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Gautama Buddha The Unique Psychotherapist

By Ruwan M Jayatunge

Dr. Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.

Dr. Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.

Many people interpret Buddhism as a religion and a philosophy (or a practical philosophy) known from antiquity. The Buddhism has a vast system of psychotherapy. The Buddhism offers mental healing allowing growth promotion. Buddhism is a method of mind training. Understanding of the function of mind has been recognized as the basis of Buddhist philosophy. In this context the Lord Buddha can be identified as a unique psychotherapist of all time.

Psychotherapy is a wide ranging subject. In general Psychotherapy means a treatment of emotional, behavioural, personality disorders based primarily upon verbal or nonverbal communication. The Buddha who was an inimitable mental healer helped a large number of people to overcome stress, emotional problems, and relationship problems etc through gracious and spiritual mediation.

Modern Psychotherapy started with Dr Sigmund Freud. Freud introduced Psychoanalytic therapy. Psychoanalysis investigates the unconscious mental processes. Psychoanalytic therapy scrutinizes how the unconscious mind influences thoughts and behaviours. Freud used free association, dream interpretation, and analysis of resistance and transference to explore repressed or unconscious impulses, anxieties, and internal conflicts of his clients. The goals of psychodynamic therapy are a client’s self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behaviour (Haggerty 2006).

Psychoanalytic therapy has been identified as an insight-oriented therapy. Freud was interested in the past (especially the childhood experiences) of his clients. However the Buddhist psychotherapy pays its attention to the past, present and future. The Buddhism has an exclusive psychoanalytic component. The Psychoanalysts such as Erich Fromm and Karen Horney studied the Psychoanalytic component in the Buddhist philosophy. According to Erich Fromm psychoanalysis is not a therapy of commitment but rather an approach that liberates people from the type of commitment required by traditional religion and other social institutions. The Buddha helped to liberate people from emotional bondages and oppressed social conditions two millennia ago.

Unlike the Freudian psychoanalysis the Buddhist psychoanalysis has a profound spiritual dimension and it extensively focuses on the deeper existential questions. Freud believed that the inner layers of the human personality consist of irrational and savagery wishes. In contrast the Buddha believed in the positive aspects of the human personality and its capabilities. The Buddha preached that the human have the capacity for self growth and achieve higher spiritual level.

The Buddha did a complete form of analysis and found the root cause of affliction, then successfully treated the particular psychological ailment and brought complete mental release to the person. He made the person to aware of his illogical thought patterns and actions hence giving a profound insight

In this analysis sometimes the Buddha went up to past lives. Past life therapy also known as regression or resolution therapy allows individuals to complete traumatic and emotionally stimulated past experiences which on an unconscious level are unresolved.

Today PLT or Past Life Therapy or Past life regression is popular in the Western world and it allows the client to resolve past issues in a therapeutic setting using clinical methods. The most famous Western past life therapist was Edgar Cayce who gave over 14,000 “readings” during a period of 43 years. Edgar Cayce demonstrated the uncanny ability to put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep and he could respond to questions asked by his patients about their illnesses. In addition the Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss who was the author of the bestselling book “ Many Lives, Many Masters “ has extensively written about past life therapy. Past life therapy helps the clients to find a meaning in their present suffering.

Dr. Ian Stevenson who was a Canadian-born  US Psychiatrist and the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at the University of Virginia in 1957 had spent a large part of his professional life traveling the world, verifying, and documenting thousands of past life memory cases. He began his reincarnation research in 1960. Dr. Ian Stevenson once stated: “Reincarnation, at least as I conceive it, does not nullify what we know about evolution and genetics. It suggests, however, that there may be two streams of evolution — the biological one and a personal one — and that during terrestrial lives these streams may interact”

The personality types are important in psychotherapy. Different personality types were discussed by Galen (120 AD) Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) and Professor Hans Eysenck (1916 – 1997). Galen proposed four fundamental personality types such as sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (analytical and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful).  According to Carl Jung there are two major types of personalities: Extraversion and Introversion. Professor Hans Eysenck proposed two personality dimensions: extraversion and neuroticism.

Many years before these scholars the Buddha realised that different personality types exist and he identified three major types of personalities. The first type is Raga (predominantly sensual pleasure seeking) personalities. Their thoughts and actions are pre occupied with seeking bodily pleasure. The second type Dvesha (anger based) personalities and they are largely impacted by self loathing, resentment and frustration. The third type Moha (irrational) personalities and they are unable to come to a rational conclusion and lack wisdom. Based on personality types the Buddha provided appropriate mental and emotional healing.

Cognitive Therapy is one of the major components in today’s psychotherapy.

Cognitive Therapy based on gaining insight into unconscious emotions and drives mainly focusing on thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. Albert Ellis’s Rational Emotive Therapy is an example of Cognitive therapy. Ellis considers strong emotions to result from an interaction between events in the environment and beliefs and expectations.

In Buddhist point of view suffering is not caused by external traumatic events, but by qualities of mind which shape our perceptions and responses to events. These same words were repeated by the Psychologist Albert Ellis in 1953 when he introduced his action oriented therapeutic approach – Rational Emotive Therapy. According to Ellis not the event that causes psychological distress but the belief held by the client. He further argues that one’s emotional distress is actually caused by one’s catastrophic thinking in appraising stressful events. Ellis theories that unrealistic appraisals of stress are derived from irrational assumptions.

The Psychiatrist Aaron T Beck – the developer of CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy emphasized the role of cognitive distortions in Depression and anxiety. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is one of the major orientations of psychotherapy and represents a unique category of psychological intervention because it derives from cognitive and behavioural psychological models of human behaviour.

The Lord Buddha used numerous kinds of cognitive therapies. In the story of Kisa-Gotami Buddha used a cognitive mode of action to give insight to a young mother who lost her infant son. She was devastated with grief. She went to the Buddha Carrying the dead body of her son and asked for medicine that would restore her dead son to life. The Buddha told her to get some mustard seeds from a house where there had been no death. Emotionally overwhelmed Kisa -Gotami went from house to house but she could not find a single house where death had not occurred. She gradually got the insight and the meaning of death. She realized that the death is a universal phenomenon. By the end of the day Kisa -Gotami buried her dead son. Although she felt the loss she was able to move away from the pathological grief reaction that impacted her immensely.

Buddha often used Socratic Method to teach his doctrine. Socrates (470 -399 BC) was a Greek philosopher who engaged in questioning of his students in an unending search for truth. He sought to get to the foundations of his students’ and colleagues’ views by asking continual questions until a contradiction was exposed, thus proving the fallacy of the initial assumption. This became known as the Socratic Method.

The Buddha had exceptional communication skills. He was able to positively connect with people from all walks of life and people from different social layers with different education levels. He used vivid and colourful examples to give insight to his followers.

The story of Angulimala narrates how the Buddha used to give insight and mental awakening in extreme situations. Angulimala –an innocent bright student who turned in to a vicious murderer was determined to kill the Buddha. When he saw the Buddha Angulimala started chasing the Buddha and screamed at the Buddha to stop.   The Buddha turned and told Angulimala that he, the Buddha, had already stopped and Angulimala, to do likewise.

These few words made a cognitive revolution inside Angulimala’s head. He realized that the Buddha has already stopped -means he does not commit any violence and does not accumulate any karmic energy that fuel the Sanasara Chakra. But Angulimala he himself is mounting up karmic force that keeps him moving in the Sanasara Chakra. In this analogy the Buddha has stopped but Angulimala is still moving. Angulimala had an aha moment and he was able to realise the gravity of his evil actions. He threw the sward and renounced violence.

The story Patachara is a dazzling example how the Buddha restored an acute stress reaction. Patachara a young woman went in to an acute stress reaction when she witnessed the death of her husband, two children and the parents. She lost her faculties and became overwhelmed. She came to Buddha weeping and with utter confusion. The Buddha gave her psychological first aid and brought her to proper sensors.

After she became rational Buddha explained her the true meaning of suffering and the nature of impermanence giving numerous examples. Patachara realised that the death and suffering are innate parts of the human existence. Therefore her husband, two children and the parents could not evade these universal maladies.

The story of Patachara reveals an excellent case study of trauma counselling. As indicated by psychologists trauma counselling should offer practical help that works and should teach skills to manage flashbacks, painful memories and anxiety. Buddha used practically most of the above mentioned avenues to resolve the grief reaction of Patachara.

The Psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross provided emotional comfort to the terminally ill patients and provided comfortable non agonizing final moments for them. She was one of the pioneers in Hospice care. Hospice care is a type of care and philosophy of care that focuses on the palliation of a chronically ill, terminally ill or seriously ill patient’s pain and symptoms, and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs. The Buddha provided such care to a terminally ill monk named Puthigattha Thissa. Also the Buddha provided hospice care to his own father – the King Suddhodana.

There are obvious similarities between the empathy offered by the Buddha and the empathy that had been described by Carl Rogers who played an important historical role in the development of Client Centered Therapy. Empathy is a fundamental ability for being able to develop relationships with other people, and thus develop one’s personality. The Buddha offered empathy without any pre conditions and   accepted people with unconditional positive regard. The Buddha offered empathy and accepted people such as Angulimala (a killer), Ammbapali (a prostitute), Sunitha (an untouchable), Soopaka (a victim of child abuse), Ajasathha (a King who committed patricide), Sachhaka (a pompous academic with extreme arrogance), Upali (a poor barber), Aalavaka (a callous cannibal) without any pre judgements.

The Buddha believed in human freedom. Carl Rogers felt that it was irrelevant whether or not people really had free will. He further says we feel free when choices are available to us. Rogers pointed out that the fully-functioning person acknowledges that feeling of freedom, and takes responsibility for his choices. The Buddha doesn’t reject the human freedom with complete responsibility for one’s action.

Robert Carkhuff -one of the pioneers in Client Centered Therapy studied and worked with Carl Rogers. He published his outstanding book Towards Effective Counseling and Psychotherapy in 1967. Robert Carkhuff introduced seven co conditions such as empathy, respect, concreteness, genuineness, self disclosure, confrontation and immediacy.

In psychotherapy immediacy is a vital module. The story of Rajjumala reveals the immediacy put into practice by the Buddha. Rajjumala was a domestic servant who became distressed by the ill treatments of her mistress. She decided to commit suicide and end her suffering. The Buddha intervened and saves her life. Then she was offered an alternative solution to be free from her slavery. Rajjumala accepts the spiritual path and becomes a free human being. She finds her liberation.

This is a fabulous example of suicide prevention counselling and Robert Carkhuff’s seventh co condition “immediacy” put in to action.

The Existential Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy which aims at enhancing self knowledge. In Buddha’s teaching existentialism is widely described. Buddhism brings up questions about ethics and the nature of our existence. The goals of existential therapy are to enable people to become more truthful with them, to widen their perspective on themselves and the world around them, to find clarity on how to proceed in the future while taking lessons from the past and creating something valuable to live for in the present. Also it helps to explore the client’s physical, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

The Buddha used numerous existential approaches to provide insight and self growth. The story of Mattakundali illustrates such approach. Mattakundali was a young boy – a son of a greedy miser. Although his father was rich he did not like to spend on Mattakundali‘s illness and neglected his health needs. Mattakundali’s illness aggravated and he passed away without receiving appropriate medical attention. Upon his death the father became devastated and filled with grief and self guilt. He blamed himself for the death of Mattakundali. Practically every day he went to the cemetery and mourned for his dead son.

The Buddha helped Mattakundali‘s father to resolve his unceasing grief using an existential approach. Hence Mattakundali‘s father realised the meaning of death and his grief reaction was resolved.

The Viennese Psychiatrist and the NAZI Holocaust survivor Dr Victor Frankel introduced logo therapy. According to Logo Therapy the search for a meaning in life is identified as the primary motivational force in human beings. Frankel believed that humans are not fully subject to conditions but are basically free to decide and capable of taking their stance towards internal (psychological) and external (biological and social) conditions. Frankel encouraged his patents to find a meaning in their suffering.

According to Dr Victor Frankel people can discover this meaning in life in three different ways: (1) by creating a work or doing a deed; (2) by experiencing something or encountering someone; and (3) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering” and that “everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.

The Buddha too encouraged his disciples to explore and search for meaning. Buddhist psychotherapy mainly deals with self-knowledge, thoughts, feelings and actions and being mindful of one’s momentary experience without judgment.

The Acceptance and commitment therapy   is a form of clinical behavior analysis   used in psychotherapy. It is an empirically-based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies mixed in different ways (Plumb et al., 2009). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is focused on six processes (acceptance, defusion, self, now, values, and action) that bear on a single overall target (psychological flexibility). Fung (2014) indicates some of the common tenets in Buddhism such as the Four Noble Truths and No-Self that has been adopted in the Acceptance and commitment therapy.

The French Philosopher René Descartes argued that the mind a thinking thing can exist apart from its extended body and therefore, the mind is a substance distinct from the body, a substance whose essence is thought. The modern psychology views mind as the totality of conscious and unconscious mental processes and activities  by which one is aware of surroundings, and by which one experiences feelings, emotions, and desires, and is able to attend, remember, learn, reason, and make decisions. The Buddhism defines mind as a non-physical phenomenon which perceives, thinks, recognises, experiences and reacts to the environment.

In the Buddha’s teaching meditation has a special place. Meditation can be used for personal growth. Buddhist meditation practices have become a topic of widespread interest in both science and medicine. (Britton et al., 2014).

The Buddhist meditation is a process of mental clarification and geared to direct perception. The purpose of Buddhist meditation therefore is to gain intellectual understanding of the universal truth. Buddhist Vipassana meditation gives realization of impermanence, suffering and non-self. The Mettha (loving-kindness) meditation helps to reduce anger and a perfect way to control aggressive feelings.

Nemours researches concur the therapeutic effect of meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. Traditional Buddhist formulations describe meditation as a state of relaxed alertness that must guard against both excessive hyperarousal –restlessness and excessive hypoarousal -drowsiness, sleep (Britton et al., 2014).Today many psychotherapeutic centers use meditation as a successful therapeutic tool.

The Buddha was a unique psychotherapist. His therapeutic methods helped millions of people throughout the centuries. Today the Western world has realized the psychological essence of Buddhism. Many Psychotherapeutic systems in the West derived from Buddha’s teaching. Buddha showed empathy and non judgmental acceptance to everyone who came to him. He helped people to gain insight and helped in growth promotion while eliminating troubling and painful emotions. His therapeutic methods are exceptional and can be applied for all time.


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    Now, here is an article from a ‘Real Doctor’ whom without a doubt has earned it. May you be well, happy and most of all free from suffering.

    The name ‘Ruwan’ fits perfectly well as you are indeed a ‘Gem’ among the modern day, so called ‘Sinhala Buddhists’. I feel privileged to read to read something worthwhile at least once in a blue-moon.
    ‘Sukee Hothu, Dheerga Aayou’

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      Ruwan M Jayatunge –

      RE: Gautama Buddha The Unique Psychotherapist

      Thanks for the good write up.

      Can Buddha Cure the Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” Anarchism and Chauvinism?

      Read. Aren’t Sinhala “Buddhists” all Mental Patients?

      Isn’t the Nationalist a Mental Patient?

      By Dr E W Adikaram

      Are you a Sinhalese? If you are a Sinhalese, how do you know that? I have asked this question from many who call themselves Sinhalese. I have so far never received a satisfactory reply from any of them.

      I have also asked those who say that they are Tamils, Telegus, etc., as to how they know that they are Tamils, Telegus and so on. From them too, I have never received a satisfactory reply.

      When this question is asked, some get annoyed. Some ask back why I should ask this question when the reply is so obvious, some consider that the question is asked merely for fun. Still others reply that they have never given thought to this question. Anyway a satisfactory, a logical and an acceptable reply does not come forth from any of them.

      “I am a Sinhalese because my parents are Sinhalese.” This is the argument of many. This surely is not a reply but only shifting the question a little further, as the next immediate question would then be “How do you know that your parents are Sinhalese?” This shifting can go on further and further, but the question will not thereby be solved.

      “A person is Sinhalese because he speaks the Sinhalese language.” This is another argument that is usually adduced. But there are people of other nationalities who speak only Sinhalese because they happen to be brought up from early childhood in homes where only Sinhalese is spoken. Simply because they speak the Sinhalese language they do not thereby become Sinhalese. And also there are Sinhalese people who speak a language other than Sinhalese because they were brought up in non-Sinhalese homes. They are not considered non-Sinhalese simply because they cannot speak Sinhalese. It is therefore clear that one is not a Sinhalese just because he speaks Sinhalese. Similarly a person does not become an Englishman simply because he speaks English.

      If so, how can one conclusively know that a person is Sinhalese, Tamil, English, German or Japanese? There is no reply that could be given to this question. A right reply can be given only to a right question. A right reply cannot be given to this question because the question is wrong. When in truth there is no such thing as a nationality, how is it possible to give a right reply when one is asked to which nationality a person belongs?

      If you have an infant child, please examine its entire body as carefully as possible. Is there any special part of its body or mark which differentiates it as a Sinhalese child? However much you may search you will never find such a distinguishing characteristic. There are people different in colour of skin such as black, brown, white, yellow etc. That is due to the fact that their ancestors lived for thousands of years in places differing from each other in climatic and geographical conditions. But that colour does not give an indication as to what nationality a person belongs. As that child who is common to the entire human race grows up he will be given a name and will be deemed to belong to a particular race or nationality. That child who at the time is incapable of logical thinking, who cannot discern fact from non-fact and who hasn’t the ability to compare and contrast, accepts unthinkingly and unknowingly the nationality that has been thrust upon him. Having accepted it he gradually comes to believe that he belongs to that particular nationality. Please think over the fact that you become a Sinhalese not because you had some thing naturally Sinhalese but because of the belief created and imposed on you by the environment and society including your parents.

      Species of birds differ by birth from one another. Between the eagle and the dove, between the quail and the peacock there is a natural difference. Is there such a difference between the Sinhalese and the Tamil, between the Englishman and the German?

      So are the other animals. They have species differing from one another. There are natural characteristics that differentiate the tiger from the bear and the horse from the bull. Is there such a difference between the Japanese and the Jew or between the Chinaman and the Eskimo?

      Unlike birds and animals, all human beings in the world belong to one species only, the human species. In truth there is only one human race: what goes as Sinhalese, Tamil, English and a thousand other nationalities are only designations born out of belief and having no intrinsic significance whatsoever.

      If one sees things that do not exist and believes that they do exist, such a person we call a mental patient. On one occasion when I went to the mental hospital at Angoda to visit a friend who was a patient there, a person calling himself His Majesty Diyasena the King of the Sinhalese spoke to me and got into conversation with me. Not only did he firmly believe that he was King Diyasena but in his behaviour he even showed an affected regal demeanour. If any one told him that he was not Diyasena, he would naturally consider that person a lunatic.

      If we consider as insane a person who calls himself a non-existent King Diyasena, how can we consider as sane those people who call themselves Sinhalese, Tamils, English when in truth there is no such thing as a Sinhalese nation, a Tamil nation or an English nation.

      There is only one human race. We are human beings and not Sinhalese, Tamil or English. Biologically this is so. But those who are fettered with the belief that there is racial difference are incapable of seeing this fact.

      As the idea of nation has come into being by assuming as existent something which does not exist, nationalism has to be necessary considered a form of insanity. Not only here but in the whole world the vast majority of people are tethered with that belief, with that delusion.

      The main cause for all the wars that took place in the world in the past was this psychological aliment, namely nationalism.

      Even in the modern world which, due to advancement in Science, has all the opportunities for comfortable living, man has to suffer because of this disease of nationalism and its inevitable political tentacles.

      In big countries those who suffer from this madness contrive to bring about murder on a big scale with nuclear weapons etc. In small countries like Sri Lanka they kill human beings on a smaller scale and they hurt people’s feelings with various ridiculous mad activities such as the defacing of name boards written in languages other than their own.

      Mankind today is living in a most critical stage. Many do not understand how dangerous the present situation is. We should understand that the forces that work in the world today are different from those that existed in the past. Even a slight mistake can make the entire human species disappear from the face of the earth. We can avoid that catastrophe and survive this critical period only if we act sanely with the feeling that this is our world and not by murdering each other saying that this is our nation and our country.

      Shouldn’t we therefore be free of this insanity of nationalism and thereby cease to be enemies of mankind?

      Nationalism is not the road to peace.

      Truth alone will bring us peace and freedom.

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    Dear Dr Ruwan,
    I don’t know what was the intention of your article. You may think it is relevant to Sinhalese because they need to understand the true nature of Buddhism. The Buddhism followed by most Sinhalese priests and Sinhalese leaders are not the same as Gautama Buddha preached Buddhism. You say Buddha’s preachings helped millions of people in the world but it did not help not a single Sinhalese Buddhist Priests or Sinhalese Political leaders on empathy, justice, peace, humanity etc. Buddhism helped them to be more violent, more unlawful and to become blood thirsty animals.

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      You are an animal itself with this unwarranted and irrational comment. You may be of having different religious perspective in your mind. But you must understand Sri Lanka has been the country of peace and harmony before the arrival of so called European nations who boast themselves as true human right activists. Please remember just because a person not following the principles of BUDDHISM is not the problem of BUDDHISM but the problem with the person. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

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        If what you are saying is true can you explain the feud between Ellala & Gemunu. Was it lovers tiff.

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          “Was it lovers tiff. “

          Sounds like a Meth Mouth with Amyoyo syndrome.

          I believe it because it is absurd.- puppy love of course.

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            So Javi:

            You accept and believe in things which are ABSURD. It is a typical Sinhala Buddhist Syndrome endemic amongst 20 million RACIST normally caused by Methamphetamine abuse.
            Love is Blind but be careful some Puppies have rabies but from your syndrome it looks like you have already caught it. SAD

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            So Javi:

            You are a user of methamphetamine. It is pure absurdity that you believe in it. Be careful because some puppies have rabies but then love is blind and if you love puppies then rabies is worth catching for the sake of love.

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              You can never put a good man down.

              Now slug it out for your elusive crash helmet.

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                So Ja_vi,

                Yes it is Poll_ution I agree and Y_ou ha_ve hit the nail on the he_ad. It is Racist Sinh_ala Bu_ddhist pollution sweeping the Country and the fire wi_th the help of BBS is raging out of controll.
                It can only be do_used by your Master India.

                Just listen to the announce_ment from Sushma after meeting TNA ( Tamil Nadu Army).
                There is no neeed to get agitated because beggars ( you and 20 million others like you ) cant be choosers. You have to take it lying down. What are you going to do man. Let me know if I can be of any help in your broken language.

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                  Hey you book maker. Beggars don’t run they just get nominated because they cant choose. See your own rump how they bum without a hum.
                  pigeon oh pigeon with broken wings you just cant play Jazz man jazz.

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                    So Ja_vi:

                    Your broken Eng_lish is now starting to come to_gether. Let us analyse what you have written.
                    You new vocabulary:

                    Book maker

                    So Javi how do you connect these. Let me help.

                    The Beggar ( which is you) goes to the Book Maker
                    Places a bet and loses all that he had.
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                    In elation sing broken Ja_zz.

                    Even I am surprised it connects man but sadly World away from the Topic all the other people are commenting on.
                    Can you now see why you are an illiterate and an idiot not fit for purpose.

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                      Kallathoni Kalimuthu,

                      These `Boo`ts are meant for walking and that is what they do.!

                      Shooosh. pulli muttai selvathurai.

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          Again man, the answer is “just because a person is not following the principles of BUDDHISM is not the problem of BUDDHISM but the problem with the person. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!”.

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        You stated that there was peace and harmony before the arrival of European nations. So you agree that there is no peace and harmony after the arrival of European nations and after the departure of European nations. Since the departure of European Nations, the country was on the blood bath continuously and all the signs are that it is going to stop in the near future. The violence that is going on for nearly six decades is associated with Buddhism and the the leaders of the religion and political leaders are using the Buddhism for their cause.
        Nobody find fault with true the preachings of Gautama Buddha or true Buddhist principles. Don’t blame European nations for the pathetic human rights situations under Sinhalese Buddhist Governance for the past six decades. Be a true Buddhist rather than defending those blood thirsty animals who destroy Buddhism.

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          To Ajith

          If you need a change, then contest and gain the power of politics. Then you can change the changes that you envisage in your wishful thinking.

          Do not get our politics isolated from the rest of the world because today countries are woven together but all the problems that is taking place has the route cause of the so called Europeans who made the blood sucking of innocent nations. This was happening a few centenaries back and still happening and it is going to continue if these blood thirsty European and Americans continue to control the world. Get out of the circle and open your mind and take your illusionary glasses away foam your eyes and look at the world with an open mind then you will stop blaming the Buddhism.

          You yourself can not handle the your language properly and how can expect you to correct others. BE SINCERE TO YOUR HEART MAN!

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            “problems that is taking place has the route cause of the so called Europeans who made the blood sucking of innocent nations.”

            Borrowed ambude pute where is your wowla??

            Higanno you know how to cluck eggs.!

            The Nepalis stood an India-Sonia-Gate total embargo of their land locked island for 2 years with pride- just a visit to Pahupathinath prohibited.
            The brave folk won with a smile but ultimately the monarchy ended up with holes in their own un.! who still runs them??

            Still runs you Sarema,kollo.! todays dothi is your untouched godfather.

            Europe still gives you your bread and butter [invoices payments of debt]

            Where is your heart to squander,in licomalt??

            Long live the buyers of lankan exports. If not for you the folk would be cannibals.

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            You have no brain to differentiate between true Buddhism and Sinhala Buddhism that uses violence against other religions. I don’t blame the true Buddhism. I think you are one of those who just follow BBS Buddhism.

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              You are not from ancestral cinnamon gardens to know true cinnamon and that Chinese like the bark that give us the essential oil. Similarly they treat Buddhism as anywhere in the west except that the western taste buds differ.

              True Buddhism does not sell anywhere but mindfulness is catching the eye of the obese west. The reason is it goes with humility and with the concept that the ultimate cannot be expressed or written.

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                This is G_a_r_b_a_g_e and comes from the Gutter like you. You can never clean Pallthilai pirantha Nai. That is his natural habitat.

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                  Kallathoni Kalimuthu,

                  Walkie-Talkie Tamil Terrorist so R. Gotabaya has proscribed you.!
                  He would send karuna your step brother to your hole.
                  Happy rendezvous.!
                  That is a very nice Mouse organ keep on keeping on.!

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              According to you true buddhism is when the nations true culture and identity is raped and pillaged by outside influence – like the christian occupiers and now more recently muslim expansion and while at the same time neo colonialists to undermine geopolitical balance by frustrating small countries like sri lanka forming alligiances with india, china, middle eastern or african countries, to lie down and enjoy the rape.

              Buddhism and sinhala nationalism are two different things do not mix the two. Tamils in sri lanka are part of us. We can live in harmony so long as separatism movement is not allowed to raise it ugly head again.
              UNP and opposition parties need to put their position clear on these issues clearly in front of the wider electorate if they are to win elections.

  • 8

    Dr. Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.

    “Many people interpret Buddhism as a religion and a philosophy (or a practical philosophy) known from antiquity. The Buddhism has a vast system of psychotherapy. The Buddhism offers mental healing allowing growth promotion. Buddhism is a method of mind training. Understanding of the function of mind has been recognized as the basis of Buddhist philosophy. In this context the Lord Buddha can be identified as a unique psychotherapist of all time.”

    The Sinhala “Buddhism” is not Gautama’s Buddhism. It is Racism, Tribalism, and caste system and Chauvinism of the Paras from South India and East India.

    The plight of the Sinhala `DALITS`- Karava, Durava, Salagama, Berava and Rodi. Caste discrimination in Sinhala society.


    Re Buddhism — ATHEIST POWER!





    The Mahawansa and Diupawansa has a lot of Lies and imaginations. and describes non-Buddhists as non-human, courtesy of the Monks who wrote it. Sound familiar? It is the same the Wahhabis and Salafis are saying.

    Read: Ceylon, an account of the island by Sir James Emerson Temnnet. Printed 1860. Medeval History Part V ans Chap II Indian, arabian ans Persian authorities.



    The Dīpavamsa edited and translated by H. Oldenberg, 1879- (Full text)Dipawansa

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/236003288/D%C4%ABpava%E1%B9%83sa-The-Oldenberg-Tr The Mahavamsa translated into English by Wilhelm Geiger, 1912- (Full text)


    • 4

      Truth is : When any caste system in Sri Lanka tries to follow the caste system of India, Buddha’s non-caste, non-race word holds true, and caste-system in Sri Lanka can never align with true cast-ism. Therefore what occurs is an arising and cessation of the caste-system, with many skirmishes in-between (and also intermingling and marriages between castes).

      It is seen that the Govis are the persons suffering the most in Sri Lanka. We hope that the govis will not use Mahawamsa rhetoric to further distance themselves from others. Other castes that do better, get hurt and then won’t contribute to govi’s upliftment.

      The only reason that Govi’s are usually the governing base is because 50% of the Lankan population is govi. So that is democracy, and correctly so. But glad there is someone like Minister Wimal Weerawansa around to unite all castes.

  • 5

    Such a good article of Dr. Ruwan M Jayatunge’s. Yes, modern psychology came about after Europeans came to the east and learned from Buddhism(and also Hinduism).

  • 4

    Dear Dr Jayatunge,

    Many thanks for this enlightenment regarding Lord Buddha and his compassion and understanding of the human mind. Why cannot we follow his precepts and stop being greedy and selfish.

    As a non-Buddhist and a Christian I find Sri Lanka is blessed with the noble truths of Lord Buddha at our doorstep but we do not see.

  • 2

    Not sure whether our Sinhala Buddhist majority need Psychotherapy.

    Perhaps Ranil’s Rainbow and its followers may need therapy to overcome Psychosis soon after the Elections.

    • 5

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Not sure whether our Sinhala Buddhist majority need Psychotherapy.”

      If in doubt, please revisit all your comments over the past several years.

      You are not alone, ………..

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        An offering of Frangiapani to Lord Buddha , a few LKRs and a bundle of Joss sticks to Lords Ganesh and Kataragaman would be enough for our great majority of the Sinhala Buddhist inhabitants until they catch up with the Elite and the Vellalas in material comforts.

        After that they can go to Ganagaramaya and watch the Elite and their mates even from Norway extract Psychotherapy from Dammapada and donate their used Mercs and other heirlooms to Podi Hamuduruwo in return for an assisted passage to Nirwana.

        But our inhabitants need at least another two term of Rajapaksa..

    • 4


      Not sure whether our Sinhala Buddhist majority need Psychotherapy.

      You are right and I agree with you 110% that it is too late for the Sinhala Buddhist majority and they cant be brought back to normal life. Their Brain needs to be stormed and I have left behind a pile of explosives and go ahead and help yourself and help mankind. The explosives are hidden under Temple Trees and you can get the map from Gotha and SF.

  • 2

    Mind Full and Mindful.

    Mindfully inhale the good shit and exhale the mind full of bullshit.

    …until there is silence.!

    • 5


      Stop bullshitting like an idiot.

      • 1

        Jim the Dim the new pipsqueak

        change comes from within!

        if it smarts your fingers, then rub it on your head, for a change.

        • 2

          Javi the new Twit(ter):

          Changes can also be brought about from outside. As for my smart fingers I can think of other more deserving places to rub it on. Do you have any soft spots in your dinghy.

          • 2

            `soft spots in your dinghy.`

            spiderman has more than kanguoos kotthi pulli,
            keep rubbing that rump derriere!

  • 3

    Excellent article. It shows how Buddha analysed the human behaviour and mind 2500 years ago. All modern psycho analysiss is nothing new for the world but it has come as best profession to help people in troble.

  • 2

    ” Many Psychotherapeutic systems in the West derived from Buddha’s teaching.”

    I agree that any meditation,including Budhist meditation, helps to calm down and relax the mind. A relaxed mind can gain insight into our unconscious world.

    Please explain what are the proper psychotherapeutic systems in the West derived from Buddha’s teaching.

    In accordance with Buddha’s teaching if everyone achieves Nibbana will there be a huan world or humans beings in the universe.Is Nibbana humanly possible and realistic.
    Life is suffering, I do not agree, but the fact is suffering is a part of human life.

  • 5


    “The Buddhism offers mental healing allowing growth promotion. Buddhism is a method of mind training. Understanding of the function of mind has been recognized as the basis of Buddhist philosophy. In this context the Lord Buddha can be identified as a unique psychotherapist of all time.

    *** You are an intellect but sorry to disappoint you and disagree with you on your assertion above. Lord Buddha, was born in 623 B.C and if what you are saying above is correct and to be believed we haven’t seen any evidence of it.
    Under BBS the modern version of Buddhism the Sinhala mind has been trained to hate , kill and maim.
    Understanding of the function of mind has been recognised as the basis of Buddhist Philosophy — I question this and give you my take on this . When you drink alcohol which initially has a stimulating effect but when you are drunk has an Inhibitory function and the mind looses the thinking power. This is what has happened to the mind of the 20 million born RACIST. They are drunk of hatred towards the Tamils. If you want proof just look at the list.

    ela kola
    Jim Softy
    Javi (his brain has lot of dead tissue)
    and the list is endless.

    In this context the Lord Buddha can be identified as a unique psychotherapist of all time.

    *** But his track record is dismal as he hasn’t managed to treat a single patient in over 2500 years.
    The World Medical Association should withdraw his PRACTICING CERTIFICATE.

    • 1

      “Javi (his brain has lot of dead tissue) and the list is endless.”

      Kalimutthu the invariable mutt born on Halloween to a station master- going kutch kutch in his new parana black coat.

      Oi, your Valluwoor the `Hole in One` fatso VP you are fair game moosala mamo!

      In matters of taste, there is no argument! Molagathanni, Sambar, piri piri kalimutthu the motte bette where did your new army die?? beyond the Dothi stupid lungi walla with two rotten olives.

    • 1

      “They are drunk of hatred towards the Tamils.
      If you want proof just look at the list.”

      They like most dislike the smelly JT’s specifically –
      Jatika Thonduva of borrowed feathers from across the straits.

      Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy was more Anglo Saxon and gave two hoots to JT’s.

      All things are said already ; but as nobody does listen ,
      he should always start.- André Gide [Toutes choses sont dites déjà]

      Now, Deal with it!!

  • 2

    So Javi:

    I give you credit for admitting Sambar is what you are. Because in your Chatti you have got a mixture of dead tissue,kalimuthu, station master,army, sarang,panka walla and rotten olives. But if you are stuck for money I can organise a collection to buy proper food only until your brain regrows. But if more than 60% of your tissue is dead it is terminal and nothing can be done and from your lack of coordination and cohesion it sounds like Terminal. First of all go to A&E at Andngoa and on return contact me and I will organise a Pichai Pathiram for you.

    • 1

      “I will organise a Pichai Pathiram”

      So the Chinese never left a loo for jathika thondu lungi in the north?

      Stop washing your hind end, tooshie, rump with your bare hands as it carries the most germs but not a toilet seat.- donate your pittchai towards a clean island kalistan.

      • 1

        No Ja_vi,

        We are living within our means however small it is thanks to the Thug MR Criminal Gotha the Chipm Colonel Rambuka.
        But you ( 20 million ) are living on 620 Billion PICHAI from the Chenavedi. Have you seen the dod

        • 0

          `We are living within our means¬

          then viper that nose with salt water to stop the clogs.
          Dugi is helping you folk with sand mining- go join the club.

          `But you ( 20 million ) are living on 620 Billion PICHAI from the Chenavedi. Have you seen the dod`

          WW2; Stalin helped Mao slaughter his own people (38 million) so we see a strong Taiwan today. While Churchill,& Roosevelt helped Mao drive the Japanese away so we see the 7th fleet docked there and Japan the uncompromising unapologetic.

          Here in Sri Lanka there is a Diego Garcia the gift to USA/UK.

          Its a commune like china anti_islam and simplified sihala.
          Passa sarema is their gaddafi who stole the show and rendered the peace- no more suicide bombers like the muslims/tamils.

      • 0

        So Ja_vi,

        We are living within our means however small it is thanks to the Thug MR,Criminal Gotha, the Chimp Colonel Rambuka.
        But you ( 20 million) are living on 620 billion PICHAI from the Cheenavedi. Have you seen the Dodgy Chickens they sell to Africans.

  • 2

    Dr Jayatunga:

    Sadly, in this day and age, Gautama Buddha The Unique Psychotherapist will not be allowed to practice as a professional in our Sri Lanka of today. Strictly speaking, he will be outed as an unqualified practitioner, and may even be prosecuted. Just as well because the majority of people will ignore any advice from the Blessed One,as they do,and act contrary to the guidelines given by the Blessed One,as they do.

    So, with this paradox, what hope is there for those looking to find the meaning of life in our Blessed Island?

    • 1

      Life itself is a paradox!
      try window shopping- truth hurts the conformist.

      [per aspera ad astra!] Through difficulties to the stars!

  • 1

    See how ignorant these people. Look at their comments and the content of the article.

    Comments mostly show their inferiority complex and their own feeling low.

  • 0

    Dr. Jayathunga:



    • 0

      Jimbo, namesake(keister) too tried the `dangerous method`.

      Invoked or not invoked, the god is present
      Carl Jung’s, Fluntern, Zurich,

  • 0

    Compare this with another well known therapist whose prescribed remedy for all ailments was “In all thy ways acknowledge me, and I shall direct thy paths”. In other words, “Stop thinking, analysing or questioning. Just believe in me. Everything will go swimmingly for you”.

    What a callous irrational un-intelligent un-intelligible statement to make.

  • 0

    We agree, that Gautama was a great psychotherapist but let’s see whats happening around in our ‘Buddhist’ majority nation ? Is any one getting help or therapy ? Is anyone following the religion ? This religion or whatever you call it is a farce. Not a single person follow true Buddhism, it’s a difficult, unpractical, not so user friendly thing. The religion is only used from time immemorial to cheat masses, kill, massacre, rape other nationals and all the crimes in the book, grab every hard earned thing the poor souls posses. The so called “Buddhist’ government is not safeguarding the other people but encourage murder and mayhem. You guys still want to call Lanka a Buddhist nation ? Just give up talking ‘big’ about the great great Buddhism which has become a laughing matter in Lanka and all over the world. The worst religion mankind has ever seen in this 21st century. These racist people will never learn or behave even like ordinary human, let alone a ‘Buddhist’.
    The end of Buddhism and Rajapakse rule in Lanka is unavoidable sooner or later. I would be ashamed to call myself a Buddhist, if I’m one !

  • 0

    Who the hell is this Javi [Edited out], that dribbles verbal diarrhea incessantly like a leaking cesspit?

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