5 July, 2022


Further Reflections On Post-Trump USA

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

There have been about 60 comments on my piece on Wednesday about whether Trump populism is similar to Mussolini populism (neither it, nor conditions in the US, have any resemblance to Hitler and Germany in the 1930s). Most comments were additions and adumbrations, several were debates between commentators and of course there were a few abusive messages that Colombo Telegraph readers have learnt to ignore. I do not need to get involved in the nitty-gritty of the exchanges; its healthy so let it go on. There are three substantive issues that are worth pursuing. They are Racism, a technical point about US economic un-competitiveness and thirdly how likely it is that Trump will ditch his promised programme. First let me mention that Hilary polled 58.91 million votes, a fraction more than Trump’s 58.86 million.


Trump’s racism was anti-Latino not anti-black. His boorish outbursts against Mexicans and Latinos are a case of driving up the ramp for opportunism. Lanka has been a victim of opportunism and it has destroyed unity in the country. It is said that SWRD was a sophisticated and educated man, not an intrinsic racist; he whipped up Sinhala sentiment as a tool to come to power, but the sorcerer’s apprentice consumed the sorcerer – he lost control of his own creation. JR’s case is worse because he was a racist in personality and it was no wonder he egged on 1983. The consequences were Indian intervention and a prolonged civil war. Even in a worst case scenario, if Trump unable to deliver his promises to estranged white working class and anti-establishment America, tries to incite racism I do not think the consequences would be anywhere near tragic as these examples. Nevertheless race baiting will do some harm and I want to devote two paragraphs to the matter.