13 August, 2022


Govt Attempting To Hide Rajapaksa Corruption?

Swarnavahini had been instructed to delay telecasting the raid of a super-luxury meditation center that had been constructed for the use of Rajapaksas,this week.

Ranjan Ramanayake

Ranjan Ramanayake

Deputy Minister and UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake had accompanied a group of journalists from Swaranavahini on the raid that had been carried out on February 3, along with the Police. However, the raid had not been permitted to be telecasted in the news until Friday (6).

When inquired, Ramanayake had been informed that the delay is due to ‘instructions from the top’ (ඉහලින් ආපු නියෝගයක් ).

Ramanayake said the super luxury meditation center located in Imbulgoda, Kadawatha is spread over eight acres and over Rs. 1000 million must have been spent on constructing the premises that is equipped with ebony furnishings, Italian bathroom fittings and a helipad. He said the location is said to have been the abode of ancient King Walagamba.

He also said that over 60 Army personnel had been stationed in and around the meditation center to provide security until January 8.

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    Why do people call this a raid.

    It looks like a fact finding mission.

    At no time do I see talk of arrests, impropriety or intimidation of the staff.

    Ranjan at no time is seen acting gung-ho.

    It is good for the public to get to know when where and how the Rajapaksa’s spent the people’s money. The best thing to do now is to open this place to the public to be used as a meditation centre or any related activity. After all it was built with public money.

    What should not be done is either destroy the place nor make it so expensive only the rich and famous and the powerful will have access to the place.

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      this looks like a Rajan Ramanayake Ad!

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    Mr. Deputy Minister Ramanayake! I’m sorry to say this, but don’t you think this is a bit too much and some of you are taking us – general viewers and readers blind-folded too far?
    I watched the entire video clip! To me, major players of the present government seem to have exhausted all the available sources, resources, means, and tools to criticize the Rajapaksas and now seem to be running after hilarious stories of this kind. Don’t you seriously think that enough is enough, and you, as a responsible government with a tight 100 day program should move beyond this kind of double-edged misinformation projects! (By the way, Hats off to all of you for the items completed during the past 30 days)!
    My opinion is that this is an amateur video clip based on unjustifiable and illogical points with poor sound and picture quality. What’s the newsworthiness of this story where only one sided view of the ‘facts’ are spoken of and shown?
    The soldier who answers Mr. Ramanayake’s questions, clearly says that the (ex)president visited the place no more than twice with Ven Uduve Dhammaloka thero. Did he meditate there? Soldier does not know. Then, please tell us Mr. Deputy Minister, how could you allegedly declare that this is a super luxury meditation center built exclusively for the Ex-president Rajapaksa? The soldier does not know much about the place either other than being the caretaker and an observer! He knows the acreage of the land and whereabouts of buildings being built with some ‘special’ materials and rocks brought in from the Portuguese-era Colombo harbor. The details of bathroom fittings etc are negligible since any modern house in Sri Lanka has those basic fittings (unless you want to cunningly act and play to the SL gallery)! Please let’s be honest!
    However, it is an important coincidence that Mr. Ramanayake who is a catholic has now gone on a ‘fact finding (some may say: muck raking) mission’ to a rock temple in Kadawata where rocks from the Portuguese era were being used to rebuild it by the war heroes: the Rajapaksas and SL army! We all know that it was the Portuguese who destroyed every single Buddhist (and Hindu) temple in the Western province and replaced them with catholic churches. Don Juan Dharmapala, the weakest ever king in the history of Sri Lanka was the ruler at the time in the 16th century! I hope that that ugly history is not repeating today since we have Ranil-Maitripala duo as our responsible rulers and they are no Don-Juan Dharmapalas!
    This modern rock temple is apparently under re-construction (with no running water yet!), and believed to be an abode for King Walagamba of the 1st century BC who escaped invading foreign armies several times but finally freed the country from them. (Again, will or won’t That History repeat)!
    Archaeology department too has been apparently involved in the refurbishing work since this is a place of historical importance. The best contact persons who could answer Mr. Ramanayake’s ‘curious’ questions are Colonel Karunapala (Director of this project) and the Archaeology Department whose presence is very important to dis/prove the one-sided ‘allegations’ put forward by Mr. Ramanayake. The Army has merely undertaken the job and they are well-known among us for completing this kind of projects in the country.
    It is the duty and the responsibility of the Colombo Telegraph to contact Colonel Karunapala and the responsible officers of the Archaeology Department and give us a balanced picture of this otherwise murky story. Thank you.

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