2 February, 2023


Govt Mulls Airport Shutdown As Covid Spreads Out Of Control

Military and aviation officials entrusted with containing the spread of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka may soon decide to close the country’s borders once again, Colombo Telegraph learns.

While Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga told reporters that no final decision has been reached yet on the topic, officials see no other way to prevent the entry of the deadly South African and Indian ‘double mutant’ variants into Sri Lanka. While the country’s hospitals are overflowing with thousands of new cases being detected per week and several fatalities being reported daily, these are the result of the UK variant, which is the 3rd most dangerous, ravaging Sri Lanka.

“We have successfully kept the two most deadly variants out of the country for now,” a senior public health official told Colombo Telegraph. “But unless airport officials and the navy are allowed by the government to do what has to be done, it is only a matter of time before the most deadly mutations, from South Africa and India, get to us. If that happens, when our hospitals are already overflowing, it would be a bloodbath.”

The official advises that tourists and Sri Lankans abroad refrain from travelling to the country until the South African and Indian variants are contained in other countries.

“Shutting down the airports and preventing boat traffic from India are the only options we have left,” the official said, warning that too many cases are being detected in quarantine centres and hotels to risk continuing these practices safely.

“Taking the risk of quarantine centres and bio bubbles was a luxury we had when there was hospital capacity to deal with an emergency. Now it would be like hosting a bonfire and barbeque outside a burning building without calling the fire department.” (By Sumith Alwis)

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    The vaccination drive was started in January this year with the vaccines still dragging the covid has overtaken had it been rashed the second dose the present situation would have more controlled. now agree when our hospitals are already overflowing, it would be a bloodbath it is observed that the hospitals are full and and not dicided to close the country’s borders. besid3rd most dangerous, razing Sri Lanka.

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    LOL. 1) Does it matter any more when other countries have placed Lanka along with India on travel restriction. 2) How do you know there is no such Lankan variant. 3) This is just the beginning of the wave. Estimations are it will peak by Month of May/June and hopefully we may see a decline, there after provided people are vaccinated. The current count in India is 400,000 which is expected to go up any where between 5 to 10 L before July.

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    Whenever a famine or pandemic broke out in their lands the Aztecs who believed this was caused by the wrath of the gods would sacrifice their leaders by conducting a special ritual. This would appease their gods and the bad things would soon come to an end. I think it would be a wonderful idea to revive this practice today in Sri Lanka. I am sure it will work better than any vaccine.

    • 18

      Hey, that’s a brilliant idea. Must find out what the ancient Sinhalese did.

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        It is not quite an accurate picture of Aztec human sacrifices, but it is a brilliant idea nevertheless.
        Legend is that a child was sacrificed by his uncle when the Kantalai tank was constructed.There are claims of human sacrifice when the British built roads and bridges, (Not a British idea, but they allowed it all the same.)
        Point is, where do we start? (I will be close to the top of the list on CT, but there are stronger rivals.)

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        old codger

        “Hey, that’s a brilliant idea. Must find out what the ancient Sinhalese did.”

        What if Gota vouch that the effective leadership is Mahasngha, Karaka Sabha, Modi, Sambandan, Kamal Kunaratne, Shenali Waduge ……………… ?

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    What the heck are they waiting for? Shut it down. DO not allow flights in an out of India.

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