26 May, 2022


Rajapaksa Security; Lankan Insecurity

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Terrorists resemble one another: state terrorists, respectable members of government, and private terrorists, madmen acting…. in the name of various gods, whether God, Allah, or Jehovah…. How much longer will we ignore that fact that all terrorists scorn human life and feed off of one another? – Eduardo Galeano (How Much Longer?)

Zionist ultras, the sort who decry Binyamin Netanyahu for dovish tendencies, have a new role model: Sri Lanka. Mr. Netanyahu is being urged to learn from the Lankan example of ‘resolute use of military force’ and give Hamas ‘the thrashing it deserves’[i].

Mahinda-GotabhayaNakba onwards, Israel has won every war it waged. And yet the Palestinian issue remains, a ‘grindstone of conflict’ which “crushes and erodes our lives, our hopes and our humanity”, as the internationally acclaimed Israeli writer David Grossman lamented, last month[ii].

The lesson is obvious: military victories are absolutely possible; military solutions are absolutely impossible (barring successful genocide, which is harder to achieve in today’s world). Israel tops the Global Militarization Index[iii]. It follows a policy of zero-tolerance towards those it deems ‘terrorist’. It has an unfailing patron in the US. And yet, peace and normalcy continue to elude Israel. And so long as the Palestinian issue remains unresolved, any military victory Israel achieves will become a pyrrhic one politically.

The Rajapaksas could have learnt from Israel’s strategic failure and opted for a different path, post-war. But they didn’t, because of ideological convictions and political expediency. So five years after the annihilation of the LTTE, Sri Lanka remains raddled with suspicion, hate and disharmony, a toxic place in which seeds of new conflicts are germinating.

Sri Lanka and Israel can indeed learn from each other, valuable lessons on how not to wage wars and how not to build peace.

The Ruling Siblings, like their Zionist fans, do not accept the existence of an ethnic problem. They regard Lanka as the Sinhala-Buddhist Holy Land where the minorities exist on sufferance. Consequently they consider minority grievances as illegitimate and inimical, ipso facto. They see any minority ‘problem’ as purely a national security issue, which must be resolved through harsh laws and police/military actions. The 13th Amendment still exists, albeit in a vastly truncated form, not because the Rajapaksas accept the need for political devolution, but because they are loath to seriously antagonise India, yet. The various Rajapaksa-attempts at crafting ‘homemade solutions’ are merely exercises in prevarication and deception.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa reiterated this worldview, again, in an opinion piece which appeared under his name in PRISM, the magazine of the Centre for Complex Operations (CCO) which is attached to US Department of Defence[iv]. Mr. Rajapaksa is often the harbinger of the changes his more astute brothers are planning. His words, written for an official American audience, are important in understanding what might befall Sri Lanka during a third Rajapaksa term.

The Gotabaya Doctrine

Gotabaya Rajapaksa claims that “Sri Lanka must learn the lessons of its past, and ensure that history is not repeated”. Indubitably; but everything depends on how the past is perceived. According to Rajapaksa-rendition, past did not contain ‘Sinhala Only’, Standardisation or other Sinhala-supremacist excesses. Eelam War had no political root-causes. Tamil separatism was purely a result of Tamil desire for separation.

Given this perception of the past, the future can have only one mould – harsher laws, increased militarization and greater repression.

Mr. Rajapaksa identifies several national security problems confronting Sri Lanka.

The possible re-emergence of terrorism”.

Real Target – TNA and other democratic Tamils.

“There are groups even within the democratic mainstream…..that obtain funding from the LTTE’s international network and pro-LTTE elements overseas….Though they appear to have a democratic face, their actions and remarks clearly show that the extremist separatist ideology has not yet disappeared. Their ultimate objective is achieving the division of Sri Lanka. As a result of their actions and statements, it is very much a possibility that certain radical elements will feel empowered to once again attempt to take up arms in the name of separation. This is a major national security threat that needs to be taken with the utmost seriousness.”

It cannot be a coincidence that Mr. Rajapaksa’s sidekick Prof. Rohan Gunaratne recently criticised the government for allowing the TNA to engage in politics, post-war[v]. Post-election, this ‘mistake’ might be rectified; the TNA might be proscribed, on terrorism charges.

‘The emergence of other extremist groups’.

Real Target – the JVP/Southern opposition.

“These are the remnants of the radical groups that were involved in previous insurgencies. Some…..are trying to…mobilize people to once again take up their extreme left wing causes. There is information that some of these groups have started to establish ties to LTTE-linked agents….. Some of their activities include radicalizing students and encouraging them to take to the streets in various protests.”

Post-victory, the Rajapaksas might unleash a wave of repression targeting political, trade-union and student activists. The more active members of the UNP too can be victimised. Only a pro-Rajapaksa opposition will be permitted.

‘The worsening of ethnic divisions and communal violence’.

Real Target – Muslims.

“During the period of the war, it was not only the Sinhalese and Tamil communities that were affected by the terrorist separatism of the LTTE, but also the Muslims. In this environment, the Muslims also started to organize for their own protection against the LTTE. Since the LTTE’s defeat, some of these groups have begun to engage in activities that stem far beyond self-protection. There is information that some of these groups have even tried to link up with global Islamic terrorist organizations….   there are some foreign groups that wish to encourage Sri Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community…..This trend has been particularly prevalent in the post-September 11 world in which a tendency among certain groups to try and influence the global Muslim community toward, religious extremism has become visible.”

Anti-Muslim hysteria will be used to keep the economically hard-pressed Sinhala majority quiescent. A bogus ISIS-threat might be used to build an anti-Islamic bridge to Mr. Rajapaksa’s adopted homeland, the USA.

‘Non-traditional technology-driven threats, including social media’.

Real Target – Rajapaksa critics and whatever that is left of the anti-Rajapaksa opposition.

The final threat….is the emergence of new technology-driven media, including social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other websites….. Those with vested interests can exploit social media, causing problems….by circulating certain ideologies online and mobilizing and organizing people. This can be done with a minimal physical presence, and therefore constitutes a threat that is difficult to contain through the traditional tools of national defense.”

Conclusion[vi]:  “Although Sri Lanka today has no immediate requirement for offensive military operations, it is of the utmost importance that security measures not be relaxed….. Still it is essential that the military remain in strategic locations throughout Sri Lanka. Particularly in the North and East….”

The writing on the wall cannot be clearer. Post-presidential poll, the Rajapaksas will move with utmost ruthlessness to neutralise all threats to familial rule and dynastic succession under the guise of ensuring national security. With suspicion, intolerance and hatred enthroned as patriotism, Sri Lanka will become a diseased society at war with itself, at individual, political, ethno-religious and class levels.

[v] It was a grave error to allow the TNA which had links with the LTTE to remain in politics – Prof. Rohan Gunaratne – Lankadeepa – 21.8.2014

[vi] The other threats identified are The challenges of maritime security and border control, The growth of organized crime and Foreign Interference in domestic affairs.

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  • 5

    Mahinda the double game player has to change his plans. Because, on the Russian/Syrian front which is against the Khazarian Zionists (who are controlling Israel & the Western Govts.).

    Suddenly we saw that Mahinda is on the losing side of the World Power…ha,ha,haaaa…..

    Let us enjoy the show which will unfold before our eyes in few months time.


    Islam & Russia Vs West & Zionism (World Organized Crime)

    A Devil in Disguise – Zionism and Its Threat to Christianity, Judaism & the World – pt1

    A Devil in Disguise – The Satanic Talmud, Fake News & Zionist Controlled Media – pt2

    A Devil in Disguise – The Creation of Anti-Arab racism by Jewish Hollywood – pt3

    • 2

      “Nakba onwards, Israel has won every war it waged. And yet the Palestinian issue remains, a ‘grindstone of conflict’ which “crushes and erodes our lives, our hopes and our humanity”,”

      If you listen to Champika Ranawake’s speech in Paris he is comparing WWII with our war. He says in WWII after defeating enemies, world silenced Japan, Germany, Italy never to talk talk about WWII. He states even SL won the war SL did not get rid of people who talks in defense of tamil people grievances, so this the issues under lying to this problem still remains. These mugs are comparing the WWI not Israel.


      So TG, I think these advices to MaRa, Champika & the extremists clan is like playing music to deaf elephants.

    • 2

      Dear Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “Terrorists resemble one another: state terrorists, respectable members of government, and private terrorists, madmen acting…. in the name of various gods, whether God, Allah, or Jehovah…. How much longer will we ignore that fact that all terrorists scorn human life and feed off of one another? – Eduardo Galeano (How Much Longer?)”

      That is correct. This is called Buddhist Jihadism or Sinhala Buddhists Jihadists, Dictator Jihadists, Wahhabi Jihadists etc. all using various ideologies to stay in power and project their hegemony.

      They all follow Religions, and the Clan…

      Re Buddhism — ATHEIST POWER!


      Want to know more about Buddhism, Religion and the Buddhist Cults?






    • 0

      So long [Edited out] in power, there is no peace in this island. Nothing about finding solutions for ethnic issue but not even mental peace will find its way as had been decades ago.

      pEOPLE should grasph it finally – until then we the anti Rapajapskeh/ anti corruption people should face our struggle.

  • 8

    “Mr. Rajapaksa’s sidekick Prof. Rohan Gunaratne ”

    Ha, that is a strong kick on where it hurts for Rohan Gunaratne, when he tries to pretend as a credible professional academic. But, certainly it will please both Rajapakse and Gunaratne in terms of their own ego and materialistic interests respectively.

    The man who says “It was a grave error to allow the TNA which had links with the LTTE to remain in politics”, is glad to hang out with Karuna, KP and Pillaiyaan, who WERE real LTTE. But, Gunaratne has no shame. With his sheepish smile, he will continue to claim a terrorism expert, who always pops up to tell the world, Ï knew this was going to happen”, after ‘it’ happened! I am sure he strongly criticised Rajapakse for allowing a free-ride for BBS terror merchants!!!

    • 9

      Mahinda regime, its henchmen and sidekicks such as Rohan Gunaratne are living in an imaginary world;

      It is a world where lies, deception and cruelty are norms: They think they can get away with mass murders, authoritarianism sans rule of law, corruption, amassing immense wealth illegally, spreading drug abuse by high ranking government members, inciting violence against other communities and much more.

      They are stubborn in rejecting the UN investigation and international laws protecting humanity.

      Even Saddam Hussein didn’t go to this extreme to where this regime is going.

      May be they can get away with it in their life time.

  • 11

    Rajapakse family is not bothered about nation or religion or rule of law. They are power hungry monsters. They are opportunistic creatures prepared to even sell Sri Lanka or Buddhism. If Sinhalese turn against him, the nation will flood with blood. For them, it is not Sinhalese or Buddhism, It is Rajapakse kingom and Rajapakeism.

  • 7

    The last fiasco in Gaza, which still goes on, did not make Netanyahu shine, nor despite slaughtering 2000 civilians and injuring thousands more, did he win the war. Within a few days of the media showing children playing soccer and being blown up, the lifeless bodies of babies being held by their wailing parents, and pictures of children in makeshift morgues, the world saw Israel for what it really is, a brutal occupier, that lied blatantly to wage a war, and who coldly sent deadly missiles, and used US made weapons, to decimate an overcrowded city, not caring if it was a house, Mosque, hospital, school, and it even bombed 7 UN shelters, despite many warnings by UN officials as to the locations of these shelters. They just did not care.
    Israel lost the PR war, and Israel has shown the world it’s ruthlessness and disregard for Arab lives.
    Despite the whining about rockets coming from Gaza, only 1 Jewish person lost his life due to the rockets, and 2 foreigners. The rest were soldiers when they attacked Gaza on the ground.
    Now that Sri Lanka is in bed with Israel, it is becoming clearer that it is in bed with a devious and dangerous Devil.

    Having Netanyahu admire the ruthless Rajapaksa’s is nothing to be proud of – we should be ashamed
    that rogue states that are responsible for massacres align with us, and vice versa.

    • 2


      a pill a day keeps the stalk away.;)

      [veritas vos liberabit] The truth shall make you free!

      Iron Dome- Buy them I love: for what they are: Einstein/Hiroshima;

      List of Israeli inventions and discoveries.-Science;Computing;Defense;Agriculture and breeding;
      Energy;Consumer goods and appliances;Foods;


      • 2

        So you must have learned to try and deflect from Israel’s crimes by mentioned their so called “inventions” in Tel Aviv. It is an old hasbara trick, that does not work anymore. If only Israel stuck to inventing instead of stealing land for illegal settlements, and keeping indigenous people under a brutal occupation, we may be impressed. But Israel has broken many international laws, and is condemned by the the rest of the world, even it’s slave the US, for stealing lands that once belonged to the Palestinians, their water, and demolition of Palestinian homes.

        Here is an interesting list of UN resolutions condemning Israel for war crimes, and the list of vetoes by the US, protecting it from further censure:


        Israel is a rogue state, a terrorist state, and no amount of scientific discoveries (due to massive US aid) and advancement in science can justify crimes against unarmed civilians, and the massacre of children.

        • 3

          The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
          – Albert Einstein

          repeat not for there is nothing new.!

          negotiate then take it from there for the foe is
          formidable for poo’s sticks and stones.

          [consilio et animis] By wisdom and courage;)

          • 2

            Instead of rambling and showing how much misinformed you are, perhaps you can show how clever you are by addressing the issue, and responding to comments. Ignorance can be bliss, but here in these comments, the ability to respond to the subject is the intelligent thing to do. Try responding to the facts. Thank you.

            Kohede yanne mallay pol, does not work here.

            • 1

              “Kohede yanne mallay pol, does not work here.”
              [oyage atthe bol!]hollow/void in space.

              You are teaching a dolphin to swim
              pay attention to what you are doing

              Repeat:a pill a day keeps the stalk away.;)

              Islam, keep away and cry that you cannot stop the wind is not going to help in the long run- the west is fed up and it only gets worse.

              Israel is there to stay however much todays majority belch or fart.
              Even in Jazz one person takes the decision.(minority)

              Aggressive Palestinians will perish like the no other (american Indians) when oil comes to its end, perhaps 40 years from now.

              Everyone country exploits whether you like it or not.

              Less is More is where the NWO is heading.

          • 2

            Zionists who are the biggest human right violators, murderers, thugs, looters and greedy crooks in the world.

            Their days are numbered while their population is dwindling by the day while Muslim and Arab populations are increasing every day.

            Read more to find who created Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIL, ISIS etc,etc.

            • 1

              ” Muslim and Arab populations are increasing every day.”

              The Chinese undervalued their yuan to fight the battle for supremacy while Muslims with gentile mutilation of the man and woman try to over run western democracy.

              85% of Obama administration is Jewish- they worked hard to be where they are.
              [Manchester united :american jew;Chelsea: Russian Jew; Facebook: American Jew; they are where it matters – gift of verbal virtuosity]

              The same way that US pays Porkistan for its upkeep it pays Israel.

              Muslims, the future soylent green by choice in a New World Order where religion has no place in society.

      • 1


        Who said Israel invented and discovered many things…….

        Israel with the help of NSA is copying others inventions and discoveries without their knowledge.

        After second world war USA and Israel Jews not only copied everything that belong to Germans and Japanese, but also got down their scientists, doctors and engineers to invent the new stuff.

        Also they got down all the best brains from other countries after creating civil and communal wars in those countries and making their lives and economy miserable to their people. Even Bill Gates a Jew stole MS Windows from his other colleagues with the help of more powerful and strong Jewish community. This is the truth.

        But now slowly all other countries like Iran, Russia, Germany, Japan and China are catching up with new technology and innovations.

        Rajapakse is kicking out our best brains, entrepreneurs and innovators who are now contributing their knowledge to other countries, while Rajapakse in order to rule Sri Lanka for ever keeping and surrounded only by a bunch of uneducated, uncivilized and uncultured mutts and thugs around him.

        But it will only be a dream and a nightmare for him and his family of gangs.

        Very soon Sri Lanka will be liberated by the real patriots from all communities.

        • 1

          “Sri Lanka will be liberated by the real patriots “

          Whohoooo! In the dreams of a scoundrel.!

          Bill never stole anything. DOS/Excel was an uncanny gift from the hippies of the 70’s- the free mind of the west. (its in 2 part video)

          “Rajapakse is kicking out our best brains”
          that is natural for a dictator.!

          Picasso,Freud, Einstein,many a genius was kicked out but they just shone irrespective of the nation they were in- it runs in the genes.

          Lankians from Sihala Boru Emil Soundaranayagam, Sepala (Alitalia Hijacker) to Rajaratnam Lankian Horu are Guinness book specimens.

          Where there is a will there is a way for always.
          Pakistanis are manufacturing fertilizers with non-explosive materials.

          Sihala Olu/Sihala Ulu/Sihala Boru/Sihala Horu.- ice pappas.

          • 2


            I had my doubts but thanks for confirming you are still a Colony. Freedom is a sweet thing when you achieve it. It cant be far away.

      • 2

        A Javi a day keeps the shit away.

        • 2


          So your nose has stuck the ceiling??
          What a `wasp`lico!!

        • 1

          This is not my comment.

          by the one who wants to be me.

    • 3

      Zionist attacks on the ‘occupied’ (in effect) Gaza resulted in the deaths of 2000 of whom 80%+ were civilians. You describe well what facilities were deliberately attacked. The Gazans live in the biggest ever concentration camp with little room for agricultural or pastoral activity. Fishing is limited to three mile from the shore. The limited industrial activity that sustained them is now totally destroyed as is their water and power supply and the sewage system. Hamas, elected by a considerable majority is described as terrorists by the US for protecting the Gazans.

      This is very different from what happened in Sri Lanka where the government was forced to clear out terrorists from among civilians held as hostages and a human shield. Some civilians no doubt lost their lives in the battle zone, but nearly 300,000 were liberated, free to go about their business after being fed and clothed in camps by the government. Yet the attitude of the US is at the opposite ends of the scale. It demands an INVESTIGATION into what happened in Sri Lanka and is yet insistent that there should be none against Israel and has already instructed the ICC.

  • 2

    Wars are not conflicts between the individual people of warring countries.
    Wars are conflicts between the governments of countries. ,

    No matter what excuse politicians dream up for waging war,
    the underlying cause of all wars is economic in nature.

    Any big bully, who feels confident that he can win the war,
    can start a war at any time.

    Leave the rest to he who dares- Gods/Dogs

    He conquers who conquers himself.!!

  • 0

    ” Post-victory, the Rajapaksas might unleash a wave of repression targeting political, trade-union and student activists “

    Well, ‘Gunasekera’ seems resigned to another Rajapakse victory, and is describing ‘her’ nightmare.

    • 2

      Harmless thunderbolt!!

      Mara ma hora.

  • 1

    Lankan insecurity is out of the question as a US Citizen directing all
    security matters here owns and runs a Security apparatus in International waters and an “arranged” coup when elections dump the Regime, will be put into action with ease. This possibility is plausible as the Bro & co
    must ensure their lives are not messed with?

  • 1

    Is this the same Rohan Karunaratne who was exposed for all his lies in the ‘Australian Age’. Is he the same dumpkonf who said Prabhakaran had traveled all the way to Colombo to kill a traitor with his own hands? Even the often obsequious local media scoffed at his stupid claim and called him a ‘Error Expert’. I call him ‘Hired Expert’

    And now he is the Rajapaksa corner. Having him shows the Rajapaksas are either fools or desperate. I can hear someone say “BOTH’


  • 1

    Quote “Mr. Netanyahu is being urged to learn from the Lankan example of ‘resolute use of military force’ and give Hamas ‘the thrashing it deserves’[i].”
    Military victories are possible BUT none have achieved recently. does
    P(t)issu-ranne know where SL stand in this equation?
    Aiyoo..P(t)issu-ranne is holding tight onto the wrong end of MR’s stick

    Reading the above comment makes one wonder whether Tissu-ranne is turning out to be a P(T)issu-ranne……………….
    She has been day dreaming all these year deaf, dumb & blind to the Israel -Palestinian issue.

    Not only Sri Lanka, even the Western World militaries have learnt to use “resolute use of military force” from Mr. Netanyahu’s Israel. Have …P(t)pissu-ranne seen or have ever read about the destruction brought upon by the Western Allied Forces on Iraq, Afganistan, Libya and long before that in Yougoslavia, even before that in Vietnam to name a few????
    The crushing of the UVA rebellion by the British occupationist forces of Sri Lanka???????????????

    There is a large bright moon appearing these days and as such
    P(t)issuranne appears to have gone terribly NUTS getting mixed up with Netanyahu action with that of Sri Lanka.


    Afterall, P(t)issu-ranne appear to be firmly Anti- Hamas.

  • 0

    The American Zionists who have been helping the LTTE for over thirty years, to fight the GOSL, suddenly changed their game plan to focus on MR who is also a Murderous Rogue to be elected as President, with the help of VP. Thereafter these same American Zionists together with their allies, India, EU and the rest helped MR to decimate the VP faction by luring them to surrender and the KP faction to remain to enjoy the spoils. MR was helped to develop the infrastructure in the country, especially in the North and the East, expecting the majority Tamil diaspora to return with funds for development, but sadly it has not happened so far. MR is currently trying desperately to market the Infrastructure development in the country to attract foreign investment and the return of the diaspora with their funds to make the economy to boom. However MR has very little time left, before everything boomerang on him and there is little hope of his allies the American Zionists coming to his aid, the time he needs them most.

  • 0

    “””Only a pro-Rajapaksa opposition will be permitted.”””

    Come Franz and feel my fevered brow.

  • 1

    Binyamin and Mahinda, arm in arm, walking at sunset. A sight for sore eyes.

    But this world is a strange place, so live long and see the unexpected. Brother Gota is making sure all bases are covered. Underlying benchmark is that there will be NO return to the pre-May 2009 status. Reconciliation? What reconciliation, there are no minorities anymore, there are no issues left. People are now free and should learn to live harmoniously in this thrice-blessed land, and be grateful for the wonderful new world created by a generous and benevolent President. Anybody who does not understand that, sunneth!

    Gota once read an article that said ‘only the strong survive’ which he corrected and added ‘and the brave’. Then, one day, Ioma said, “it is the meek who will inherit the earth” but Gota quickly corrected her “No darling, NOT in the case of Sri Lanka. It will be only a Rajapaksa who will inherit Sri Lanka when I have finished my work”. Ioma smiled and stroked her wool-balla.

    Not that, have you heard the latest one about the Jew and the Buddhist?

  • 2

    “..Muslims also started to organize for their own protection against the LTTE..” This is legitimate and perfectly understandable. But a small group of Muslim leaders in the Eastern Province, venal as they are and personal avarice being the sole cause, took this several steps forward. Seduced and encouraged by dubious dark forces like Pakistan’s ISI, they lent themselves to carry forward the surreptitious schemes of the ISI soley aimed at destabilising and hurting Tamilnadu’s nuclear, defence and other sensitive establishments located there – from Lankan soil. These James Bond like adventurous evil plots are slowly but surely coming out now.

    “Since the LTTE’s defeat, some of these groups have begun to engage in activities that stem far beyond self-protection” Not just that. More ambitious Lankan Muslims willingly became pawns of global nuclear terror – more for big money. Like that Lankan caught in Malaysia carrying out the plans of the rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Y. Khan – now under global blacklist by the scientific community for helping the North Korean and Pakistani nuclear ambitions.

    “There is information that some of these groups have even tried to link up with global Islamic terrorist organizations…” This is again to be expected and the Rajapakses blamed because of what they did to the Muslims, island-wide, recently. Like what happened to Tamil youth from the late 1960s Muslim radical youth are thrown against the wall. Naturally, they will react and cotton on to the nearest terror group.

    “there are some foreign groups that wish to encourage Sri Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community…..This trend has been particularly prevalent in the post-September 11 world in which a tendency among certain groups to try and influence the global Muslim community toward, religious extremism has become visible.” This is more in line with the global Muslim agenda to take over and convert to islam the entire world – sooner or later. Many extremist Islamic theologians believe all people in the world are born Muslims. If they are born into non-Islamic families, they are urged by the global flock, to convert these “infidels” – by any means.
    The current trend to usher in the next Islamic Caliphate propagated by ISIS will have a reverberating influence among Lankan radical youth.
    At worst, what organised Islamic political violence can do in the island is to create brief disturbances, hit-and-run incidents and harassment. They do not have the depth, the global support and clout and the national range to create mayhem country-wide like the LTTE at its zenith.

    It is up to the Govt and its many limbs – like the Police, the Army and other forces, to bring the alienated Muslim youth to the national fold. This requires political wisdom, tactics, learned strategy and so on. Do the semi-literate Rajapakses and their low IQ “advisors” have what it takes? Or, as some within suggest, is the anti-Muslim pogrom now in effect one calculated to encourage as many Muslims as possible to flee the country so that the BBS-announced program of making the entire island exclusively Buddhist take effect?


  • 1

    Two Tamils MPs were appointed last week as Deputy Ministers of the Srilankan Government, which Ms T castigates as a genocidal outfit like Israel.

    Obviously these two Tamil MPs do not belong to the TNA because they are Tamils of Indian descent and they are over 4 % of the inhabitant population.

    They are the poorest segment among the Inhabitant Tamils and they are on par with the poor Sinhala and Muslim inhabitants.

    If the Govt does genocide how come these Indian Tamils are spared?.

    Dr Subramaniam Swamy of the ruling BJP govt in India attended the the 55 Nation security conferenance in Colombo .

    He said the situation today is different to what it was when desperate politicians stitched up deals to save their own backsides, although Mr Swamy did’nt use the same terminology.

    And his message indirectly though was jettison Praba’s baggage and get on with it to live as Lankans in peace and harmony.

    And his Govt will give every support to make Srilanka a strong country.

    As the first step the President himself announced the ban on Ms Pillai’s Troika and declared that the TNA is acting as proxies of the LTTE.

    And guess what, Mr Swamy has already ensured that Ms Pillai Troika doesn’t come to Tamil Nadu to meet up with the LTTE operatives and create trouble there.

    • 2

      Hindian Dhoti’s backward society at a glance.

      Lungi Swamy and Sarema Sumane operative jumping the gun for Passa Sarema.

      Dhoti Modi needs just Mallai for his Chai nothing more nothing less.

      Perhaps those corner shops will see sense and make a stuffed bird laugh.

      Bolo Hanuman ki Jai

      • 1


        Thanks you are a friend in a million. I pray for you and your dick head.

        • 2

          Ela,ela, you dare stare thick-head??

          visvasa vasse neade? (trust is bliss?)

          type is the pen of fools, ct (their) paper,

          Believe it, future generations.!

  • 3

    K.A Sumanasekera

    “And guess what, Mr Swamy has already ensured that Ms Pillai Troika doesn’t come to Tamil Nadu to meet up with the LTTE operatives and create trouble there.”

    Please stop sitting on your brain.

    Subramanian Swamy used to be an ardent supporter of LTTE from its inception until after Gandhi was assassinated by your Tamil brethren. While LTTE was fighting IPKF (your Sinhala/Buddhist army was hiding behind your women folks) Swamy arranged LTTE under water comando training in Israel.

    These are too complicated great game for you, please keep yourself busy by nagging your Vellala brethren.

    • 1

      Dear Native,

      If your take is right, Subramanian has become a friend of the SL inhabitants.

      And he is doing all the right things to protect them from the LTTE proxy TNA and its handlers in the Diaspora who still wear Praba T shirts and wave Tiger Flags in Toronto.

      MS Jayalalitha, in contrast who according to my elders was a avowed enemy of Praba has now become the guardian and the chief patron of the Vaiko , Nedu Seeman’s Nadu LTTE.

      And stirring up the poor Naduans to go to War , because the bad Sinhala Buddhist Navy wouldn’t allow Ms Jayalitha’s Fisher Mafia to plunder the valuable Shrimp stocks in the North which belong to inhabitants specially the non Vellas in the North.

      But the TNA which claim total ownership of the Tamil population in the North keeps mum.

      Could it be one of the reasons for the current ruckus in the Vellala cabinet of the new CM from Kurunduwatta?…

      • 0

        Poor Naduans? Oh NudeMan (summasekara) come to 2014, dont live in 1984 buddy!

  • 1

    KAS, like the Rajapakse Family, lays too much of reliance of what
    Subramaniam Swamy says and promises to do. Are they aware, SS is not
    wanted or will be tolerated by the people of Tamilnadu – the home of
    his No-MP (in a Lok Sabha of nearly 550) Janatha Party. He worked for
    the BJP during the elections (surely he won’t be tolerated by the Congress) but failed to get a Cabinet Post or even a Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha MPs post. He is simply getting the Rajapakses to spend millions of dollars unnecessarily on him. He can, in no substantial way, shape Mody’s Policy on Sri Lanka. Remember, this is the man who, initially, offered Prabakaran and the LTTE to be their guide and mentor in the late 1970s.

    Rajapakses and the State media here over-rate Dr. SS, who was sacked
    by the Harvard University for “action unbecoming” of a teacher there.
    If he was so powerful with Mody and the BJP why didn’t he block the visit of the TNA delegation – a great source of worry to his paymasters here. This would have been a valuable service to the regime.


    • 0

      what talks about Rajaaksshes. they dont have the least feeling about anyone. Just because if anyone would rise and hail to them – they feel that they are loved. See the situation for the lankens on the world arena today – it is like- if you call them you are from srilanka – they just suspect you as killers. This Rjaapkashe have achieved for the entire nation to this day.

      Ebola virus is deadly -but the Rajapakshe brain washing is even worst to locals (over 70% of the poor people of the country).

  • 1


    You are teaching a dolphin to swim pay attention to what you are doing.

    You confirm that you are an Animal and not a human after all.

    • 1


      Marmite, me with your tongues !!

      As jy wil/si por favor/ if you please!

  • 0

    Interesting development !!!! The CAT is out of the bag… The BBS spokesman says it all…..

    lslamic terrorism threat to SL : Gotabaya

    Daily Mirror, Friday, 22 August 2014 10:30

    In a paper published in the latest issue of the US Defence Department’s journal “Prism”, Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, has reiterated his belief that Islamic terrorism poses a threat to Sri Lanka.

    Since the LTTE’s defeat, some of the Muslim groups in Lanka have begun to engage in activities that go “far beyond self-protection”, he said in the journal brought out by the Center for Complex Operations (CCO).

    “There is information that some of these groups have even tried to link up with global Islamic terrorist organisations. This is a situation that requires careful monitoring,” Gotabaya said. “Some Islamic groups in Lanka have started to establish ties with LTTE-linked agents to create further problems,” he further said.

    According to Gotabaya, the increasing insularity of Lanka’s ethnic groups is at the root of the problem. “Rather than identifying themselves on the basis of nationality, the communities of Sri Lanka have begun to identify themselves on the basis of ethnicity or their religion. The cross-border links that can arise as a result of such insular ethnic or religious identification are also troublesome,” he said.

    “There are some foreign groups that wish to encourage Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community, thereby reducing their integration within Lanka.” The increasing insularity and cohesion amongst minority ethnic groups has also led to the emergence of hard line groups from the majority community, the top Lankan security official observed.

  • 0

    Adding to comments of Backlash.

    During the Indian General Election campaign Dr. Sub Swamy told several audiences the moment Modi takes over Dr. Raghuram Rajan, the new Governor of the RBI, will be removed within a week after the new Govt takes over. Not that he remained silent after that but the well-liked Dr. Rajan is there – acceptable to the Govt, the Opposition, the economic community, the business sector, the media. He did not ask to be appointed Governor/RBI but GoI scouts, looking for an able and world-renowned economist, lured him from his high position in the IMF.

    Dr. SS is a political spent-force plus fraud and can only fool those like the Rajapakses, who have such a weakness to be taken to rides by many shady characters. It is a long list – Dr.(?) Lilantha White, KRIISH, Prof.(?)Rohan Gunaratne and.. and…


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