5 July, 2022


Gota And Seven Others Ordered To Appear Before Colombo Magistrate Court

Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and seven others have been ordered to appear before the Colombo Magistrate Court on September 30 over corruption charges. The order was issued today by Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya.



Rajapaksa, along with Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi and six others are charged with making an unlawful profit of Rs. 11.4 billion by maintaining a floating armoury.

The Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption yesterday filed a case at the Colombo Magistrate Court against Rajapaksa, Senadhipathi, Sujatha Damayanti, Palitha Fernando, Karunaratne Bandara Adhikari, Somatilaka Dissanayake, Jayanath Colombage and Jayantha Perera on charges of corruption under the Bribery Act.

The eight suspects have been charged for allowing Avant Garde to maintain a floating armoury, thereby resulting in them making an unlawful profit of Rs. 11. 4 billion.

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Latest comments

  • 17

    Gone were the days they were unable to prove other way around.

    Now with investigations being found its end by FCID, the authorities have to file against these culprits.

    NOw it has become crystal clear the gravity of frauds they had been mapping.

    These men should be hung by their balls the way Saudis do the job- sending all potential criminals a message across.

    • 7

      Beggars belief how the crooks acted as Marshalls , patrolled the Indian Ocean looking for Pirates.
      Who gave them permission ?? Was the Maritime Organisation too involved in the illegal exercise in the Indian Ocean??
      Srilankan UNEDUCATED rowdies and thugs are the soft targets for these illegal activities of which GR was the Leader.

      • 10

        Analyst even if all these surface today, there still masses to add LIKES supportive to them.

        These folks are so mad/stupid/born idiots/illiterate/lickers

        • 5

          @ Dan Fernando
          I know one like that as to your description very close.
          Nothing changes their views just Racists Educated or otherwise.
          Even though the numbers are shrinking with forward thinking Patriots among us who only hope GOODNESS FOR OUR COUNTRY NOTHING ELSE.

          The hard core Racists are selfish and greedy. They themselves are with similar mentality as ParaPussas with full of hate .
          Until that hardcore racists generation hits the dust ,their mentality will not change.


    • 10

      Gota,get your beb ready at national hospital..Ranil don’t get involved in this..enough is enough..

      • 0

        Ranil is in S**t deep up to his eye balls in every crooked deal with Rajapaksas.He has been the enabler for them for yonks.

  • 11

    “” Gota And Seven Others Ordered To Appear Before Colombo Magistrate Court”

    There is nothing to nationalise over here or is it jealousy?

    Floating Armoury was the in thing that time, during Somali piracy.

    Who follows tender procedure, Gautama??

    Pilapitiya if you have nothing to listen to or have tendered for government contracts then take a walk in the park.

    note: according to the muslim herald only a few got the komiss during passa period

  • 5

    This news is as usual to say somethng is being done. I am convinced, by the behaviour that Jarapassa and his clan displayed, they were up to no good. Those in power now said that when they were in opposition. It is for them, now that they are in power to get all the evidence in double quick time and dump the dirt into the garbage bag for disposal. 21 months gone. Only now we hear of a prosecution. When are they billed to go to the state hostel? In a another 5 years?

    • 7

      “”Only now we hear of a prosecution. When are they billed to go to the state hostel? In a another 5 years? “”

      Soon eat your own words and keep a tight upper lip when the characters enjoy celebrity status.

      Stage 2 and Lankan lawyers are not mean. The not so great Colvin R de Silva had the Alitalia hijacker from Hambantota acquitted on a flimsy ground that the law did not exist then- 1 year and a golden handshake by government.

      Sailor SLN Vijitha De Silva hit Rajiv PM of India with a rifle butt aiming at the back of his neck. He was pardoned in 2 years and welcomed as a hero. Sri Lankan’s are confident boasters.- free education.

      This is big money case and the best is going to suck into it.
      The authority is no saint and is going to buy into it for posterity.
      The authority continuously calls the bluff internationally evading the pariah state classification.
      Irony is citizens revote such an authority
      The authority is the truth as in practice.( the focal point is all are left wingers Ranil included)

  • 3

    This will not go anywhere. How the hell they are going to prosecute two former Navy commanders with defense secretory. It does not look right. They could not touch Gota so far so they found a way. Gota is the biggest threat to Ranil in 2020 so the charade.

  • 5

    The 300 illegal weapons with markings erased, recovered by the Navy from the ship “Avant Garde”, appear to have ‘disappeared’.
    They should be traced.

  • 3

    Remove all the public from courts and no journalists should be allowed to report court proceedings.

  • 7

    Can this ‘Keruma’ once again shut the courts for the public and the media, like he did during his office? Today the bugger has to stand like any other in Court, whereas earlier even the Judge was afraid to pull him up for contempt, the way he behaved in Court. They would have never dreamed that they will fall so low one day.

    • 6

      they are called government servants because one of their specialties is covering the backside. The easiest is to do nothing for as before he may be back.

      that is the song of politicians and gov servants from january 8th 2015.

  • 8

    He does not need any appeal. He is already bowled out.

    He should enjoy the privileges of a exclusive prison in Kachchai Thivu or Kaaka Thivu.

    His prison commander must be Sarath Fonseka and his legal representative must be Saradial Sarath De Silva.

    Sarath De Silva will be good at teaching teaching how how to F*** a crow in the island.

    • 9

      Digging for Moles, Dumb Maniac.!!

      How creepy you mumble but there’s no dimple.

      Gotabaya on `Dose of I Don’t Remember`.

      Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches

      Preacher man.!!

  • 0

    the armed forces men are learning the hard way that we have had since independence public institutions after all.They are realising that we are not a country ruled by armed forces,but in fact a democracy.

  • 2

    This will help Gota in his presidential race in 2020. These are not charges that will hold in a court of law. Sad to see that only credible investigation is done by the Australian Federal Police.

  • 2

    Former Navy commander Jayantha Perera is Sri Lanka’s greatest shame. He has been a very incapable commander and has amassed a lot of money. He coupled the Avante Garde and Navy funds commissions and put it all in his personal bank accounts. People like him should be banished from the country. Show us there is justice. Jail them for their wrong doings.

  • 1

    This bribery Commission charge of unlawful profit of Rs. 11.4 billion by maintaining a floating armoury appears to be a political witch hunt to indict Gotabhaya Rajapakse, probably with the intention of preventing him from contesting the next Presidential Election.

    What is the value of the armaments leased? Likely to be less than Rs 100 million. Where was this anti- piracy operation carried? In the deadly Somalian waters. Did Avant Garde make the agreed Payment to Rathna Lanka? Yes.

    This is a complex case carried out in international waters under an agreement between the Government owned organisation called Rathna Lanka and Avant Garde and needs to be referred to the relevant high court.

  • 2

    Hope FCID has the drive to get over the hump and see to it that these crooks in jail.

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