20 August, 2019


If I Become President, I will Put The Current ‘Mess’ On The Right Track – Gotabaya

Sri Lanka’s controversial former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa has said that ‘many people’ want him to run for the next Presidential Election.



“People living in Sri Lanka and outside the country have asked me to come forward to contest the next Presidential Election,” he said in an interview with the Ceylon Today newspaper.

Citing that the country is today at a standstill, Rajapaksa went on to say that if he becomes President, he will put the current ‘mess’ on the right track. “We are going on reverse, look at the economy and the development. Everything is at a standstill.”

He however added that he has not still decided whether to heed the public’s request to contest the next Presidential Election. “I have not decided yet, but it will depend on the situation and the circumstances. I just cannot plan now. I am not a politician,” he said.

Rajapaksa also claimed that the public opinion today is that there is no leadership in the country. “That’s what many believe. This is not my idea, but theirs. They say there is no one today to lead the people.

They say they don’t know what is happening to this country,” he said.

Rajapaksa added that it was because of ‘them’ that today some Presidents can go to Jaffna and address the public. “We paved the way for that,” he said.

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    Gota – the white van man to become president? someone can write his biography – abandoning the war at its most critical time and leaving for US. Not qualified to get a proper job in US and ending up working as a gas station assistant (pumping gas and living on tips given by drivers, stealing millions of dollars as commissions from buying discarded Mig planes and arms procurement, and finally to become a president of Sri Lanka.

    Only idiots in the banana republic would want this uneducated rascal to be the president of Sri Lanka.

    • 34

      Nimal, completely agree my friend. Just like how the Tamil idiots think VP was God’s creation, idiots amongst the Sinahalese think this thief and mass murderer is a beacon of light in SL.

    • 27

      How about Grease Yakka…

    • 25

      Only the brainless idiots would want this ILLITERATE ROWDY TO BE OUR COUNTRY PRESIDENT.

      Remember stupid, Srilanka is not only made up with the ROGUE COUNTRIES WHICH YOU AND YOUR BROTHER WERE ASSOCIATED WITH.



      Illiterate donkey what qualities have you to be our President?? Tell me ?




      • 11

        Ica see that you want to see sri lanka to be rich like europe and america. You have not realised that the world has changed over the past 20 years. UK, USA, France who became rich by exploiting the wealth of poor countries are in serious trouble.They are in a moral vacuum.More than 6 in 10 children do not know who their father is. All these countries are in debt. 60% of manufacturing in the whole world is done in china and pacific region. These asian countries believe in a thing called family and work hard and above all do not try to dominate other countries, no do they try to spread thais religion to poor countries. Look atn pastb18 months. Ranil Wickramasighe who has never stepped out of Colombo 7 is a poodle of america and uk. but he has destroyed the economy and living standards of this country. Not only that. western countries where ever they went to dominate have set the citizen agaist the fellow citizen and caused chaos and internal wars. look at Iraq, look at Syria. look at libia. look at venezuala, Afganista,
        who is behind the once stable Brazil’s current anarchy. It is America and CIA.
        America UK and France will be third world countries in 20 years, while Vietnam, Burma, Thailand will be economic giants. Ranil the CIA agent in Sri Lanka, who has no avowed religion, whose ancestry if non budhist is in his hearta catholic and hates buddhist culture.

        • 18

          “”who is behind the once stable Brazil’s current anarchy. It is America and CIA.”

          Margaret Thatcher — ‘The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.’

          Who made Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China but Roosevelt and the hard working American people. Or both would today be under Germany and Japan.

          Even Karl Marx the Diamat never knew the way the English and Americans did things.
          Its called piracy with many tentacles. Rich societies don’t need God but only when there is a calamity folk discuss God.The west has many atheist so you never know how we think. At China the CPC thinks.

          • 1

            “Who made Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China but Roosevelt and the hard working American people. Or both would today be under Germany and Japan.”
            Alfred Domino:-

            The ‘hard working American people’ deprived the People of Russia and China of becoming a Civilised People like those in Germany and Japan, who have given up their Expansionist Ideas!

        • 5

          @don juan


          Clean your backyard before trying to clean others..
          Like Teaching your mother how to suck her thumb.
          What sort of Morons we have here.. To twist the real arguments here??

          While we discuss of our country problems and how to solve, they bring unconnected arguments.
          Denial! Denial , Denial !

          How can this country progress even at 10% When we have jokers like
          D umb Juan and Alfred D umb??? comes out with some
          Cock and Bull stories.

          • 9

            “”D umb Juan and Alfred D umb??? comes out with some Cock and Bull stories. “”

            What are you the sordid nut job wasting other peoples time for something that is never going to happen judicial transnational or independent judiciary.
            Samanta P has not been able to achieve it for US at UN.
            She and Athul do the normal thing in this part of the world. move the Muslims there and convert the remaining then have a new bishop.Keep tamil to your secret space like the muslim and it works.

            the writing is on the wall. the day USAID chanelled its funds north. Athul was the head of that dept before he took this post as assistant to Nisha.

            “Cock and Bull stories. “”

            Its your pedigree to suck up the poor northern [Edited out].

            Gotabaya is the best for a land troubled by Di -ass -pora skulduggery.

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      There must be something in our water. This man Gotabhaya who should be in jail has the gall to think he should be considered to lead our country. He is learning his tactics from Donald Trump. He insults the Muslims and in the same breath declares that he has thousands of Muslim friends and they all say to him that he is completely right. Who are these idiots in Sri Lanka who allegedly has been begging Gotabhaya to become our President.

      • 12

        “He insults the Muslims ..”

        Islam is a violent religion. ??

        There’s something definitely going on.^

      • 9

        Sylvia Haik

        “This man Gotabhaya who should be in jail has the gall to think he should be considered to lead our country.”

        Why not?

        The perception among a section of the people is that he single handedly won the war and taught a lesson that the Demelas will never forget, hit them hard where it hurt them, he reclaimed the Sinhala/Buddhists from terrorist Demelas, ………….. more than anything else he killed more Demelas than anyone else, …………….. and he fought and won the Western powers, …………. he is a doer and not just a talker, he walked the talk, a great game changer, he never had any enemies and you know why, …………..

        So from a Sinhala/Buddhists point of view he is a great general who protected Sinhala/Buddhism, and he was on his way to win the ISIS in this island when Hindians plotted to overthrow his brother emperor from his seat of power on 8th Jan 2015, ……….. Wasn’t it a sad day for Sinhala/Buddhists?

        Can I also remind you that he is not a racist as people portray him to be as you would have come to celebrate his record on suppressing JVP, when necessary he fought them and killed innocent Sinhalese in equal measures, ………… basically though he is not a racist ……… he is a psychopath.

        Sinhala/Buddhists love him because they love self inflicted pain, and enjoy sado masochism.

        • 0

          Native Vedda
          I’ve never said Gotabhaya was a racist, nationalist or anything else. His sole interest was to fatten his own pockets by any means. If he has to behave as a racist or a nationalist, he will, to that end. E.g. Suspending the Dual Nationality scheme and then reinstating it with a five-fold increase in fees but more importantly, an interview with himself. What reason can there be from a defense perspective except a channel for a bribe from the desperate ones who stood to lose their inheritances.
          You’ve said “more than anything else he killed more Demelas”. If by Demelas you mean the Tamil people, the LTTE terrorists had killed more of them than the SL Army.
          “So from a Sinhala/Buddhists point of view he is a great general who protected Sinhala/Buddhism” This is also wrong. He just created the illusion, reinforced by Bodu Bala Sena that everybody was out to get at them and he was the one protecting them. The Muslims were just promoting their faith and the Tamils/Hindus were doing the same and the Christians were happy with their own flock and had no desire to steal from other faiths.

          • 2

            “”own flock and had no desire to steal from other faiths. “”

            faith flourishes in poverty.
            when there is poverty communism takes root too.
            anything for security.
            that is his problem and he must eradicate it.

        • 2

          From a patriotic Sri Lankan point of view, he is a great general who protected the country, Sri Lanka and destroyed the existential threat called LTTE terrorism and saved millions of SLns

          • 1

            sachooooooooo the stupid II

            “From a patriotic Sri Lankan point of view,”

            Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

            – Samuel Johnson

            Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

            – Oscar Wilde

            Patriotism is also another good place to hide, crooks, racists, war criminals, …… etc

            – Native Vedda

    • 4

      Uneducated &arrogant simpelton as President!

      • 2


        Isn’t that whom we have for a President now? An Uneducated & Arrogant Simpleton in Game Sira?

        At least, Gota did something for the country! What the heck as Game Sira done for the country since coming in to his position in January 2015? Zero!!! Absolutely nothing!!!

        I can’t wait for the day until Gota becomes President of Sri Lanka. Mark my words, the way things are going on in Sri Lanka now, he will have a landslide win if Gota runs for President. Game Sira will need to pack up his ‘Amude’ and go back to his ‘Atuwa’ in Polonnaruwa.

  • 14

    This man has a big ego. He is a very dangerous person to be given any power. We saw how he talked about SF in the BBC interview, which he had during the last regime. Also, people will never forget your white van policy to get rid of your opponents. Remember, people are no fools for you to manipulate.

  • 15

    Greedy pig

    • 5

      Nans, you are giving pigs a bad name.

  • 2

    Some demented A.H. and Gota’s[Edited out]

  • 10

    Which public are you talking to Goat ?? Public with similar to your ideologies?? Rowdies , illiterarates,
    And thugs like you???
    Or are they on your pay roll Servants?
    Yes I know also the SINHALA RACISTS EXPATS WHO HAD LEFT THE COUNTRY 30 plus years ago living on the Dole in their host country like HDLM & Co ??

    I don’t think right minded people who love SL will support AN ILLITERATE TO BE A PRESIDENT.


  • 6

    Gota, you are one smart disciple of old Machiavelli. Do you remember that morning in Temple Trees when you led the Great Liberator by the hand and made a dignified exit? Who can forget, ah. Did you have in mind the long-term possibility that things will turn out like that this and allow YOU to return as the NEW SAVIOUR of MOTHER LANKA.

    Go and take a vow….make a promise to the God’s of our Blessed Land….

    > to eschew impunity and bullying
    > to exterminate the cult of the grease yakka
    > to ban and outlaw White Vans
    > to outlaw extremist religious activity
    > to hold Religious Leaders responsible for keeping the clergy under control
    > to clean up the political stables and kick out hangers-on, cronies etc

    …you know all the others (I could go on all day otherwise)

    Keep the smile and suit.

    Who knows, YOU could well make it.

    • 5

      Spring Koha

      I respect your judgment and suspect your intention.

      Are you planning to share the entire island with Gota once it becomes vacant?

      • 3

        Native Vedda

        Damn! You have seen right through my plan. But, NO, honestly, I have seen the real Donald Trump close up, and I couldn’t see myself living with a tropical Donald Trump, which is what our Gota has the capability of turning into.

        • 2

          Spring Koha

          Donald Trump advised the party goers to carry a concealed gun.

          See he is taking the country back to the good old wild west days. I am a fan of “cowboys and Indians” stories and movies.

          It would be exciting to see it real-time. I can’t wait to visit Donald’s cartoon world.

          Sorry, I am not inviting you because it is too dangerous for an old man to dive and duck stray bullets, hand to hand fight in the saloon, physically thrown out of the door, gunslingers on the horseback, the can-can dancers, ……….. man it would be really exciting.

          Who has a good chance of being elected?

          • 1

            “”Donald Trump advised the party goers to carry a concealed gun.””

            So that idiots who think they are smart would keep their big mouths shut.

            Americans still carry guns and keep it on the table even at Mac Donald’s.

            It was off duty officers with guns who challenged the Orlando Muslim at first.

            Now who is winning? The sexist illiberal democrats or Islamist??

        • 1

          Spring Koha ,
          “” I couldn’t see myself living with a tropical Donald Trump, “”
          Hillary is carrying the multinational brief like the liawyer liar she is.Cant do Won’t do!Ask former PM how he shell shocked her.

          Donald is doing what any right thinking Asian would do.

          ((Let me give you an example that encapsulates the whole difference between America and Singapore. America has a vicious drug problem. How does it solve it? It goes around the world helping other anti-narcotic agencies to try and stop the suppliers… Singapore does not have that option. What we can do is to pass a law which says that any customs officer or policeman who sees anybody in Singapore behaving suspiciously… can require that man to have his urine tested. If the sample is found to contain drugs, the man immediately goes for treatment. In America if you did that it would be an invasion of the individual’s rights and you would be sued.
          Lee Kuan Yew, Interview with Fareed Zakaria of Foreign Policy, 1994))

          • 0

            Simon, Lee Kuan Yew was right at the time but in 2013 Arizona passed a law that any law enforcement officer could stop and check the documents of anyone they suspect as an illegal immigrant. The only way this could be carried out is by racial profiling. Given that almost all of their illegal immigrants are from Mexico and South America, the police began to stop and search every Hispanic looking individual and Arizona had a high percentage of them This law became unpopular and has slightly diminished as people from the rest of America began to protest at the injustice.

        • 1

          “But, NO, honestly, I have seen the real Donald Trump close up”

          Things You Never Knew About Donald Trump’s Kids.

          Things You Never Knew About Donald Trump’s Philanthropy.

          Nine year old Barron Trump,(architect Melania Trump) who loves to wear suits like his famous dad, is likely to follow in his father’s footsteps in business or even politics. He stands to inherit a ridiculous fortune whichever direction he goes. All eyes will be on this young man as he grows older and possibly takes up residence with his parents in the White House.
          Tiffany attends her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, where she is double majoring in sociology, with a concentration in law and urban studies. Her proud father is delighted that she received all A’s at Penn.very active on Instagram. She’s a regular poster and has over 110k followers.
          In 2012, Eric Trump was recognized by Forbes magazine among their top ’30 under 30′ in real estate and by the New York Observer as one of the ’20 Most Important Young Philanthropists’.Eric has been seen supporting his dad out on the campaign trail.Eric Trump, is married to an associate producer at the CBS television news program, Inside Edition. He has been a very active part of his father’s career.

          Stunning beauty Ivanka, has also launched her own Ivanka Trump Brand, which includes a jewelry line, a fashion label and a lifestyle collection. (architect Melania Trump present wife has her own)
          Ivanka Trump, 34 – Second Child Of Donald and Ivana Trump.
          In July 2009, Ivanka changed her name to Yael after she converted to Judaism. The busy mom of 3 loves her new kosher lifestyle admitting that they are pretty observant and thoroughly enjoys the family time they have during the sabbath.

          Donald Trump could never be what you heard of him from a vicious media afraid of `shock and awe wars` that only they generate.

          But the world needs a knuckle duster because it is afraid to own up like whats happening at China right now.

          Media: Is Islam a violent religion. ??
          Trump: There’s something definitely going on.^

          Like the Libyan affair African Pop Obama does not want to understand while his half brother is happy writing books at China .
          (Oprah Winfrey made him while Donald is The Apprenticeship)

  • 4

    He will put the WHITE VANS ON THE TRACK again. That is him

  • 6

    Keep on smiling with your SARCASTIC SMILE WITH FULL OF SARCASM.

    will be able to win over some imbeciles.

  • 9

    Might as well give up on Sri Lanka, if he actually ends up President!
    Our Sinhalese majority are quite capable of such feats of stupidity ..
    More likely that he will end up in a prison cell though, albeit a remote possibility,given the prevailing cancer of corruption.

    They say there is no one today to lead the people.
    They say they don’t know what is happening to this country,” he said.
    Rajapaksa added that it was because of ‘them’ that today some Presidents can go to Jaffna and address the public. “We paved the way for that,” he said.

    This is the best he can come up with…

  • 7

    Avant guard business needed to be saved and restarted by him.

    Including the dream of more arms dealing business and the start of the next Elam war and massacre of Tamils.
    Remember the “”Killing Fields of Elam??””


    That’s his ultimate ambition to finish up the Minorities of SL.

    Most dangerous man of SL will do anything in the name of Religion holding hands with Racist Yellow Robed Monks.

    The world is watching this DANGEROUS Psychopath of Srilanka too.

  • 0

    “…I had such fine plans for the country. All that was involved is some Service Charge for me for the superb idea and the effort. But this Yahapaalanaya nonsense came in between and denied the country of another goldmine. Of course, Aiya’s anjanam eliya man also contributed to our downfall by his bogus calculations.

    In one deal alone, my Service Charge would have brought me and Pushpa
    50 billion bucks. Imagine that. I could have bought a 10-roomed
    mansion in the US that would have brought me a $200,000 rent per month.
    My buddy Duminda assured me Tamil and Sinhala friends in the diaspora estimated there are at least 250,000 Lankans keen to secure dual-citizenship passports. This is why I took the process of issuing these passports by the Controller of I&E and came out with that brilliant plan as Defence Secy I must personally interview all these quarter million people. I demanded the right to personaly decide who should get these dual PP’s. The Govt would have earned Rs.250,000 officially from each PP and I, my Service Charge, privately of Rs.200,000. Duminda said he does not want anything and he is doing this for the Motherland – because he loves her so much. All he wanted was a telephone call from me to the Customs or some other official now and then when his friends brought in a package or two of BOOKS for poor children he was helping”


  • 5

    We do sure want Gota from hell to be our next president.

    Instead of diverting money for luxury vehicles he will most certainly order a huge fleet of white vans.

    BBS Ghanasara will be the second in command who will ensure all muslims are deported after their properties are plundered.

    And so on …..

  • 8

    Gota for president and K A Sumanasekera as Prime Minister and Sri Lanka will return to its glorious past like 2000 years before ;-)

  • 7

    Can you remember The way that the LTTE Terrorism destroyed our country… Our country lost almost everything. People lived in fear psychosis. Gota is the one who liberated Northern masses from the clutches of terrorism. Finaly he brought much awaited “PEACE” to Sri Lanka and ended the 25 years long civil war.further he was equipped with an excellent development plan for the country.for example just see the pathetic situation of city of colombo today..?? Just compare with prior to January 2015 and current situation. I am sure if Gota becomes the President of Sri Lanka he will put the current “mess” on the right track.

  • 5

    Today Country’s Security is at a high risk. on the other hand The value of the rupee is fast depreciating in dollar terms. Prices of imported consumer goods are therefore increasing. Construction companies have laid off hundreds of workers after projects were stalled or were being re-negotiated. No substantial Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been recorded and the stock market remains sluggish. there should be a proper leader to put the current “Mess” on the right track. people believe that they need a new Leader so they are asking Mr.Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to come forward because of his strong leadership qualities.

  • 7

    What a great idea. His Excellency Gotabhaya Rajapakse. We should be a country of 20 million arse holes.

  • 3

    What is this psychopath’s grouse against Sri Lanka and her people? Bensen

  • 1

    You can read the entire interview on this site: http://www.ceylontoday.lk/print20160321CT20160630.php?id=2449

  • 3

    Another REAL FOOL from MR clan. LTTE will eat you alive MODAYA

    • 1

      The recent elections opened a can of ltte worms worldwide??
      They would be hunted and western nationality taken away with USA backup.
      All this happens as long as India has the noose on LTTE ban.

  • 2

    A big time rogue this man, He should be in jail

  • 1

    “If I Become President, I will Put The Current ‘Mess’ On The Right Track – Gotabaya”


  • 1

    Don Juan,

    The nom de plume you use was of a man who had many women.!! You seem to have many fantasies. As one who lived before and after Lanka’s Independance , I and many others can vouch for certain FACTS. .ALL the ethnic folk of Ceylon/Lanka lived in peace and harmony under the British at that time . The only riots were between the Muslims and Buddhists in about 1915. Moreover it was the British who introduced universal suffrage and gave us the VOTE. and rid Lanka of a Malabari tyrant and we know what he did to the wife of Pilimatalauwe? Why were those Kandyan chiefs uneasyand jostling for power? Because they were ruled by this tyrant who was almost 99% NOT Sinhala at all. In fact, one of them who came over from India offered to convert to Buddhism like that Protestant King who said “Paris is worth a Mass”. My Grandmother was a Kandyan menike so am not biased in any way on that score. The British also gave you, Sugar, Coffee Tea rubber & cocoa and the plantations they INVESTED in and sometimes wit their lives. Through them Ceylon/SL was able to import.Look at all those British Companies who names are so proudly used today:. Carsons, Hayleys, Mackwoods, Keels, Cargills no great rush to change their names! Tea alone was the chief export bringing funds into Lanka for many decades..When the British owned ones were nationalised, it was the British Govt who gave funds to the Lankan Govt to be able to acquire them at considerably knock down prices too and note who owns many of them now and have prospered? .Just look what Mackwoods is being sold for right now? Yes, we had many decent and honourable politicians then and the first Lankan Party lead by our wonderful PM, D.S Senanayake who did not instigate racial hatred and raw, false Nationalism. We lived in peace under such men who earned our eternal gratitude .. They did not encourage thuggery and KILLERS who slaughtered in the streets of Colombo who were encouraged by politicians of the time to do so for their own ends. Why, one Hamuduruwane even asassinated the PM ,SWRD.who told us he wanted Lanka to be the Switzerland of the East and you know what that meant. That country had THREE main languages which that PM told us ALL Govt forms should be printed in..We NEVER had Buddhist monks who went about in gangs to burn, threaten and beat up Christians in our times when that first NATIONAL Govt was in power . Furthermore , just who was it who burned one of finest and biggest collections of historical documents in Asia when they encouraged their minions to burn that library in Jaffna?.The history of Lanka lost forever. What a terrible act of pure Vandalism that lead to further uprisings in the north after a long lull which let loose the dogs of WAR.. I do not expect you have ever heard of Sir Alexander Johnston nor read of the reforms he introduced nor seen all the very, very wealthy Sinhala families and others who prospered.under the British in that tome, 20th Impressions of Ceylon. Some of those families did NOT plunder the coffers of the State to enrich themselves but were PHILANTHROPISTS. Guess you never ever heard of all those very decent ,educated Sinhala gentlemen either, whom we voted for who did not instigate murderous thugs in white vans to ‘disappear’ those who opposed them before Mr Sirisena took charge when folk lived in fear if they did not worship at the altar of the KING. And during whose ‘reign’ did the murderous hooded JVP roam the land and who were all the Sinhala youths hidden in the jungles who were never seen again when bodies were found floating in rivers when hungry villagers foraged on roadsides for FOOD during the era of the 1st woman PM in the world who got in with the sympathy vote by those tears for her murdered husband ? Those pre Sirisena disappearances took place when that clan took charge. Pure nepotism used like a great wall of protection. White vans and bodies in rivers and what did happen to those 17 journalists who have disappeared into thin air? One murdered in cold blood in the streets of C’bo in full view of folk who dared NOT give witness. . When you talk of introduced Christianity in fact, the British promised to respect and protect Buddhism and they did. They also uncovered and began the preservation of our ancient cities lying neglected and rotting in the jungle which the nouveau riche Politicos built racing tracks in ,the Golden triangle and a World heritage site.. As for those religions. Yes, the British introduced those Anglican missionaries who built schools that still remain and are well thought of . In Baddegama where the first CMS /Anglican school and church was built the local Mudaliyars welcomed them as they were keen to gain their knowledge of Modern medicine.and science. They produced Folk of high calibre who gained DEGREES. Doctors,Lawyers and Scientists too, we respected, who did not use the ogre of false Nationalism to rouse the ignorant to gain support to remain in Parliament either. In fact’ those from other Asian nations sent their sons to study at these schools whose masters had degrees from the very best Universities in Britain. . Who grew so rich recently,and bought Lamborginis to ride the streets of C’bo where skeletal old beggars.and the limbless asked for arms as they drove by?. Just who filled Govt positions with their relatives who used every trick in the book to enrich themselves off the State and you the taxpayers. Oh yes, they will build huge tower blocks a la Hong Kong all over the coasts to sell to the very RICH, sending tonnes of raw sewage into the ocean as happens in the Capital, Colombo. All these ‘tragic’ events happened AFTER Independance NOT during the British era we were born in and after 1948 when educated, honourable, decent Sinhala,Tamil and Burgher folk governed us and ran our Civil service.until a neo Marxist and ultra Nationalistic Sinhala party got into power and tore our Island apart UNNECESSARILY. It is SIXTY EIGHT year since Independence, do you not think the Govts of Lanka should be held at all responsible for what has happened under their own’management’ at all?

  • 0

    Dear Mr.Gotabaya,

    As a 70 year old Sri Lankan, I feel that you should take up the reins and take up Sri Lanka to prosperity!

    You have a choice. You could team up with Ranil or you could contest alone.

    Where democracy is concerned, Mother Sri Lanka is a failure.

    We need somebody like you to govern this country .I have followed you on all news broadcasts.

    If you are planning to enter active politics, I like to be a follower.
    I love my country and I love you !

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