades of this useless government. I do not mean to say the previous government was useful. It was equally useless and unimaginably arrogant and violent too. So now, we have the violence part reduced, but it is getting to the old level slowly but surely.

    Abductions are happening, Killings are as usual – NO CHANGES whatsoever.

    Arrests happen to create headlines in the newspapers. Good for newspaper business. Bails follow every arrest and the criminal wanders the streets again after 14 days, plying his old trade UNABATED.

    What a Shameful situation!!!!

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