28 May, 2022


If Not Ranil It Is Maithree Or Sunethra

The Colombo Telegraph exclusively reveals today that contrary to popular belief, plans are a foot to field either Sunethra Bandaranaike, or Maithree Wickramasinghe as the common candidate for the upcoming Presidential Election, in the event Ranil Wickremesinghe declines to contest.



During a dinner held yesterday among critical forces behind the bid to propose a common candidate at the Peach Valley restaurant in Flower Road, it was decided that the two females would be the most potent candidates who could garner the support of all opposition political parties in the country.

Mrs. Wickramasinghe and Bandaranaike were viewed as being able to play a dual role of garnering the support of the hardcore SLFP and UNP voter base, while having a wider appeal among the minorities.

Ranil and Maithree

Ranil and Maithree

According to initial reports the two have agreed to come forward on the basis that the Executive Presidential system was to be abolished within six months after which they would no longer remain in politics.

The wider appeal the duo would have among a critical voter base of females was also discussed.

Ealier, moves to propose Chandrika Kumaratunga as the Common Candidate fell flat due to legal impediments stemming from the Waters Edge judgment against her in which she was convicted of corruption and fined three million rupees by the Supreme Court. She is also said to pressured by her son Vimukthi and daughter Yashodara to stay clear of politics in the country.

During a press briefing held yesterday by opposition parties sans the JVP, common candidacy was agreed to in principle.

The move to bring in the two females, will only be subject to UNP Leader Wickremesinghe declining to contest the elections.

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  • 3

    While the opposition of all colours are indulging in non-stop comedy, MaRa is going about his business methodically. The Supreme Court of jesters have removed the last impediment that barred a third term.

    It is a foregone conclusion who will win the next election and when it is done RW will still be in deep slumber.

  • 4

    She is also said to pressured by her son Vimukthi and daughter Yashodara to stay clear of politics in the country.

    But CBK will never learn. Like the swine will go looking for the place it revels.

  • 1

    Sunaratha Banadarake one of the lost child of that house of Banadarakeya family.

    She lost her political credential since 1976 after divorce from Kumar Rupasinghe.

    She betray her entire political task on behalf of Right wing politics in SLFP since 1977.She is not good at member of Parliament. She not serious political character at all.

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    I doubt that Arjuna Ranatunga had not passed GCE (or) properly!
    No educational background or Intellectual breeding of his family at all and he has no understanding of Elites politics of emerging-
    Sri lanka as well Asia.

    I admire his world cup won by his Cricket carries.Politics is life line of Humankind.

    Future politics of world more complex and specially Asia is Challenging positions; its task need political philosophy and economic vision and required knowledge of new Innovation of Sciencefict and Technology will be driving force of Future society come into being.

    Is man like Arjuna R…can undertake such huge task? He has been proposed one of the many Common Candidate? in fact C…C of majority are far behind challenging Mission and task before nation of Sri lanka!

    I feel sorry about our country politics has come such low level!
    If you think about that seriously politics of that Main political class and their parties has lost task of Capitalism and its path of development.

    Leaders and politicians must be elites don’t attempted transfer or handover political authority to Power oriented Lumpens.

    Sri Lankan will again turn into era of Lumpenzation of Democracy.

  • 0

    Either of the gracious ladies mentioned here would make an UNCOMMON candidate!

    • 4

      Politicians they may not be ! They may never contest/win…that’s ok.

      At least they don’t claim to posses LSE degrees that they don’t have like someone we know with a “common touch” :-)

    • 2

      What about your Wife ? WOULD she be able to be the common candidate ?
      You attack CBK, Karu, RW and everyone, but you dont have guts to call a spade a spade being stuck to the agendas of DONKEY Rajas and Junior Premadasas. Who would even read your messages – a man who knows nothign but be swollen to all ends being unable to achieve carrier goals (which is nothing else get posted to anywhere again). Ballige puthas of your sort are the IBOLA virus to our nation and the country. Please it is high time you be away from such analysis. If you can make it, Even Kelaniya Mervin can do it better. You are both in same level whatever it is being done by you to this day. Budusarnai apita srilankens so long you the worms are there.

  • 0

    Ranil sitting as the leader of opposition and the UNP
    and thinking twice to challenge a third term opponent
    who has been in power altogether twenty years already
    giving the masses really boring politics,is already
    admitting another defeat!More than 90% people of this
    country can not understand the need to change the way
    they do things.So far they have only seen one of the
    two major parties coming to power with the leader
    driving the party to victory.The present scenario with
    the UNP has upset that pattern of thinking of the
    voters.There’s a traditional giant opposition party
    with the leadership of the opposition in its hands
    but unable to stand for the election of the head of the
    state!Is it not funny enough?If he or his party thinks
    twice,then what’s he doing as a leader of the opposition?
    The people once rejected a common candidate.Why does the
    opposition want to make it a ‘single issue election’ with
    none of their own leaders are trusted for the cause?If
    they don’t trust their leaders just for one issue,how on
    earth they are asking the masses to trust them of their
    promises on all other national issues?Even before a case
    against third term went to courts,Supreme court has
    delivered its opinion on the issue.Already one hurdle
    removed in MARA’s favour.

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