24 July, 2024


Chandrika Exposes Mahinda Rajapaksa Lock, Stock And Barrel

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga exposed as to how her immediate successor former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had demanded and received bribes from Chinese companies.

Chandrika Kumaratunga

Chandrika Kumaratunga

In a candid interview named ‘Sambhasana’ aired by the Independent Television Network on the 8th of November 2016, the former president Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga stated as to how her immediate successor and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa demanded monies to the value of 50% from all six projects she had signed with the Chinese government prior to her departure from office.

She also stated that the Chinese Ambassador personally visited her at home in Colombo and complained that all six projects such as the Norochchali Coal Power Plant, Magampura Hambantota Port, Nelum Pokuna Theatre and the Katunayake Airport Highway were in danger of not going ahead due to the demands made by the Rajapaksa led government.

The former President CBK citing an example said “After much scrutiny our government had found the best experts in China to complete the Norochchalai Coal Power Plant Project for US $ 280 million. However after Mahinda Rajapaksa took over office he had got down the contractors from China and demanded 50 % of that value from them. They said that it was impossible to part with that kind of money as even they were making only 25% profit from the project. He asked them to then ”get out’ and the signed contract and project was terminated. The Mahinda Rajapaksa led government then signed a new contract to the value of US $ 520 million with an unknown and inexperienced company in handling such projects. These are the reasons as to why even today we are having problems with the Norochchalai Coal Power Plant”.

The former President in her hour long interview also covered several topics such as the disappearance and murders of Lasantha Wickrematunge and Prageeth Ekneligoda. Besides expressing her displeasure in the slow manner that the investigations were ongoing she also went on to express her dissatisfaction in the manner that even the exhumed skeletal parts of Wasim Thajudeen were handled.

According to our diplomatic sources the Chinese diplomatic community in Colombo are currently not happy with Kumaratunga’s revelations. ( By Janaka Ranaweera )

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    Chandrika playing games again to bring her son to politics. So she will betray anyone any spread lies to achieve what she wants. Both mother and son should be expelled from Sri Lanka.

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      No Wimukthi promised not to involve himself in lanken politics.

      Please dont spread lies. He is sort a senisble person who has a kind heart to help the animals than the human beings. That is why he works as a vet in the Uk.

      Unlike the Raja buggers sons, Vimukthi has great qualities. They never caused their mother to face problems having behaved wrong anywhere. Instead ballige puthas sons tremoured colombo and Kandy premises by their unethical night car races -irrespective of the kind requests made by people.

  • 4

    Seem to be all CT Rajapaksha heater have well tuned from this comedy actress stone shelling TOM PACHA. She is good only for spreading unbelievable lies. She should be a boliwood story writer. You SIYALADATH should at least have a small brain to hear and understand what this insane lady is DODAWANA.

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      If she was no there, Rajakasphes would have looted and raped your mothers by today. Please think of that and give some respect. That is the least you can do.

      • 7

        Well said,let’s hang the rajafuckers and their stooges who write comments in their favour.

        • 5

          The problem is most in our countries are suffering from memory losses.
          Today how they attack incumbent prez is beyond all ethics and morals. I think average people mind sets are even more stupidier than appeared to be. They are easily manipulative – sometimes for just a toffee. This CBK and late Rev Sobitha Thero made very clear to the nation. Rajaakshe always behaving beating around the bush to consolidate and grab poor mans votes for their power greediness.
          Even today, even if good systems are on the pipeline, only bad is being explained to mud on governing duo. They seem not taking serious even if they are being attacked.
          Had Rajaapskhe been in the seat, he would have instipulated their men to kill any commentators agains them.

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    [Edited out] we are sorry, the comment language is English – CT

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      Fact of the matter is that the Chinese are still tangoing with Mahinda Jarapassa, hoping that the Ranil-Sira Jarapalanaya regime will fall, and Gota and Mahinda Rarapassa will be back in the saddle in Colombo before long!

      MR will then rush back to China with open arms to fund his corrupt military dictatorship, just as the corrupt Malaysian PM Najib is doing now!

      MR has an invitation to visit the Chinese and he will be visiting China soon. Meanwhile the US is sniffing around but has yet to deliver on aid to the corrupt Ranil-Sira government!

      Sri lanka is caught between the devil and deep blue sea – Chinese and IMF-Washington Debt trap while the corrupt politicians -Ranil-Sira- MR and CBK dance the jig in the parliament of morons! Miracle of Modayas indeed!

    • 14

      CBK should be summoned to the Bribery Commission to give evidence..
      Why has she not done so thus far?
      She is quite a JOKE!

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    Chandrika knows what Srimavo underwent during foxy JR’s regime. That is why she did not open her mouth during MaRa regime. Further she also did not have the advise of sincere patriotic SrLankans like Laxmam Kadirkamar.

    I am sure SLFP founders like SWRD and MaRa’s father DA Rajapaksa and other party founders like Kumara Vieyatunge, late Ven Sobita thero , Edmund Samarakody,v.ponnampalam and many others will be meeting together in heaven to give their blessings to SL. They all will be happy to hear that Chandrika is revealing facts and exposes the pretenders.

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    Chandrika Kumaratunge should at least now complain to the appropriate Commission against MR and provide the evidence in person.

    Having revealed what appears to be reliable evidence, though belatedly, she has a moral responsibility to send the big time cleptomaniacs to jail.


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    Well people MR has been invited by the Chinese government to Visit China in November. The ride is turning just a matter of time before this Batakola Achchivgoes into Self imposed exile to UK to live off the fat she skimmed during her time.

  • 9

    Chandrika is accion of a great honorouble clan unlike her successor a born crook anda deception. S is his family. he made himself atrillionaire from nothing as a Library Assistant at vidyodaya. his conscience should testify for himelf regarding wealth accumulation using his acquired status quo. I would rather end my life in shame if I was in his shoes and got revealed by all and and sundry in the country and abroad it is a cruel self shame to live a life like that as a big cheat and fraud.

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    When I read the CT headline, I read it too fast. ‘Chandrika Exposes …..’ and I started salivating in anticipation. Disappointment awaited . The Grand Old Dame (GOD) of Sri Lankan politics was just raking over the cinders and revealing, really, nothing. Maybe a couple of G & T doubles would have done the trick. Next time, OK?

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    [Edited out]

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    The following is the brief details of the 2870 million worth of illegal properties of Rajapaksas under investigation by FCID.
    FCID 64/15 
    Investigation reviewed – Basil Rajapaksa
    • Detail – no 28 A. Browns Hill Matara, a property of one acre, one rood, valued Rs. 56 million.
    • Detail – no 111/3, Ganga bada Road, Mahawatta, Malwana, a coconut land of 16 acres and a modern house, valued Rs. 190 million.
    • Detail – Oruthota Gampaha, one acre, two roods and 13.83 perches property, valued Rs. 150 million
    FCID 17/15 
    Investigation reviewed – Yoshitha Rajapaksa
    • Detail – Purchase a part of a land of 27.6 perch located at No. 173/2, Mihindu Mawatha Dehiwala (A large four story house built) valued Rs. 49.2 million (No assessment has been taken for the building)
    • Detail – Siribopura forest (Hambanthota) deed number 4129, 0.05 large hectares (The property is under the CSN name) valued Rs. 1.6 million.
    • Detail – Siribopura forest (Hambanthota) deed number 4130, 0.05 large hectares (The property is under the CSN name) valued Rs. 1.6 million.
    • Detail – Siribopura forest (Hambanthota) deed number 4132, 0.051 large hectare (The property is under the CSN name) valued Rs. 1.6 million.
    • Detail – OB vehicle (Mobile broadcast vehicle, CSN network) no. 236/01 Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, expenditure Rs. 80 million
    • Detail – building of the CSN network at Battaramulla (This land was transferred by the urban development authority under a 33 year lease to the  1998 number 23 of the Rajapaksa Foundation valued Rs. 200 million (Has said the money was given by the Nawaloka company and a fake assessment report was submitted)
    • Detail – All movable, immovable properties and the value of the frequency used for the broadcast of the Carlton Sports Network of No. 236/1, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Battaramulla, registered by the number PV 77114 at the company registrar’s office, valued for Rs. 235 million.
    • Detail – The land and the building located at no 219/01A, Stanley Thilakarathna Mawatha, Nugegoda, certified under the deed no. 2285 by the attorney at law , notary public B.S.D.P. Perera, valued for Rs. 138 million.
    FCID 138/15 
    Investigated reviewed – Namal Rajapaksa
    • Detail – A valuable land named “Siribopura jungle” bought in 2013 February 2nd by deed no. 4107 located at the Hambantota district, in the Magampaththu divisional secretariat situated in the Saliyapura GS division, valued at Rs. 1.6 million.
    • Detail – A valuable land by the name of “Siyambalagaha Koratuwas Siyambalawatta” bought on 11th August 2014 by deed no. 4133 located at the Hambantota district, in the eastern Girawapaththuwa divisional secretariat situated in the Mawadama GS division valued at Rs. two million.
    • Detail – A valuable land named “Siribopura jungle” bought on 6th January 2014 bearing deed no. 4093 located at the Hambantota district, in the Magampaththu divisional secretariat situated in the Saliyapura GS division, valued at Rs. 1.7 million.
    • Detail – A valuable land bought on 4th January 2014 located in the Siribopura bearing deed no. 4088 in the Hambantota district, in the Magampaththu divisional secretariat located in the Keliyapua GS division, valued at Rs. 2.4 million.
    • Detail – A land situated in the Pennapitiya road bearing assessment number 29B in Hmbantota district bought on 2nd February 2014 bearing deed no. 13878 located in the south Girawapaththuwa in the in Tangalle divisional secretariat within the Tangalle city limits situated in Indipokuwela north GS division valued at Rs. 15 million.
    • Detail – A valuable land located in “Siribopura jungle” bought on Jauary 6th 2014 bearing deed no. 4091 located at the Hambantota district, in the Magampaththu divisional secretariat situated in the Saliyapura GS division, valued at Rs. 1.7 million.
    • Detail – A valuable land located in “Siribopura jungle” bought on 6th January 2014 bearing deed no. 40XX in the Hambantota district, located in the Magampaththu divisional secretariat situated in the Saliyapura GS division, valued at Rs. 1.7 million.
    • Detail – A land situated in the Hambantota district bought on 13th June 2013 bearing deed no 13715 located in the north Girawapathtuwa Weeraketiya divisional secretariat worth Rs. 1.6 million.
    • Detail – A land in Hmbantota district situated in Annapitiya Road situated in Uggaha Koratuwa or Kosgahawatta, bought on 13th June 2014 bearing deed no. 13714 located in the south Girawapaththuwa in the Tangalle divisional secretariat within the  Tangalle city limits situated in Indipokuwela north GS division valued at Rs. 400,000
    • Detail – Deposited a sum of Rs. 16 million in the Pan Asia Bank Colombo 3 in the year 2013 and 2014.
    • Detail – Deposited a sum of Rs. 24 million at Sampath Bank in 2013 and 2014.
    • Detail – Invested a sum of Rs. six million at Vallible Finance in the year 2013-2014.
    • Detail – Invested a sum of Rs. three million at Devot Limited in 2013 and 2014.
    • Detail – invested a sum of Rs. 14 million in the stock market in 2013 and 2014.
    • Detail – Bought “Hellocorp” in the year 2013 for a sum of Rs. 100 million.
    • Detail – A sum of Rs. 157.5 million given to Namal Rajapaksa from the five million US dollar commission taken for the Shrangrila Hotel project, for the purchase of Shangol Day Hotel which was deposited in the “Amtrad Holding Private limited” account in the Pan Asia Bank has been suspended.
    FCID 82/15 

    • 1

      Why don,t you publish anything about CBK,s Barrel.
      I suppose it is much bigger than this doing nothing but harming and selling SL.

  • 5

    The following is a partial list of white elephants built by Mahinda Rajapaksa while in office (2005 -2015)
    (1)Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa International Port initially cost the country US$ 361 million but later the former government sought more money from China to remove a massive seabed rock near the entrance. A further US$ 82 million (Rs. 9 billion) was obtained from China for blasting and removing the rock,”
    (2) The second international airport named Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport which stands on 2,000 hectares of land cost US$209 million (Rs. 39,600 million}. The passenger terminal covers 10,000 m2 (110,000 sq ft) and can handle one million passengers per year. It has 12 check -in- counters and 2 gates equipped with jet ways. In addition, the terminal has a restaurant, medical centre, and a lounge for business class passengers. However the airport virtually remains un-operational and no international airlines lands there. It remains empty. The 550-employee airport in the ex-president’s constituency has become a highlight on a “Rajapakse white elephant tour” run by local guides.
    (3) Magam Ruhunupua International Conference Hall (International Convention Centre) has been constructed on a 28-acre land at Siribopura in the Hambantota District at a cost of US$ 15.3. It has restaurants, exhibition halls, modern sound and recording facilities as well as an open air theatre. cost – 103.496,140 Rs
    (4) Mahinda Rajapaksa National Tele Cinema Park stands on 235 acres in Ranminitenna in Hambantota. The total cost for constructing this park was Rs. 2 billion.
    (5) Hambantota Botanical Gardens is yet another failed project carried out by the previous regime. It is said that the botanical garden which has been constructed on a 300-acre land needs bowsers of water every day to keep its non-native plants alive. Villagers in the area which receive little rain, they who is scratching a living, meanwhile have to receive their drinking water that is being trucked into the area.
    The Rajapaksa family owned the D. A. Rajapaksa Foundation Building located in Battaramulla (the building houses the Carlton Sports Network – CSN), constructed at a cost of Rs. 200 million.
    At least two houses, believed to be owned by Rajapaksa in Malwana, and Matara, along with his office in Gampaha will be confiscated by the Government. The house at Malwana is located at Malwana, Mapatigama, Gaga Bada road, Contractor – Olu Associates, Siyambalape, Engineers  – Waralath Engineers and Architects – Muditha Associates.

  • 5

    I Can remember this same lady used to say while back, RW then minister of Education, solicited money from her for her sons admission to a Leading school in Col 07 even though they lived in a house in the catchment area.
    Then came the book “Chaura rajina” from none other than Victor Ivan who was in her inner circle during her first few years in the power.

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  • 3

    I would like to see this old womans barrel…..how it looks like now

    • 4

      You please try to learn to behave first before doing anything.

      Least you guys should know is – to learn to respect people. Thereafter we can talk about anything else.

      This country has been fallen to a paradise of your kind of people – social scum have taken the ground – thanks go to Rajapakshe rascals.

      No respect at all to even a former president. Regardless of her terms, one should learn to respect the person. She risked her life, thanks to media mafia men, only for her Chaura Rajina was published, surprisingly, nothing like was written and published for ALibaba and 40 thieves.
      We see today, Ditta dammawedaneeya seem to have taken ground – with chief editor of Chaura Rajina publications have been punished by god to some extent – not allowing him any good arms further… I see the man appearing before press confs with thick bandages as never had been before.

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