20 January, 2022


Ghosts From The Past

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

‘The sleep of reason produces monsters.’ ~ Goya (The title of the 43rd etching of Los Caprichos)

Post-Rajapaksa Sri Lanka is being haunted by the ghost of the Rajapaksa past and the spectre of a Rajapaksa future.

The 19th Amendment was a major democratic achievement. It restored presidential term limits, reduced presidential powers and reinstated independent commissions. The commissions will face their first acid test over the appointment of the next governor of the Central Bank. If the tainted incumbent is reappointed, the ability and willingness of independent commissions to stem the partisan excesses of politicians will be cast into grave doubt.Mahinda Gota

The 19th Amendment also barred two-term presidents from contesting the presidency again. This automatically disqualifies former president Mahinda Rajapaksa from contesting the 2020 presidential election. The only way he can remedy the situation is via another constitutional amendment. Such a change would require a parliament in which Mr. Rajapaksa commands a two-thirds majority and a President weakened to the point of invertebrateness. Neither condition is likely to come about under normal democratic circumstances.

So the Rajapaksas are faced with a problem of Himalayan proportions. How can they use the next presidential election to regain the power they lost in the last one? The Family is unlikely to trust its future to an outsider, however servile that person might be now. The only way out is for another Rajapaksa to contest in 2020. Namal Rajapaksa is too young and Basil Rajapaksa is caught in too many legal tangles.

There is only one choice: Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa must not only contest; he must contest to win. Which means he cannot contest from the third party the likes of Wimal Weerawansa are raring to create; he must contest from the SLFP.

This is the context in which Minister John Seneviratne’s proposal to make Gotabhaya Rajapaksa a deputy leader of the SLFP must be considered.

Minister Seneviratne is one of those SLFPers who contested the 2015 parliamentary election as a member of the Mahinda Sulanga (Mahinda Wind) and jumped ship, post-defeat. Unlike the other senior John in the cabinet, John Amaratunga, Mr. Seneviratne is not given to dropping bricks and drivel every time he opens his mouth. If he says something controversial, it would be by intent rather than accident.

This is also not the first time Minister Senevirtane talked about bringing Gotabhaya Rajapaksa into active politics. In April, 2016, he stated that “senior SLFPers are of the opinion that Gotabhaya should be given a key post in the party.”[i]

Minister Seneviratne reportedly discussed the matter with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa for over two hours[ii]. Days later, Mr. Rajapaksa himself made a statement, claiming that, “People living in Sri Lanka and outside the country have asked me to come forward to contest the next presidential election.”[iii] He didn’t say he would; he didn’t say he wouldn’t. But reading between the lines the message was clear: Gotabaya is willing; willing to contest, become the president and return Sri Lanka to its right and proper fate of Rajapaksa rule.

Third Party or SLFP?

Mahinda Rajapaksa currently enjoys the support of more than half of the SLFP/UPFA parliamentary party. He also has substantial backing in provincial councils and local government bodies. He remains popular at the grass roots level. But how big a split he can effect, how many SLFPers would abandon their traditional political home and follow him into unknown territory is uncertain. Since the birth of the two-party system in 1956, popular leaders who broke away from their parent parties and formed new ones didn’t fare well politico-electorally.

A new party would be effective in making a mark at local government and provincial elections. It can put pressure on President Sirisena. It will be ideal to revenge on the SLFP for the cardinal sin of opting for a non-Rajapaksa future.

But a new party cannot win the presidency; or even form the next government.

If the Rajapaksas break up the SLFP and form a new party, they will achieve what Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamani Dissanayake did in 1992 – pave the way for the other major party to win the presidency and the parliament. If Messrs Athulathmudali and Dissanayake didn’t break up the UNP, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga would not have become the president in 2004. Similarly if the Rajapaksas break up the SLFP, it will be tantamount to providing the UNP with a free pass to victory in 2020.

By going alone, the Rajapaksas can defeat the SLFP. But they cannot defeat the UNP. Power cannot be regained via a new party. Power can be regained only via the SLFP.

Past can sometimes provide a good mirror of future. Two incidents from Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s past can help us remember the kind of leadership he will provide for Sri Lanka.

In April 2014, the editor-in-chief of the Sinhala daily, Lakbima, was interrogated by the CID. His ‘crime’ was carrying a funny caption over a picture of the wife of Gotabaya Rajapaksa. “…..Ayoma Rajapaksa was depicted buying goods at the New Year fair of the Civil Defence Department. The caption of the photo was…. ‘They aren’t fake money aren’t they?’”[iv] The newspaper apologised the very next day, but to no avail. The CID grilled the editor-in-chief for three hours. The sub-editor, directly responsible for the caption, was dismissed from the job[v]. Subsequently the editor himself tended his resignation.

In February 2008, Gotabaya Rajapaksa filed a defamation case against the Sunday Leader for its coverage of the Ukrainian MIG deal. The case received wide publicity in the state and private media. Gotabaya Rajapaksa gave his evidence on May 22, 2014. His cross-examination by counsel for defence MA Sumanthiran started on May 27th 2014. Logically, rationally the court house should have been teeming with media personnel. Yet on May 27th only the BBC correspondents tried – unsuccessfully – to enter the court premises. Two senior cops barred their way and informed them, “Nobody in their right minds would come here. No other media had come to cover this because they know the consequences.[vi]

Mr. Sumanthiran’s questions and Mr. Rajapaksa’s answers should have been headline news. Yet no media outlet carried the story. They obviously knew the consequences.

Pity the country which needs a hero, Brecht says in Galileo. Normal democracies do not require heroes or deliverers. To need a hero, a saviour, a country must be in peril; it must face an existential threat, be challenged by a deadly enemy.

For the Rajapaksa project to succeed, Sri Lanka must become a nation in chaos, imperilled by a racial or religious other. It is only if Sinhala-Buddhist minds are addled by fears, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa can ride to the rescue.

To regain power, the Rajapaksas need to recreate in the Sinhala-South the phobia of being encircled and undermined by far more powerful and numerous alien forces. There will be increasing talk of reincarnated Tigers and surging Jihadists. Just as Donald Trump accuses President Obama and presumptive Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton of being soft on ‘Islamic terrorists’, the Rajapaksas will accuse President Sirisena and PM Wickremesinghe of being soft on the Tamil separatism and Muslim expansionism.

Once the fear of ‘inimical Others’ is in place, the need for a ‘leader rooted in people’ (‘Janamula Nayakaya’) who can save Lanka and Sinhala-Buddhists from inundation/subjugation/extinction will resurface.

And Gotabaya Rajapaksa can step on the political centre stage, flanked by his brothers, followed by his clan.

Helping Rajapaksas

The Rajapaksas did what they shouldn’t have done and didn’t do what they should have done, and paid the ultimate price. The Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration was elected to right those wrongs and not to repeat them. The current government is in trouble because of its tendency to imitate some of the excesses of its predecessor.

The Central Bank bond issue is not going to go away so long as Arjun Mahendran remains the Governor. His high handed practices including a reported refusal to cooperate with the officials of the Auditor General’s Department have made matters worse both for the man and the political leaders who back him. Reappointing such a controversial figure will be an act which is the opposite of not just good governance but also sensible and intelligent governance. Such a reappointment will delight the Rajapaksa-led Joint Opposition by presenting it with a credible stick to beat the government with. It will also disillusion those civil society groups whose support the government cannot do without, who would provide a rampart of last resort if Project Gotabaya gets off the ground.

The attack on Negambo-based whistleblower journalist Freddy Gamage is another problem which cannot be blamed on the Rajapaksas. It is the first such attack since the new administration came into office. The police are not inactive, unlike during Rajapaksa times. Two suspects have been arrested and investigations are continuing. But the absence of a clear and unequivocal political response to what is clearly a political attack is worrying. If the government continues to act as if the incident is of no matter, other attacks may follow. Such violence may emanate at ministerial level rather from the very top, but they will have a disastrous effect on the credibility of the entire government.

The controversy surrounding the attempted resignation of Dr. Sumith Pilapitiya, the Director General of the Wildlife Department, is another demonstration of the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration’s suicidal bent. A demand by the subject minister that the Warden of the Yala Sanctuary apologise to Minister Sajith Premadasa for objecting to the latter’s highhanded actions is said to be the most immediate cause for the resignation. Wild life activists and concerned citizens protested, the PM responded by asking Dr. Pilapitiya to stay and looked as if another unnecessary crisis has been averted. Now Minister Jayawickrama Perera says he is going to hold an inquiry against the Warden about the statements he made to the media. According to the Minister, the Warden by going public has damaged the government and Minister Premadasa. But the real damage to the government was done by Ministers Premadasa and Jayawickrama Perera when they humiliated a public official and created a situation which precipitated the highly respected Director General of the Wildlife Department to resign. If the promised inquiry is held, the crisis will continue, and the government is likely to gain not credit but discredit.

No, post-Rajapaksa Sri Lanka is not a haven of good governance. But it is a place where there’s freedom to protest bad governance practices and occasionally – occasionally – even put a stop to them.

That is one of the most important developments of the last 17 months: the public is interested in governance issues and expresses its opinions in innovative ways. When traders in Galle and Maharagama closed their shops to protest the drastic VAT hike, it is a Lankan first. The traders also explained that indirect tax hikes cause prices to go up which in turn impact adversely on the purchasing power of small people and the income generation of small businesses – a lesson in real life economics the government and its IMF advisors seem to be ignorant of.

That is why Sri Lanka is a democratic success story, particularly at a time when success stories are rare and failure is the common outcome. There is democratic space and a public eager to utilise that space. Admittedly Sri Lanka is not a finished product, but a work-in-progress. But perfect democracies are as much of a fallacy as perfect markets. What is important is to ensure that Sri Lanka moves forward, even at a snail’s pace, rather than remain stagnant or head back into the past.

[i] http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2016/04/03/gota-approached-to-enter-parliament/

[ii] http://www.colombopage.com/archive_16B/Jun05_1465101156CH.php

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[vi] http://www.nidahasa.com/news/news.php?go=fullnews&newsid=1325

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Latest comments

  • 37

    The sad and pathetic situation is that we are still discussing a possible return of Mahinda Rajapakse to run the country. Is it the fault of Sri Lankan people, SLFP, UNP or the so called yahapalanaya governance?

    Except winning the war, first by buying LTTE then manipulating and by engaging in a winning at any cost approach, what net positive things did the Kurakkan Regime do for the country or its people?

    • 35

      Gota is given a life line due to actions of MS and RW.

      Let’s be honest. there is adequate evidence and 18 months gone and if yahapalanaya govt wants they could have put all criminals behind bars. But that will never happen.

      MARA cronies will be given a chance to recapture power in 2020 and yahapalanaya govt is responsible for that.

      • 18

        The problem is they have deals after deals.

        I wash your back, and you wash my back. That is the worst of a national govt. Even if the high crime doeers are there, you cant do anything – you need to behave as nothing is occured. That is what Pres Sirisena and PM RW do.

        • 8

          MS & RW are cunningly marking time with the Rajapakse culprits
          till election time, by when they (GG) will be forced to put them
          in – this is the deal that is in operation. Give the Rajapakses
          all the rope, so that they don’t upset the SB voters with their
          kind of politics. BBS and the Temple operations have subsided on this deal.
          This is a reasonable possibility – we have to be patient.

          • 7

            Thisaranee dear, another brilliant analysis. Hat off and keep up your work. and please translate and publish in Sinhala to educate the people.

            This analysis is far more insightful and HONEST that the waffle of the so called Professors of Political Science – Jayadeva Uyangoda and the Dayan J.

            The fact is that civil society in Sri Lanka is totally frustrated and fed up with Ayahapalanay Govt. and TNA and Tamils are right to ask for foreign judges.

            Corruption inquiries by FCID has resulted in ZERO convictions for all the corrupt criminals sitting in the Diayawenna Parliament after so many years. WIjedaasa Rajapakse so called Minister of Justice is best buddies with Avant Guard scam criminals – NO convictions of all the financial fraud. Sirisena’s and Ranil’s gigantic cabinet of clowns is full of corrupt criminals.

            Civil society needs to also go to the international community and and the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and to ask for Economic and Social Justice prosecution of the corrupt politicians and their cronies, including Mhendran and Ajit Nivard Cabraal, who have looted the country and impoverished the masses.

            We must ask for ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE from UNHRC and for the people of Sri Lanka – SInhala, Tamil, Muslim, indeed all People of Sri Lanka who need economic justice and rights.

            TNA and Sumanthiran is right to push for independent foreign judges.

    • 16

      Please TG, bring us an analysis on what MR had been doing in Uganada and Japan Lately. On the topics, we have failed to read anything. I mean that he just left the country for those locations, what his activities, whom he met with etc should be discussed in here. Why the media men stay stand still not bringing the coverage on them ? Why why why ..

      • 5

        An important analysis media ignored, Uganda and Japan. Leaving MR to do this kind of fake state visits danger to Sri Lankans. Rajapaksas should be contained and politically destroyed for good. Otherwise, it will destroy Sri Lanka for another 50 years till Namal’s demise.

        • 2

          Did you check that video they spread about his visit to Japan, as OBAMA arrived inthere ? I have the feeling that is totally a fake.

          Japanese would never respect Meeharaka that way knowing the manner his terms treated nothern folks in the line of reconciliation.

    • 5

      of course rohan what else did the MR do other than winning a war and ending terrorism in SL which is extremely insignificant

      • 18

        sachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the stupid II

        “of course rohan what else did the MR do other than winning a war and ending terrorism in SL which is extremely insignificant”

        It was VP the psychopath who won the war and two elections for MR.

        Terrorism was ended on 9th January 2015.

        • 6


          “Terrorism was ended on 9th January 2015.”

          Hah hah haa!

        • 3

          Good point NV. Terrorism was ended on January 8, 2015 not on May 18, 2009. No difference between VP and MR.

        • 1

          VP won the war? you like to think like that ne? What if VP actually defeat SL forces, how do you call that? MR won the war?

          LOL LTTE supporters cannot stomach the fact that their terrorists were defeated

          • 3

            Yes, VP won the war but the killers did the job to remove him that way. Killers are Rajaakshes.
            They are experts to do the same to own communities. Please contact Gotabaya et al to get more. He is the most aggrssive man of the circles next to that babaric monk – red saree wearing Ghansarasara.

            • 1

              ahh.. so you are a deranged LTTE supporter after all. makes sense now, cause no true Sri Lankan would say the stuff you say. and i mean that including all the rest of the tamils who are living peacefully in the rest of Sri Lanka

      • 3

        Sacho the most known idiot of the forum:

        What else he did – he grabbed billions if not hundreds of millions fooling those punnaku eating people who are the majority in this country.

        He had no hearts to do the due which to help healing the wounds of nothern folks. Just telling we are all srilankens, the bugger did everything to corner them.
        Now only, things have turned to the good – today, they the people in nothern areas have no fears to continue their lively hoods.

    • 3

      Tisaranee Gunasekara

      “Post-Rajapaksa Sri Lanka is being haunted by the ghost of the Rajapaksa past and the spectre of a Rajapaksa future.”

      If somebody can get Mahinda Rajapaksa and cronies to form their own party, thatr will be the best.

      Withoutthe SLFP, Mahinda Rakapaksa will fade, just like the JVP and the Democratic Party.

    • 7

      so ranil and my3 managed to convince you people so thoroughly it was MR who had an alliance with the LTTE. Wonderful. You still fall into their lies so damn easily. Seriously, hasn’t all those lies they’ve said so far opened your eyes yet? 100 day promises, car promises, good governance promises, catching crooks? where are the crooks now huh? where’s all the loot they’ve allegedly stolen? nothing showing up. So far we’ve seen 3 of their own going about shamelessly. SF, Patali and dath dosthara. And all they do is complain about the previous government. In 2005 we remember clearly Ranil making up alliances with the LTTE by giving them all the names of the intelligence unit. Do you friggin don’t remember the millenium city incident? SERIOUSLY? and on the last days of the war Ranil was talking with the Norway people to bring about trade blockages so our forces would be backed into a corner. The UNP even organized peace rally’s even when we were clearly winning the war. Although, the whole rally got beat up by the rest of the people around. And now you are saying MR won because he made a pact with LTTE? really? there was a marked increase of tamil votes from north central and north east in the 2005 presidential election. And guess who got the majority votes from them? The bloody UNP! And you believe this crap about MR making a pact with prabakaran? if anybody had alliances with them, it was the UNP and ranna ponil, who btw is showing the strength of his character by folding like a cardboard in face of the opposition for his appointment of his bond-scam buddy. Say MR actually made an agreement with the LTTE, I say he was still a pretty damn good leader to have double crossed one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world and win a war!

  • 13

    /That is why Sri Lanka is a democratic success story, particularly at a time when success stories are rare and failure is the common outcome. /

    Sri Lankan Spring was a bloodless one. This was something I never expected 18 months ago, But, the Spring has not fully blossomed yet.

    Common Mr President and Mr Primi Minister… The people deserve much more than what they enjoy now.

  • 2

    “No, post-Rajapaksa Sri Lanka is not a haven of good governance. But it is a place where there’s freedom to protest bad governance practices and occasionally – occasionally – even put a stop to them.”

    But going by what we have seen thus far, the word ‘very’ before the ‘occasionally’ between the em-dashes will be more precise

  • 11

    Well articulated one more articles from the pen of Tisaranee. As she has stated we now experience some sense of freedom through the freedom of expression which was deprived to us by Rajapaksas. It is not only this freedom of expression, but to know well that we will not be taken away by “White Vans”
    We have elected a government for five years, but only one and half years have passed. So there is more time to deliver what has to be done and hope the government will take serious note.

  • 8


    It is a please we can read you after a while. I totally agree with you on Polapitiya’s resignation issue. But on the issue of the CB governor I have other ideas. The Court has already exonerated him from any wrong doing. Sunil Handunnetti the Chairman is only exercising his “baldi” (bucket) mouth on bankrupt media rags instead of conducting a proper COPE inquiry into the matter. Everyone has arrived at hypothetical judgments over AM based on hypothetical theft of hypothetical amounts and that also not by AM but someone else. Clearly AM has come to SL from a lucrative position in a lucrative country and he has expressed he has come to serve his mother country. RW is not a person who will harbour thieves. There must be valid and important reasons why RW hired a person with the exposure of someone like AM. Has anyone engaged in a frank discussion with RW or AM over this matter? Aren’t there wheeler dealers who have been directly affected by the new practices adopted by AM in bond issuance and aren’t they going to profit from the removal of AM? Do these critiques of AM have updated knowledge about the latest financial management knowhow in the world and do they also have an idea about the strategic plan for Sri Lanka that RW is trying to pursue? Rather than trying to remove the AM shouldn’t they talk about the adjustments, if there are any, so that the expertise of AM can be retained for the service of the country? And by seeking only the outright removal of AM doesn’t it seem that these critiques are on an agenda on their own or they are manipulated by some elements who want to destabilize the country? Finally, aren’t you too being a victim of this false propaganda coup of the Rajapakshas against AM considering the views you expressed here?

    PS: What is your opinion on Dayan Jayatilake’s arranged lecture for Maithreepala Sirisena? (sort of brainwash and RW antagonistic orientation to achieve Rajapaksha resurrection?)

    • 5

      Exactly what I thought the day one onwards about the SCAM BOND issue.

      But my question is why a ruling govt fails to block the media men further work for Rajaakshes – i mean byintroducing code of laws against anyone that spread lies need to face investigations. That is how western developed nations hadle the kind of press. I think just allow totally opposite views to be passed to the nation should be a greater crime. Even today after Most abusive Rajapakshes are sent home, press men to work for them should be stopped. Why cant local TV and Radio senders do their job properly not being biased to any parties but giving the facts about the bond or other issues.
      I think all the national TV senders and local news papers should do more to turn stupid minds sets correcting them. If not today when ?

  • 3

    “The commissions will face their first acid test over the appointment of the next governor of the Central Bank”

    Thisaranee, the commissions have no say over the appointment of the central bank governor. 19th amendment very conveniently has left the responsibility of the appointment of the governor of CB solely on the prime minister and the president. This is the only appointment done without the consent of the CC. It is PM’s baby.

  • 14

    Dear Tissaranee, Murderous MARA/GORA duo do not need to do anything for the murderous and racist regime to regain power, MY3/Ranil’s inaction to honour the election pledges and still accommodating all the rogues in the cabinet, will give Rajapaksas, the power back on a platter.

    Bond Mahendran is a feather on the cap too

    Why are we doomed as a Nation, is the question I ask myself everyday for which I have not found an answer yet.

  • 5

    A very wise article. I haven’t a hope in hell that MS/RW will be wise enough to heed its warnings. The manner in which matters have progressed since Yahapalanaya came to power makes me think that it is only a matter of time before the Rajapakses are back.

  • 0

    Where is Sumanasekera?

  • 4

    Gota will be behind bars before long. That ends MR’s chances altogether. MS/MR know what they are doing

  • 4

    A very good analysis indeed!

    The problem of Sri Lanka is not a native one but a foreign meddling from the times before the Independence.

    The British which was a through and through a Jewish Zionist mass operation that damaged the entire world by destroying the more natural and organic way of living in those lands they invaded and destroyed and then brought all of them under its evil rule.

    Today we have a chaotic life with 90% of the material things which are unnecessary and even harmful to the natural ways of living and to nature of human body and mind.

    All of the so called scientific advancement did not bring any good to anyone but for the massive Zionist corporations and banks that is destroying the world with its WARS and unending conflicts between nations, cultures, religions and ideologies. THE AMAZING THING is that all these damages are caused to the non JEWS.

    The World Wars were covert operations of the Zionist movement that wanted to destroy the world of GOYIM (Non-Jews) by inciting each and everyone on any false line that can trigger mass genocides that can cost millions of lives.

    Communism and Bolshevik Revolution are projects of the Zionist Banksters whom funded and operated from the US/British evil axis to cause maximum mass murders in the NON-Jewish population. They did it and it costed millions of deaths. Now, we know who the instigators are who committed these crimes on the vast humanity. The Jews of course. (Watch the Videos for details)

    Coming to Sri Lanka, the land was under the Jewish, Zionist, Frremasonic British rule and the so called “Independence” is not a real independence from the British but rather a 1000% dependence on the Zionist system. It is actually a system designed to be independent from the human touch of governance. So, they the British nurtured the Buddhist crackpots as the future leaders of the then Ceylon. It is not an accident, but a clear cut design.

    DS, Banda, JR etc., highly mind controlled racist freaks trained and nurtured by the British institutions and recognised as leaders and made to form parties that are to control the land.

    The effect of the actions of these crackpots/racists are still bleeding this island.

    The British needed or required the country to be put on a permanent everlasting conflicts among its populace. So, they sent their Freemsonic/Occult Jewish masters; Blavatsky and Olcott. These two individuals fooled the muck headed racist Buddhists who are designed to take up the political power. And they all did what they are made to do…..RACISM PAR EXCELLENCE.

    Rajapakse is a stooge of the Israeli covert operation that creates monsters out of crackpot dumb racists to destroy a nation from within. He did it exactly how ha has been mind controlled.

    Even the Yahapalanaya is nothing but the same shit that is existing right throughout the British independence upto the present.

    If the Rajapakses are not destroyed physically, they will definitely turn this country into a hell-hole as per the Zionists system (UN/IMF/US/British/EU) has already made the designs 100 years ago….

    Sri Lankan state and its armed forces have committed many a mass crimes on the directions of these crackpot politicians thereby causing losses to thousands of human beings living in this land.

    Everyone who is not following the Zionist media knows how the present day boogeyman in the Muslims calling as ISIS ( A CIA/Mossad operative group created to cause mayhem from within) has been sighted to destroy a peaceful Muslim population living among the other communities to trigger a religious war.

    Gota is a shameless bastard who is a pimp of the Zionist movement made and trained to be the figure head for the Zionist de-population agenda within the Sri Lanka perimeters.

    Let the Sirisena and Ranil muck heads take the country to the same hell-hole that the Zionist created world-wide by selecting the correct dumbos to destroy any nation from within, by extending more friendly relation with the all known criminals….Israel.

    When the Zionist Jews kept their hands on anyone in any relation, that country is thus becomes a cursed one. So was Bolshevik Russia, Mao’s China, Vietnam, Japan, WW2 Europe, Ukraine, Middle East, Asia…etc.

    The Truth About Bill Gates – Corbett Report

    Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn – BFP Roundtable

    Sibel Edmonds Exposes Exactly What Could Bring Down This Entire Corrupt System!

    False Flags and the US War Against Islam with Sibel Edmonds

    • 3

      Whoa! Who are you? Please go and take your medications!

      TG now can add another cuckoo to her lot!

      • 0

        The Inconvenient truth is, that your brain has slipped off from its original top position to the lowest area of the body just below the hips.

        I feel sorry for the blasting of your brain that has been shaken up give wrong signals.

        A healthy brain need no medication but full of nutritious food devoid of Zionist Jew manufactured substances added to cause damages.

        Sorry mate! these comments are made for SUPER BRAINS….

  • 12

    Rajapakse politics is about family kingdom, nothing to do with people, nation or democracy. Their politics is based on hatred, dividing people through creating drama scenes, fear, violence, ransom etc. They were very successful in the past and still they are capable of gathering support from those people who are still in the dark and ignorance.

  • 15

    No amount of glorifying can hide the stark truth that Gotabaya is a murder at best and a serial killer at worst.

    It’s surreal, when, in the 21st century, people talk of elevating a crazed killer to the top most position in the country.

    You don’t have to be even a bumbling soothsayer to predict where SL is heading.

    Everything about the current SL political set-up stinks.

    And only loonies believe that something good will come out of something bad.

    We were doomed the day we were born Lankan.

    It’s a unique kind of madness.

    • 4

      thanks to Gota killing the terrorists , simpletons like you can roam freely and alive

      • 7

        “There is only one choice: Gotabaya Rajapaksa”

        Why do they want to bring back these thieves to power again?
        Won’t it be fun if Gota becomes President and for a change white vans going after Sinhala politicians and public servants and not Tamils.

      • 7


        So, the truth hurt a little, eh? A wee little bit? Good! It achieved its intended purpose.

        “thanks to Gota killing the terrorists”

        Gota didn’t have the guts to kill anyone. He ran away or was hiding. Like all good cowards – like Charles Manson – he got others to do his dirty deeds. If he is man enough he will own-up and save his minions now in jail. Any bet he’ll do that? Your great Gota, eh? :)))

        “you can roam freely and alive”

        That’s for you buddy! Where I live, I don’t need Gota (thank God!) to protect me. :))

        “simpletons like you”

        So, you are a Lankan sophisticate; a intellectual-powerhouse, eh? It’s a great privilege to meet you. Just keep on dazzling us with your genius; you will end up as the first Lankan Nobel laureate! Then I’ll have bragging-rights to say I was the first to spot your great intellect.

        With people like you how did Lanka ever go wrong? If we had more of you, all Lanka’s problems will be solved!

        We need more of you. :))

        Boy, this is fun. Thanks for the entertainment.

      • 6

        /thanks to Gota killing the terrorists /

        Like the 12 year old son of Prabaharan?
        Like Lasantha?
        Like Prageeth?
        Like the demonstrators Rathupussellawa?
        Like those in Welikada jail?
        Like Thajudeen?

    • 7

      nimal fernando,

      “No amount of glorifying can hide the stark truth that Gotabaya is a murder at best and a serial killer at worst.”

      Very true and it is the simplest of truths ordinary man can see and feel! But Thisaranee’s theoretical compilation about John Seneviratne’s proposal promoting Gota as the Dy. leader of SLFP is quite apart from reality. In fact the realistic and plausible explanation was given by someone the day or two after that announcement in the words more or less reading as “John Seneviratne is trying to kagehari ange ellila godayanna like a makka” meaning JS is trying to save the day by trying to get political asylum and shelter under whoever he can cling on to.

      There are 3 types of politicians in SLFP. One type are overtly leaned towards Sirisena, the second type are keeping their feet on both sides and they will lean towards whoever become powerful as the times and events unfurl. The 3rd type are those who only have a Rajapaksha leaned vote base whose political future will depend only on so far as they are Rajapaksha acolytes. JS is a kind of creature who has his feet on both sides of the power divide but who is leaned towards Rajapakshas in his heart and genes. He cannot digest the yahapalanaya pudding and hence from time to time his stomach upset is seeking Rajapaksha tonic.

      But my real curiosity is why TG has woven this web of complexity surrounding John, Gota, Rajapaksha resurrection attempts etc. with so called undelivered goodies of yahapalanaya government and particularly and repeatedly with “tainted” Arjum Mahendran’s removal or discontinuation of service! In an earlier comment too I asked her several questions but she did not turn up. I smell a rat in the attic of TG here! She must have a hidden agenda here because resurrection of the Rajapakshas is the remotest possibility now in the Sri Lankan political landscape. She seems to invoke Rajapaksha billa and the people’s common cause against Rajapakshas and the resultant yahapalanaya concept and then try to equate Arjun Mahendran to a bad and corrupt apple tantamount to the Rajapakshas which the yahapalanaya government and the civil activists must at all cost get rid of! How did TG judge AM as being tainted and corrupt and on what evidence and inquiry? Does she then challenge the court’s verdict exonerating him of any culpability? Does she have more legal luminance than the judges who heard the case? She claims AM refused to hand over documents to the Auditor General and states it was wrong. But did she hear Governor’s part of the issue that the sensitive information cannot be divulged just because someone from audit dept. asks for and there is a due process to follow, especially in the backdrop of various Rajapaksha and otherwise “pillies” are desperately trying to destabilize the government creating more and more media stunts and issues? TG can go home and sit and write whatever comes to her mind and then post on the web-no questions asked! But does she and AG including the JVP and Handunnetti think CBG’s job is that simple, irresponsible and carefree? I see a well-coordinated, simultaneous and well-timed attack on AM when his term nears renewal. Enews published a list of expenses he made from his credit card in a clear attempt of slinging a barrage of mud at him criticizing his costumes, foods and travel. And what connection do all those have to Treasury Bonds?! This is clearly the made in Sri Lanka typed, frog in the well typed muddy and gode baiyya stuff aimed at the uneducated Sri Lankan baiyyas aimed at tweaking them and public opinion to achieve a cheap end. They are all there working on it: Nirmal Ranjith, Gamini Viyangoda, Hema Senanayake, AKD, Handunnetti the very Chairman of COPE who should duty should have been to conduct an inquiry in the first instance instead of munching gibberish on bankrupt and media rags (the hilarious joke is that the bugger being the Chairman of the COPE investigating AM almost daily runs in front of the camera to crucify the one whom he investigate-he already has arrived at his conclusion and I don’t know what the fuck he is still investigating!-the fucker has already broken the record kept by the other fucker Dew Gune!), that caffeine spewing CAFE man, the Hotugami “gancy”, Modaka Wimalaya, two thousand eating Bandula Gura, the collective of SLFP clowns, that ponna monk called Seelaratha who clearly exhibit the growth defects of a premature born but who is the leading icon of Sirasa media kadamalla, Milinda Seneviratne who is still eating the leftovers of the Rajapakshas………… and the list goes on with the latest being Tisaranee Gunasekara! I think this is the way those Kattandi in the ancient days used to chant Manthara and invoke evil spirits! TG has chanted the manthare very well and very convincingly for the unsuspecting passerby. If she was serious and earnest should have written a separate article stating all the facts about the bond issue without tangling irrelevant and fear mongering issues.

      I think these people are all knowingly or unknowingly being used in a project aimed at disabusing and tarnishing RW. More suspicions arise when considering Dayan J’s “lecture” for Sririsena. What the hell does Sirisena has to do with a defunct loser who sucked his whole life to Rajapakshas? There are still more signs of this hysteria-Sirasa is going round the country regurgitating “aluth nayakathwayak”! Hah.. the buffalos in the Sirasa have a bovine disease of trying to create leaders for the country! The covert operators are trying to derail RW’s efforts for solving the pressing issues of the country. When Rajapakshas left the office and country they took with them the whole treasury and the books and never expected RW to be able to move forward like this solving issue by issue. The Bond fiasco is the extension of “destroy RW” project launched during Rajapaksha rule with the target changed to AM. Let’s see what the COPE report reveals. If it convicts AM which I don’t think would be the case, I will regret that a person with such international exposure and experience whose expertise has been valued and employed by two foreign countries for the development of their countries has ruined his career after coming to this unfortunate country but that he will have to bear the consequences. But I am more curious to find out what all these critiques of AM will say and do if he is exonerated!

      • 1

        But my real curiosity is why TG has woven this web of complexity surrounding John, Gota, Rajapaksha resurrection attempts etc.

        Good curiosity.

        check her articles well in to the LTTE war times.

        • 2

          jim softy,

          “Good curiosity. check her articles well in to the LTTE war times.”

          I have seen them and have no curiosity on them whatsoever.

          But my only curiosity that couldn’t find answers for from LTTE war times is why the fuck you maggot is so attached to MARA’s unduka puchchaya!

  • 4

    G O T A has a long line of offences he has to answer, before even thinking of Presidential Election in 2020. John dreams to have Gota
    in the shown so that he can become his deputy!!

    A. Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule
    B. D.A.Rajapakse Museum construction Rs. 91 Mil.
    C. Rs.372 Mil. Fraud by Diplomat U.Weeratunga in 2006 in MiG
    purchases under Gota as D.S.
    D. Vihanage Rpt. Re Security Forces Headqrts.Bldg. and overpayment of
    Rs.173Mil.by D.Secy.
    E. Public Officials – Gota as DS -corruption as detailed hereunder:-

    [Edited out]

    • 4


      “Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule”

      Have you included the one issued to Karuna as well?

  • 1

    How Rajapakses including Gotabaya Rajapakse are going to hide their family’s thefts of public wealth and misuse of public funds ? If Gotabaya wants to come is that to protect what Rajapakses stole, Because, Mahinda rajapakse as president he didnot want to steal. Instead he lived like a king. Mahinda Rajapakse, just like TG’s boss RP, promoted theft and corruption. Only his extended family want to get rich while he is in power and they did it. Gotabaya rajapakse gave a blind eye to all those. So, he is not a saint. Sri lankans have to decide whether that is what Sri lankans need.

    Readers need to understand that TG was anti-Rajapakse and pro-christian and supporting Tamil homeland even at the hype of the war. Now, sudddenly, TG has become pro-rajapakse.

    So, why TG is now pro-Rajapakse ?

    What is TG’s objective ?

  • 2

    MR says, “I will cut my throat if they find evidence I stole even $1”

    After learning from Helping Hambanthota robbery Mahinda learned not keep the loot under his own name or own bank accounts. He is sure all the loot is under his front men or proxies. So he is challenging since all the loot is hid under somebody else accounts.

  • 1

    It looks TG has insider information, and this will be the first of the long line of articles.

  • 0


    you write about the Rajapakses/Mahendrans etc corruptions but never about Ranatunges Arjuna/Dammika / Prasanna because there your cousins Ranatunges are corrupted family as much as Rajapakses. Thanks Please reply.

  • 1

    ‘The sleep of reason produces monsters.’
    Implies when woken, reason will prevail.

    Goya (The title of the 43rd etching of Los Caprichos) must be modified to “The pretend sleep of reason produces monsters”
    Wise people claim that sleepers can be woken but pretend-sleepers cannot be.

  • 0

    Tisaranee’s logic is faultless but to me the idea of promoting Gota as the likely candidate for the Presidency shows the sheer desperation of the MR syndicate. For a start, Gota is by no means MR who has a charisma and a natural propensity to attract votes. Secondly, he is tainted with murder and other assorted crimes.
    If that is the strategy of the MR group, it is one that will surely lose.

  • 0

    ” Unlike the other senior John in the cabinet, John Amaratunga, Mr. Seneviratne is not given to dropping bricks and drivel every time he opens his mouth.”

    John Amaratunga is the perfect ass to represent a perfect set of assholes such as us.

    ASk him anything, he would say “I don’t know”, “it is not relevant”, ” the subject does not come under me” and a multitude of replies which leave us in doubt he is an embecile.

    Even when taking the correct dose of stimulants, he does not know!

    Such men are all clowns and the biggest of them all is Ranil Wicks for having this kind of muck sitting in the front row.

  • 0

    Thisaranee, you are ALWAYS worth the read.

    Excellent analysis. Excellent!

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