29 May, 2023


In Islam, There’s More Than One Way To Be An ‘Atheist’

Saudi Arabia recently declared atheism and Islamist terrorism equal crimes in the eyes of the law. To the Saudi government, not believing in God, and fighting in his name – although polar opposites – represent the same threat, a challenge to the religious consensus. What is it about atheism that it finds so challenging? And are different types of atheism possible in the Muslim world?

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    I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah, a man claiming to be Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said in a video first obtained by Agence France-Presse.

    There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women,” he continued, according to a CNN translation from the local Hausa language.(CNN)

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      Boko Haram is a criminal terrorist group which no Muslim will support. It should be eliminated by the Nigerian government without mercy. Perhaps they could take a lesson from Sri Lanka.

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        Born Muslim

        “Boko Haram is a criminal terrorist group which no Muslim will support. “

        You mean, BBS, Budu Balu Sena is a criminal terrorist group which no Buddhist will support. ?

        “Religion is the Opium of the Masses” -Karl Marx

        Yes. Facts speak for themselves. Both are terrorist Organizations.

        The Difference is that BBS is Supported by the Sri Lanka state.

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          ‘Religion is the opium of the Masses’. Karl Marx said so at a time when religion was being used by Monarchies to sustain their rule and this thinking cannot be used negatively in all circumstances as man gains numerously from religions than the few negatives.

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          Entire world is known now.They failed in approach.All the pressure in all the ways to government.wait & see the result.

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        This is the problem with quran. It can be interpreted the way the cleric or the mullah wants.

        boko haram says that they are muslims while some other muslims say they are not muslims.

        It is the same with different muslim sects killing each other saying the other group is not muslim.

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      Tamodaya (Anti Human)

      Excerpt from
      2013 Trafficking in Persons Report – Sri Lanka

      Within the country, women and children are subjected to sex trafficking in brothels. Boys are more likely than girls to be forced into prostitution in coastal areas for domestic child sex tourism. Children, individuals with physical deformities, and those from socially vulnerable groups are forced to beg or engage in criminal activity in the cities of Colombo and Kandy. In addition, there have been reports of children being subjected to bonded labor and forced labor in dry-zone farming areas on plantations, and in the fireworks and fish-drying industries. Some child domestic workers in Colombo, generally from the Tamil tea-estate sector of the country, are subjected to physical, sexual, and mental abuse, nonpayment of wages, and restrictions of their movement. Internally-displaced persons, war widows, and unregistered female migrants remained particularly vulnerable to human trafficking. A small number of women from Thailand, China, and countries in South Asia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union have been subjected to forced prostitution in Sri Lanka in recent years


      Man claims rape and torture upon return to Sri Lanka
      7.30 By Heather Ewart
      Updated Thu 25 Apr 2013, 7:14am AEST


      Apr 3, 2014 POLITICS
      In Sri Lanka, Abuse, Torture, Rape Continue Says Report


      Underage girl abducted and raped
      By Correspondent
      Published Monday, March 24, 2014

      A businessman was arrested in Sri Lanka on Sunday for abducting a 16-year-old girl who was chatting with her boyfriend on a beach and raping her, ‘Lankadeepa’ reported.


      An Unfinished War:
      Torture and Sexual
      Violence in Sri Lanka


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        Dear Vedda!
        I believe that you are aware that thousands upon thousands of house maids from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand etc are raped daily by their masters, master’s brothers and sons in Kuwait Saudi Arabia, Oman Bahrain, Dubai , U A E etc.
        kindly tell us why you justify Boko Haram’s kidnappings of girls. Your boko haram has killed more than 300 innocent people last night by setting fire to their homes.Did they day ‘Allah is Great’ while doing it?

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    Until and unless we understand that religion is no more than a dress which you can wear, change or discard as we wish, humanity dominated by fools and opportunists will be in this dire state, in trouble.

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    RE: In Islam, There’s More Than One Way To Be An ‘Atheist’

    This is NOT Unique to Islam and Muslims. It is There with the Jews. The Christians and even Buddhists. The debate is about HEGEMONY.

    “The way Muslim authorities, from governments to extended families, grandstand on “apostasy” shows us that what needs to be challenged is this appropriation of religion in order to control. But just as Muslims need to expand tolerance for non-belief into the public sphere by challenging the structures that define this space, westerners energised by the ex-Muslim’s fate need to see that there is more than one model of not believing in God.”

    This is NOT Unique to Islam and Muslims. It is There with the Jews. The Christians and even Buddhists. Read History. See what happened with Sinhala Monk Mahanama “Buddhists”.

    What religion is about giving a structure and reason for the Priests, Mullah and monks to keep the people subdued and follow their hegemony and worldview.

    The concept of Atheism is a challenge to the Theist Religions. Like science and Reason. Furthermore, for monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, there is only One God, N=1. For Hinduism, N=330,000,000. For Buddhism N=???.,, is not material.

    For Atheists, N=-0, and for agnostics N=? Unknown.

    However, for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, even though N=1, there is also a Devil, D=1 or perhaps more.

    It should be noted that early in the Islamic History, during the first 500 years, there was debate, and there was the House of wisdom in Baghdad, where religion, Natural philosophy, revelation, God and Greek Philosophy were vigorously debated and studied. The result was the advancement of the Islamic sciences, until the Religious establishment prevailed, setting the stage for the Islamic dark ages for Inquiry. and the decline. The Ulema and Mullah prevailed, and Islamic sciences and inquiry declined.

    The Erosion of Progress by Religions


    Uploaded on Sep 3, 2010
    Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium, discusses how Islamic fundamentalist destroyed the enlightenment era of the Middle East and why we should be concerned today.

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      amASSiri the altar boy

      waste of space as always with loads of ‘copy n paste’ crap…at least make your own sentences and put something meaningful

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        Para ela-kolla,

        Learn from JVP- JVP May Day Rally 2014 – Anura Dissanayake’s Speech


        Then go and get treatment from your teacher monk at Habaraduwa.

        ela-kolla Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa or take Bus 134 from Colombo.


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          para amASSiri the altar boy, you need some treatment from pope when he comes here next year….till then, think and enjoy the good times you had during your altar days

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          Amarasiri, please give Thana Kolla a big margin. He is under specialized care and medical attention!

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            mike[Edited out]

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            mike, [Edited out]

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            mike, you need to clean ur head first

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            Kolla is a [Edited out]

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      RE: In Islam, There’s More Than One Way To Be An ‘Atheist’

      Interesting interview With Saudi Prince Alwaleed and his wife Interview – the Charlie Rose show

      Talks about Women, belief in God, Personal belief and vail, and women driving cars and , riding camels and horses.


      Published on May 2, 2013


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    “Saudi Arabia recently declared atheism and Islamist terrorism equal crimes in the eyes of the law. To the Saudi government, not believing in God, and fighting in his name – although polar opposites – represent the same threat, a challenge to the religious consensus. What is it about atheism that it finds so challenging? And are different types of atheism possible in the Muslim world?”

    BUT, Polygamy is not Terrorism against the First wife.


    2-month jail, fine for woman academic for illicit relations
    Last updated: Monday, April 28, 2014 11:16 PM

    Saudi Gazette report

    JEDDAH — The Summary Court recently sentenced a well-known Saudi female academic to two months imprisonment for having an illegitimate relationship with a married man.

    She was fined SR2,000 and made to sign a pledge never to repeat the offence, local daily Al-Madinah reported Monday.

    The court also sentenced the man’s wife to four days in prison and fined her SR2,000 for defaming the defendant on Facebook after she had discovered her husband’s relationship.

    The wife told the court she had evidence that the academic had an illegal relationship with her husband and that the two of them traveled to a European resort together.

    She said since the academic met her husband he had neglected his family and that cracks appeared in their marriage.

    The judge ordered that the husband be questioned and a lawsuit against him be filed at the general court if necessary.

    The woman had traveled with the husband to a European country where they stayed alone, the court heard.

    She also sent him a number of flirtatious messages on his mobile phone and exchanged gifts with him.

    The husband had bought her gifts including lingerie from a famous American department store.

    The academic filed a lawsuit against the wife alleging that she had defamed her on the Internet and sent her filthy messages. The wife was also accused of visiting the home of the defendant’s mother and attacked the former there.

    The academic claimed that she only had a professional relationship with her male colleague and said he was about to announce his engagement to her.

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    Just because of one person or group of persons we cant blame a global religion. Same with BBS they don’t represent Buddhism. what they preach in their meetings and their way of living is 100% against the most simplest way of Buddha. He preached not talk lies – Musawadaya. But not BBS They go in Toto against his teachings.Same with Boko Haram

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    According to the writer putting to death those who claim to be ex-Muslim in Saudi Arabia is justifiable.
    How do you expect other countries to treat thousands of “ex-Buddhists” converted to Islam each year?
    Imagine the fate of a Buddhist migrant attempting to convert a Muslim to Buddhism in Saudi Arabia.
    And what punishment should be meted out to those who convert vulnerable Buddihists into Islam?

    The double standards professed by Muslims all over the world is laughable.

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      Good idea though 1,400+ years too late :-)

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      There was no Muslim Militant Problem for the First 500 years of Islam, and Sufism flourished, including Islamic Science and Philosophy, the Islamic Golden Age, when Europe was in the Dark Ages.


      Then came the Convoluted Priests and their hegemony. The Islamic Philosophers were marginalized. Islamic Science and Philosophy declined.

      Then Ibn Taymiah in the 13th Century and later Abdul Wahab in the 18th century and the Wahhabi -AlQueda Terrorist prevailed by late 70’s, due to petrodollars and the hegemony of the West in the Middle East and other countries.

      The Result, the Militants, just like LTTE, as a reaction to Sinhala Monk Mahanama Buddhist Hegemony over the Tamils.

      Remember, Sinhala Monk Mahanama Buddhist Terrorism Erupted in Sri Lanka in the 1950’s. The Muslim Terrorism did not start until late 1970’s.

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    [Edited out]

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    Islamic “terrorism” is only terrorism if it poses a threat to the hegemony of the House of Saud. That is why the Al Qaeda uprisings in Saudi were quickly put down. Otherwise, this so-called “terrorism” has a very nice name: jihad. Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of jihad in the world. From Afghanistan to Syria to the 911 attack in New York, it is not difficult to find a Saudi connection.

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