1 December, 2022


Government Appoints 3-Member Committee To Probe Billion Rupee Coal Scam

Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya has appointed a three member committee to probe the coal scam which was carried out when Champika Ranawaka was the subject minister, and reportedly resulted in the country losing Rs. 1.2 billion.

Champika Ranawaka

Champika Ranawaka

The committee comprises of Prof. K.K.Y.W. Perera, Prof. Lakshman R. Watawala and Prof. Janaka B. Ekanayake. The committee has been tasked to probe and provide the ministry with a comprehensive report on the issue on July 29.

According to a petition lodged at the Supreme Court by Noble Resources International Pte Limited, the coal procurement process resulted in a loss of at least Rs. 1.2 billion.

Even though the Supreme Court dismissed the case due to technical reasons, the Court advised that it would be ‘appropriate to’ terminate the contract entered into with Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises Pte for the supply of coal to the Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant after giving reasonable’ notice and to call for fresh bids in terms of the law, for the supply of coal for the said power plant following competitive Bidding procedure.

The Supreme Court bench which comprised of Chief Justice K. Sripavan, P. Dep and U. Abeyraythne said that the deal had ‘shocked the conscience of the Court’ due to the actions of ministry officials.

Noble Resources International claimed that their fundamental rights were violated after a tender was awarded to another Singaporean Company, Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises by the Ministry of Power and Energy.

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    good on you minister siyambalapitiya.this minister seems to be following the correct procedures,but w2hen the report comes ranil will shelve it.As so many reports are this too will gather dust.The former minister jumped at the correct moment.As the accident with his vehicle proved he is untouchable at the moment,but good on the minister for doing the right thing.I lke this minister but i’am worried that he is not putting up a power plant because he is going to be in hot water one day when the power cuts begin.Hurry up you donk and put up a power plant quickly,without wasting time cracking your head whether it should be coal or gas,get the cheapest method and do it quickly.

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      The article with the heading “CEB charade continues over dubious Rs. 3bn power supply contract
      December 20, 2011, 12:00 pm “
      was published in Island news paper on July 14 th 2016.

      Look at the original date of the article … It is December 20, 2011. .. Long before Panama papers with the name of former CEB chairman, Vidaya Amarapala, appointed by Pa.Cha. Ranawaka appears or these corrupted coal deals …

      Island had done a excellent job in exposing Pa.Cha. and Vidaya Amarapala in 2011 … But no body followed up … Now with Panama papers and Coal deals, this paper article is a stand out …
      Pa.Cha. Ranawake always talks about MEGA DEALS … Judging by these mega deals happened in his ministry, is there any body more suitable to talk about MEGA MEGA deals than PaCha.

      Anyway, this 2011 article begins with
      “CEB officials have questioned Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka as to how the former Chairman of CEB Vidya Amarapala signed over a power supply contract worth more than Rs. 3,000 million to a company called Aggreko in 2011.”

      This is the complete article ….

      CEB charade continues over dubious Rs. 3bn power supply contract
      December 20, 2011, 12:00 pm

      By Ifham Nizam

      CEB officials have questioned Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka as to how the former Chairman of CEB Vidya Amarapala signed over a power supply contract worth more than Rs. 3,000 million to a company called Aggreko in 2011.

      Under Government Tender Guidelines, this contract should have been evaluated by a Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committee (CANC) and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

      However, Ranawaka’s confidante Amarapala had not only negotiated this contract single-handedly with Aggreko, but has also given several concessions as well, CEB sources not wanting to be named point out.

      When the CEB Engineers’ Union (CEBEU) complained to the Power and Energy Secretary, M. M. C. Ferdinando about this highly irregular deal, he had by his letter dated March 29, 2011 called for explanations from Amarapala as to how this contract signed violating Government Tender Guidelines.

      Ranawaka had then submitted a Cabinet Paper seeking covering approval for the contract, claiming that his Ministry was forced to extend the Aggreko contract by one more year since it was necessary to continue the power supply in the Jaffna Peninsula.

      When Ranawaka took over the Ministry of Power and Energy in May 2010, the existing contract of Aggreko was to expire on December 31, 2010. However, Minister Ranawaka had openly declared on several occasions that the two existing power supply contracts in Jaffna, with Aggreko and Northern Power, were corrupt.

      Vidya Amarapala stated at a media conference held at the Ministry in May 2011 that he had no choice but to extend the Aggreko contract for another year because CEB officials concerned did not inform him until the last moment that the existing Aggreko contract would expire on December 31, 2011. He also claimed that the contract with the other company Northern Power was corrupt as an unnamed official was behind that contract signed in 2009.

      However, the Northern Power contract had been approved by the Cabinet after CEB had adhered to proper tender procedures.

      “Amarapala had not given any explanation in response to Secretary Ferdinando’s letter. The Ministry has not even issued a letter of warning to Amarapala for this serious act of corruption, let alone taking any other action against him,” a senior official said.

      He says under Government rules, this matter should have been reported to the Commission to Investigate Bribery or Corruption.

      Minister Ranawaka was forced to remove Amarapala and his two colleagues Roshan Gunawardane and Douglas Premaratne in June this year under pressure from CEB trade unions.

      Be that as it may, The Island Financial Review has learned that Amarapala’s successor Prof. Wimaladarma Abeywickrema too has extended the Aggreko Contract for another year from January 1, 2012. What is interesting in this case is that CEB had called for open tenders in September 2011 and closed the tenders on October 17, 2011.

      The Cabinet approval for this tender was expected in end-November, leaving only one month for the prospective tenderers to commence commercial operation on January 1, 2011.

      Needless to say, this timeline of the CEB has made it impossible for any new entrant to acquire and instal the necessary equipment, including generators, oil storage facilities and grid connection, by allowing only one month to complete all that work. The million dollar question is why Chairman Abeywickrema delayed calling this tender this time as well, when he could have allowed sufficient time for prospective suppliers to submit competitive bids.

      The present Chairman cannot claim that he too was told at the last moment by CEB officials that the existing Aggreko contract his predecessor Amarapala signed would expire on December 31, 2011.

      Aggreko had been virtually guaranteed another year, as CEB may not have anticipated another supplier willing to adhere to this near-impossible time targets.

      Much to the surprise of everyone, The Island Financial Review has learned that several bidders have submitted offers that were cheaper than the offer of Aggreko.

      One such bidder is a company listed officially under the Ministry of Power and Energy having much experience in constructing and operating several private power plants in Sri Lanka and abroad.

      However, for reasons best known to the CEB Chairman Abeywickrema, he and his Vice Chairman have extended the Aggreko contract till 2012 after cancelling the above tender. The present Vice Chairman Anura Wijayapala is a batch mate of Minister Ranawaka from the University of Moratuwa.

      Senior CEB officials claim that the whole charade of calling tenders was only a laughable attempt by the present CEB Chairman to say that CEB made an attempt to adhere to competitive bidding this time around, when he had already decided to award the tender to Aggreko anyhow.


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    The former minister’s facial expression seems to say it all — who are these fellows trying to upset the apple cart? — I thought that this will not be noticed, but some joker has blown the lid off — why cant he mind his own business? now I have to distance myself from this stink – how to get round these three fellows?

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    When will sinhala Buddhist [Edited out] will wake up…God bless poor sinhala people….

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    the Tamil speaking Sinhalam

    “When will sinhala Buddhist [Edited out] will wake up…God bless poor sinhala people….”

    Well when did you start caring for the poor?

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    Mockery of justice. When ever a opposition member is accused the CID, FCID and even the US homeland department is brought in for investigation (which is bloody good). But whenever the government or one of its members is accused a committee is appointed. So as opposed to trusting the system we now have to trust 3 civilians.

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    We have a PM and a Finance Minister who do not know the constitution and it is illegal to impose VAT without getting approval from Parliament. When this kind of donkeys rule the country, even the God will not be able to save the country. When IMF told to increase VAT, these idiots went ahead and carried out the instructions without using their brain. Rule of law has gone to dogs. That is why Champuka is running around as nothing happened.

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      This is not the first time the kind of anomalies occur in the country. In previous regime they did not even respect the verdict given by SC.

      But SIMPLE simons of your kind only see one side not being able to get the facts right. I really dont think i tis worth adding your 2 cts worth wihtout knowing the bits well.

      Now they are about to respect the SC s decision and correct it.
      Champika or others if they have met with the kind, should be accompanied with proper evidence.. as it ws the case with Gonthadipila had to face arrest lately. His cesspits were no clean as appeared to be- he is an another example making every effort to cut the neck with a thread ( not dalipihiya, but Nula is used to cut the neck.. nulen bella kapanawa – for abusive achievements).

      • 3

        Well, People elected this intellectuals (Toyyo) for not to make those mistakes!
        Is it not what is called Yaha Palanaya?

        Paksheta – OK
        Vipaksheta – FCID

        Criticize – FCID
        Appease – OK

        Sounds like Mahinda chintana.

        Shame on those SLFP MPs who betrayed the SLFP, People will answer soon in the local elections!

        Still known devil is better!

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        Uncle Sam,Before making silly comments read what the judges said.They said “the courts conscious was shocked”by the scale of the fraud.
        Finding evidence is the job of the Police(CID,FCID ect.)
        Appointing a commission is a common delaying tactic.They can delay but never make it go away!
        What goes around comes around count the days until then!

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    The committee has Prof. KKYW Perera with a dubious record and who is this Professor Lakshman Watawala. Which University has given him a professor post? I am aware none of the Universities of Sri Lanka have offered him Prof. title Even if he worked in a foreign country he cannot claim Prof. title.He is a fake professor!
    Prof.Janaka is perhaps the best qualified person in this committee

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    Hope Batalanada Ranil didn’t have any input to appoint this three member committee.

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    Regardless of the committee findings, Chamapakaya is facing severe head winds, unless he pays his UNP membership fees soon.

    JHU National Organizer Sri Nishantha and his mentor Monk said the other day that Batalanada’s CA will only be allowed to do a Gerrymander as far as Constitutional Reforms are concerned.

    He emphasized that there won’t be any change to Buddhism in the Constitution or the National Flag or the National Anthem let alone Federal States for Vellala Sambandan or Surendran.

    This is not small talk as Sri Nishantha is the National Organizer.

    Batalanada’s UNP Police has saved him once by clearing him and the CCTV footage as well.

    If this committee finds any wrong doing , Batalanada wouldn’t come to his aid unless he takes full UNP membership and swears total loyalty and allegiance to Batalanda’s agenda.

    Smashing coconuts finally taking its desired effect.

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      Is PaCha Ranawake any use to Batalanda if PaCha can not deliver Sinhalese/Budhists votes as a block? That ability to fool Sinhalese/Budhists vote by PaCha is fastly disappearing. Vast majority of his followers has already left cursing this guy and would never ever return. Moreover Batalanda knows this guys is a crook who has Olympic level undercutting ability of anyone at the right time.
      What’s the use of this Gigantic “Wada Barry” Tarzon with ability to lie even in sleep.
      He had this ability of denying any obvious facts with so much confidence, even Panama listed corrupt pal (Vidaya Amarapala – former chairman of CEB appointed by PaCha) would believe him without any doubt!
      Some say that Mahinda had removed PaCha from his much loved easy money earning energy/power ministry in 2012(?) after learning this corrupt coal deal. After that, PaCha hated Mahinda so much that he would even join with any devil to defeat him….
      This guy has Very low morality with so much hatred inside … Would do anything to further his selfish ambitions … He is the most power hungry politician today in SL and never hesitate to use terror to silence his opponents…. It is not a fluke to name one of his books “Power and Power”.
      Get Power by any means and use it to suppress any opposing views … Justify it and use it to further to his selfish ambitions…

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    Mr Ranawaka the secretary of Jathika Hela Urumaya and de facto leader of guardian and spokesman for threatened rights if Sinhala ethnic group and vociferous campaigner agaist tamils, muslims, catholics and diaspora , is surprisingly, and ominously,silent about the issues his party was created and came to prominence for in the aftermath of the untimely deasth ofRev Soma who championed the injustices suffer recd by Sinhalese by Colombo 7 elitists controlled and funded by the catholic church and neocolonialist west.
    Now the gamekeeper has turned oacher is sleeping in the same bad with the forces led by the trio- Ranil, Mangala Samaraweera, and Chandrika West Ridgway Dias Kumaranatunga who in unison questions the identity of the ethonic/religious group called Sinhala buddhists.
    This is a re-enaction of the last great betrayal of our country when British , by bribery and deceit subjugated the kingdom of sri lanka.
    Trsaitors among traitors.
    B this nation will rise again from ashes of ruin and destruction by the enemies within Keppitipola did not die in vain.

    • 1

      Good stuff man….

      Keep it up, This is the hour of need.

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    How old could be Prof. KKYW? it is interesting find out whether he has the mental capacity to make independent judgement and could he also belong to the so called power mafia? and I am sure taught Pa.Cha R. at Moratuwa. Interesting times ahead. Now Vidya Amarapala’s name was there in the Panama paperlist and when was that overseas account opened; 2011? If so doesn’t this ring a bell? And the current chairman’s activities whose companies are doing direct busineses with CEB must also be investigated. FCID please…. (Professor) L. Watawala. Ex. accountant. …In SL in most cases the only qualification to get a degree or a higher edgree is to know someone. Ex. If I am not wrong GR is supposed to have a Computer Science Degree from the Colombo University and Prof. Epasinghe ex. VC (MR advisor) is a close relative of the MR family.

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    this coal tender was awarded in 2015 under the yahapalanaya govt.champika is trying pass the buck at yesterday press conference that he was not the person who awarded the tender.Seems that siyambalapitiya was the one that signed it but probably did not go through it carefully because he had just taken over.maybe that is why he is trying to clear his name with this probe.The probe might reveal documents showing the signature of champika’s recommendations.

    Anyway you should not sign without reading because your signature depicts your responsibility for what you have signed.The present minister will also have to face the music i suppose for his carelessness.

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