28 May, 2022


Hirunika To Be Arrested; AG Issues Arrest Order

Attorney General has ordered the arrest of Hirunika Premachandra MP, over the abduction of Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe at Dematoagdoa on 21st of December.



The man was forcibly taken away by Hirunika’s staff members in a Land Rover Defender which belongs to her.

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    Lets is if Yahapalanaya will carry out the directive!

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    Hirunika Premachandra MP

    RE: Hirunika To Be Arrested; AG Issues Arrest Order

    However. they are not arresting the Mahinda Rajapaksa and Killers.

    Double Standards Against Women? DOUBLE STANDARDS BY GAMARALA?

    President wreaking havoc : Blocks arrest of Rajapakse siblings in Thajudeen murder ; interferes in Ekneliyagoda investigations and with FCID

    Through the Lanka Grape Vine and Bulath Vine and Vettila Vine News.

    Based on the evidence that have surfaced in connection with the ghastly cruel murder of Thajudeen the Rugby player , though it is possible to arrest both Namal Rajapakse and Yoshitha Rajapakse , but because of the pressures exerted by president Maithripala Sirisena , the arrests are thwarted, according to information reaching Lanka e news inside information division. Earlier on too the media reported one of the Rajapakse siblings was to be taken into custody , that too was obstructed on pressures brought to bear on it by the president.

    Meanwhile , the CCTV recordings relating to the Thajudeen murder forwarded to the computer division of the Colombo University for investigation are blurred because of the light flashing on the pictures ,and consequently , the video recordings cannot be made out , the information system Manager S.C.M. B. Dissanayake of the University computer faculty had informed Colombo additional magistrate Nishantha Peiris yesterday, while recommending that those video recordings be subjected to a foreign investigation.

    Lanka Grape Vine news is in receipt of reports that in the FCID investigations in connection with the suspects – Rajapakse siblings , president Maithripala is applying intense pressures . Even when Lalith Weeratunge the secretary to the ex president Mahinda Rajapakse was summoned to the FCID pertaining to the Sil clothes colossal fraud , the president has furiously berated DIG Ravi Waidyalankara the chief of the FCID via the phone. It is also learnt that in the Siriliya account involvement of Shiranthi Rajapakse , because of the intense pressures applied by the president , the investigation has been suspended.

    The Lanka Grape Vine news inside information service within the Presidential secretariat reveals that DIG Waidyalankara who was conducting investigations impartially so far is to be replaced by DIG S.M. Wickremesinghe the president’s secret friend who became notorious as the ‘helup karaya’ of the President when the latter goes gallivanting in the nights after facial ‘make up’ is done for the president by Royal cosmetic expert . Indeed the family of Maithripala had complained that DIG Wickremesinghe is trying to break up the family based on these night outings.It is reported plans are afoot to hand over the FCID to this DIG Wickremesinghe who accompanies Maithripala when he turns into prince charming in the nights and creeps out. Wickemesinghe is the son of a Goviraja of Polonnaruwa.

    It is learnt that the president during the last several days using his close SLFP ministers castigated the FCID through media briefings . This is believed to be a part of the plan driven by the ulterior motive to make the FCID submissive and make it dance according to his villainous tune.

    It has by now become crystal clear that providing legal aid by the army to the army suspects in the murder of Prageeth Ekneliyagoda , which has never ever happened before in the country’s history is being carried out with the president’s consent . Hence the Civil organizations are throughly disappointed and disillusioned over it. They have expressed their displeasure in this regard.

    A Civil organization leader Saman Rathnapriya making a statement today said , the defense secretary Hettiarachi had pressurised the Attorney General’s department to withdraw Dileepa Peiris who is the state counsel ,from the Ekneliyagoda case . It is noteworthy Dileepa Peiris is taking a firm stand against legal aid being provided to the army suspects in Ekneliyagoda’s case.

    In the meantime , Josef Stalin the secretary of the Teachers association convening a media briefing yesterday said , “a group is saying ,in the Ekneliyagoda murder investigations, the heroes of the forces have been taken into custody . Just because they fought a war , it does not mean anybody is issued license to kill people. The Brigadier who is responsible for the shooting in the Rathupaswala incident has returned to the country. No action has been taken agaisnt him either.In the report of the Human Rights Commission , it is clearly mentioned , the law shall be enforced against those who did the shooting and who gave the orders. Until today nothing has been done in this regard. It is most intriguing and a big issue to us why this government too is giving protection to them,” Stalin pointed out.

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    Ya right.. another public media stunt. With the overwhelming dissatisfaction of the citizens the government does what they do best. Wait it out till the people forget! Hirunika goes in jail for a few days with all the facilities our wealthiest inmates could get and would be out soon as if nothing happened. And they’d say “hirunika did something wrong and she got punished, this is not like mahinda’s government”. The government promised yahapalanaya. If it is indeed yahapalanaya, Hirunika should be out of the government by now. Stop taking the public to be fools.

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    If you do the crime, you have to do the time.

    Lasantha killers are still roaming around.
    Bharatha Lakshman killers are still roaming around.
    Mosque burning thugs are still roaming around.
    Rathupaswala killers are still roaming around (http://www.ft.lk/2013/09/20/army-shooting-people-demonstrating-against-contamination-of-ground-water/)
    Joseph Pararajasingam, Raviraj.. killers are still roaming around
    Muthur massacre archtects are still roaming around.
    Janaka Perera killers are still roaming around.
    Wasim Thajudeen killers are still roaming around.

    Sri Lanka… A land like no other!!

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      Sorry Rohan, I don’t remember any of those crimes. I had a brain transplant.

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        “Sorry Rohan, I don’t remember any of those crimes. I had a brain transplan”

        Did the Gamarala President have a brain transplant too?

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          I think he has been sitting on it for tooooo long. 40 years in the SLFP but became president with the help of the UNP/JVP & many others.

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    I saw her interviewed once. Deep down she is a believer of old ways of doing things.

    She said practical considerations mean one cannot operate as you would in a western country for example.

    There is no “western way” or “eastern way”. There is only one way to do things as written in the law book.

    She will get a criminal record making her ineligible to contest again. That should be a good deterrent to others like her too.

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      Deep down she is a believer of old ways of doing things.

      There is justice in that.

      Because, the Western justice that Sri lanka practices is Blind.

      Remember A woman holding a balance and sword ?

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        Dim wit Jim softy

        “Deep down she is a believer of old ways of doing things. There is justice in that.”

        Lets go back to ancient time and reintroduce punishments mentioned in Mhawamsa and other books:

        corporal (kāya-danda),
        verbal (vachi-danda),
        financial (dhana-danda),
        and mental (mano- danda).

        Corporal (kāya-danda):

        Death sentence, whipping, beating, branding, mutilation and cutting off hair, impaling, crushing by elephants, state administration of torture (Wadhakaya), cutting and pulling away their flesh by Pincers, burning with hot Irons, hung by both hands, slavery, ……..

        For some stupid reason she wants to punish you, will you allow her to exercise her mode of justice by inserting hot iron rod into your posterior? Of course she can find skilled torturers from Gota’s former chums.

        Or would you like to do it yourself? Being a masochist yourself would enjoy the whole experience.

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    Agree, we need to arrest the previous offenders too, but right now justice should prevail, must arrest Hirunika and it has to be precedent for future politicos.

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    I believe it should be against the law to arrest beautiful women like this, it is not a civilized thing to do.

    Neither should politicians should be put in prison, house arrest is fine.

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