24 July, 2024


“You Tamil Dog, I Will Kill You” Buddhist Monk Tells Grama Sevaka In Batticaloa

A Buddhist Monk from Batticaloa has threatened to kill a grama sevaka for filing several court cases against Sinhalese living in the district.

Using absolute filth in Sinhala, Ampitiye Sumana, a monk from the Batticaloa Mangalarama said, “You are a bloody tiger. My blood boils when I see you. You are a bloody dog. You are a Tamil Grama Sevaka. You have been filing case after case against our Sinhalese. Stop filing cases against the Sinhalese. Go and take action against what is happening in Wilpattu and Siripada. If you even send out one Sinhalese from their lands, I will end the rule by the Thambiyas and the Demalas. I will smash you. This is my last warning to all of you,” the monk said.

The monk said that in the past the tigers had killed the Sinhalese, now they are attacking them. He said that the only reason he was not harming the Grama Sevaka was because of the police uniform. During the incident, which occurred on a main road, several police officers including a senior police officer was also present.

The threats were made against the Grama Sevaka by the monk in front of the police officers. The senior police officer who was present at the time of the incident, tried to calm the monk and take him away to a jeep which was parked on the main road.

While walking away, the monk told the Grama Sevaka, “I will smash him till he dies.”

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    Well, the monk takes over a piece of land that is said to be “private”.

    Under whose authority is the Village officer taking legal action? Should it not be the owner who takes any action necessary?

    In addition, is the Village officer using public funds to defend a private property claim?

    Its all very wired. The monk behavior is bad. It obviously comes from having to deal with these kinds of nonsense.

    • 10

      Ampitye Sumanaya in hidden constumes is still wthout being arrested.

      What a govt ?
      Teethless ?

      Why they just talk and stay discussiong,this and ballige putha Rajapakshe both should be kept in jail for all the harm being done to the humanity.

      • 9

        Not only one who break the laws while driving, but also ones not being able to use their cesspits cautiously should be punished as never ever they would repeat it.

        This monk is the number one to be punished. His provocations are like weapons

  • 8

    Hello Naga,


    I am seriously worried whether this mad dog monk is trying to create a communal clash between the Sinhalese and Tamils by bringing into the Batticaloa district Sinhalese from the neighbouring Sinhala district. Is it part of a pre-plan to disturb the peace in the country?


    If you look here.


    When Tamils landed in the East and changed the entire demography there is no record Sinhala people protesting – is there?

    Make sure to return the favour please.

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    what would have happened IF the abuser was a Hindu Muslim or Christian priest? would the senior officer have behaved the same way with death threats thrown right under his nose? IF anyone wants to be treated differently…all u have to do is…shave the head wear a robe…even cops shut up…SHAME on the senior officer who was present….As a detterent he SHOULD. have arrested the monkey….n let others know…that the khaki uniform means business….thugs in robes is gonna be the new trend…….pretty soon we wont have underworld…coz all of em will be shaven n wearing the orange robe….God bless SL….

    • 2

      Buddhist monks are just saying the incmoing danger to Sinhala buddhists.

      Sinhala buddhist – mahavamsa mindset is very forgetful and they would not wake up until the minorities take them from their throat.

      What is happening in the East, supported by Tamil Agent, probably Tamil Judge Tamil Grmasevaka is using govt money to sue and chase out Sinhala people.

      One buddhist monk is fighting back. There had been similar monks in the past.

      If Tamils or muslims do not want to understand sinhala buddhist fears and of their only desire is to establish their homeland, one day, all the sinahla people will wak up.

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    The former government arrested and jailed a reputed journalist,Tissanayagam for questioning the government policy. The pretext is that this journalist who happened to be Tamil,has promoted communal tensions.Now, we see this Sinhala Buddhist monk’s hate speech in the presence of police force. This is not the first time Buddhist monks promote racial hatred and divisions. What will Yahapalanaya do about this?

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    I saw the earlier video of this monk and I believe he is pushed by his conscience to make his voice out like this. He and his fellow Sinhalese who live in this area are harresed by the village official continuesly over land disputes. When LTTE had their kids as child soilders and raped their women, claimed their lands why was this official silent ?? Why didn’t he filed a case against them ?? Is this the sound of freedom they are violating ?? Is this the vote they finally got creating this ?? Is this the war that they wanted that we stopped ?? EU to UN knows now how they made wealth , top of dead bodies in thousands. Peace just has become a dream again though we don’t have bombs and firearms sounds. We must be educated and only that alone will make us think better.

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    This video shows the reality in Sri Lanka now, sometimes it seems like Tamil Tigers in power now. The Ven. Ampitiye thero’s history goes back to many years, and has been helping to Sinhalese and Tamil people. Ven. Thero shouting with pain due to injustice.

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    This not the 1st time Buddhist Monks have openly used derogatory language of a racial nature. To say the least, it’s most dispicable and not in keeping with high moral and ethical behaviour expected of Buddhist monks. This is a sad reflection of the buddhist clergy of the present day. One cannot understand why the law enforcing authorities are doing nothing about this matter.It’s a matter of regret that no member of the Buddhist clergy has thought it fit to condemn this.

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