22 March, 2023



By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“What’s the point of all this hoax?

Is it the chicken and the egg time or are just yolks?”

(Monty Python’s The Meaning of life)

The signs proliferate. After the announcement of an early budget with a pared down debate came the reduction in gas prices. The President himself proclaimed the reduction, as if it was his ‘personal’ gift to the consumers.

There will have to be an election soon, so that the regime can jack up prices again.

Even a short term price reduction, especially in such essentials as electricity, fuel and gas, is nothing to scoff at. But the sheer blatancy of the tactic demonstrates, yet again, how the Rajapaksas regard the electorate – an unintelligent and immature mass which can be manipulated into any collective idiocy. In Rajapaksa eyes Lankan society, from the top to the bottom, possesses almost no safeguards against lies and deception. So there is no need to bother with subtle and clever; the gross will do, with a rudimentary packaging, such as patriotism or international conspiracy.

Take, for instance, the latest twist in the Sajin Vaas GunawardenaChris Nonis saga.

keheliya-and-mahindaThe supposed investigation into the reported assault is not yet over (has it even begun?) but Minister Keheliya Rambukwella has already given the verdict. No one was assaulted; only a heated argument happened.  Ergo, Dr. Nonis is lying. In any case, Dr. Nonis should not have been at that party. He was not invited; he gate-crashed: “It was a private party and Dr. Nonis had not bee invited…..” In this official version, if anyone is at fault, it was Dr. Nonis; if he did not go where he was not invited, if he did not get inebriated, nothing would have happened. He would still be our High Commissioner in London, defending the Rajapaksas to the hilt, assuring the world that in Sri Lanka the rule of law and justice flourish.

Minister Rambukwella also admonished the media for getting worked up about a mere miscellany: “If this incident happened during an official function it will be a matter of concern for the people, the Government and the media. There is no need to be agitated as it was a private matter that took place at a private residence.”[i]

If Dr. Nonis departs silently, perhaps he will be left in peace. But if he seeks justice, more falsehoods will be fabricated, including about his past and present activities. Witnesses will be found willing to testify that Dr. Nonis was the slanderer and the boor and Monitoring MP Gunawardena was being a veritable Sir Galahad, gallantly defending the fair name of a lady. And if the Rajapaksas win another term, by whatever means necessary, there might even be witnesses willing to swear that they saw Dr. Nonis mercilessly assaulting MP Gunawardena!

At the annual convention of the British Conservative Party, British Foreign Secretary reportedly told Dr. Nonis, “Now you understand why we are pushing against Sri Lanka over human rights violations”[ii].

Will Dr. Nonis remember the innumerable Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala victims of Rajapaksa injustice? Will he realise at least now that abuse and impunity breed greater abuse and greater impunity, until general insecurity becomes the norm?

Tribal Economics

Last week, the government blocked MP Wijedasa Rajapakhse from bringing a private member’s motion, mandating 80% pictorial-warnings on cigarette packets.

A Bill to the effect was approved by the parliament unanimously, some time back. But then the Ceylon Tobacco Company went to courts. The courts overturned the parliamentary decision and decided on 60% pictorial-warning.

When Wijedasa Rajapakshe tried to introduce the motion on 80% pictorial-warning, the regime maintained that the last word should belong to the judiciary. “Acting Health Minister Lalith Dissanayake said there was a court ruling in this regard and therefore, as a mark of respect for the judiciary, this bill could not be passed into law in the House.”[iii]

This of course is the polar opposite of what the regime said during Impeachment Days. Then, UPFA ministers and parliamentarians took up arms to defend parliamentary supremacy. No one is above the parliament, they insisted, time and again. The judiciary has no right to interfere in parliamentary matters or override parliamentary decisions.

So the parliament is supreme when the Rajapaksas want the parliament to be supreme; the judiciary is supreme when the Rajapaksas want the judiciary to be supreme. What matters is not constitution or law or tradition, but familial wants, needs and interests.

The Tribe rules.

Tribal economics is a necessary corollary of tribal politics. As Roger Owen pointed out, monarchical republics based on ‘personalised presidential power’ cannot be sustained without certain fundamental changes in the existing power-structures[iv]. These include control over the economy, the judiciary and the army. In Sri Lanka many of these preconditions are being realised. If the Rajapaksas win the presidential election, the slide will become unstoppable.

In 2012, even as the Impeachment Crisis was heading towards its nadir, the Rajapaksas introduced several clauses via the Appropriations Bill, tailor-made to undermine parliamentary control over Finances. One clause gave the President a veritable carte blanche to obtain loans up to Rs.1,295 billion in 2013. Another clause empowered the Finance Minister (i.e. the President) to withdraw funds allocated for specific purposes in the Budget or from the Consolidation Fund, without parliamentary approval; all he had to do was to get his decisions rubber-stamped by the cabinet.

The 1978 Constitution is very clear on the matter – the parliament and not the president controls finances. It was one of the few balancing provisions in a constitution which gave the executive too many powers. So the Rajapaksas, in their conscious pursuit of absolute power, sought to remove this democratic leaven, not constitutionally, but via a sleight of hand.

When this attempt was challenged, the Supreme Court ruled that some clauses were indeed unconstitutional and that “the 2013 Appropriations Bill should be amended to make parliamentary approval necessary for securing loans”. In other words, the judiciary tried to uphold parliamentary supremacy in matters of finance. But the Rajapaksas ignored the ruling, with the full backing of the UPFA majority in parliament. The government introduced an amendment to the clause which protected the presidential carte blanche. It merely stated that the president should give a report to parliament, once the loans are obtained. When the Opposition protested, the government said that it was acting according to the AG’s interpretation of the Supreme Court ruling. Thus the AG was placed above the parliament, the courts and the constitution. Since the AG functions under the President (a change wrought by the Rajapaksas in 2010), this effectively meant making the president supreme[v].

When a modern democracy succumbs to tribal rule, grotesqueries become the norm.

According to the 2015 Allocations Bill, 63.2% of the national budget will be allocated for the ministries under the two Rajapaksa brothers, Mahinda and Basil.

Tribal politics, tribal economic and tribal justice will be our fate if Rajapaksa rule continues. They think we are too inane to understand what is happening, too lost even to enlightened self-interest to care. Are they right? Will we do collectively what Chris Nonis did individually – empower and enable the hand, which will strike us down someday?

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  • 9

    In the valley of the blind anti-minority Sinhalese on-eyed genocidaire of Tamils is king!

    Whether you and I like him or not he will be the king.

    • 7

      Many thanks Thisaranee dear for another superb piece. Hats off to you for your courage. Please translate and educate the Sinhala masses…

      Clearly Opposition parties need to now take drastic action in the Parliament and bring it to a STAND STILL. The opposition MUST stop letting Jarapassa and his cabinet of clowns and morons run circles round them.
      The JOINT OPPOSITION in parliament must say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The joint opposition must refuse let the budget pass early and obstruct the presentation of the budget being presented in the house. Opposition must take the upper hand and shut down the parliament rather than let Jarapassa get away with advancing the budget for an illegal Presidential election.
      This was done in India last year when the BJP disrupted the Parliament for months on end and educated the Indian voters about the hideous level of CORRUPTION in the Congress. Now the BJP is in power in India!’
      All opposition parties should join together to prevent the Budget being passed before its usual November date. Ranil of course is bloody useless and Mahinda Jarapassa’s pet poodle and should be marginalized.

      The joint opposition with JVP and TNA leading should NOT let Jarapassa present the budget earlier because the Presidential Election is invalid as the EP needs to be abolished as MR himself had promised.
      Please go on the street and educate the Sinhala masses.
      The Opposition should disrupt the house and in the mean time EDUCATE Sinhala folk on Rajapaksa regime’s Financial TERRORISM against the people of Sri Lanka. Interest rates have been brought down to fund the Rajapaksa election hand outs budget based on false inflation figures.. There is no FDI and jobless and NO credit growth today. This means that there is no growth of the REAL ECONOMY. Only the tourism sector is growing – nothing else. Ranil Wickramasinghe has been a totally useless and illegitimate opposition leader. JVP should get all the parties to disrupt and BOOO the illegal activities of the Jarapassa regime in the Parliament of clowns…

      • 5


        I truly have to agree to you on your comment.

        I truly believe that it is due to the invalid “Sleeping Beauty” opposition leader Ranil who is the root cause of the problems we face today in Sri Lanka.

        Had we had a strong opposition leader, Pres. MR would not have played “Pandu” with Sri Lanka politics today. It is none other than Ranil who should be responsible for the anarchy people face today.

        I still have doubts on Ranil the way he leads the party. Recently he fired Mangala Samaraweera from his Media post and also from the advisory board. Mangala is a strong critique of Rajapakses and I wonder why Ranil did this. Ranil had 20 years to put the party on track and he still fails to do so. Is Ranil fit enough to be the common candidate…alone.

        I think we need a “Joint Leader” and not a “Common candidate” to lead our country.

        Ranil has to show his confidence and capability. Harin became a “Super Star” overnight and Ranil has to learn leadership role from his Junior Harin.

        Anyway there’s a young breed of Politicians in JVP, DP, TNA and UNP who are replacing the old flock, and I have hope they will put Sri Lanka back on the correct path.

        Yes. We need more of Dr.Chris Nonis and Gen.Sarath Fonseka type role models who maintain their integrity and self dignity. Those who do not go after MARA laptops, duty free cars, “Black coffee” chit chats or to lick his left over bones.

        Thank you Tisaranee for another Great News letter. Please keep educating the Public.

        • 1

          Dodo, you are right. The budget must NOT be passed ahead of time to clear the way for Rajapakasa’s illegal re-election campaign.

          Time for drastic action and NONVIOLENT PROTEST IN THE WELL of the PARLIAMENT TO PREVENT FURTHER EROSION OF DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS. At the same time joint opposition must unite to EDUCATE the Sinhala masses on the ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL TERRORISM of the Rajapaksa junta at the Central Bank and in the treasury.

          The joint opposition must UNITE to prevent the Budget being passed before its usual November date. Ranil is USELESS but Sobitha Thero is delaying on the joint opposition issue and soon it will be too late… what a bloody mess is politics in the miracle of Modayas!

    • 2

      Joint opposition in parliament should launch a NON VIOLENT SATYAGRAHA in the well of the house – a sit in – to prevent premature passage of the Budget.

      Time for radical action to disrupt the Jarapassa thugs who have turned parliament into a corrupt circus where there is only a facade of democracy.

      Ranil Wickramasinghe taking holidays in England and supporting Rajapaksa against the UNP troublemakers is a huge part of the problem = the failure of the opposition to prevent Rajapaksa brothers turning parliament into a circus where democracy is destroyed by thugs…

    • 2

      This that once I told;

      The Sinhala Adage
      “Balloth ekka Budiya gaththoth, Makkoth Ekka Negitinna Wenawa”

      [ when you Sleep with Dogs [Specially Pariah Dogs],
      You have to get up with Ticks.]

      In this case not only ticks but Scabies also.

      We can see, all those Jarapassa Licking Advisors, Appointed Ministers, Secretaries, chairmen, Wellas, Thilakas, Pityas, Silvas, singhas, Perises and PIMPS Get ticks and with Scabies.
      Running hider and wither with burning, scratching hindquarters.

    • 3

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “Even a short term price reduction, especially in such essentials as electricity, fuel and gas, is nothing to scoff at. But the sheer blatancy of the tactic demonstrates, yet again, how the Rajapaksas regard the electorate – an unintelligent and immature mass which can be manipulated into any collective idiocy. In Rajapaksa eyes Lankan society, from the top to the bottom, possesses almost no safeguards against lies and deception. So there is no need to bother with subtle and clever; the gross will do, with a rudimentary packaging, such as patriotism or international conspiracy.”

      Well, Well

      “how the Rajapaksas regard the electorate – an unintelligent and immature mass which can be manipulated into any collective idiocy.”

      Let’s look at the Masses and Electorates I.Q.


      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings

      ——– Country
      ———————– %
      1 Singapore 108
      2 South Korea 106
      3 Japan 105
      4 Italy 102

      28 Guatemala 79
      28 Sri Lanka 79
      28 Zambia 79

      41 Cameroon 64
      41 Gabon 64
      41 Mozambique 64
      42 Saint Lucia 62
      43 Equatorial Guinea 59

      Looks like MaRa knows something about the I.Q of Sri Lankans.

      After all, about 40% of the Sri Lankans Still believe, the Sun goes around the Earth, as shown by the rising Sun fro the east.

      Given this low average I.Q., what can you do? Expose, expose and Expose.

      Whatever opposition candidate comes forward, there need to be exposure of MaRa corruption and nepotism. There is a dire need for a Common Sense Pamphlet, like what Thomas Paine did in 1776 for the American revolution, exposing King George III.

      What can writers and other do? Expose.. Expose and Expose the Mara regime.

      What can the people do? Vote the MaRa out.

      The current perception is that Rajapaksa Hegemony has taken over the UPFA/SLFP and people do not want dynasties.

      What can the writers do? Expose. what can the people do? Vote against MaRa and the criminal gang.

      Thisaranee, thanks for a very good analysis. Can you be the Anonymous Author and Produce a Sri Lankan version of Common Sense in Sinhala, Tamil and English? You will do as much service to Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, just like Thomas Paine did for America and France.You can expand this write up, and get there.

      Say, Because I have Common Sense, I will not vote for Mr. Rajapaksa and their criminal cronies for a continuation of a Family Dynasty, and say that Sri Lanka is a Republic.

      Rajapaksa had the opportunity. The power corrupted them. The People are sick of them. They even used Buddhism towards their ends. Even Sinhala Buddhists are fed up them, and they are showing their true colors.

      An Anonymous Author like Thomas Paine is needed with a Common Sense Pamphlet to expose the King, King George, the Rajapaksa Clan. Read, the Common Sense Pamphlet , by Thomas Paine, that inspired the American Revolution along with the other events. Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Produce a Commons sense Pamphlet for Sri Lanka and say why it is in the best interest of the people of Sri Lanka to remove the King, aka Rajapaksa Dynasty from power and let the Republic be a Republic and Not a dynasty. This Pamphlet, in Sinhala, Tamil and English, need to be sent to each and every Sri Lankan Citizen, just like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet.

      Tissaranee, would you take up the Challenge to write the Sri Lankan Version of Common sense and expose MaRa the way ThomasaPaine Exposed King George the III?

    • 2

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “What’s the point of all this hoax?

      Here are some ideas for you from a Nobel Prize Winner, Malala.. What are you waiting for writing the Common Sense, Sri Lanka version?

      12 incredible Malala quotes that will make you want to give her the Nobel Peace Prize all over again
      A collection of her most moving statements since becoming one of the planet’s leading education activists


      Malala Yousafzai, the 17-year-old education campaigner from Pakistan, just won the Nobel Peace Prize. And everyone is super excited about that because Malala is super inspiring. Here is her story.

      And here’s a look at some of the moving things she’s said since becoming one of the world’s most famous activists:

      1) “Why shall I wait for someone else? Why shall I be looking to the government, to the army, that they would help us … for them to help me. Why don’t I raise my voice? Why don’t we speak up for our rights?”

      – The Daily Show with John Stewart, 2013

      2) “I think that the best way to solve problems and to fight is through dialogue, is through peaceful way, but for me the best way to fight against terrorism and extremism is just simple thing: educate the next generation. “

      – BBC interview, 2013

      3) ”I would tell him that shoot me but first listen to me. And I would tell him that education is my right and education is the right of your daughter and son as well. And I’m speaking up for them. I’m speaking up for peace.”

      – CBC Radio interview, 2013

      4) ”I truly believe the only way we can create global peace is through not only educating our minds, but our hearts and our souls.”

      – Opening of Birmingham Library, 2013

      5) ”They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in [the] home, school or anyplace.”

      6) “And if we want to achieve our goal, then let us empower ourselves with the weapon of knowledge and let us shield ourselves with unity and togetherness.”

      – UN Youth Assembly, 2012

      7) “You must not treat others with cruelty and that much harshly, you must fight others but through peace and through dialogue and through education.”

      – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 2013

      8) ”They only shot a body but they cannot shoot my dreams.”

      – CNN interview, 2013

      9) “I think life is always dangerous. Some people get afraid of it. Some people don’t go forward. But some people, if they want to achieve their goal, they have to go. They have to move …”

      – ABC interview, 2013

      10) ”I have the right of education. I have the right to play. I have the right to sing. I have the right to talk. I have the right to go to market. I have the right to speak up.”

      – CNN interview, 2011

      11) ”It feels like this life is not my life. It’s a second life. People have prayed to God to spare me and I was spared for a reason — to use my life for helping people.”

      -ABC interview, 2013

      12) “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first.”

      – UN Youth Assembly, 2012

    • 3

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –


      “What’s the point of all this hoax?

      When will you write the Common Sense Pamphlet to the people?

      Maitripla Sirisena already wrote the letter to MaRa.

      ‘Just Do it” A Nike ad, and see below.

      Sirisena’s letter – a red light for Rajapaksas


      It is reported that the Secretary General of the SLFP Minister Maithripala Sirisena has, in writing, asked the President why preparations are being made to hold a sudden presidential election when his term ends in two more years.

      The internal conflicts in the government have developed rapidly after the Uva PC election and many seniors in the SLFP have expressed opposition to holding a presidential election before President’s 6 year term ends. The written query by the Secretary General of the SLFP would have been influenced by the forces opposing Rajapaksas point out political analysts adding that Minister Sirisena would not resort to such an action on his own.

      In his letter Minister Sirisena asks why a presidential election is held when promises made at the previous presidential election had not been fulfilled and suggests it would be better if the election is held after fulfilling the promises.

      Minister Sirisena too is a senior in the SLFP who has been harassed by Rajapaksa family regime. Political analysts say a large number in the government are preparing to publicly act against Rajapaksa family rule in the near future. They say the letter from Minister Sirisena is a signal for what is in store for the regime.

    • 3

      Dear CT editor

      I have been reading these columns by the fictional “Tisaranee Gunasekera” for a while.

      I am fully familar with “her” views and where they come from.
      “She” has been a person who has always been unhappy even with “her” own clan, fighting for everything in the family heirloom.

      I request that you postscript “her” posting with a warning that the views expressed are her own and not those of CT. This will ensre the CT’s freedom of expression policy as well as protect the reader from the poison.

      Thank you.

  • 10

    Well done Thisaranee for another brilliant piece that will open up the eyes of millions of fellow Sri Lankans if they happens to have a go at your reading.

    I have a question of those so called intellectuals like Rajiva W and Dayan J etc., are you guys still going to lick the back of the Sataka types after this episode.

    Chris Nonis may have his faults in how he did manage the embassy but according to the official govt spokesman, this is so disgusting as the thoughts of the GOSL and un-educated, ex- CWE clerical employee Mervyn Silva are more or less the same.

    With all this, what the GOSL is projecting itself is Chris Nonis have taken the oath of hypocrisy other than than the Hippocratic oath?

    It is a shame to see guys like Dayan J and Rajiva W still picture rosy state of affairs or JA-RApaksa though this regime stinks and about to be thrown down the gutters by the Sri Lankan masses.

    Can any educated Sri Lankan after this incident and the coverup can vote for these rogues?

    • 7

      You missed a few. What about Ravinatha Ariyasinghe, Kehelmal Rambukwella…….?. Was Basil Jarapassa a CWE employee when he was a UNP party member as well?

      • 3

        hmmm, not sure about the academic qualification of Ravinatha though Kehel-Rambuk was a landed proprietor in Kandy.

        Basil was working for Gamini D. at the Mahaweli before jumping the ship to USA to work as a gas station attendant.

        • 1

          No doubt about Ravinatha’s academic credentials. G.L.Peris and Ravinatha are in the same boat (academically too) when it comes to ‘Boot Licking’, that’s what I meant.

    • 0

      “this is so disgusting as the thoughts of the GOSL and un-educated, ex- CWE clerical employee Mervyn Silva are more or less the same.”

      what did you say , “clerical employee” ? i didn’t know weighing groceries is amount to clerical !

  • 3

    Well, with all that skulduggery of MR, the electorate will take a decision based on who is the most competent to deal with this nuisance >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pmRr6SE00w

    • 5

      It seems to me that it is Dr Nonis’s prerogative to put on the public record his version of what has been described by the media as a serious assault. In the meantime we are left to draw our own conclusions. A slap across the face for swearing at a lady at a private party to which he invited himself is not, in my opinion, a serious assault. Especially if the protagonists were drunk. It happens at parties around the world, and rarely do the protagonists report the matter to the police (and neither are the media interested in it unless the scrappers are Hollywood and TV stars). I can understand the president not wanting the media to make a big issue out of it.

      Regarding Dr Nonis’s resignation over the slap he received, the honour of resigning because of an injustice against oneself is far less than the honour of resigning because of injustice against others.

      • 8

        Nonis is just another sissy and will go any longer in the path of justice as doing so., he will be exposed and probably end up with another planned traffic accident or end up like Lasantha in broad day light.

        If CN goes against the regime., he is going to lose millions if not billions as Mackwoods plantations will be taken over by the state and it will be really hard for them to export the produce.

        CN knows all this as he was to sleep with the dogs for a while and its his pay back time.

        If any case if CN comes out in public he can live the rest of his life as a gentleman other than what the regime describe as someone gate crashed to have his lust of stringhoppers with chicken curry.

        It will be interesting if CN went to NYPD at the time of the slap and what will be the GOSL explanation? probably that CN is a descendant of Portuguese and together with the NGO’s and anti-buddhist elements is trying to discredit the GOSL and the President.

        I am a bit confused why the doctors who examined him and ordered the scans in a Triage station, did not complain the bruises to any law enforcement agencies? or we may probably see CN lied to the hospital authorities like the way he lied to international media to cover the gross human rights violations of the regime and talk about a 2500 year history !

        • 3

          Matilda Ellepola,

          First of all Dr.Chris Nonis had the Balls to give Pres.MR the resignation letter then and there after the incident occured, without thinking about the Bones he is going to loose by staying like a Poodle with the Medamoolana clan.

          We have never seen any other Minister or any other Government servant act like this before, as all of them are Lap top, duty free cars, commission, ethenol, Kasippu, cocain etc, boot lickers. They are afraid to loose the bones and all of them are ” Guti Kemata Lehesthi” Boot lickers.

          I think you have failed to judge who the real sissies are.

          What do you call those who hid in USA for 14 years during the war and came back to get the lucrative Defense Secretary post only after his brother became the President, and subsequently wrote his own “War Crime Book” while jailing the real war hero Gen. SF for one and a half years. What do you call this…..Isn’t this called Sissy…..

          How about the so called great warriors while “White van” others, they themselves surrendered by over 1,000 security personnel where ever they travel…..
          Isn’t this called sissy……

          How about the Leader of the Common Wealth after struggling and spending over Five Billion rupees to become the CW head, new even scared to go to London saying that there is not enough security for him in London. What a joke and what a sissy answer…….What do you call this.

          How about travel restrictions imposed and closing all the roads and People, tourists, media personnel etc, to Jaffna and North for three days for Visitors simply because the so called “Maha Raja” is on a three day visit to Jaffna. What do you call this….. Whom you are trying to fool.
          I don’t think even the North Korian Dictator act like this to his own people.

          Come on Metilda. Give us CT readers a break. Those so called “War Heroes” or “Macho Man Maha Raja Chandiyas” and the clan can white van others or make them scared or meet them with accidents, but they themselves are scared to step out without road closures while encircled by over 1,000 security personnel where ever they travel.

          So called “Macho Man” got “Kiri Bath” milk rice treat on the face by the Pope in Vatican. More to come after January 2015.

          So judge your self to see who the real cowards, sissy and scary dogs are.

          For us CT readers Dr.Chris Nonis is a true Hero, a Gentleman and a scholar. He is not a Bone and Boot licking “Wandi Battaya”.

      • 6

        Your shameless comments come after the Information Ministers’ foolish explanations received harsh criticism on this article. Everything in your comment indicates that you well understood the harsh criticisms and that is why you are putting additional cover ups, over and above the Minister’s explanation, on the matter to silence the commentators. That indicates your persistent determination to twist the nature of the incident to cover up dangerous violation of people’s safety.

        First thing, you are falling to recognize that it was brought out by Sir Chris Norris to the public of what happened in the private compound. As long as he wants to talk about it, there is a lot to discuss about it. So you cannot discount it as “A slap across the face for swearing at a lady at a private party to which he invited himself is not, in my opinion, a serious assault.” The Law recognizes the drunkenness is a precondition to crimes and right violations, so it imposes extra penalties and punishments to falling to avoid that precondition builds up. So the norm is Kudu Vase crime is getting updated when facts the he was over the limits comes out. When the logic goes on that side, your word “Especially if the protagonists were drunk. “is the most foolish comments here.

        As usual, you failed to read not just somewhere else, but even after Tisaranee quoted it here. Please read it now. “At the annual convention of the British Conservative Party, British Foreign Secretary reportedly told Dr. Nonis, “Now you understand why we are pushing against Sri Lanka over human rights violations”. (Minister did not say that getting beaten up in world parties are normal to Sir Chris Norris can take it easy. It appears the political child Chris Norris understood at that point and left the convention without replying to that, but you are still not.)Please note, at least, the British minister’s opinion is not getting along with you ignorant comment.

        You are showing your idiocy by declaring that all over the world, in private party rooms, the drama acted is WWF championship match or no hold barred competition. Then you assume it has to be the norm for the parties where heads of the country gather, too. It appears for you, it is ok to take the law to their hand or even break it if it is a party – the luxury enjoyment place of the elites’. Here, you are overtly active in your duty, that is, you are expressively asking impunity or exemption for the crimes committed by your bosses. This is a theory which is naturally oozing out the Sri Lankan Royal culture, which is the point, every one criticizing here.
        The incident took place in a country where the rule is, even a spouse touch other one during a heated argument, the affect one should present the witness to court. They do not recognize something as Husband-wife fight which is a, petty, standard in Lanka. This fight took place outside of the embassy compound, where diplomatic immunity was not recognized. The resident in that house is liable to report it to the New Jersey Police. Anybody present in that party can site his/her impending safety and request an arrest of this person, the Kudu Vase. The country as a whole forbids drinking in the public. It does not allow drink and fight in the private compound. It is not simply the owner of the house is responsible for the incidents took place in that drinking party house, if the guests are over the limits, it is he or she responsible for the safe passage to home for the guests. There were actions taken on the owners who let the drunken guests driving home alone.

        There is a song in Tamil it goes like this. “Even if you cry every day of the year for the demised one in your house, what is point of it? Earn, eat, do charity, live happily! When the day for that for you also comes, go for it happily”. You are clear in your mind that the time for Kudu vase coming in your life is not avoidable. I can see your attitude. You will happily take it to your neck the Kudu Vase noose when he comes on the Bull Buffalo with rope on his hand. Until that, you want to live your life like the poet said in the song.

      • 0


        An interesting perspective!

        If, as you claim, the assault was not of a serious nature, would you venture to guess why Dayan, Rajiva and Tamra may have been super-swift in condemning Vass and egging-on Nonis to resign? Was that just a dirty trick by the dirty-trio?

      • 0

        Dr. Romesh will be great apologist for drunks round the world over. I wondered Dr in front of his name stand for now I get it a experience qualified individual as in Dr for the title Drunk Romaesh.

  • 6

    Any sympathy for Nonis is misplaced. He lied for the government and now has lies told about him. We can witness the circus unfold with relish.

    Cigarette smoking is entirely a different thing. Many states have brought legislation on plain paper wrapping of cigarette cartons (Australia) and 80% coverage of the carton with the gory effects of smoking on the lungs and other parts of the body (Thaliand). Sri Lanka must ensure that the public are protected agains the whims of the multinationals who profit through the sales of cigarette to the detriment of the public. The legislation is one in the public interest. The judiciary should have seen a way of ensuring that it was not defeated. It would appear that both the judiciary and the legislature, dominated by the Family are playing with the lives of the people.

    • 1

      “protected against the whims of the multinationals who profit through the sales of cigarette to the detriment of the public.”…
      Who get the biggest chunk of the profit of cigarette sales? Australian government take 85% of sale price as their share, what about SL gov. couldn’t be less than that…

  • 4

    Fat mouthed morons, these diplomats. We have such one in Sydney. Stalked a young Aussie woman from 2013 till he got into her panties. Moves in with her whenever he can, living life on state money no cares about duty. Treats innocent people like they have committed a crime, [Edited out] to get his way. Nonis it is happening to YOU.

    • 2


      … This guy stalked several women in Toronto and U.S. too till he got into their panties! Truth is stranger than fiction??

  • 4

    “Curioser and curioser…” as Alice Nona might say.

    Grandma warned us “don’t tell a lie, you will end up lying many times over to cover-up the first one”.

    LIAR 1: Keheliya Rambukwella knew within minutes of the ‘Rumble in the State of New Jersey’. He got every sordid detail from an unimpeachable source. Instinctively he went into cover-up mode. Ever since then he has been lying; twisting and turning; tossing cow-dung at the inquisitive local media. His nose just grew longer and longer. Prevarication just happens to be his middle name.

    LIAR 2: Dr NO-nis has been living a cocooned dream. Here was a failing doctor who saw a future of hemorrhoids and bad feet ahead. So he abandoned his Hippocratic oath and grabbed the opportunity to enter the cushy diplomatic world where all he had to do was to present, in his acquired plummy tones, a steady denial of the happenings in the State of Sri Lanka, and defend a 2500-year-old-civilisation. Simple. But the simple man, born with silver spoon in his mouth, had to answer to a common crook and thug who was born with a ‘coconut shell haenda’ up his arse. Dr No was stepping down in class. It was only a matter of time before he came into the firing line of the thug entrusted with lording it over our External Affairs and all the diplomats who serve it.

    LIAR 3: The EAM Monitor. SajithVG was pissed but that will not count as extenuating circumstances for his reverting to type and giving the High Commissioner a thrashing. Now he says he never did raise a hand that night, and the others (seeing what he can do) have all sheepishly gone into denial.

    SajinVG’s denial raises one question: If he says he did NOT and Dr Nonis cries ‘he did’ then one of them is lying. Which one?

    LIAR 3: Shaynookie-nookie-nookie is SVG’s moll. She is the living nightmare of every mother-in-law. In the workplace, this woman is a harridan. At the Kamachchode fish market in old Negombo she would be called a ‘patta vaesi’ – some would say that the wild women of that catholic enclave are being generous.

    In diplomatic circles, Sri Lanka has achieved the fresh status of ‘a bunch of bloody liars’. Pity those who are tasked with rebuilding some semblance of respectability for our island Nation.

  • 6

    Dear Dr. Nonis,

    I am sure you are reading most of these comments and I hope you read this one too.

    At the annual convention of the British Conservative Party, British Foreign Secretary reportedly told Dr. Nonis, “Now you understand why we are pushing against Sri Lanka over human rights violations”[ii].

    May what the Foreign Secratary told you at least enlighten you now about the people you worked for. You will be no longer be the friend of the regime as you have chosen to defy the President. You will now have to deal with his wrath. But know this- The thrashing you got from Sajin without fair justice and the fact that you will not be able to take this further is a gross violation of your human rights. Your incident is minor in comparison to what the government has done to the Tamils, Christians and now the Muslims whose fundamental rights have continually been violated. You have staunchly defended this government over such violations. For you it is only a swollen cheek to many others it has been their lives , parents, children, brothers, sisters and their homes. Do you feel for their hurt at least now. As a Sri Lankan, I want all our rights to be restored. Be it Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslims and Burghers. I want a land of peace and true Democracy for all to thrive in. Not just one family and not just one community.

    Now that you know who they are, you can help reverse the course you so far held by using your foreign contacts and bring this family to justice.

    And to you Thisaranee. Thank you for your article.

  • 2

    It is said that Sajin de Vas has asked Nonis whether he is a descendant of Portuguese or Dutch. May be to find out whether Nonis is from his own “Kerapothu” Lansi stock, as de Vas’ are from Portuguese ancestry.
    The alleged slapping of Nonis’ to the right side of his face (as reported) shows that Sajin the Kerapotta should a left-hander. (No pun intended.)
    If the President is a genuine person, he should have invited Nonis to join his entourage to Vatican just to please him of his unjust asault (more so as he is a staunch Catholic.) Instead the President took Sajin the accuser. May be that, during the visit of Pope to Sri lanka he was to elevate Fr. Joseph Vas to Sainthood, and the President wanted to show the Pope that we too have a Vas in the government. However, that back-fired with the denial of Sajin meeting the Pope along with the President.

  • 2

    Those who are lying to protect these rowdies should be ashamed of themselves. All the pitiful excuses and lies to cover these crimes by those who want to be gracious to the Rajapaksa’s, will never hide the facts.
    Even if Nonis was not “invited” to this banquet, it does not give anyone the right to act like a classless thug and assault anyone, let alone a diplomat who represents our nation. The Rajapaksa’s and their mouthpieces can keep lying and adding insult to injury by blaming the true victim, but their stories every time, are very lame and do not add up. We have a bunch of goons backed by a corrupt family running around committing murder and mayhem, and we are supposed to believe the lies they keep spewing to cover up their crimes.

  • 4

    “When a modern democracy succumbs to tribal rule, grotesqueries become the norm.”

    Tragic indeed!

    However, the greater tragedy is that the grotesqe attitude and practices were the norm in the North at least since Banda, but exponentially grew unconstrained since JR. MR, of course took it to the next level.

    The South waking up to this new “norm” now a seems too-little too late. Or, is it now-or-never?!

  • 3

    Spring Koha:
    More liars:
    Kenushi the shi has said that no assault took place at the dinner. PKariya the UNR too has said there was only an argument but no assault. Ariya the Host too has said he did not see any assault, and he had gone further to say that PNonis was an uninvited guest. However, he has said that he welcomed him when he arrived. How could it be that if a host welcomes anyone and to call him uninvited (a gate-crasher.)
    Hope PNonis now understand why this regime is known as “Condom” or “Karapincha” Why does this regime need PNonis anymore? CHOGM is now gone. For now the elections are coming, MR needs Thagas like Sajin the Vas. (Once the elections are over Sajin may face the same condom theory that PNonis has faced now.)

    • 2

      This is wrong pal…
      MaRA will apply his famed Medamulana condom theory once his sex drive diminished and he do not need the services of this Ambalangoda pimp.

      As far as MaRa have this lust and as far as the Viagra works on him., Sajin the Vas-ge-[Edited out] will keep his job.

  • 2

    Obviously Ms T didn’t go to watch Lionel Richie and sing All Night Long.

    Is it grotesque for Our young and old , sorry Mid Age Elite , mainly , Anglicans paying LKR 20,000 to sing along with their ageing Pop Idol?..

    I mean even if it is, what can the Sinhala Buddhists , who are the great majority do about it?.

    Unless Ms T wants them to .change their Govt and hurt the Elite and the Anglicans and deny their simple pleasures, which they now enjoy after 30 years of abstinence.

  • 2

    One time a glowing sun in the west, a rising star in the Sinhala World’s horizon, A North Star to guide Lanka, born with a silver spoon and a silver tongue in the mouth, a high flying angel of the land, now has fallen down on earth like a broken helium balloon.

    Sir Chris Norris introduced himself with an utter foolish incident of lying in front of Western TV. Sir Chris Norris might have, now, realized his high flying mistake, after the Lankan Foreign Secretary and British Foreign Secretary both refused to take to count him as anything. He was removed with another brilient, colorful Incident. Came like a wave and gone with wind. And his days’ work was done…. Lying is easy. Building confidence is difficult. Kathirgamar did not simply lie in behalf of Chandrika, instead, he was building an Iron Dome against Diaspora’s missiles. Now, after the British foreign Secretary’s comment and American State Secretary’s spoke person’s denial of Kings words, it indicates how far the Lankan diplomacy has come down from Kathirgamar’ s period.

    Sir Chis Norris undertook the duty of lying on behalf of the King. Now his job has come down to saving a rowdy Kudu Vase. Now, Sir Chris Norris has been ordered by the King to protect the Vase and not to speak to the media. Could he, can he afford not to obey that orders is a different question, but it is obvious that we know the answer. But accusation after accusation has coming out from government on Sir Chris Norris. This is the guy who said the government should allocate as much as resources it did in Mullivaikal and launch a war against the Diaspora’s propaganda. So, lie after lie the Lankan Information minister has released, none of them so far Sir Norris has denied, including entering into a private house party in indecent manner- completely a way out of diplomatic classiness, involving into a shouting match with party goers, using filthy words, verbal abuse of Kshenuka, not apologizing for any of the mistakes. Those are only official words. The unofficially spread gossips includes, Tea Peddling for his private business using the office resources, filthy rich executives like unethical Hi-Fi life styles for a government employee, Arrogant, impolite and un-merciful treatment of employees….it is an unending list. So far the statement I have seen from Sir Norris is he would not discuss about those accusations as he is a government employee.

    The Sinhala mass had the high hope on him so could not believe the incident. They wanted to blame the LTTE or the LTTE backing up diaspora. But, when the time passed, they started to show dismay feeling of the underdog treatment by the unscrupulous government officials, of their classy-full diplomat.

    Time kept passing. Accusation after accusation kept coming. Answers were not coming forth from the accused. The Sinhala mass came out with a proverb, “if you sleep with a dog you get infected with ticks”. Their belief had not melted, the skepticism was still strong. After the Uva election there are some soft spots of the government has been exposed. Those who preferred punched the government on those spots.

    More time passed, other than backing off with classiness on every opportunity, the Sir, Dr. Diplomat has not come with a satisfactory explanation for the Sinhala mass that had unbelievable hope on him. Now, lots of things are melting. No longer have they wanted to treat this person as their savior. They are, little by little getting the glimpse of this actor’s tricks. They are now ready to associates him with the tyrant ruling family. They are starting to feel the reality that unless this Sir Norris has not been an artistic racketeer, he would not have had a place within the Gemnu Compound. But the real disappointment of them is yet to reach them. None of the local Sinhala or English news media are outside the control of the Royal Government. They not going to interpret the British Foreign Secretary’s comments to the mass today or tomorrow, so that they can figure out what was their classy diplomat’s achievement so far?

    Here is a story; once upon time there was romping boy, defied all the words of his father and kept doing dangerous things. He ran across the roads, climbed on slipper tress, Jumped into ponds…. The farther was always forced to follow after him. The boy would brag to his mates, “Man, if I tell my father something, he will follow it exactly and do it”. The other boys would open their mouth widely and would ask “really” and would say “that is amazing man; you seems to be talented more than your father”. One day the unruly child had broken his leg during his mischievous stunts and was in the hospital. The farther was sitting next his bed, caressing his leg and said, “Now you understand why I have been pushing against your romping ways?”. The child, who could not take it, turned to the other side of the bed. His worry now is not the pain on the leg, the thought of, if his mates come to know what the father has told him on the hospital bed; it will be pretty shame for him. There was a false and fraudulent propaganda on the Lankan media which has been portraying Sir Norris’ disastrous failure in convincing the British Government of the Lankan Human Right Violation. They had made him as an extra-ordinary successful man in the diplomatic world; after all he is a shamefully failed man in his own profession, medicine. The truth is has come out, now. Instead of this racketeer convincing British government, they have been walking few extra steps with this clown and were trying to convince him passing a message to Royal Government.
    Pooo! What a gimmicks they have played to the Sinhala mass so far?
    The failure is not something different the Lankan’s past history from 1948. This is how when the Sinhala mass put lot of hope on DS, he cheated the people. They brought to power with Landslides victories, the Leaders. SWRD, Srima, JR, Premadasa, King, but no one who came with the land slide victories failed to cheat the Sinhala mass. Their earnest faith on their selections will not allow them to accuse the ones cheated. They can only blame SJV or LTTE. Because that is how the Lankan news Medias has been fine tuned to function. The Medias are not going to allow the mass to realize the truth anytime sooner.
    At least this time, will the Sinhala Media come forward and convey the British foreign sectary’s message to Lankan mass, instead of failed Sir De the Diplomats’ false, election engineering propaganda? Will the Sinhala mass be strong enough to swallow it and digest it?

  • 2

    Propagandist Number One Christipher Nonis is now gone.Next on the chopping block is going to be propagandist Number Two Ravinatha Paandukabaya Ariyasingha.Shenuka is now working on this project along with Sajin Vaaa Gunawardena.Await further developments.

    • 1

      Majintha J.

      So does this mean that the orders are coming from the Top……to throw out the used condoms…….I am confused.

      Is Ravinatha Ariyasinghe the next condom to throw away…….
      What is wrong with Ravinatha…….He is still doing good holding everything together.

      When is the super man GLP going to be thrown out…….Is he [Edited out]

    • 0

      Diplomats are supposed to LIE for the Good of their Country. That is what Nonis was doing, not just Lying for the Rajapakses!!!!

      The Rajapakses’ Good is not also Sri Lanka’s Good!

  • 2

    It looks like Ranil is on the left and the THUG and his assistant the Chimp are having a laugh at Ranil tellim him that they know how to fool the 20 million illitearate.

  • 2


    It shows the Grotesque state of the Sinhala electorate. Just to give you one example 20 million RACIST electorate have never questioned where Gotha the CRIMINAL who returned as a failed Businessman at the invitation of his Brother MR the THUG amassed the money from to build the White House in the heart of the city. In Sinhala Lanka it doesnt matter how much you loot as long as you go bashing Tamils you can win elections hand down.
    Killing Tamils is sure way to win elections.

  • 0

    Sadly, the main sufferer in all this is Mahinda Rajapakse’s ego, hence the almost immediate Inquiry ploy hoping people in time will forget the whole thing. His ego is dangerous and knows no bounds. Remember how well Sri Lankan Airways was being run by the Emirates. Once they refused to throw out the ordinary booked passengers to allow the unbooked VIP Rajapakse entourage to occupy their seats. In retaliation Rajapakse sacked the Emirates from running the airlines and today what was once a profitable enterprise is now running at a loss and who foots the bill, the taxpayers of course.

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