5 July, 2022


‘Hands Off Sri Lanka’ Buddhist Monks Tell UN Chief

Just hours after United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s arrival in Sri Lanka, a group of Buddhist monks led a protest outside the UN Compound in Colombo demanding an end to international interference on internal matters of Sri Lanka.

Akmeemana Dayarathana

Akmeemana Dayarathana

Buddhist monks Akmeemana Dayarathana, President of the Sinhala Ravaya and Iththe Kande Saddhatissa, Convener of the Ravana Balaya led the protests. They also handed over a letter addressed to Ban Ki-moon demanding that the international community stop interfering in the internal matters of Sri Lanka.

Ban and his wife Mrs. Ban Soon-taek arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday on a three-day official visit, at the invitation of the Sri Lankan Government.

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    These safron wrapped men calling them as monks have been making them jokers. Now with all independent commissions being built, UN resolutions having being discussed and agreed, what we hve to do is delivering… these ignorant men – not having the least knowledge about the trials and the way we have to go through – make them important.. there only they behave this way to show off, that they are powerful. Dan bath gillas of this kind can only worsen the situation.

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      The Bodu Balu Sena is Goon Gota the White Van man’s first line of defense against charges of corruption and crime.

      These saffron clad thugs are an insult to Buddhism and what the Buddha from Nepal and India taught.

      Ban Ki Moon’s mother was a devout Buddhist (Korea) and he know that these BBS thugs in robes are an insult to Buddhism!

      They are there to protect Gota, not Buddhism, which they have betrayed.

      Sri Lanka needs to Ban Hate Speech.

      • 15

        Quite Right Kamani, Sri Lanka needs to bring the anti Hate Speech Bill and lock up these these thugs in saffron robes, the Jarapassa’s saffron militia. who are spreading Racism to distract people from the Jarapassa family’s crimes. These saffron clad thugs are “protecting” goon Gota while pretending to protect Buddhism.

        As one good monk said, How can anyone protect Buddhism, which is truth, No one can protect the truth since it is there for all to see!
        It is arrogance to think that one can or needs to protect Buddhism which proclaims self evident truths: Dukka, Annichcha,annatha etc..

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        These monks have the same right as you do to express their opinion. It is bad that you cannot agree. However my impression of the UN interference goea hand in hand with western interference and geopolitical interests. Who gave refuge to the LTTE, Who trained LTTE and Army In Isreal? ( WAY of DECEPTION) Who wanted to stop the war when the Govt was winning after 30 years, Who wanted to evacuate Prabahakaran? So I feel the Priests have a Right to demand non interference. We all know Banki Moon is the spokesman for western interests unfortunately the Buddhist mother has not given him one ounce of integrity.
        What Sri Lanka needs is good governance and Democracy /Rule of Law. This is not undermined by the priests it is undermined by corrupt politicians from both side of the aisle. Target them to achieve a peaceful SL. You are barking up the wrong tree .

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      Akmeemana Dayarathana

      RE: ‘Hands Off Sri Lanka’ Buddhist Monks Tell UN Chief

      Yes, also Monks ‘Dicks Off Boys and Girls’ the People Tell Sinhala “Buddhist” monks.

      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


      Uploaded on May 29, 2010
      She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going to the temple school so adamantly, grandmother had to look for the reason. It was then only that she discovered that the child who was sent to learn good behavior, ethics and Buddha’s Dharma from the monk had in fact been abused by the monk.

      • 0

        [Edited out]

    • 14

      Simon De Silva

      This Monk must be told that excessive masturbation is very bad for health and it is the main reason for Pre-Ejaculation or erection problem.

      There are many good, humble and sincere monks and the wankers like Akmeemana Dayarathanaare a curse for Sri Lanka. They are makka basses in saffron robes.

      The system of governance Buddha dharma must progressively weed them out.

      • 4

        Dankottuwa Manike

        “The system of governance Buddha dharma must progressively weed them out.”

        Actually, The system of governance Buddha dharma actually progressively bring new monks for the various nefarious activities.

        They have the Charter of Dharma, the Triple Gem, Buddha, Dharma and SANGA.

        They are the SANGA, and therefore INFALLIBLE. It is the Great SANGA Club.

        Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


        Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


        The plight of the Sinhala `DALITS`- Karava, Durava, Salagama, Berava and Rodi. Caste discrimination in Sinhala society.


        The Kandyan Buddhist clergy – the Siam Nikaya – DENIED ENTRY into the Buddhist monkhood to the non-Govigama. They EXCLUDED THE KARAVE. This led wealthy Karave merchants in the maritime districts to finance the journey of Ambagahapitiya Gnanawimala Thera to Amarapura in Burma for the ordination into the Buddhist monkhood in 1800 AD. While the newly founded Amarapura nikaya had 21 sub-sects defined on caste lines (i.e. Karave, Salagama and Durave), it nonetheless offered a rare opportunity for the Karave to join the Buddhist religious order.

      • 3

        Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea.. Dankotuwa manike.. I dont fall to that level.
        Anyways, I know those guys hidden behind lanken sanga costumes can be ones that have no mental power to face the life like other lay people.
        That Elephant taming Monk or others in the above picture are more or less crime friendly, crime promoting radical thought bearers – for them, even a visit paid by westerners can be read as OH::: THEY GOING TO INVADE us:

        KNowledge is power – this folks should be fed with facts about the realities on the world happening. That is the only way to teach lessions to those rabble rousers but people s representative to get marginalized from our hearts.
        Then people s knowledge have driven them away.
        Today, any loud sinhala rhetorics could go viral if sound to so thrill to listners.
        That is how Gonthadipila or Wimal Buruwanse earned that hundreds of votes in last elections.

        Had these people ever believed the men could would do good work to the nation ? never.

        Wimal Buruwanse is not even complete school leaver ..

        Even if Gonthadipila is said to be a lawyer, heshould have been born with all virulent arguments. He can turn kabara thalagoya when he is ready to spice.

        • 1


          Calling a spade a spade is an offensive idiom for some.

          I did not use this polite idiom but forthright to brand the wanker a wanker.

          These good for nothing perverts are the monstrous proposition that is decaying Sri Lanka.

          Sri Lanka needs a new chapter without these evils.

    • 5

      This is what happens when you wrap yourself in a yellow cloth from your childhood without any regard for it and then live off others through out life free loading you build a sense of entitlement and lose the sense of fairness and human decency.

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      Sri Lanka is a free country. Freedom of speech is a right of every citizen.
      Don’t get upset about what these saffron clad group is saying.
      You can say “hands on Sri Lanka” as much as you like. Nothing will happen

  • 24

    What arrogance! It seems the UN is okay when it comes to receiving aid, and we even beg for it, but it is funny that we try to dictate terms to the UN, and from the clergy, who should know better than to interfere in political matters in SL. It is time these saffron robed extremists shows the love of country by focusing on peace and not causing problems for all Sri Lankans with their extremism and ignorance.

  • 18

    There we go again. These monks have got the freedom to shout unlike in the past.
    The only difference here is these yellow robes were suppose to preach good Buddha way of life not spreading evil , that includes not meddling with politics.
    That’s the Lord buddha’s virtues of wisdom not spreading evil.
    Next move will be with the SINHALE PREACHINGS!!

    Shame on them under those Robes???

    • 19

      Sinha Le Preachings.

      Real lazy greedy scumbags good for nothing criminals.
      You people are worthless greedy people not to be taken seriously.
      Your politics are only RACISM!! DIVIDE AND RULE.


    • 17

      It is high time to prove that Mahanwansa needs revisions.

      I am born buddhist, these men to allow further wrong leads must have to be controled by every means.

      • 4

        Sam Fernando

        No good just publicising that I am a born Buddhist Blah Blah Blah !
        The mistake we have done that we too have committed crime by watching and allowing all the ill Practises to flourish by these Evil Monks in the name of our sacred Religion.
        The criminal Acts of yellow Robed Monkes were allowed freely during the last Regime!!

        Even the Minorities were threatened , killed , worshipping places were burnt and destroyed. All were allowed to happen with the blessing of the last Regime. Remember BBS??
        The gangs of Racists were jostling around BBS supported by the then government SCREAMING VENOM AND DEATH.
        what did you do Sam Fernando????
        Saying here I am a Buddhist will not make you a Patriot or A Coward!!!
        You’re just the same as BBS.

  • 16

    These good for nothing racist war crimes defending pseudomonks are a disgrace to society and a curse on the Sinhala Buddhists. They whole lot should have been arrested and thrown in the jail.

  • 11

    Enough about the saffron robed, do people know that that this thriced blessed country has 28 mass graves that has not come to the attention of the UN? All political parties have had their hand in this and it would be good for the sake of the murdered to see justice.


    • 3

      Sri Lanka is known as the land of Mass Graves.

    • 1

      I see blatant attacks of buddhist monks , Half of these comments are unproductive and of litle use but to create disunity written by ignorant bigoted remnants of colonialism. We ignored the JVP demands of fair play and ultimately 100000 sinhala youth were killed, We ignored certain legitimate demands of the Tamil youth and ended up in a 30 year old war and thousands were killed. Still the injustices remain and the mishandling of the needs of the country, corruption continues. Attacking monks and indirectly buddhists can only lead to further problems. The biggottory must stop and comments must be censored. These venomous unethical comments should stop

  • 6

    There are Buddhist Chaplains in the US Army, recruitment is strict, with degrees from prestigious universities required.

    Our monks should be appointed likewise in the Armed Forces.
    Then, the monks will gain a broader perspective in civil/military matters, and will not behave in this manner.

    • 3

      Our monks should be appointed likewise in the Armed Forces. Then, the monks will gain a broader perspective in civil/military matters, and will not behave in this manner.

      A Tamil christians say how should it happen.

      All the christians are upset.

      You guys are in Sri lanka lesss than 2016 years. Buddhists were in Sri lanjka, for over 2600 years.

      • 2

        Gautama Siddhartha himself was born in year 634 BC. Add that many years to our present 2016 and you arrive at 2650, of which you claim Buddhism was in SL 2600 years ago. How plausible was that? He needed time to mature into manhood, get married, have a kid Rahula, and then wandered into the forest to attain Buddhahood, which happened when he was 40.

        We know that Gautama is the primary figure in Buddhism. He is recognized by Buddhists as an enlightened or divine teacher who attained full Buddhahood, and shared his insights to help sentient beings end rebirth and suffering. Accounts of his life, discourses, and monastic rules are believed by Buddhists to have been summarized after his death and memorized by his followers. Various collections of teachings attributed to him were passed down by oral tradition and first committed to writing about 400 years after him.

        Just watch your step before making such far fetched claims. Hinduism is much older than Buddhism and in fact is the oldest religion in the world.

        • 1

          dumb talk

          • 0

            Sinhalese immigrated to Sri Lanka in 1999. Tamils were here before homo erectus evolved.

    • 4

      JUSTICE, Wants to give the monkey’s special hand grenades as if they don’t have any.

      Give them Ebola, and include Jim Softy the Mahabodhi.

  • 8

    It is time this regime stopped these saffron robed extremists from causing problems for this country.
    The Rajapaksa’s were noticeably quiet when those BBS goons ran riot causing communal friction in Sri Lanka, and now we have to ask why Sirisena and Ranil do not condemn, or try to halt, the spread of Buddhist extremism, which has already fractured this country, turned ethnicities against each other, and spread false rumors about the minorities. What are they waiting for? Until this country explodes again and there is another bloodbath. Sirisena and Ranil seem intimidated by the fake Buddhist monks, who are calling the shots.
    Anyone who loves this country will only want peace and harmony.

  • 9

    Another uneducated or misinformed religious fanatic who is a disgrace to Buddhism. He seem to be unaware that there is no discrimination in Buddhism & it is his responsibility to promote peace & harmony instead of militant action. They have no true understanding of Buddhism & have a confused opinion of Sinhalese as a race, Buddhism as a religion & Sri Lanka as a country which should be independent of each other.

    If he is so ‘patriotic’ in his misguided sense, by all means he can be an activist or even go into politics o ‘save’ the country but he should leave his robes first.

  • 8

    Hands off Boys and Girls who come to the temple to pray is what the Monks should have told the other monks.

  • 9

    This is The Rustic left BodhiSira pulling the plug on landing.

    No to foreign judges and No to accusing the Army of wrong doings.

    Ban Ki Moon deserves rotten eggs and more for going against all logic to let so many die. Just promoting women at the UN has made you sissy number one.

    The world never deserved Moon and Obama combo. look at Syria and the Russians there without any security council approval and the millions of refugees coming across to europe.

    Ban Ki Moon be like Merkel and ask South Korea to take over the Royinga refugees Then Hillary is going to love you unconditionally.

  • 10

    If Mannar Bishop should stick to the church , then these monks should stick to the temple.

  • 11

    “Hands off Sri Lanka and go to hell” We should tell all these hora `kahakadayas` who are a real disgrace to the Buddha Saasana.These parasites speak as if they are the owners of this country!

  • 8

    These narrow minded buddhist monks want protection of the soverignity of Sinhala Buddhism and not the soverignity of the SriLankan State which has a plural society or multi racial and multi religious scociety.

    There is a way out for you the not so enlightened one.
    Follow DJ’s advise. Form a group of puravasis,agitate for a referendum and make it happen. Then SriExit from United Nations and the commonwealth.

    After that DJ will pusuade China & Russia to quit from their permanent membership and the UN .

    May the triple gem of global buddhism bless these narrow minded Sri Lankan monks and their supporters.

    • 5

      Holding hands with the 2 giants like China and Russia is asking for disaster for the future of SL and our future generations.
      How will the Peanut SL survive without its own Identity in the international stage??
      Can we always hold hands with these two countries and await for their. Crumbs??
      Is this the path these Racists , selfish Saffron clad monks paving for our future??

      Look what disastrous situation we are in after the Sinhala only Policy??

      Our young generation who followed the Swabasha medium , the SWRD politics and the Saffron Clad men In the 1958s were unable to compete in the world due to the sheer factor were unable to communicate in English .
      The village men and women were the affected ones , not the Colombites nor the Politicians kids who were sent abroad by their parents.
      Selfish Politicians , Selfish Religious leaders ,
      Our country is still borrowing , awaiting for foreign Aids , and from the earnings of the MAIDS FROM THE ME.
      We should be ashamed.


  • 6

    The behavior of Buddhist monks cannot be controlled by Sri Lankan Authorities. It is the Politician in the South who motivated the clergy to create racism and used them to come to power. How do you think the same authorities that created this behavior condone this behavior?

  • 2

    These badly behaved monks want to impress upon their competition and go one-up on them. They want to claim to be the first to come forward for country and religion, against the might of the rest of the world. Their aim is a chance at gaining political mileage with due recognition. But they have no solid voter base and this is one way of creating a patriotism frenzy, support which is highly unlikely to materialize.

    The work of the UN in coming to our aid in many instances of national calamities, must be appreciated and should never be forgotten. All that the UN want is to resolve our differences and put those incidents that took place in the heat of battle behind us, forgive and forget and forge ahead. This can never be achieved without a coming together of both parties to the conflict. The scars of what happened must never be allowed to fester and corrupt the thinking of new generations to be born as equal citizens of this country. With 100 million Tamils, mighty India is big brother watching over our shoulders and should never be put to the test by putting them into awkward position. The UN is our only hope to maintain our independence and territorial integrity. We should not rub them on the wrong side.

  • 1


    “President Maithripala Sirisena says UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon did not set deadlines for reconciliation. President says he told UN to give time to move slowly as Sri Lanka has come out of long conflict. “
    Ada Derana

    Very reasonable.

    “Ban told a meeting in the port city of Galle, the capital of the majority Sinhalese heartland of the southern province, that the country must pursue lasting peace.

    “Please continue to prove that Sri Lanka is emerging from decades of adversity, suspicion and divisiveness,” he said at a gathering of young Sri Lankans.”


    Also very reasonable, nothing to protest here.

    Wow, the majority Sinhalese heartland has a capital.

    Is this how they see us?

  • 1

    As far as banki moon’s handling of events took place and taking place around the globe, partiality is clearly visible on the handling of events said to be taken place here in sri lanka. India prohibited entering UN officials to their country to investigate same kind of allegations. Philippine president warned assault by himself if UN officials come over there to investigate same kind of allegation.As such our monks thinking that UN handling of our internal matters is violation of its mandate is very much justifiable. therefore our monks agitations are very much justifiable. As responsible citizen of the country our monks have every rights to talk direct to UN secretary and point out his and his official misconduct. nothing wrong with it.somebody should do that.

  • 0

    The truth is such people only rush to the UN to complain against the state pleading for help when they are in personal trouble. Then they want the UN to intervene!

    Maahinda Rajapakse too went to the UN to complain against the harassment by the present Government. But when he was in power and abusing his authority he too spoke against the UN. Now he wants the UN to interfere and intervene with the Government.

    Now Rajapakse does not believe in Sri Lankan judiciary for justice, only when he was in power and was able to threaten the judges and get judgement his way he believed in the Sri Lankan judiciary.

  • 1

    I am a septuagenarian and a born Buddhist. My ancestors from time immemorial have been Buddhists. We have no relations following any other faith in known history.In fact my elder brother, who is no more, was a true Buddhist monk. Another close blood relation of mine is a Buddhist priest. Ittapane Dhammalankara Nayaka Thera hail from the village adjoining mine. We respect him as good follower of the Enlightened One. However, lately I am sad to say is a disappointed man because of men in robes who disgrace Buddhism. They must be condemned vehemently. I now do not go to temples, do not worship jokers in yellow robes. The Mahanayakas are wholly responsible for this unholy situation in the Sasana.

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