8 August, 2022


Having Survived NCM Ranil Backtracks On Party Reforms

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who promised radical changes in the United National Party after April 4th has now moved to consolidate his position having survived the vote on the no-confidence motion tabled by the Joint Opposition.

The Working Committee and the Parliamentary Group of the UNP which met on Saturday (7th) have decided that changes at the top are not urgently required, Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake has told the Daily Mirror.

Earlier, when the outcome of the no-confidence motion was still unclear, Wickremesinghe promised to hand over the leadership of the party ‘to a new group’. It was also reported that he had told Sajith Premadasa, one of the key aspirants to the post of Party Leader, to ‘be ready to play a bigger role in the party’.

The Working Committee would meet on April 8 and 9 to formalize these changes, it was promised.

Wickremesinghe even told loyalists who had gathered at the party headquarters ‘Sirikotha’ that he would ‘completely restructure the party and give more opportunity for new faces’ with a view to win the presidential election scheduled for 2020.

However, the final outcome of discussions indicates a clear U-turn on these pledges. While a special committee with more powers than both the Working Committee and the Parliamentary Group, has been appointed to take decisions with regard to the appointments of new office bearers of the party.

The 11-member committee includes Navin Dissanayake, Ajith P. Perera, Harin Fernando, Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, Eran Wickremeratne, Ruwan Wijewardene, Mangala Samaraweera and Ranjith Madduma Bandara.

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    Saying it again. Nothing short of 10 tons each of dummala on two pyres in front of Sri Kotha and temple Trees will not chase this ‘gevalaya’ out of these chairs as UNP leader and PM. People, get around to it.

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      UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe ,

      RE: Having Survived NCM Ranil Backtracks On Party Reforms

      Congratulations, you survived the NCM.

      Mama Seka Kalemi, Mama Dena Gathimi
      I suspected, I came to know.

      Can you at least drop your pants and wear the sarong/National Dress and wear a long scarf containing the rainbow colors, which will be more colorful than Mahinda Rajapaksa’s scarf?

      Why not introduce IQ tests as well as part of the reform, as you have to select from the pool whose mean IQ is 79.

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    Once again, we arrive at a watershed, and expect miracles.

    As long as our political scene is full of the old guard surrounded by the devious and the incompetent, we will stumble from one crisis to another.

    No decent mother will encourage her children to go into politics and hobnob with these, mainly, crooks.

    First clear the stables. Then we need an urgent influx of the young and the capable to raise Mother Lanka to greater things.

    Where are they? Step forward.

    • 8

      Help to form new party. why not use the forum for that? But you must first educate our stupid, ignorant and equally corrupt voter. Our politicians are their product. It may takes decades to achieve this as greed selfishness are the main problems with our politicians and how do you eliminate that?.

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    To start with ,we readers should be the last to criticize CT’s spelling mistakes ,CT is kind enough to entainain most of s who murder the Queen mercilessly here on the comment forum and also numerous careless grammar and spelling errors and punctuations .

    CT should save it for 2019 in the book of howls


    Secondly what UNP is doing is putting the Cart before the Horse
    It really does not matter what UNP wants to do withib the party for the people.

    What need to be done is bring in the new constitution with max power to the people ,where people control the government a system where there can be a Senate represented by all communities in equal proportion so there won’t be any bias decision and make sure every single bill weather it belongs to the Federal government or Federal province goes through the senate with a provision that if any province try to create any separatists ideas the people behind it could be stripped off their civic rights pernenantly.
    The new Constitution must also allow provision for a joint Prime Ministers if there are two. Main parties in alliance .and a premier for each Province ,and do away with the present LG failed system .

    First the Executive President should be abolished and the President and Prime Minister should be made into joint Prime Ministers .

    And instead of two elections they can once and for all go after two years for General elections .

    Second the Federal system must be established with the new Constitution and the return of upper house lower house by federal government and the provinces with a peoples Senate to be the decision maker .
    We need new Tender procedures ,custom regulations ,Inland revenues ,protection of the environment and resources ,declaration of assets of all positions and their aids etc.

    Then we can see who us the Real Lion politician who will come forward to rule as per the peoples wish.
    People ate not slaves of The politicians .

    Let them know that. If we have true activists they will take this to courts to force the Parliament to adopt it.

    People wake up

  • 14

    ‘Paul / April 5, 2018
    23 3
    I’ll believe it when I see it, not before.’

    Well that didn’t take long. Three days for the spineless homo to change his mind. Even Sira did better, it took him a week to appoint his brother to SLT.

  • 9

    UNP ers will have chase him at the next chance which may not be too far, after provincial council elections with urinated buuwalla if he fail to live upto the promises. There will two chances for them soon. That will sure come.

  • 11

    This thieves protector is himself a looter with his cronies.
    Who shared the Knuckles range ? Kabir & Kiriella…………. Must be a enviromentally friendly act.
    So Ranil’s nephew get the surgical gloves tender………….

    Dayasiri.J states that 4-5 million change hands to buy votes

    Sri Lanka corruption goes from the frying pan into the fire.
    Everybody is making money illegally as there is no tomorrow.
    Elected by the masses but the masses are left to suffer. We idiots deserve the suffering for voting for such parliamentarians.

  • 11

    Seriously, what else did Sri Lanakan morons expect?

  • 10

    These Politicians are only interested in grabbing POWER and then stay on as long as they can. The worst thing is that they are not RULING the country to bring in wealth, peace among the different races and religious people of the country.
    Actions to be taken:
    1) Bring in the NEW Constitution
    2) Bring the Court cases against Financial corruption to an end
    3) Do not interfered with Justice system and expedite the High Profile and not so high profile murder cases to a conclusion
    4) Buddhists Monks should be not unruly and the Police should take prompt actions against them
    5) Hate speeches banned
    6) Doctors certifying illness of criminals should be checked by another JMO
    7) No special privileges the VIP criminals in the Prison

    • 2

      Naman,(3) Good idea, if it is feasible.I doubt it.(4) It is high time some of these safron robed guys are stripped naked and tied on to lamp posts and thrashed.

      • 3

        Like the SL Medical Council for Doctors, there should be a Buddhist Quality Assurance body that has the powers to Derobe the Thuggish Unruly Monks.
        We also need Right /Like minded Sri Lankans who wants to see a peaceful prosperous corruption free country to get together and form a New Party. I hope to see a Young Person to lead this party for the NEXT Presidential election
        Who can that be?????

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    ColomboTelegraph, do some proper research before reporting. Ranil didn’t backtracked. And also, your news heading is misleading. The Party members have agreed that Ranil should remained as the party leaders. However, there will be reforms for the other posts in the party. Also, I don’t think Ranil promised to step down as the leader of the party. This is not that I am supporting him, but telling facts. In producing news, facts are preliminary.

    • 2

      Robin Hood. Considering what had happened in this party since Dudley S passed away, you should have a second thought about what the “The Party members have agreed that Ranil should remained as the party leaders” I would write it as _The Party members have agreed that Ranil should remain as the party “leader” – after they were well fed, indulged and paid.

      You should also redefine what a leader is. A leader leads from the front, not a ghost.

      • 0

        Gutter press at work.

  • 3

    Weather it is Tom ,Dick.
    , or Harry you change with a party or elect to rule matters least .

    With this constitution ,The common man will continue to suffer ,The politicians allies never suffer ,no matter who is in opposition or in government they take care of them , people are the ones taken. for a ride all the time .

    The selected lot blue eyed boys , The favoured Clergymen among all communities and crook officials among the politicians will all get richer and richer , the decent honest upper upper class have now become upper middle class ,the middle class are facing severe pressure will end up as poor and the poor are already on the road begging ..

    It is the most stupid belief to think that Changing a leader or party to rule will carry along Aladdin’s magic lantern and the Ginni will solve all the problems.

    I am shocked to see that the bulk of the people in this country are refusing to accept reality and their minds are so clouded with brain washing ,they still believe a Constitution that has been amended over and over to provide freedom for politicians and their cronies to abuse and rip off the nation ,(which they have very well for seventy years ,) must still be continued.

    Who cares whose faces are replaced in a party ,we people have nothing to do with that, we need a Constitution ,where we the people will call the shots in future .

    If this continue the country will end in a junta regime in no time when we become totally bankrupt .

    If People want that ,then support face change and hand the country over with the same constitution and bear the repercussions.

  • 4

    Sajith Premadasa should also be the Joint Leader of the Party, if not we will see the same results in all the future elections. Ranil is too “teflon coated” for the villagers where most of the voters are!

  • 5

    Anyone still holding their breath for RW to resign or be reassigned?

    RW talks like he owns the UNP and its his choice if anything were to change. The suckers and leeches around him.. The Maliks, Samans, Kabirs et al will always want him to stay because when he goes… They’re gone too.

  • 1

    This is what RW is.

    Sampanthan & Sumanthiran & co would learn very soon.

  • 3

    WOW! What a surprise! RW gracefully steps down from the UNP leadership and hands over the party reins to new group of younger energetic……..oh wait, thats in another universe. My bad.

  • 2

    Kris: Sorry, “Sampanthan & Sumanthiran & co would learn very soon”
    Sampanthan & Sumanthiran knew very well what they are coming to face with.

    It is the safron robed thugs who help to maintain the status quo.That is why all the rogues in politics visit these pariahs at Temples, like Asgiriya, worship that Homo at Polhengoda, allow other homos to sodomise children, allow naki safron robed thugs to seduce girls that had just attained puberty ( kalutara) and still worship them.

    The safron robed men are the only group that are forced to keep mum after frustrated women come to them for service.When you wife touch the feet of the safron robed thugs watch whether she touches his toes.- indication that I am available for a screw anytime you want.

    • 1

      Gee , what a load of unholy crap spewing out of cess pit ?

      • 1

        Nosey parker; “what a load of unholy crap spewing out of cess pit ” Do you think that above statement is false

  • 0

    The RW backtrack on the mandate given on 08 January 2015 is all but forgotten!

  • 0

    Now we should have a general election, elect a new prime minister, and say he is not upto the mark in nine months, demand for another PM and so on and so forth!!! We Sri Lankan are foolish. Isn’t it is all public money to have elections as and when we want! RW has another 2 years to prove how good a PM he was! and the masses will say if he can muster the half a million votes he polled before!

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