25 July, 2024


I Am No Traitor And Will Not Allow Federalism, Says Sirisena

“I did not become the president to betray the jathiya and I am not ready to give in to the federal demand or devolve power in any way that might result in a fracture of the country” President Maithripala Sirisena told a gathering of Sri Lankans yesterday in Seoul, South Korea on the sidelines of an official visit to that country, President’s Media Unit said.


The word he used was ‘Jathiya’ and it is not clear if he was referring to ‘Sri Lankans’ or ‘Sinhalese’.

Sirisena said that historical mistakes should be corrected and that he was elected president to do this. He pointed out that in close to 70 years since Sri Lanka got Independence, successive governments neglected ‘the north’. He said that the majority of ministers in all post-independence Cabinets were from the Western Province and that there were no more than three from the Northern Province. Sirisena attributed the demand for separation (by Tamil nationalists) to this anomaly.

The President spoke at length about the government’s achievements and criticized unnamed opponents for misreading and misrepresenting the government’s foreign policy, in particular the UNHRC resolution co-sponsored with the USA.

“There won’t be electric chairs, international war crimes tribunals or foreign judges. That book is closed. They still bring up issues that we have already brought to a close,” Sirisena said.

“I did not obtain power to weaken the security forces or national security; my first priority was to win back the international community, which I did,” he claimed.

He also said that the government is committed to build solidarity and peace through a reconciliation programme while carrying out massive development.

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    Federalusm is simply a form of government most suited to a multi-racial, multi-lingual, mute -religious and multi cultural country. Enactment A3A is a form of quasi-federalism in which powers are shared between the centre and the peripheral.
    President Sirisena is making a mistake if he thinks the problem faced by the Tamils in the north is economy and development and not political. The problem in the North is not economy, it is political. Even if you build some factories and give employment to the Tamils, the Tamils will not give up their demand for autonomy within the existing state.
    The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka has agreed that asking for federalism is not separation and the Tamils are a people under international law and entitled to the right of self-determination. If the problem is economy and development, they would have voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is he who restored electricity, re-built the railway and laid carpet roads in the war-torn North. What the Tamils are fighting is for equality and dignity nothing more.
    Instead of scaring the people, President Sirisena should read the judgment of the Supreme Court on what is meant by federalism.
    President Sirisena says there wan’t be any electric chairs, international war crimes tribunal or foreign judges. However, his governement has agreed to implement by co-sponsoring Resolution 30/1. Is he now saying he will withdraw the co-sponsorship of Resolution 30/1 of 2015? If so he must inform the UNHRC officially.

    Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

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      Only fools will try to convince a donkey

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    What is this man speaking? When he is speking to Sinhalese and security forces , he tells one thing.When he is speaking to TAMILS and civil organizations , he tells another thing.Can we actually accept him as the President of all Sri Lankans ? can any one believe his words as trustworthy ? I think that this man is the No 1 political double dealer in Sri Lanka . He has been able to cheat all people at the same time despite their class, creed and race.

    • 15

      You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!

      A failed state bring in the International Judges

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      A citizen voted for him

      “What is he speaking”

      He is fluent in Sinhala/Buddhism.

      • 1

        Native Vedda,

        “He is fluent in Sinhala Buddhism” ?

        What is Sinhala/Buddhism? That os described in the Mahawamsa or the Tipitaka?


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        “He is fluent in Sinhala and Buddhism”.

        Totally agree. Out of his depth in all else. The more he speaks the more we know how little he knows!

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    Dear CT,
    Please publish this as a an article. Thank you
    Interview with R.Sampanthan: Sri Lankans’ Grievances and the Need for Reconciliation

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    All presidents of this country eventually turn out to be double tongued orators. That is the curse of Sri Lanka. More than two tongues actually because they change the script to suit the audience.

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    President is not a Traitor to the Sinhala Nationalists. But what is he for the voters who expected a Yahapalana Govt and for the minorities in the country? It appears that he does not either have the clout or does not have the guts to support and push through legislation such as the new constitution and he hides behind his SLFP members collective decision and the Sinhala Nationalists views. The character of a leader is judged by the bold decisions he or she takes and the ability to motivate his party members. This is not seen in the President, he appears to be soft but in fact he is not soft but he is not strong. Being soft and not being strong are not the same, they are different. He appoints a Presidential Commission on Perpetual Bond Scam, but where is the Presidential Commission on 2008 to 2014 bond scams? What has he done about the Mega Deal Rogues of the past Govt? As per the Constitution he has all the powers.

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    The Lankan workers are slaving in Korea for economic reasons. The cause of the parlous Lankan economy is corruption corruption corruption.
    MS is deftly deflecting this bane by waving the magic wand – the language/religion divide.
    Federalism is a political issue but corruption is a moral issue.
    Will MS ever learn what federalism is? Possible to enlighten the ignorant but impossible to teach pretend-ignorants.

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    You are right. When it comes to cash MS is very resourceful. At SEOUL [South Korea] he has condemned North Korea. In Srilanka,when in the South he condemns the North and vice versa. But look with this knee-jerk reaction , he is into more cash.Not bad for someone who came from a line of Peasant farmers!

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    Federalism is working well in a country similar to Sri Lanka in size – United Arab Emirates. Please study this model Mr. Sirisena. The issue is not about economic development or the no of tamil ministers in the central government. It is all to do with the maintenance of Tamil identity (free of colonisation and harassment by security forces), a fair share in the governance and economic development and maintain our affairs in the tamil speaking region within a united Sri Lanka.

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    No electric Chairs, No releasing of Political Tamil Prisoners. No solving of the Ethnic problem, No release of lands taken over by the army. No bringing down the cost of living. No Charge Against Rajapakse Bros, No charges against those who killed the Editor of Sunday leader, No charges against the killers of Thajudeen,No charges against those who robbed the public money, No back bone and No Proper Government either.
    Well Done!

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    In terms of “Good Governances and Rule of Law” has the contradiction which has exist between People of majority and Current UNP rulers? Federalism is agenda of UNP, TNA and CBK line of politics by partition of country between Tamils and other races of Sri lanka. Weak center is key politics of governances is the state of affairs.

    Ongoing conflicts of interest which has been a sources of Sri lanka in a complete instability and inconsistence of democratic political power of current regime by Ranil Wicks of UNP’s

    By MS, UNP Ranil Wicks and CBK, to search for all sorts of excuses to cover their political domination corruptions and alliance with TNA and JVP to be fool the people show of their ‘honest” national govt.

    In words its claim to be popular, democratic, honest and revolutionary government ,but in DEEDS ,it is disregard all norms of rules of democracy, unpopular, anti-democratic and counter-revolutionary regime back by USA UK and Indian hegemonies’ led by MS.

    Up to now virtually MS the government power in Island has remained in hands of UNP and foreign -powers. The president of Republic that seems to be lame duck ?

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    The biggest problem with MS is , he is scared of the forces, scared of MR , he is sure to be kicked out at the next election & as MR said he will be six feet under, what can you expect from a former Grama Servaka , he was just passing his time as a no good politician just warming his chair, how can he be honest when he has allowed his Son-in – Law to join Maharaja & rip off millions buying an old frigate from Russia at an exhobitan price & divide the commission in spite the entire Navy is against, all know that he is protecting MR & Family in all their crimes, just because he is damn scared, after all he is a village farmer, what else can you expect.

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