13 July, 2024


If Not Ranil, Who?

By Vishwamithra1984 –

“Human brain is built to compare; it’s Darwinian to consider an alternative when one presents itself.” ~Helen Fisher

There is a lot of controversy about the so-called common candidate to contest the forthcoming Presidential Elections against the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa. The unsaid theory is that Ranil Wickremesinghe, by virtue of being the Leader of the United National Party (UNP), is the automatic choice. Ranil Wickremesinghe does not seem to have any friends or acquaintances in a traditional sense.  He has either loyalists or enemies. No moderate person who thinks rationally and calmly seems to like him. Such moderates basically want a winner; they want a trustworthy leader; a leader who shows poise and political acumen of the highest caliber to lead them away from the approaching abyss. And Ranil has not helped himself either. Each time when things seem to go right, he makes the most ill-advised public utterances or the most ill-timed trips abroad.

RanilWhatever Ranil Wickremesinghe’s plusses or minuses are, especially in the personality aspect, what people doubt most about is his political stances that he has adopted over the last twenty years as the leader of the United National Party (UNP). Presidential Elections are essentially fought on two basic premises: 1. Personality of the candidate 2. The program of work that he or she intends to implement once elected to power.

In a real sense, the forthcoming Presidential Elections will be more of a referendum on the incumbent rather than an election of an alternative candidate. After completing two terms (technically Mahinda Rajapaksa has not completed two full terms although the Constitution provides for Presidential Elections ahead of time but within the constraints prescribed in the Constitution), Mahinda Rajapaksa simply cannot disregard the reality of ‘incumbency fatigue’ that sets in after being in power for so long a time. That very ‘incumbency fatigue’ causes the election to be a referendum on the incumbent and if the Opposition is crafty enough- although Ranil Wickremesinghe, more often than not, has shown that he is not- all the negatives could be played out in the open, making the Rajapaksas defensive from the outset of the campaign. Instead of allowing the Rajapaksas to define themselves and their policies, the initiative must be wrested away and the opposition must engage in defining the rival’s agenda and personality. Such a sophisticated and strategic move may not be forthcoming from the Wickremesinghe and Company as they have shown time and time again that they are either unwilling or disabled to engineer such an urbane campaign. When leaders cling on to parochial thinking and un-nuanced parodies, it is not only their party supporters who suffer, the country at large too needs to endure the hardships and cumbersome governance of the present rulers.

The most unfortunate dynamic would be if the forthcoming Presidential Elections, instead becoming a referendum on the incumbent President, turns into one on Ranil Wickremesinghe, if Ranil is the candidate. That’s something that Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNP hierarchy should realize before it’s too late. In a clash of Mahinda vs Ranil, Mahinda will run away with the elections, whether Sajith Premadasa supports Ranil or not. The only scenario in which Ranil would stand even a fighting chance is him becoming a ‘common candidate’ instead of being the UNP-candidate, with all other opposition parties supporting his candidature on a common issue, perhaps with a positive nod from the Jathika Hela Urumaya which seems to be at loggerheads with their coalition leader.

In other words, in the absence of these factors, i.e. common platform and JHU support, there is no chance that Ranil Wickremesinghe as a UNP candidate would be elected. Contesting as the UNP-candidate is a recipe for certain defeat. And if anyone says Ranil should do so, he or she would be obviously advancing some other agenda. In such a negative scenario, why is Ranil Wickremesinghe insisting that he be the candidate? One could give multiple reasons and explanations, yet when one studies the character and political behavior of Ranil over the last couple of decades, one cannot help but come to some very unpleasant conclusions. The lack of serious-thinking leaders in the United National Party cannot be overlooked.

This writer does not believe that leaders are ‘born’. If history is any yardstick, it has shown us time after time that most of the great leaders were made by circumstances, upbringing, learning and application of skills, indefatigable ambition to excel and issues. Since the demise of the Gamini/Lalith/Premadasa trio, the UNP has not been blessed with any leaders who could boast of possessing the sum total of the aforementioned traits.

But political realities continue to throw challenge after challenge. One simply cannot wait for the right leader to emerge. Political parties need to make timely adjustments to their strategies; their tactical behavior has to be tuned to the newly-emerging modern trends; they need to be adept at embracing the Facebook popularity and smartphone gadgetries.

It is in this scramble of chaos that the Opposition is trying to find the most suitable alternative candidate to contest Mahinda Rajapaksa. If not Ranil who? Let’s compare and contrast the alternatives.

Please peruse the following table of comparisons:


Legend: 1. Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness on abolition of the Executive Presidency

2. Personality: Poise, oratory, personal habits, likeability etc.

3. To what extent the minorities would back the candidacy. This is not a % of votes and should not be mistaken for the potential % of the minority votes expected to be received. It is essentially how many marks out of 100 each candidate would secure in that specific category

4. To what extent the majority of Sinhalese Buddhists would back the candidacy. Here again, this is not a % of votes and should not be mistaken for the potential % of the Sinhalese Buddhist votes expected to be received. It is essentially how many marks out of 100 each candidate would secure in that specific category.

5. To what extent the bulk of the UNP would back the candidacy. This however, would depend on to which extent Ranil Wickremesinghe decides to back the candidate his own Party has agreed to back.

Minority Backing – Non-Sinhalese (Tamils and Muslims) votes

It is assumed that all categories have an equal share of significance. That is why the sum total is paramount.

Karu Jayasuriya is the best among less-than-perfect/ideal candidates. But the winner at the end of it, whoever wins the Presidential mantle, is Sajith Premadasa, for he has the advantage of years- he is young and consequently can afford to wait, if one chooses to think in parochial terms. However, it must also be mentioned that in the event of a UNP loss with Ranil Wickremesinghe as the candidate, there might not be a UNP left worthy of leading.

Whoever the candidate is, he or she is not going to contest in a political vacuum. The field is muddy, unstable and battle-weary. The opponent, Mahinda Rajapaksa is one of the most astute politicians (not statesmen) this country has produced. His campaign funds are going to be enormous and for every Rs. 10,000/- the Opposition spends, Mahinda is equipped and ready to spend Rs. 1,000,000/- in a ratio of 1 : 100. It may appear impossible at the beginning, but given the right candidate is chosen and a campaign of vigor and urgency is run with almost flawless precision, it is doable- Mahinda Rajapaksa can be dislodged.

While dictators like Gadhafi of Libya and Mubarak of Egypt were removed by popular uprisings, Marcos of the Philippines was removed by the ballot. If all elements that are essential for the ultimate result to be attained are present, the execution is what really matters. But that is precisely- execution- where the United National Party and its current leadership have failed multiple times.

The more delayed the process of a resolution on the common platform and common candidate gets, the less and less chances the Opposition will have at a crack at the polls. For the last twenty years, the United National Party and the rest of the Opposition have been playing a defensive game. The writer’s candid advice, if they take it seriously at all, to the Opposition is twofold.

  1. Don’t allow the Government/UPFA to make this Presidential Elections a referendum on the Opposition. Make it a referendum on the Rajapaksas and the Government.
  2. Don’t do a half-hearted job of it. Go all out and even in the event of a loss, show the country that you fought a good fight and that you had something called a spine

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com   

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Latest comments

  • 11

    The writer makes some useful comment though the importance given to a no-entity like JHU reduces the overall value of the piece.

    JHU is another Wimal Weerawansa, best ignore their noise they make, after all empty vessels make the most noise.

    • 2

      Vishwamitra 1984 reads typically stupid like Kumar David. We wonder!

      His “table of comparisons” is a classic in terms of stupd political manouvres.

      Is this person completely mad?

      • 3

        The way to win elections is to EDUCATE the Moda Masses, so that they vote for DECENT people. This is the primary job of an EFFECTIVE OPPOSITION.

        The UNP which is busy fighting with each other for power has forgotten the people of Lanka, and its first responsibility to educate the people on the need for good government and NO corruption. Anura Kumara will on day be President of Lanka. Ranil Wickramasinghe and Sajith Premadasa will NOT!

        • 0

          Ranil,Sajith Duo will do every thing possible to defeat MR’s opposite number (who ever it may be ),here are few of not so obvious tell-tale signs , asking to expedite an illegal PE , blocking of common opposition candidate notion , not demanding the 17A implementation prior to PE , Promoting sajith as the 2 nd most powerful person in the grand old party , sidelining Mangala S , prevention of any possible cross overs(by sajith), not taking any initiatives to promote unity among the opposition parties etc .

          as mentioned earlier , MR is not stupid to call a PE two years before the schedule date, just to lose , he is not just another president , this election will decide the fate of the whole gang and they are not ready to give up power any time soon ,so MR is having plan A to H , our permanent opposition leader expects a clean battle and he is having only plan A , who is naive here ?

        • 2

          Srilanka is turned to a little parkistan -muddy pit- during the recent years. No respect and dignity for anyone. Not the smidgeon of decency in scene in specially ruling uncultured men.

          So as Parkstanies would never see the right sides of the coin, simply they have no brains to do so. All in all, majoirty masses though are said to be literate are almost like illiterate majority pakis. Having said my message, is people representing majoirity MODA masses have no idea aboutteh future of the country/nation. They are just superficial hang on small IT gadgets as if the monkeys are gotten mirrors. But they are the ones who vote crmiinals into power. In this way, no democracy is the most appropriate governing mechanism for the countries such as hours. Only wayout would be GermanSPD style governance: Social democratic principles giving the highest place for the law and order. In germany even Dr Merkel is under the prevailing law. No matter whoever and how much assets you own, Soccer players/league presidents are caught by governing laws. Even if the germans had a black history, they are most powerful grand nation in Europe today. The social benefits for its citizenry including proper health systems are the best in the Europe; amies and the UK people would dream to achieve the levels. Lately, I met up with one of my former colleagues from London, he said, today UK is far poor than had been any time before. Whatever that Farade would express, they are most vulnerable economies next to Protugal to fall down next. Who is going to pump them billions, ONLY GERMANS.

      • 0

        I agree the table is a joke.
        For instant Ven. Sobitha thero’s Personality 7 (to me its 3) and Sinhala Buddhist backing 9 (to me that’s again 3) The real Sinhala Buddhists support to him might be higher but Mara has killed that Buddhism now what we have is 50% confused half cooked Buddhists Thanks to three Balu Senas and JHU created by Rajafucksake themselves.

    • 0

      And what is Ranil’s wife Maitree Wickramasinghe, the great feminist doing to rescue Lanka from the Mahinda Jarapassa – Ranil Wickramasinhe partnership-dual dictatorship? [Edited out]

      • 1

        Well, sounds to me a good proposal.
        Sadly Prof Maithree is not a Media/Camera publicity seeking freak.
        Only a few know how talented and how educated she is.

        Having said that what we need is a fake pro-Buddhist leader who should lie 24/7 to the meeharak public until win the contest.

        some lies He should scream in public,
        -Offer Free sil redhi for Buddhist women every 3 months
        -Rs 100,000 for a new born baby
        -Cars for every Hamuduruwo plus free gas
        -Dansal in every town/village on every poya days
        -Cheettha redhi and Sarong for all for Sinhala Aluth Awuruddha
        -Kurakkan Talapa at lunch time for students and Redrice for teachers
        -Free trips to Buddhagaya/Lumbini/Kapilawastu & Mianmar, Nepal, Thailand.
        -Free Bo sapling for every family

        Also he could fool others too.
        To fool Thondas idiots,
        -Must promise to rename some roads in the hill country ‘MGR Street, Jayalalitha Road, Rajnikant Avenue, Sooriya, Danush, Simbi, Vijay Roads so on.
        -Weekend free Toddy,Gal and Pol.
        -Free weekly Tamil film DVD for every upcountry family

        To fool Hakim’s idiots,
        -Must promise Haj and Omra un limited (perhaps every month)
        -Beef, Mutton Chicken at half price
        -Pension for Madrasa teachers
        -Duty free cars
        -A free camel for every family

        To fool the Catholics,
        -Promise to bring the Pope for every Christmas
        -A free bottle Arak every Saturday
        -Free Uru-mas on Sundays
        -Encourage Missionary work
        -Free Christmas tree for every family.

        Cant fool the Tamils in Jaffna so don’t try that.

        • 1

          Tsunami Hora,

          Best comment so far!

      • 0


        [Edited out],

    • 5

      Hey guys, I will tell you something. Can everybody get on with the guys roaming in pettah – world market area ( as I remember two decades ago)? NO ? Those who have never gone to those bazaars would not know how those IRCers are. It is really hard to get on with them if you are a cultured, educated, well brought up person. You even would be surprised to see the way those mongers intrussively make every effort to sell their goods. The situation for a cultured person today in the society is not easy. But rascals like former Beliaththa kinpins can do the job better. Thisis simply the situation for RW today. Society is filled with all abusive people since their leaders guide them to become more of them.
      Onthe other hand, if any cultured person would not rise up, this nation will end up becoming pakistanies that have no respect in london or any metropolitan cities of the world.

  • 2

    Not only the Moderates but even some Elite who love the country might ask the question ,, ‘Why fix unless it ain’t broken”

    Of course the Vellala TNA and their Ally the Diaspora need to be excused for obvious reasons.

    Hardcore UNP only want to get hold of the Govt hook or by crook.

    Please the West, enrich the Elite, Privatize the Public assets, Collect the commission cheques, and put their friends and family to replace the incumbent’s friends and family are their hidden Election Manifesto.

    They have to hoodwink the poor and the rural inhabitants to achieve their victory.

    Of course UNP and the TNA can’t do it on their own.

    They need suckers who purport to represent the inhabitants to accomplish their task.

    • 1

      KAS, KAS;
      As you Say ;
      “Please the West, enrich the Elite, Privatize the Public assets, Collect the commission cheques, and put their friends and family to replace the incumbent’s friends and family are their hidden Election Manifesto”.
      Your F king Got All the Above Qualifications!!!!!!!!!.

      Check these names to Appoint;

      F king, Ma Ra ya Jarapsassa = My God NOOOOOOOOO!
      Hothmabaya, The Next Sri Lanka Boria = Nooooooo!.
      30% Commission = Canot. every body Knows % how?.
      DRRRRRRRRRRR Wermin Silava = NO Way!!!!!.
      Monitering Vaas,Beating the N Y Bush = Not.
      Mongol Manal = After Next Car race!
      Raaanil W, the Baby Talk = No , Must stay for oppos.
      Sajith Pe = Sotheby and London Degree?.

      So every body got Lime on their KILLOTA.
      Why Not you Join and apply for nomination???????????.

      Present Rulers Need suckers like you, like cat’s paws, who purport to represent the inhabitants to accomplish their tasks and loot.

    • 1

      How the qualities you mention fit into your buddy jarapajksa.
      “Please the West,” tried desperately but failed completely .
      “Enrich the Elite,”Done perfectly.
      “Privatize the Public assets,” convert the public assets to liabilities to the peoples
      Still Jarapaksa “Collect the commission cheques,” and
      put Jarapaksa friends and family close to 500 on various government institutions as heads and deputies and they all rob those places and pass the part of the them to jarapaksa.

  • 8

    Upekha Swarnamali beat Karu Jayasuriya in 2010 election. So why not her?

    KJ is unpopular even among UNPers because he supported MR when MR needed MPs to boost his jumbo cabinet.

    Now KJ is not even the deputy leader!

    UNP stands no chance without Ranil.

    • 2

      Everything change including politics and political figures and their popularity among people. Barack Obama was populat to the extream at one time but not always. RW is a good leader but KJ is a good candidate now. The ground reality and KJ is matching like never before. Therefore your assumptionsare not vallied here. I think Vishwamitra has good points to argue his way of thinking. If we want to win , our hoarse has to be more competitive. Jokey alone cant win the race.

    • 0

      Ranil or Nothing ,

      “UNP stands no chance without Ranil.”

      really ,

      it should be other way round ,

      UNP stands no chance with Ranil.

      • 0

        what is your intention Mr ?

        You want Ranil or any cultured to become criminals like former Beliaththa free runner ?
        If CBK has no chance to be the common candidate who is the next ? Rev. Sobitha would not be backed by non-buddhists fractions. So why have you been supporting rulers by adverstising your personal hatreds against RW ?
        May be he is not the most wayalaya – to outreach the masses (who are the dimwits of the lanken society), but is he comparable with Rasthiyadukarayas like Mahinda ?

        If anybody would come forward as a cultured and educated, he or she would be branded as pro-Western candidates ? This is all because the lack of awareness programs to emphasize the majority folks of the island. Or media freedom is gone down zero levels today. Most issues that discuss in some fearless media institutions dont spread to the many. The most illegal thing the bugger in power is encouraged to do is control over the media.

  • 2

    Yet another advantage that karu has is that the Koti- Ali label cannot be attached to him as he was with the Govt at the time the Ltte was defeated.Further some of the political parties in the South who have reservations about Ranil do not have a problem with Karu’s candidacy.In any event if the common opposition is to abolish the Ex Presidency within 6 months it does not really matter who the candidate is as long as its a winning candidate.

    • 1

      is he not a traitor? what principles he got ? He will do anything for money?

  • 2

    The above table points at Karu.So why waste time and declare him now
    as the Common opposition candidate for the Presidential election.The ruling party has already gone half way in their election propaganda.

    There appears to be an error in the table where as the minority backing for Karu is shown as 7.5 and Chandrika at 8.5 where as, it should be the other way around. Ranil should voluntarily give way, without delay, to Karu, who has the backing of all the communities & Buddhist organizations for his mild approach and his in-depth knowledge
    in matters concerning public administration.He was a diplomat and will be thorough with Foreign affairs & foreign relations.He can be trusted
    and will be fair to the minorities as he has worked with other democracies too. JVP will certainly will have a second look at Karu’s
    credentials and may vote for him. He will be an asset to UNP during parliamentary election, which follows EP election as majority of the people will trust him as no body can finger point at him and question his honesty & integrity. Sajith too will be happy that he could be the next matured leader after gaining experience under Karu.

    UNP’ers have a habit of taking things easy and sleep it over but if
    Karu wants to win the elections, he should start working from day one and walk from coast to coast to befriend the voters, letting them know
    his policies. Its not easy to defeat the incumbent President as he is
    a hard master with excellent PR among the rural masses and One has to be omnipresent in all areas to defeat him.

  • 3

    Why the author hasn’t included SLFP Support as a factor in his point table?

    • 0

      AVB -The author was analysing the strength of the opposition candidates
      and not that of the ruling party Candidate – SLFP

      • 0

        no,AVB was asking about SLFP support factor and not the SLFP candidature !

        with the CBK backing any opposition candidate is bound to get a huge chunk of SLFP vote base.

  • 9

    The hollowness of the writer’s thinking is let out when he proposes Karu J as a winning option. It was Karu who built MR’s power by shamelessly crossing over with 17 UNPers. Karu lost his credibility for ever after that act. Ranil was so generous that he got Karu back to the fold. What did Karu do next? He challenged Ranil for party leadership and lost it badly.
    The writer is mad. The anti-Ranil campaign was started by the Rajapakse clan and now it is being revived. This shows that Rajapakse’s real fear is Ranil

    • 2

      The Writer is mad.

      I will prove to you as to who is mad. There were two factions in the UNP at the time of cross over . One was the JR clan led by Ranil and the other was Premadasa clan lead by Karu. There were serious differences of opinion between the two clans which led to Karu’s breakaway faction joining the Governing party. At that time no one suspected that SLFP coalition will lead the country to this state and Karu, who is an honest person left the ruling party due to malpractices
      seen there and returned to UNP, where he was whole heartedly accepted by the UNP’s rank and file. UNP, under Ranil’s leadership, lost too many elections at all levels and the members felt that there should be a new leadership in UNP and Karu took part in the leadership race and what was wrong,? as it was a democratic process.

      Ranil,as a leader lost 17 elections in his political career and do you sincerely expect the people to vote for a looser. Rajapakse’s real fear is not Ranil but his joy is,if he contests. As a person Ranil is a good and sincere person but people do not want him to run for a
      ‘also ran” position People want a regime change and they will only vote for the opposition if there is a formidable opposition candidate who has a chance of winning. So who is mad.? you or me ?

      • 1

        Lanka Watch,

        “At that time no one suspected that SLFP coalition will lead the country to this state and Karu, who is an honest person left the ruling party due to malpractices”

        if KJ wasn’t politically matured enough to read MR from the beginning , KJ is not good enough to be the opposition candidate , period ! KJ left MR for different reasons ,initially KJ was promised premiership then it was conveniently ignored , Basil has had different approaches to many things as opposed to KJ’s , so one fine day Basil was kind enough to lecture KJ about the MR’s true governance style , KJ has had enough and called it quit , that’s the story in a nut shell !

        PS:in Srilankan standard KJ is a genuine and an honest politician , he deserves 2nd chance and he certainly stands tall among the worst ( Ranil and sajith).

        • 1


          “PS:in Srilankan standard KJ is a genuine and an honest politician , he deserves 2nd chance and he certainly stands tall among the worst ( Ranil and sajith).”

          A bigot like you suffering from allergy to RW cannot be expected to utter any sense than this type of hate and nonsense speech.

          The sod resident in you jumps the fence when you utter:

          “KJ left MR for different reasons ,initially KJ was promised premiership then it was conveniently ignored , Basil has had different approaches to many things as opposed to KJ’s , so one fine day Basil was kind enough to lecture KJ about the MR’s true governance style , KJ has had enough and called it quit , that’s the story in a nut shell !”

          You call such a dishonest person like KJ a “genuine and an honest politician , he deserves 2nd chance and he certainly stands tall among the worst ( Ranil and sajith).”

          Do you think we are mad and imbecilic like you?

          • 0


            “You call such a dishonest person like KJ a “genuine and an honest politician , he deserves 2nd chance and he certainly stands tall among the worst ( Ranil and sajith).”

            Do you think we are mad and imbecilic like you? “

            why did you omit the first clause of the paragraph ? didn’t i mention the condition (in Srilankan standard KJ is a genuine and an honest politician ), by the way what do you mean by “We” who is we , you and who ? oh i know , there are a few hundred Ranil crazy lunatics making big noise every where ,you mean them , right ? take it from me strategist , out of 21 odd million people , few hundred shouting from their roof tops is nothing , it’s like Wimal Modawansa’s yelling , no body takes any notice !
            your hero Ranil and his stooge sajith are doing every thing possible to defeat the common candidature notion , is it true that Mangala Samaraweera also thinking the inevitable ? what about the other potential cross overs ?how about Sajith and Tissa A’s covert operation of stopping the potential exodus from SLFP ? why does your hero Ranil want to expedite an illegal Presidential election ? why on earth he wants to run for the PE this time? does Ranil think majority of grass eating populace will elect him as the next leader of SL ? what made Ranil think that free and fare election going to be held without 17A , why doesn’t he demand 17A implementation prior to the election ? what is the rationale behind his urgency to hold the election ASAP ? if the PE were to be postponed , say another 6 months or a year , who would get the benefit ? why doesn’t Ranil support JVP’s slogan ? why doesn’t Ranil support Ven sobitha thero’s common candidate notion ? why sajith wants Ranil to run for presidency under the elephant symbol? is he that stupid ? why CBK’s support role is ignored ?

            you can call me all sort of names but please remember you belong to the very same people who are trying to reinstate MR’s tyranny again , Sl will be a cursed country as long as these selfish leaders around !

            • 0


              Read the latest news to cure your chronic hate Ranil disease. Ranil has agreed to field a common candidate taking into consideration various requests. Now what? Are you going to say he took this decision because he is afraid that he will taste defeat for the……..th time?

              Whatever you say the facts remain that KJ is a useless person who is only good enough to catch the moda voters in the country whereas RW is the real substance that can deliver under a new government. There is no fusion between the fool and the wise and that stands as a universal truth.

      • 0

        Lanka Watch,

        “Ranil,as a leader lost 17 elections in his political career and do you sincerely expect the people to vote for a looser. Rajapakse’s real fear is not Ranil but his joy is,if he contests. As a person Ranil is a good and sincere person but people do not want him to run for a ‘also ran” position People want a regime change and they will only vote for the opposition if there is a formidable opposition candidate who has a chance of winning. So who is mad.? you or me ?”

        This is where the real problem lie, yours and people’s irrational thinking. It is not RW but you people yourselves who have defeated yourselves 17 odd times! If you voted RW it is you who would win and reap the benefits. Now your malady mind is looking for an alternative to give your stupid vote! What you get is only this joker KJ who betrayed UNP by defecting to the despot with a huge chunk of UNP! Certainly democracy is not for Meeharak like people living in this country. What you deserve is Rajapkahs type roguish lunatics.

    • 1

      Even Angulimala became arhant at one point. History and past always doesn’t reflect the future actions. Who cares as far as he is going to abolish this stupid Executive presidency in six months. Are you trying your best to defeat opposition bid for the next election! Too late ….your name appears your true intention. We have no other way than chasing Mr and his thugs away.

  • 2

    You say presidents are chosen on two basic premises, 1. Personality of the candidate 2. The program of work that he or she intends to implement once elected to power.

    If this is true RW will lose. He has no personality compared with MARA, even if MARA’s personality is built over the decimation and annihilation of Tamils and now the Muslims. Secondly MARA continues on a program of work, building huge white elephants such as Mattala Airport and fine roads where the elite could drive around seamlessly. Whereas RW has not revealed what program of work he intends to carry out, that is if he has any.

  • 0

    If not Ranil, then Ruwan!!

  • 3

    A more flippant and frivolous proposition seldom appeared on CT. The arguments in support are silly and derivation of the score is sillier The table is silliest.

    • 1

      Agreed that the table is very silly and childishly subjective.
      And why is Ranil not on the table?
      However, a few of the points in the article are relevant.
      But how come the Executve Presidency debate finds no mention?

  • 1

    On what basis were the scores computed? Was a public survey conducted to arrive at the scores? Numbers are sacred. One can express an opinion based on perceptions of public opinion or personal inferences, but these should not be reduced to numbers. When decimals are also used, they tend to give an impression of greater accuracy to the whole numbers that are themselves invalid.

    As I had alluded to before, Ranil is a much cleverer operative than many perceive him to be. He has given MR a long rope to hang himself and has played the waiting game well. In the next few months MR may hang himself, given the election campaign that will expose all his wrong doings. The JVP is explaining the issues to the people better than anyone else can. The JHU has done the damage it can, regardless of the outcome oF its discussions with the UPFA. It cannot recall the words and sentiments it has uttered. The amendment to the budget expenditure estimates, can be expolited by the opposition to the hilt.All in all the the stone has started roling and in this instance it will collect much dirt on its way.

    Any good MR has done, will be buried by the evil he has done, witout any compassion or compunction. If he wins, he will head amuch damaged presidency, as the people have lost their respect for him and are no longer afraid to express their feelings. Any attempt to suppress disent will only help alienaate him totally from the people.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 1

    Ranils leadership position in the UNP reflects the deep rooted inferiority of the sinhala mind.After all he is considered a “elite” a “laywer” “intelligent” “honest” and a “royalist” ! ! ! How can any one challenge such a man’s leadership ?

    • 0

      To whom you campaign for? paid ..ha!

  • 2

    Karu is the best option to beat the incumbent president. He has all the best required qualities, sincereity, maturity etc to be elected President who will ensure the consituition is amended
    And bring back the gentleman politicsto the country. It is essential all groups within the UNP
    Must support him wholeheartedly in the first instance without any hidden ajenda and all
    Others in the opposition would extend their support to defeat the preeent regime.

  • 0

    This Vishwamithra bugger is a shill acting on behalf of MARA. When this bugger first came to the forums with his nonsense he used to attack RW. But when he did not get the support from others he then shifted gears and took a more subtle approach writing pro UNP/RW style. Now at this crucial moment the bugger is performing his dirty job attacking RW.

    Kumar David while living in his air-conditioned room proposed this day dream of CC and from that time onwards these shills and imbeciles took over the batten and are running all over the place like hares. This moronic concept of CC is the necessary outcome of an exceptionally moronic and gullible nation of fools who are used to fornicate their mind and soul to corrupt and roguish politicians, extremists and crooks.

    As they yell out this CC comes only to demolish EP! After that whither Sri Lanka? To anarchy, chaos, street fights, springs-a tumultuous situation? MR through misconfiguration of EP has done major disfiguration surgery on the whole system of governance and society. Not a single grit on land has escaped his corruption and vandalism. Yet it is through this very evil EP power that this dying and deformed system is kept alive and prevented from total disintegration. Guess what if MARA were to die today and tomorrow’s entangle! MARA has injected political heroine to the soul of this country in the same way he has injected material heroine to the material beings. And if we were to suddenly withdraw heroine from an addict then it is the end of the addict-he will suffer violently and die a painful death or commit suicide!

    This CC hysteria too is manifest of similar symptoms. Nowhere in the world’s history of democracy to my knowledge has there been an attempt conduct a major election to abolish an integral component of that system. EP is the life blood pump of the current system and to propose to simply abolish it without any plan or idea of the sequential mechanism is to court total anarchy and systemic breakdown. The real proof of my contention is the current chaos, strife and impasse regarding the inability to find a suitable candidate as CC-the JVP says something, JHU another thing, UNP says several things, Sobitha says yes but don’t know who and still anybody can propose somebody! And this is just to find out who will hang the bell on the cat’s neck! And now some in the main opposition party are threatening to leave the party and join the very despot whom they have been fighting to defeat tooth and nail! So much so for the CC concept!

    Therefore this abolition EP mission has to be integrated as part of a total solution package. This election must be fought with the idea of forming the next government which is mandated and required to fulfil the breached and neglected democratic aspirations of the people of the country. UNP as the largest opposition party has the leading role to play here and naturally it must be none other than RW who should run as CC. RW is proposed AS CC because there is none other than him more qualified and suitable for this post. He is proposed as CC to accommodate all others who want good governance and abolition of EP components to be included in the election manifesto. RW must come up with the outline of a total package of new Constitution building, good governance measures, solution to ethnic conflict, curbing of corruption, new economic model, social welfare, agricultural, environmental and wildlife reforms and international relations and assistance and other issue of import.

    Abolition of EP must be part of a total political package of a new government in the form of a new Constitution and not a single issue Common Candidate effort.

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    Vishwamitra [Edited out]

    You candidate is Karu Jeyasooriya, so that Mahinda can win the election easily.

    Once he wins for 3rd time, he will see that people like you also loose your freedom of expression and movement.

    Thank Vishwamitra [Edited out]

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