3 October, 2023


Infographics: Rajapaksa Family And Nepotism

The Rajapaksas: keeping it in the family

“The government of Sri Lanka is dominated by the family of the president, Mahinda Rajapaska. One of his brothers, Gotabaya Rajapaska has developed a reputation as the second most powerful – some would say the most powerful – man in Sri Lanka by abusing his position as Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development. Their other brother Basil is both the Minister for Economic Development and the head of the ‘President’s Task Force’ – an organisation that holds enormous power in the war-ravaged north of the country. Together these three brothers control somewhere between 45% and 70% of Sri Lanka’s budget and manage five of the largest government ministries. A fourth brother is Speaker of the Sri Lankan parliament. In total 29 members of Mahinda Rajapaska’s extended family hold senior positions within the government, civil service, media, or industry” says the Sri Lanka Campaign. Sri Lanka Campaign‘s  infographic, nepotism in Sri Lanka. 


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    Okay, it is nepotism. But at least the relationships are based on transparent, legal sleeping arrangements. Now out with the opaque, clandestine sleeping arrangements of the horny NGO-Human Rights-Civil Society extended family.

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      Don’t you have any shame in still trying to white wash the RajaPassas’? What exactly do you mean by “transparent, legal sleeping arrangements?”

      Are you saying that it’s ok that this despotic family practices nepotism openly??? And what the hell has NGOs got to do with one family robbing the country blind???

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        Do I have to spell out everything for you?

        I agree there is rampant nepotism in MR regime, actually the worst in post-independence Sri Lanka and it should be condemned without reservations.

        Nepotism is defined as favourtism based on kinship. And kinship is something we can detect as it is based on family and marriage connections. So nepotism practiced by MR is out in the open for everyone to see. I expressed the idea sarcastically when I said the relationships that are shown in the INFOGRAPHICS are based on “transparent, legal sleeping arrangements” in order to contrast it with an equally harmful but hidden form of “nepotism.”

        Now, we know sleeping is not confined to marriage. There are all kinds of sleeping arrangements as there are people sleeping around. People may just sleep around on a one-night-stand basis, or as regular “fuck buddies” or in common law relationships without public exposure. And some people sleep around for purely mercenary purposes.

        It is a well known anthropological fact that all these forms of sleeping around are rampant in the NGO-Human Rights-Civil Society cocktail/seminar circuit as they have all the luck and opportunities unlike lesser mortals like you and me. The whole cartel is like an extended family overflowing with peccadilloes.

        It is only human that these opaque, clandestine sleeping arrangements would influence the NGO/Human Rights/Civil Society “professionals” in their work and in their decisions related to funding allocations and appointments leading to serious breaches of trust and conflicts of interest. And in my humble view this is an even more insidious form of nepotism damaging our public life. We as good Sri Lankan citizens should be concerned about both these forms of nepotism.

        [See Dunce, I expressed all of the above ideas in just 3 sentences in my original message! I have to decipher it for you to understand!! Also please note, you with a dirty mind, I have not used the word “sex” even once!!!]

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          i am sure you didn’t intend your pseudonym to describe the condition of your mental faculties which would give Alzheimer’s a bad rap.
          I am particularly fascinated by your trying to put yourself int he same boat as Presidunce Bean when you say, “unlike lesser mortals like you and me. The whole cartel is like an extended family overflowing with peccadilloes.” That poor guy must be running around in sackcloth and ashes after having you as a pal! Go ramble someplace else, preferably one reserved for (stooging) jackasses where you should be perfectly at home.

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            Aney Apochchi, did I make you mad by comparing your dimwit son Bean with a hobo like me? Apochchi, coming forward to defend your son in a public forum like this without disclosing your relationship can lead to conflict of interest charges, don’t you think? …….I know your masters are far superior to those I am going after………So Apochchi, you and your son are working for the same NGO? Bad boys….that’s nepotism. Was Bean caught with his pants down rolling in the ash with a civil socialite that he had to grab a sackcloth and flee? Sin Aney! ……….. By the way, To whom am I speaking? ….Jeez…….Where the fuck is my glass of arrack? …….But mommy, I don’t want to grow up. NO, you keep quiet. I know what to do with my life. OH..C’MON …I am not wonky, I did take my medication …..shut up, I know it’s Aricept, you turn off the damn TV, let me have some peace and quiet around here ……Damn these voices …..screaming in my head all day ….[Edited out]

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          Take no notice, Bean is an idiot. He doesn’t understand sarcasm.

          Next, no nepotism doesn’t necessarily mean there is a clean or efficient government. JRJ government is the best example. He had no crown prince. Yet, after seventeen years of holding absolute power, I mean 5/6 majority in parliament and resignation letters of all MPs in his pocket, the country was almost bankrupt and in chaos when he was compelled to end his term.

          In Rajapakse’s case, nepotism seems to have worked very well. Besides its a people chosen nepotism. Basil got the highest number of preferential votes in Gampaha and the country. So did Namal in Hambantota. So did Sashindra in Uva.

          If not for brother Gota being the secretary for defence, President may not have had the faith to delegate necessary powers to forces so as to take quick decisions to defeat the terrorists.

          President may have seen all that back stabbing on Premadsa by his ambitious party starlets. I am sure Rajapakse doesn’t want to take such chances. So, I wouldn’t blame the president for taking his kith and kin in to confidence. What matters is we have a stable and a peaceful country that is meeting people’s expectations.

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            Yes, Nepotism to Put up a harbour on top of a rock and without ships coming ( 6 ships for the last 6 months)…….

            Napotism to build airports in Animal habitat and with no Air planes coming while daily operational,OH and Logistic costs reaching over 20 Million rupees Per day with no planes in sight……..

            Napotism to bring in Lamborginis at the expense of Poor Rizana’s ME labour money…….

            Napotism to build expensive Airports that money could have built 250,000 homes for Poor, home less and war refugees….

            Napotism to Build Airport in a fertile farm land that woud have used to grow mass scale DATE Palm trees, apple, orange and greap trees and other fruit farms that are very low investments and maintenance cost with high yield and profitable and environmental friendly. (In USA and Europe price of a pound of fruit is equalant a pound of Meat, pork or chicken)…..

            Napotism to install Raja family sibling as head of Treasury sum Basanayake Nilame at Kataragama Temple which in vocabulary there are still words such as Treasury Board, committees and ministries.

            Nepotism to take back 85 Billion Divineguma fund under one Brother of ruling party and a famous Mr. (10%) ten percent….

            Nepotism to reject 400 houses to be built free by International Red Cross for war refugees, but later stopped to build them due to not giving 10% commission to MR 10% commission Kakka.

            Nepotism to bring in Lamborginis, Rolls Royces at the expense of poor ME domestic worlers hard earned foreign exchange.


            WHAT IS NEXT……..

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              Just to show your rambling are lies I like to point out that you have said a few months back that no tourists are coming to this country and to confirm it you said you saw only 30 tourists from London to Colombo flight. My own experience is contrary: Exactly four weeks back UL504 flight was full and 90% of the passengers were white tourists. Last week a friend came in the same flight and the story seemed to be the same.

              You talk of commis kakkas and waste but it’s only last week that Mr. Akira Shimura, Chief Representative of JICA Sri Lanka signed a loan agreement with Sri Lanka for BIA expansion project to include a second runway, new terminal building elevated roadways, etc and etc that cost 42.477 billion yen. Project will start this year and finish in 2015. Do you think JICA would lend so much money for such a massive passenger handling expansion unless they see potential.

              Unforeseen stone that obstruct the harbour is no more. And its only this week that fuel storage tanks were completed. And the second stage of construction is progressing smoothly. So, you’ll have no choice but wait another year to see the increased activity.

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            You say….”Exactly four weeks back UL504 flight was full and 90% of the passengers were white tourists. Last week a friend came in the same flight and the story seemed to be the same.”

            If you could do me a favour…. We don’t need to argue on this as to who is telling truth or lies.

            Please send me the Cabin passenger list of this perticular flight and date that you say 90% were white Tourists. I will take any bet with you for any amount if you could prove me that 90% of this UL504 flight were WHITE TOURISTS.

            I have come many times in this flight and have seen around 70% of white tourists in this flight get down at Male (Moldives)International Airport and the rest follow to Sri Lanka.

            Also if you could prove during 2012 there were One Million Tourists came to Sri Lanka, as you know in order to hit one Million tourists per year…..there should be 60 full plane loads of tourists should land every day 365 days per year.

            Please prove with cabin passenger lists from where these tourists came. Please don’t try to dupe intelligent people by these Govt. Jokers.

            Why you need to build a second runway at Katunayake taking another loan from Japan, when already 225 Million Dollars spent at Mattala without fuel storage facility.

            Also wait and see the dance when British Airways resume their London, Dubai, Colombo flights beginning 15th April 2013.

            Please send me the above UL504 Info.

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        All the Rajapassa brothers are uneducated and do not have a basic university degree..

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          What an idiotic comment. Leaders are born and cannot be made out of graduates of a university. How can a university degree turns a man to be a perfect president. Do we not see idiotic ministers who are graduates.

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            Unless those Graduates been bought by Kasippu Mudalalis.

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          Silliest comment ever !

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        Gamini/Jayantha Wickramsinghe is related through marriage and not a direct relative. I am very closely related to the Wickramsinghes and does that mean that I am related to the Rajapakses as well ? Gamini has resigned as the chairmen of BOC . A Muslim gentleman is now as Chairman of the BOC . I really do not know who is supplying this information .
        Chamal , Basil ,Namal, Sashindra have all been elected by the people in the election . Any problems with that ? This is democracy .

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          Could you please list us any democratic country that has three brothers from the same family in the top most posts in the government? The President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Speaker?
          This is not democracy, this is outright nepotism, without shame or reason.
          I do not think even in a dictatorship, you will find such obvious nepotism. Take off those rose tinted glasses.

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      This foolish comment says that the Post held is transparent enough –
      and he does not realize that any Govt. appointment has to be transparent,
      whilst NGO operations are not comparable in this respect.

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        Punchi Nilame

        I can appreciate my uncanny ideas are beyond your punchi intellect.

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          You look like a Terrier loose without a canny-collar.

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      My Dear
      You missed the points. This is not nepotism at all. All of the MRs family politicians are people (happily) elected members of parliament or local govt. Gota saved the country so if he come forward people would make him even the exc. president of this country with unprecedented majority. Private staff of the politicians are his own and temporary. Sri Lanka employs 1.5 million govt. servants and therefore everyone has a right to become a govt. servant. Being a relative to a politician should not stop one’s civil rights. There are many legitimate ways to recruit to national services including to govt. enterprises so this number is negligible.

      So what is the problem if the country moves forward with full security and prosperity. Currently Sri Lanka is the fastest developing country not only in this region but anywhere in the world. So people will elect MR and his family for another 2-3 spells no doubt. Try to defeat them in an election with facts without bringing this type of cheap tactics.

      Sri Lanka has every right to appoint the best people like Gen Shaveendra as her diplomats. Now at least LTTE is not represented by our foreign servants as it was some 10 years back.

      Why they do not talk about Bush, Clinton, Kennedy families in US, Milibands in UK, Ghandis in India, Bhutos in Pak, Annans in UN. This is Sri Lanka where the rule and the profession passed from father to son / brother even to wife and daughter in our great and prosperous history of over 3000 years long and do not compare her with those countries with so much of extra resources earned in dirty ways.

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        Jaliya Wickremasinghe,

        Your name is familier with the SL Ambassador to USA. if so we know that you are President Rajapakse’s Brother in law. President Rajapakse say he is related to Lord Buddha and King Dutugemunu.

        Here’s what Jackson Anthony say about President Rajapakse during Ranaviru Real Star Program published in CT.Please watch the video clip.


        In order to clarify this could you please do a DNA test on President Rajapakse….so we know if he is related to Lord Buddha and King Dutugemunu.

        According to what people say is that both Gota and Basil look like Malay or Moroccon people who came to do trade long time ago to Sri Lanka. So a DNA will confirm MR’s blood line to Lord Buddha.Also read other peoples comments in that web.

        Also if you could clarify these questions will be helpful.

        1)Isn’t it Gen.SF who won the last Presidential elections, but MR won it by cheating whyile SF ballot papers still found in road side.
        Also election commissioner was kept under house arrest and SF’s party supporters were harassed, chased from counting centers and jailed by MR goons and police.

        2)Wasen’t Gota was in USA pumping gas during hight of war. It was Gen.SF who saved our country. So how you say Gota saved our country.Please don’t lie in public. Infact Gota is a murderer and cheater taking commissions on Arms purchase. Please read Sunday Leader.com . Everything is there.

        3)How you became the Ambassador to USA when you were a Tea Salesman in Sri Lanka. Could you give us your academic credentials and professional qualifications. Remember there are over 100,000 unemployed or under employed Graduates in Sri Lanka. So what is your qualifications other than MR’s Brother in Law to be US Ambassador.

        4)You say SL is fastest developping country in the world. How come when it’s main foreign exchange earner is Middle East House Maids and manual labor, and 70% children malnourished and 40% unemployed,and inflation at 22% and CB IMF, WB loans at over 9 Billion US Dollars, and GAS,Fuel, electricity prices going up every other month etc..etc.. Whose reports you read….Please don’t read bogus GOSL fairytale reports.This is the truth and don’t lie to public like MR Chinthana.

        5)Can you clarify how many Rajapakse goons are working at top Govt.Jobs out of this 1.5 million govt.servants. Also could you give their qualifications. We need the total MR family list who occoupy top jobe after MR came to power.

        6)Why MR sends SL reps. to International conferences and forrums who even cannot speak a word of English. Are they coming to have a good time and do shopping.Isn’t it a waste of tax payer money. Aren’t these MR goons who do laundry work to him.

        7)Yes rule and profession passing from father to son who are not qualified. Who cheated law exam and became the highest scorer in SL’s history with 98 marks. I will bet a million Dollars if Namal could get 65 marks….leave alone 98 if another test is given. If you like to take the bet, please let me know.

        8)Could you give a speech in English on any topic at an International Forrum. I will bet your capability, as I have herd you talk.

        9)Since you are connected to Rajapakses, please check your blood line also to find if you are also connected to Lord Buddha and King Dutugemunu.

        10)Can you also find what happened to Tsunami International donations of over 100 million rupees, and the 15 million cut for the then CJ who aquitted MR from fraud. (Sorry King Dutugemunu incarnate)

        11)Where are the ships at Hambanthota harbour, and where’s the planes at Mattala air port…. When are they flying and to where…now run half trips to Trichi.

        12)What happened to VP’s captured 2 tons of Gold and lorry loads of Foreign currency. Also KP’s ships, gas stations, super markets and drug business…..

        13)Who is the biggest Kasippu trader in Sri Lanka now who recently brought in 40 million rupees of Ethenol and who is evading arrest.Who is th biggest Ganja and drug dealer in Sri Lanka now. You should have that information due to the family connection.

        14)Where’s your 1 Million Tourists gone. Now hotels complain of no or less Guests occupying rooms.

        14) Mr. Jaliya…enough is enough robbing Sri Lanka, it’s resources and it’s reputation. Better you do your known profession, which is Tea Salesman than writing bogus in this forum.

        Also give us the list of all MR’s relatives who occoupy top Govt. positions after MR came to power and their qualifications.

        Thank you.

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          My Dear
          You’ve become mad seeing my name. But I’m somebody else, an ordinary citizen, not the diplomat you guessed.
          Please come to a decent debate without hate speech. What Jackson says and his stories and MR’s blood is not relevant here but I’ll reply to your points.
          1. Yes SF contributed as a public servant as everyone else. But MR provided the necessary political leadership that SF lacks over his total military service. There is no way in Sri Lanka to rig an election as the results are shown to every party just after the votes are counted by public servants. Every public servant witness this.
          2. All these are allegations and not facts. Perhaps Gota stopped arms rackets. Please do not insult fuel pumpers who earns with hard work to feed their children and or to support their studies.
          3. What bars a tea salesman to be a diplomat. Albert Einstein has never been to a school. 100000 unemployed graduates are a utter lie. Total unemployment in Sri Lanka is 4% (400000) only. Sri Lanka produce nearly 35000 graduates annually and they are settled in 1- 2 years’ time somewhere.
          4.GOSL economic reports are prepared by independent institutions like CBSL and DCS. No academic has challenged them locally or internationally. Your statistics are wrong. Please rad UN and World bank reports for latest Sri Lanka statistics if you do not believe local reports. Yes we have debts but they are spent on building the nations with new highways, ports , roads and Irrigations etc. Foreign remittances are citizen’s own decision right and perhaps labouring abroad has nothing wrong if you do not betray (like some NGO workers) the mother land that fed you so far.
          5. This debate is based on the CT published list.
          6. There is a price to pay for the democracy. Leader ship is necessary for a country. Having a majority accepted Leader is a fortune for a country. All the international conferences are going well so far including the UNHRC.
          7. There is a public service commission which functions well in Sri Lanka. They do not allow less qualified to enter in PS. Law college and Universities in Sri Lanka has a good reputation in the world.
          8. If speaking in English is a qualification, whores and beggars on London streets are better than any of the non-native English speakers.
          9. All the world is related to Lord Buddha.
          10. Allegation again. All the Tsunami victims were well off in less than 5 years.
          11. Please wait and see the progress of public own Mattala and Magampura ports.
          12. Sri Lanka do not need stolen gold or money. We have the mental and physical capacity to earn enough, the way we stand for over 3000 years of continuous, written history.
          13. This will be investigated soon. Please wait and see.
          14. We are short by about 50000 rooms these would be ready by next 2 years with new investments. Sri Lanka is the best destination for tourism today.
          14b. Previous 3 regimes did not add a single inch to Sri Lanka’s road network, not a single port was added, no irrigation system was made. All the investments and buildings seeing around now are made for the benefit of the common people.

          Thaks for giving me the opportunity

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            The issue is not whether all or some of the individuals being cited are qualified and or are capable, but whether they will hold the positions they do if Mahinda Rajapakse had not become the president. Further, numbers involved definitely point to nepotism on a grand scale.

            Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

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              Dear Sir
              Please look at the problem from peoples’ point of view. Most needed in a country is the stability which now highly prevails in Sri Lanka and it is perhaps what is behind all of this progress. Most in point are private staff of the leaders. No matter his previous profession as long as he is in control of the leader who only is responsible to the people. Can someone perform when some not trustworthy or betraying or back stabing are in his team. We have to let this team to perform and decide on the real outcome. It is unfair to instruct them to practice something not practiced anywhere else.

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              I agree that nepotism is on grand scale under Rajapakse. I also agree that many an unsuitable or incapable or mere egoistic people are at top positions. Ex CJ’s salesman hubby holding bank chairmen is the best example. But do you think many of those who held positions under ChandrikaK and RanilW would have had the chance of holding those position had she and Ranil not held the power?

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            Jaliya Wickremasinghe,

            Could you clarify these please….

            1)Where is the independent Police Commission..

            2)Where is the independent Election Commission…

            3)Where is the independent Prission commission…

            4)Where is the Independent Free Media and Journalists…

            5) Where is the independent Judiciary….

            6)Where is the Independent Customs Commission….

            7)Where is the 2/3 Parliament with over 60% been paid Billions of rupees to cross over from opposition.

            8)Who are the biggest investers of Colombo stock market….

            9)Who gave 14 brand new vehicles to Wimal Weerawanse’s ministry when he even did not asked for it……

            10)Who run the Night Clubs, Casino clubs, Bookie Business, Brothel (international whore) business

            11) How come Three Rajapakse controls 90% of National Budget, economy and all contracts with 10 to 90% commission. Please read the following web….


            12) How come MR getting 20 Million rupees per day as his sundry expenses (daily petty cash exp.)

            13)How come grade Five and grade eight school drop-out become Parliament Ministers, now loosing Billions upon Billions of rupees of losses all these Pin Padi gon harak Corporations they run……

            14)Why MR Bankrupt GK conglomerate and acquired Harry Jayawardena and Daya Gamage, and other UNP party supporters Businesses.

            15) Who is the culprit who initiated Hedging deal loosing over One Billion Dollars. Please watch following web…
            http://www.derana.lk and watch ex.CJ Sarath Silva interview

            Yes everybody is related to Lord Buddha including Hitler, Bin Laden, Gadaffi, Anguli Mala, Kasippu Sira and Kasippu Jhonny, Kudu Duminda, Kelani Gas Gemba mervin, Jula Amare,

            A. Einstein was an inventor and not a Butcher. Butchers becomming defense secretary is not acceptable. Same with when you go to Rome speak and act like a Roman and not a Gamarala. In USA or anywhere it is a must to communicate in English which is Known among all Diplomatic community and not Veddha language wearing Amude.

            London English speaking Whores and beggers have better chance of communicating/ convincing and Getting more business deals to Sri Lanka than some of our Native language speaking DPL VIP Commission Kakkas….now UN SL unqualified staff gone to dogs.

            Please answer to my above questions and after I receive, I will post my next set of questions.


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              There is no point in your qest paper to give a decent answer. I think you should go back to school before writing some thing in this type of professional stage or you might actually being a school boy who has no idea to find reliable information sources. Please write to related authoritie to get all those confirmed.

              The word ‘Inedependent’ is the most misused word in the world politics. Every body is trying to say that he is independent. How stupid it is someone to say that he is independent of what he was taught before he reach 5 yeras and may be after that as well, by his born and brougt-up culture. Nothing is independent. We all live in agrrements between us. Please try to undersatnd Lord Buddhas great ‘Theory of reasoning’ on what every thing are made of. Harry or Daya or any body suits to lead the country only if the people agree with.

              Independant commisions were abolished legitimately by the Parliment which reprecents the peoples view as the commision members who are neither responsible to nor elected by people can undermine the development and governing process of the country placing the people elected country leaders in great difficulties. This can happen on external influences too as it still happens in some of the govt institutions and similar to former CJ’s incident which was totlay unnecessary and negelcted by the people of this country. All the institutions should be responsible to country.

              All our foreign relationships are running smooth by now and under controll. English is just another com. tool ant to be worshipped. There is no such issue like English knowledge of this country as you tries to highlight

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              Mr.Jaliya Wickremasinghe,

              I don’t agree with you when you say for me to go back to school. There’s nothing called going back to school….but go forward to learn and understand the world. It’s a life long process until one die.
              Also this process helps one to understand who are the Respectable Wolves in Sheep cloth who go to temple every day giving Dana to Preletes, building temples, mega Buddha statutes, giving unlimited land to temples, giving air tickets, Cars, foreign travel to Buddhist clergy while cheating, robbing, deceiving, impeaching,Jailing, murdering and sending White van abducters to whoever they want, whenever they want and at what ever time.

              Yes for you, Independence means nothing as now we have Respectable Kasippu Mudalalis, respectable Rapists, Robbers, cheaters,drug dealers and respectable deceivers, dana givers and vote riggers.

              These are the real crooks who misuse their Independeence,their positions,their power, their status and their authority to intimidate, supress, harass, jail and kill whoveer who oppose to their dictatorial and Authoritarial rule.

              In Sri lanka there are some leeches called “Wandi Battayas” whose only job is to do Laundry work for the above respectable Wolf Leaders. Guys like Wimal, Mervin,Patali, Keheliya, SB, Pavithra,Maithri, Hakeem,Susil Prema, Vasi Vasu,GLP,Yapa, Rajitha, Dullas are some of them whyo go Kade for the king in return of TIPs and positions given by King.

              These King’s dhobis are doing a good job for him while King is rewarding them lavishly. If you could go and see their Mansions, their other wealth and Loots, their children….you cand guess whether you are in Sri Lanka or in Las Vegas Nevada.

              This is how King Dutugemunu impersonate doing his family business of running the country.

              Harbours without ships, Airports without planes, Roads without concrete and bridges without steel are some of the Chinthana developments.

              No body gave any mandate to Rajapakses other than they stole peoples vote, stole people elect opposition party MP’s, stole constitution, stole independence, stole free speech, stole police and judiciary commission,Hijacked Buddhism anb stole the Whole country and it’s resources.

              Bribing Uganda with US 150 Million Dollars for one UNHRC vote is just one incident of Rajapakse Dynastic authoritorial and dictatorial rule, while poor Rizanas are sent to Saudi Arabia to bring in foreign currincy for Maharaja children to go in Lamborgini Rydes.

              Mr.Jaliya. Some people have eyes…but can’t see. Some people have ears but cant hear and some people do Laundry work for Kappan and pin padi.

              I don’t know which category you fall under…… and if you could clarify us on this will be helpful. Take care.

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            If you are not that Jara Jaliya, then why did you take his name. Have you not got a backbone of yours to stand upright? Why impersonate what you are not?

            • 0

              No body write to media in his true identity

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            Most of the time this Mahela or Jayantha doesn’t know what he is talking about. Often he act as a bigot.

            At one time this man tried to compare “BUDDHA IS A PHILOSOPHER…….like Carl Marx, Aristotal, plato, Castro, confusius, Rohana Wijeweera, and many more……whose philosophies change from time to time and also their followers behaviour” and went on to criticize and pass judgement on Buddhism without even knowing Buddhist history or the basics of its Dhamma. If I do not answer him in kind, like all evangelical idiots, he will also think Buddhists are uneducated and uncultured idiots but they as intellectuals.

            So Mahela, instead of giving a lecture on Buddhism as a reply to you, I thought it would be best to test your knowledge on you God. Because you had said Allah is the same as Christian God. I wanted to pick you on that.

            What do you say are you ready Mahela?

            • 0


              Of couse I am ready.

              First of all I should say that am not a Buddhist. But I respect all the religions including Buddhism simply because all of them tell ahow how to be a good person and how to lead a good life.

              I did Sinhala litrature for my A Level and Logic which covers Part of Buddhism and Buddhist Literature and how to analyse critical through argumentative thinking. I had to write thesis n 555 Jathakaya, selalihini sandeshaya, Lord Buddha’s life and sermons and preachings and how they apply to the world etc..and other areas of his life and Logic helped me to think anlytically.

              I could send some web links which I refer these but think CT might take this out, and I have to respect their Judgment although they are available in internet.

              I have a minute knowledge of Lord Buddha, Quarn, Bible and Hindu Philosophy.

              I am a christian because my Parents were Christian, and I am OK with it.

              1) Lord Buddha is not a GOD but a Philosopher who attained higher Realms and finally enlightened through Learnard Teachers, fasting and Meditation and through good deeds.

              2)Lord Buddha told his followers not to call him God but a God will come after him. This is not been told or preached in today’s Buddhism. It’s been erased. Please read following Web, which I hope CT will allow to publish…

              3)There’s Therawada, Mahayana and Tibaten Buddhism which differ their philosophies, practice and preaching.

              4)While Christian and Muslim have one God, Hindu Religion has over 3 Million Gods, but few are exception and worshipped at.

              5)Buddhists either worship or ask for favours from these Hindu Gods, while some go to St. Anthony’s church Kochchi kade.

              6)Only Buddhists does not ask Favours or Help from Lord Buddha, but admire and follow his life.

              7)Muslims do not ask for Favours from Allah, but by praising him they believe Allah look at their needs and help them.

              8)Both Catholics, Christians and Hindus both praise and ask favours from their Gods.

              9)Except Buddhissm, all other religions believe that God created universe, earth and mankind.

              10) According to my analysis….Lord Buddhas Philosphy is basically based on three aspects, and they are..

              A) All wordly posessions will eventually disappear and . . possing them will not bring happiness.
              B) Follow middle Path
              c) Dana, good deeds and Meditation to enlighten….but Karma . leeds to eventual Nirvana.

              OK, now Lord Buddha does not say about the forming of Universe or a creater of universe.

              Also he never said he created Universe nor who created it.

              He did not tell anybody to ask him favours nor he gives them.

              He did not preach how to come up in life, how to be rich, work hard, how to live and enjoy life with hard earned money.

              Here’s one of the sites to let you know that Buddha is a Philosopher……only if CT allows it to be published….

              In this you will see the question on…..

              Why are so Many Buddhist Countries Poor?….and the answer is..

              One of the Buddhist teachings is that wealth does not guarantee happiness and also wealth is impermanent. The people of every country suffer whether rich or poor, but those who understand Buddhist teachings can find true happiness.

              There are so many other links about Lord Buddha, his philosophy and his life and teachings that you could obtain from Internet..

              I don’t understand Pirith, Bana and chanting language which I don’t understand……unless thay are told in Sinhala Language.

              If buddhism tells that all worldly posessions are not worth and life is full of Misery and no point going after those posessions……it should allow Citizens of other religions to come up in life and to enjoy their bounty.

              Finally Nobody should have authority to restrict other religious citizens to enjoy their lives or restrict them or posess their belongings simply because of Buddha’s preaching that all worldly posessions are end in doom.


              Remember he left his (Kingship) Prince status,Crown, Palace, Wife and Children…..and went to jungle to enlighten……which the Buddhist clergy preach and practice today in Sri Lanka……so others should follow same doctrine.

              Building Ports on huge stones with no ships coming (6 ships in 6 months)…..building Air ports in Animal Habitat with no planes landing, and laying endless roads, breakingg in six months and Control 90% of Budget, economy, contracts and political power on ONE FAMILY WAS NOT PREACHED BY BUDDHA.


              Hope you got my point….

            • 0


              My Answer to your question on Alla is same as Christian God is……. In our Bible in old testement and in Quran it say…. Prophet Abraham (in Muslim religion he is called Ibrahim) had two sons. One from his wife Sarah who named her child as Isaac.

              Abraham also had a son to Hagar and named him Ishmael.

              The Jewish/christians are the descendants of Isaac. Jusus came through Isaac’s generation

              Muslims are the descendants of Ishmale. Prophet Mohammed came through Ishmael’s generation

              Both follow same God…..but the final messangers are different.(Prophet Mohammad for Muslims and Jesus for Christians).

              Jewish religion does not follow either messangers, but only God.

              Please research through Internet.

              Regarding Buddhist Philosophy…..My question is….

              1)How far Buddhism encourages one to be successful in life.

              2)Is it a Prograssive Philosophy that encourages and give advise on one to work hard, come up in life, enjoy life with with family, friends, relatives and with children and share the bounty with others……..

              3) Or it tells that life is sorrow, miserable, half dead and therefore no point working hard, making money or come up in life…..”Geevitha Anitathan….Maranaya Niyathan” Doctrine….

              4)Because when I listen to early morning Pirith and Bana and Buddhist priests sorrowful Deshanaya……I don’t feel like going to work. I feel I am half depressed and half hearted with no motivation of going to work.

              5)Infact of these why don’t you give a short Buddhist sermon followed by Live Talk show Jokes on daily life, just live positive gossip, encourage children on usefullness in studies and educate them on different vocationlal, technical,service sector, IT training and all other sectors etc.

              6)In the morning it should be nothing but purely Motivational positive and confidence building programmes should be broad cast…….and not the ever sleeping BANA hijacked and monopolised Buddhist Philosophers.

              7)That’s why I said that unlike other religions, Buddhist Philosophy should change according to time and should not be a sleeping and stagnated old sleeping Buddha.

              8)China with Mahayana Buddhism has over 600 US Dollar Billioneers and over 6000 US Dollar Millioners, followed by Mahayana Japan and Mahayana Korea and Mahayana West.

              India haqs over 200 US Dollar Billioneers and over 4000 US Dollar Millioneers.

              How many US Dollar Millioneers we have in Sri Lanka…..except one family. Where’s our pride, prosperity and Future…..





          • 0

            Jaliya Wickremasinghe,

            A system based on principles should not only help in governance, but also should outlive those who govern. The. Constitution and the rule of law are the pillars that sustain the system. The system should not be tailored to conform to the needs of those governing us now, however effective it may appear in the short term. The long term consequence would rebound on us. Nepotism, favouritism , bribery, corruption etc., are cancers that destroy the vitality of a country. Human nature may be fallible, but the system should circumscribe it.

            I heard Prof. G.L. Pieris angrily defending the impeachment of CJ Bandaranaike yesterday at a seminar at the Luxshman Kadirgamar Institute in Colombo. He claimed that Sri Lanka had the right to do what suits it best. Coming from a professor of law, this sounded heresy to me. Are we defending our right to behave like the kings of old, when arbitrariness and personal whim dictated governance?

            Dr. Rajasingham. Narendran

        • 0

          I entirely agree with you on all the points. About the Malayan (Jaa) or Moroccan faces of Rajapaksha clan, I too have noted that long time ago, but yours is the first time that I have seen this remark. In fact I too considered that their ancestry went back to some foreign trading settlers, and as you know the name Hamban-Tota (the seat of Rajapakshas’)is rooted on the port where Hambans (foreigners of islamic origin) were abundant.

          • 0

            Ones’ cast is decided by what he is doing now and not by his birth – Lord Buddha

            • 0

              “ONE’S cast is decided by what ONE is doing now and not by ONE’S birth” – Lord Buddha

            • 0

              Yes Cast under Present Govt. cast is decided by the amount of laundry one wash for his masters. There are already few like Keheliya,Wimal,Mervin,Patali, Susil,SB,pavithra etc.

              In Sri Lanka under MR Regime High Cast means High theft, high commissions, high Bribe, High Corruption while screwing public and also how high one lift ones ass. Nothing else.

          • 0

            The best is to confirm Rajapakses roots are to get their DNA and to compare with Malayan and Moroccan and Indian people.

            The time I herd Gota shouting at Sunday Leader editor Fredrica Jansz with You Fuck…f pig eating shit……I felt definitely he don’t have any roots to Lord Buddha or King Dutugemunu…..but to the Hambanthota Buffalos.


            • 0

              The country still survives because of this strategy. Otherwise, all the ministers will be billionaires and the country would have been sold for a song. One family may have earned, but it is still better than many families robbing the country. There is a cost for democracy. Everybody has a pocket. What we have to see is whether are we getting a good service for the money we are spending on rulers. In my personal view, we are not getting reasonable service. But, it is because of our political system. We have to maintain 100 odd ministers, another 100+ MPs, thousands of provincial council ministers, members, local government members etc. to rule us. If we can stop those extra payments, we would get a good deal. In other words, make MR the king, immediate family as princes/ princesses, extended family as royal family members. Then we will have to spend for only one family to rule us, and I am sure many would agree with me that the (royal) family has already earned enough for their many generations, they may even consider offering us a free service!

          • 0

            S.Ahmed, Jaliya and Nobel.

            Salaries for all Parliament Ministers Deputy Ministers, Senior Ministers, their secretaries, opposition MP’s, Porvincial council members, local government, Municipal counsils, their Vehicle payments, housing and Utility bills, all paid by government.


            I suggest Government or you all or any other organisation to calculate all these administrative costs and publish them, so we citizens know and have an idea of these costs.

            According to my calculations 30% of our annual GDP has to allocate just to pay these salaries, beneficts and perks.







            You need only one big blunder like the Hedging deal which lost

          • 0


            Ahamed, Jaliya and Noble,

            You need only one big blunder like the Hedging deal which lost One Billion US Dollars to ruin our economy, and President Rajapakse did it which we still have to pay.


            Toyota Motor Co. Annual Turnover alone is 5 times our GDP.


        • 0

          hi Mahela
          Jaliya is very correct.Whores , thugs, crimnals in not only in londonh but also in all other english speaking world speaks english better than any of so called educated civil servents served in srilankan missionaries abord.Russian german and french missionaries neer speak english.
          your think english is good..my is not good either go to hell.

          • 0


            Are you talking in 21st century or 18th century.

            Both whores and Beggars in London have to work hard to convince their clients to make a deal or business or donation.

            What I said was London whores and beggers will do a better job getting in more business to Sri Lanka than some of our MR goon VIP DPL gas gembas who know nothing about marketing or to bring in Business to Sri Lanka while wasting tax payer money.

            VIP’s and DPL’s in Third world countries like ours have to speak English with Marketing Knowledge and skills, and not only the top guy but all the rest of the staff should be fluent in English to bring in Business to Sri Lanka. Same with Political issues.

            Becomming President does not allow automatically to put over 600 of his relatives and friends to Top Government and International posts who are absolutely not qualified and many are absolute muts.

            There are over 100,000 unemployed and under employed Graduates looking for suitable jobs. Graduates riding Three wheels or selling lottery or selling vegetables cannot be count as employed. They are just survivors and looking for suitable jobs.

      • 0

        fastest moving country???? in the books of Nivard Cabraal? Or perhaps in terms of your own wallet?

        • 0

          Please re-read my comment 4 in 2nd reply to Mahela

      • 0

        Whoever you are –


        A) There are more than enough facts that the waragoda killing was solely the involvement of Mervin Silva, but where has the due justice been ?

        B) Murder of Baratha – as the eye witnesses revealed them – they should be facts – but what happened ?

        C) CJ impeachment – even neighoring india is claiming that impeachment process against legally appointed Dr SB – had not been constitutional – made favorable for the rulers no matter anyone say anything. And filling the vacancy by putting a candidate whose credentials cotained to have been corrupted – with on going cases against him

        D)Not to forget the incident the very UNCIVILISED punishment of stone age carried out by Mervin himself and asking the victim to lie in the court case – do you feel this was not the fact ?

        E) Murder of British national a year ago, by close henchman of president of the country, but not convicted just because of the relationship is above the prevailing law – is not the fact ?

        F) Juliampitya amare is proved to have not taken to custody even if there had been over 100 warrants issued by the court – was that because of just allegations ? Juliampitya amare was seen several dozen of times ot have close appearances with President of the nation – why not tohave gone against him – was not because of the biasness- but this should just have been an another allegation or fact ?

        G) Many others who feel the rule of the law of the country is no longer there can surely add more.

        I am a srilankaen living on the west for the last 3 decades, but I have been alert to lanken matters – but observing all these being outside of the country- is beyong disgusting to me mostly. But I think that we hve now reached to the levels that we cant easily control over all these corruption in the country.

        Rajapakshes have destroyed the country to this day – IC would never be able to see that our could become a great nation so long these rulers rule our country.

        • 0

          Answers to your ABCD..
          All of those are in front of the court and Bribery commision where every body is given a time and space to prove his inocence and what ever the (sellected) media you read say one is innocent untill he is proved guilty in a civilized manner.

          Mervin has been punished twice in local courts. There are many eye witnesse saying that Bharata was not the first one to shot and it is Duminda who was first to shot. Anyway all of who were in the seen are in custody now. So your claim is wrong.

          • 0

            You should be a dimwit of new age, not to have understood the nature of the realities as they are. Sure there exist more of you in among rural folks inthe country that that make up the blind voters for the Rajapakses, but one would not be able to fool the same folk forever.

            Mervin has been punished ?
            When was he punished ? He further behaved uncivilised and uncultured manner, that small chilren could not be fed with better answers to those what they raised after listening to his speeches ?

            SB was jailed and he showed his charactor that was seen improved after the jail sessions, but did Mervin show any remorses ?

            You claim to be someone else not that Jaliya Wirckramsooriya the worst candidate that a lanken govt has appointed to represent the country in the US…. while the masses living there stay mum not being able to face it – how the guy himself reacts in the discussion with americans and othes there…. as you are well aware, how can a tea taster be competent to be able to argue in diplomatic forums if I may say if his credentials contained nothing but so called longer business stays in the stays.
            His predessessors to the US are ashamed today not even being able to watch how president^s cousin reacts in most crucial discussions.

            For your information, in the shadow of tamil refugees there are few hundreds of sinhalese and muslim lankens claimed the refuge status in europeans countries, but there are also ones those who have been given the residential status after their PhD level education is completed. Numbers belong to the latter category are comparably less, but most of them are demanded by european companies and govtal bodies.
            Many of them are ashamed today the manner that their Mawbima is infected by rulers of mal sort to destroy the nation and build up a kingdom of their sort to rule decades. Today no rule of the law in the country is evident.

            Listening to the programs telecast ed in foreign channels, even locals can have better informed. We the tiny nation cant show the arrogance to the developed world so long we raise our head. We are not oil rich countries. Nor have we got other resources comparable to grand nations like China and Russia. So,

      • 0

        jaliya 2/3 majority? WTF 2/3 is gained by bribing, threatening and harassing. People did not elect MR. Mr robbed the VOTES last time presidential election. You are dumb ass who tolerates a whol e family robbing Sri Lanka. May be you are in thier pay check too. Mr did not save from LTTE. Thier are two LTTE members who are paying MR and the bro CLAN millions. MR AND BROS robbed the LTTE wealth. So dont be blind to understand the reality. You are another dumb Sri Lankan.

        • 0

          Hey, if there is 2/3 mandate in the parliament, why so called people^s president stay mum without fulfiling his election manifesto – abolishing executive presidency ? Why the folks or the opposition seem to be not even raising question in the parliament ?

          All these like opening new airport, bridges and roads are just red herring to blind the majority stupid folks in the country.

          Right at the moment what is important for the average is to regain the lost values in terms of law and order areas. Lack of law and order catalyse the breeding of criminals hour to hour.

          Hearing the fact that minister are being the gigantic frauds such as export larger volumes of alcohols to addict the youth to alcoholic drinks – is unforgivable whoever have been behind it…

          • 0

            it should be ministers are reported to have been the ones who have supported those gigantic amounts of Alkohol export. Srilanka is not a country where that large amounts of alcohol could be used for the production of pharmceuticals or any other food products.

            • 0

              There is an unlawfull act behind this Alcohol import issue. The Customs and the Exersize dept. of the Govt. revenue will handle this professionally. Please wait and see.

          • 0

            Abolishing the Exec. require a change in constitution which is made for the best of benefits of the country. Contry is stable, secured and moving forward despite all the cruel acts of some jealous parties and no big change is needed by the country now.

            Law and order is in place in the country. Even a CJ was succesfully impeached as people supported it and no damage done as some expected.

            Wrong doers are not forgiven in SL courts as even SB, SF, Mervin and many more were punished.

            • 0

              Your answers go VERY close to those of JW- appointed lanken Ambassador to the US today.

              So, I believe, so long you guys would not realize the crucial problems that the nation has to address with more sensitivity, many in the country together with IC will get hurt easily.

              Not to the interest of IC, but for the sake of tamil communities living in and out of the country – GOSL should investigate war crimes independently. So long the families that lost their lovely ones cant forget their sad and bad memories they would not even go back to their own houses and live peacefully.

              At the time, I lost my friends through the brutal 89 insurgency, I could not even go to their families and discuss about their losses, while I was not there to share their grievances in the immediate moment those friends were killed by JVPers or any others just because they were then Uni students.

              Lanken parliamentarians should be wise enough to use proper wording when addressing these issues. Just because our buddhist monks were attacked by single groups of people mean not that INDIANA attack us, just because EU, US and other developed nations together with few african nations voted for new UN resolution do not necessarily mean that they are totally against our folks. If political analysts or responsible profesionals would not make the nation clear all these, the consequences will be more dangerous for the folks.

              Corrupted politicians will leave the country, but the poor nation will have to suffer from the actions taken by the corrupted ones.

            • 0

              European and other developing and developed countries amend their paragraphs as it is necessary, I know this surely how it works within EU, but why does it take that long to get passed such favorable amd to the prevailing provisions is the question that I myself raise, is that just because the lack of wholehearted approaches or any other reasons cause they to let it go ?

              Very lately I listened to one local radio program on the web and got clarified the lack of those necessary steps still need to get passed in parliament – for example about the ganja business that is said to be sponsored by ruling ministers in Ratnapura areas – when asked the authorities it did reveal within the law prevailing in the country, there is no focused amendment to ban them as any developed country would have reacted it. If we dont have such essential laws, so why cant the minister of justice react properly in this regard ?
              Latest statistics show that nothing has been done even if the kidney patients have been on a rise since their food chains contain heavy metals that are hazadous to consumers kidneys. Even if the reports have revealed that the health authorities should pay uttermost attention to save the lives of hundreds in those affected areas, but as my info are concerned this has deliberately been neglected.

              And there do exist illegal water bottler producers that lack the permission to do so but together with ruling political thugs they run their illegal business causing bottle water consumers become kidney patients.. the latter could not be the main reason them to become kidney patients, but this health problem can be control through due awareness programs and state assistance, IF ONLY YOUR SO CALLED WHOLE HEARTED HEALTH MINISTER WOULD REACT AS HE HAS TO.

            • 0


              can you give us some detail of the following web.
              [Edited out – Please don’t paste gossip web links even via other webs – CT]

              Also could you let us know the latest status of the 40 Million Rupee Ethenol brought to the country illegally to make kasippu by pissu jhonny.

              What happened to the ethenol stock……was it released due to Maharaja’s pardon.

              Was the stock released after a phone call by Rajano…..

              Was Custom officers and the excise Dept. personnel were punished for opening the container without importer been present at the time of opening…..

              Why the importer did not come to present himself the time custom officials opend the container…….

              Why the warf clerk attached to this shipment went missing and cannot be found yet……….

              Were the the custom officers and the excice Dept. inspectors sacked (fired) for catching this mega Govt. racket……

              Were Custom officers and the excise inspectors were jailed for exposing this Govt. racket to the world….

              Awaiting your answer

        • 0

          My dear
          You sound like an Asian cleaning toilets in EU or US. Earliar only educated proffessionals moved from here to there. But now the LTTE false properganda have enabled you like people also to get there and make indecent sounds with great pain.

          All most all the Sri Lankans are literate and well employed. Please do not think that Sri Lankans are fools to vote for fools no matter what ever the suport they get from some or all of the buyable media like C4 they are being rejected.

          Please read back my item 1 in 2nd reply to Mahela

          • 0

            This is again a kind of lanken sort of deliberate discrimination towards toilet cleaners. I have met a bunch of you alike folks from sl, just because of them having able to go to colombo schools look bit big headed repeating always – that they are royalists though no graudate qualifications owned…. and even some Visakians or ones went to colombo St Bridget but got married to foreign nationals for some reasons – and had the the chance to stay in Europe. Thanks god, I came to EUrope for my uni education and now well settled down here because they want me to continue.

            However, I am well aware of our people^s mind sets, fortunately, this I know only among srilankens. Even if they dont possess graduate qualifications – their mind sets dont allow them to go and earn something for their living. Trying directly to catch a white collar job…. ? anyway, truth reveals most that migrate to Australia with MBBSs and other Engineering degrees even with PhDs at least at the initial stage of their stay will have to do for some reasons all kind of odd jobs. Your little knowledge seem to have no room to see in that far.. anyway.. This is the reason why many thousands of lanken graduates stay unemployed today.

            Your sort of thinking should have to be changed soon, if the folks seek to have a better future.

            I know there are students that would do all forms of jobs to cover their unbearable costs while trying to succeed their assignments. But I would not think it is wise to attack toilet cleaners in this way, because if we change our mentality only we could ever achieve the levels of s pore.

            I have seen foreigners – most of the m lanken tamils working for McDonalds, Burger king from Germany, France, Switzerland to UK. There are lots of tamils work in Bern, Basel and Zurich in that sorta cleaning jobs… But they are not the only ones that do e the jobs. all sorta of foreigners due to their high costs, they have to… anyway, taking tamils for example here, I am not going to discriminate them, but I saw them by myself working in Bern. Also in Denmark I have seen them doing odd jobs, I dont think I should look down them just because of their job.

          • 0

            Mr.Jaliya Wickremasinghe,

            So your theory is whoever tells and write against GOSL, and write truth and show Rajapakse’s weakensses, they are been castigated as Toilet cleaners.

            It is pure Rajapakse Hypocrecy and Propeganda machinery which suppress and control all other media which does not allow the truth to come out.

            Can you discredit any of my comments to show that they are lies.

            Everything I write here are truth, and I am not been paid or bribed by anybody to write the truth.

            The only reason I use outside webs are to prove my truth and openness. But many time CT either cut off those webs or does not allow to publish due to their own internal policies.

            You have all the reasons to disprove them or show those comments are lies or sue those webs if they are false.

            Also you have all the freedom to write your side of story and I am open to any challange and standby for everything taht I write.

            Regarding to your above comment saying…..”You sound like an Asian cleaning toilets in EU or US”…….. I should say…. During last twenty years of my travel and transit at at Dubai, UAE Sarjha, and many other gulf airports I see many Sri Lankans work in those Airports as Toilet cleaners, and I have spoken to some. They could be distinguished from Bangladesh, Indian, Philipphino and other Asian employees.

            They are sitll working and when you travel next time, please talk to them and ask where they studied in Sri Lanka and their education Qualifications.

            Also you may see some Sri Lankan House Maids strandard at some of these airports for days, either due to their Employer not been showed up for days to pick them up or been sent to sri Lanka with a Plastic bag of clothes in hand after working many years in ME countries.

            I could publish some of their web links here, but due to CT does not allow me to do so, I am staying away from attaching them here.

            I also hope if you know that….. today it is those ME toilet cleaning income that brings in Govt. main source of foreign exchange.

            Also Poor Rizana’s like House maids who work and die in ME are the main source of foreign exchange earners of the sri Lanka Government today.

            Therefore when you drive your car and pump fuel to it, just think that it is those Middle East Toilet Cleaners and House Maids foreign Exchange, that allowed you to do so.


            Therefore it is Middle East toilet cleaners and poor house maids money which is ouR main source Foreign exchange earner that made Rajapakses to bring in Lamborghinis and you and we that thrive on that ME income.


            Earning Sri Lankan Rupees does not qualify one to import foreign cars, as those countries want US Dollars for them and not rupees.

            Therefore please have at least respect to our Toilet cleaners in ME for bringing us foreign exchange.

            Also finding Jobs For over 100,000 graduates either to drive Trisho, or put up a lottery stall or giving a 4×4 feet Keli Maduwa to do business in newly put up market stalls charging 400 rupees per day or giving a machine to mend clothes, does not mean solving Graduate unemployment problem.
            It is just to keep them alive from been comitting suicide and just a temporary patchup survival strategy to dupe public. It does not solve Graduates employment needs.

            As to your comment on …..”You sound like an Asian cleaning toilets in EU or US Earliar. only educated professionals moved from here to there. But now the LTTE false propeganda have enabled you like people also to get there and make indecent sounds with great pain.”…… if you think so let me give a very brief description about my self, so you judg my toilet cleaning ability.

            1)I am a Sinhalese from Colombo and have property in Kandy in Hantana.

            2)I did my education both at a Christina College in Colombo and also At the best Govt. School next to Race Course.

            3)During my time we were the best in Sri Lanka and top in Sports, Academic and Cadetting and many of my cllas mates now settled in Foreign countries doing top jobs, while others either do their own Business or in Private sector.

            4) Non of the top academics in my batch joind Govt to do Politics or absorbed into Govt. Economic Development Programs.

            5)Worked at Top Sri Lanka Manufacturing and Marketing Industry mostly covering Colombo to Tissa including Embilipitiya, Kahawatte, Hambanthota, Banangoda, Matara, Galle, Ratnapura and Panadura Districts.

            5) I hope you would have travelled to some of these countries……

            Three times to India, Three times to Russia Moscow, St Petersburg for over 4 months.

            6) Travelled and lived over 6 months in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia – Moscow, st.Petersburs, Latvia, and lived at over three caribbean islands.

            7)Did Accounting and Marketing at two Western countries universities and visited Las Vegas, Florida- Disney Wiorld, California-Disney Land, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, climbed WTC thrice before it came down, white house, Nattional Monument, Congrass, all DC Museuma, California Universal Studios, Wax Museum,CA Apple,Grape,Orange plantations and picked those fruits, NY 6 times, Annapolis, Barnes and in London Cathedral, Big Ben, Saudi both Riyadh and Jeddha and Dammam, Dera and Bara Dubai, Sarjha,Queens Palace in London,Twice to London, Germany,
            One time to Latvia…6 months et…etc….USA NIH, Annapolis, College Park,Indianapolis, Chicago, Savanah Georgia, Texas, VA, Delaware, National Shrine, water front, Baltimore……etc…

            These are not Transit tours…but long stay.

            If CT allows me to attach my tour and stay links, I will do so, and if you want more details, Please send me your private link and I will send to you direct.


            @ Mahela, we don’t allow posting gossip web links to prove your points or what ever, and also as a policy we are discouraging posting links. We want our readers to discuss the content of the article. We noticed you are violating our comment policy and posting the same comment under all articles – CT

            • 0

              Dear CT Editor,

              The only reason I attach those webs are to prove my point to readers, and not to promote any web or discredit anybody.

              Many readers think I write Lies and to sling MUD at somebody….which is not my style.

              I only write based on critical thinking…..and I give all the authority to you to delete what ever I post, if you feel they are against your Publishing poliy.

              I hope to stay away from attaching those webs. in future.

              Thank you.

            • 0

              Dear Mahela

              Sorry if I hurt you and Palika. I didn’t personally attack any body or any profession. I meant each profession has it own style of expression but this stage where mostly researches post their ideas and findings should have the proper dress code to protect its place and to get some value to what we write as well.

              I’m happy to hear that you have visited and stayed in many places but I must say that you knowledge about Sri Lankan movements are very poor. In a good debate you have to site reliable sources, not gossip web sites or your imaginations about current issues as those have actually happened. But always opposite of it is the case we later experience.

              Your heart is bleeding for ME economic migrants now but this flow started in 70’s. Today there are nearly 1 million such Sri Lankan migrant workers and all of them have individual contracts they willingly signed. Yes in ME they are low paid due to labour market and lack of labour rules and most of those countries are non-democratic, family ruling but protected by the West for their gains. They send good money back and government encourages it and have provided them with many facilities such as tax exemptions in addition to free education, health facilities, price subsidized fuel and electricity that every Sri Lankan has reach to. There are isolated incidents but they are negligible when the totality is compared with it. Perhaps the justice has been made to almost all of the victims and their families such as Riana’s. Government spent the money they send on fuel bills as a good investment but what about money the poor Tamils paid to LTTE on false propaganda. LTTE destroyed the country, mostly Tamil community with this ransom money. I never said that you have LTTE links. I meant that the LTTE false propaganda have enabled lots of Tamils to get asylum in EU countries but with no proper rights.

              There is no Ethnic/ Religion conflict or big economic problem in Sri Lanka unless outsiders provoked them for their wested gains. The country is not poor, it has the least food prices and it is the most friendly multi ethnic and multi religious country in the world. I do not want to repeat my earlier posts. But the rich countries are attempting to undermine the democracy in poor countries so that they can convert them like Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Afgan, now Mali and Syria so that they can easily intervene in there to grab there culture and resources. I came into this debate not to wash MR’s linen but I strongly believe that it is every body’s duty to protect the leadership and democracy of his country to avoid unseen tragedies that surely increase the number of widows and orphan children in Sri Lanka. Please do not be a part of it.

              I think we had enoough talks in this regard. Lets meet in another CT post.

          • 0

            [All most all the Sri Lankans are literate and well employed] Are you admitting now if Gotta did pump gas on all account that he did in US [as for me nothing wrong been on honest toile to make a $]now dose he come under the category of almost wasn’t liberate and not well employed lot while he was in US.

        • 0

          When have you join the caravan of the rumour monger Man-gala. Unfortunately mass do not buy it.

  • 0

    This type of nepotism is unprecendented in the annals of Sri Lanka except perhaps in the ancient times when the kings and princes ruled. It is clear that the entire country has become the family bussiness of the Rajapakses.

    In addition to positions they also own and control large swathes of real estate, corporates and buksheesh. It would be interesting if someone does a study of exactly how much all these people have profitted after MR came into power. Of course it is likely that they have not declared there assets.

  • 0

    A nation opposed every kind of centralization tolerates everything today, “Colombata kiri, apita kakiri” is history

    Iphones, Samsungs, BMWs and all other consumables play an important role in this bloody corrupted country

    So called intellectuals, once played a role in political arena, like Vasudeva Nana, Dayan J and morning woman of Tamil Geneva Minority like Tamara support and justify all extrajudical killings and ignore all conventions of IC

    Bala Sena become more important for all the sinhalese as if they are threatend by any of the minorities

    For Muslim extreamists Al Khaida, Hindu BJP or Shiv Sena( sounds similar to Bala Sena, Christians Ku Klux Klan and Buddists Bala Sena

    Who is your enemy in Sri Lanka? What is your issue to implement democratical processes in SL?

    You guys, I mean you, the majority of the sinhalese are the most corrupted nation in this country.

    Be proud of some extra ordinary sinhalese like Uvindu, Tissarene, Sunanda and some of other few in your country, otherwise you will be a lost nation!

    • 0

      I agree..

    • 0

      What has Sunanda done other than live by swindling the white man’s NGOs pay cheques on bogus claims. These are no hearsay stories but facts. Google for more information. Others are doing the same. If they want to do something for the country why not they contest elections to defeat Rjapakse and pave a way. No, they can only write stories to three cheers of the same old crowd.

  • 0

    I see the LTTE western entity propaganda machine are working overtime on more Pi thongal

  • 0

    Hmm Typical LTTE western GTF rubbish.. just like the death count before.. so where is Mr Thirukumaran Nadesan name????????? a valued family member among his other Many Muslim and Tamil family members. still some western Pro LTTE tamil Entity will be fooled.

  • 0

    The permanence of the Extended Family Junta is ensured with the infamous 18th amendment.
    The Divineguma facade has become law,complete with the ‘secresy clause’& thus ‘where the money goes’ will not be known to anyone.
    The only remedy is another insurrection,but the army is ready for such an eventuality.
    What now?
    Are we going down the ‘zimbabwe road’?

    • 0

      Surely you can come with all these story writers and commentators and join up with your CJ, LeD, BASL and UNP, TNA, JVP, Fonseka and et al once gain to defeat Rajapakses at the next election with NGO cash.

      • 0


        why don’t you talk to Jackson Anthony to check story on how he linked Rajapakses to Lord Buddha and King Dutugemunu.
        Could you do a DNA test on Rajapakses to link their ancestory to Lord Buddha and King Dutugemunu.

        Check who is making stories and deceiving poor uneducated people.

        Is it the reason the children and people worship him whereever he goes and publish in media.

        Since Rajapakses are related to Lord Buddha, in future indfact of erecting Buddha statues, can you ask them to erect Rajapakse statues due to his Buddha link, and also erect a Pin Pettiya “Till Box” by the side as 10% Rajapakse’s Franchise Logo.

        Can you give the reason why Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Italy was ask to come back suddenly. Read srilanka xnews.com web and read to see who is making very good deals to send people to Italy by forcing Ambassador to send Invitation letters.

        Let me know who is telling and making stories.

  • 0

    There is no doubt anyone looking at this graph can clearly see exactly what is happening in this country.
    These are graphs that one sees in dictatorships. This is no graph that one sees in a democracy.
    We are being ruled by a corrupt, ruthless, family, that stops at NOTHING to silence those who criticize, or bring their crimes to the notice of the Sri Lankan people. The excuse that the President cannot trust anyone outside his family is just a load of bull. From the time of independence, Prime Ministers and Presidents have had mostly non related individuals hold the top most positions in the country. This might be a record breaking administration, where every brother, in law, son and mother’s son, is part of this government, and that while they scratch each other’s back, the Sri Lankan people are duped into thinking their well being is being looked after. I agree with the earlier comment, that it would be interesting to look into their bank accounts, after all they scrutinized the last Chief Justice’s financial records with a fine tooth comb.

    Nepotism, yet another reason why other nations look with distrust at this country.

  • 0

    MARA, most of his close relatives are now fed by Govt.funds,people’s fund.Not only the close but also all relatives. One such case is the Governor of Southern province.Kumari Balasuriya,Minister Balasuriya’s wife. (MARAs Relative)She owns thousands of acres of Rubber estates in Ruwanwella area,Gonagaldeniya. She hits women and men laborers.Scold in filthy languages(Using,Ammata…… etc) if they failed to bring the targeted amount of Rubber.Most of her’s supervisor’s salaries are being paid by her’s Minister Husband’s ministry pay roll.She spent her most of the times in her estates,can’t blame as she doesn’t have much work as a Governor.She uses her Body guards(with official vehicles) to threaten and assault workers.Most of the workers have ran away and reluctant to come back to work due to torture practices.Her supervisors are compelled to bring workers from where ever possible and produce rubber failing which they are also treated in the same manner.. She doesn’t pay ETF and EPF to workers.Thug queen of MARA’s Crown.People have to pay for all of these.

    • 0

      If she as you uses the filthy langauge, that proves the closeness to MaRA.

      See, Wimalweerawansa is close to him – and he uses the all uncivilised langauge

      See, Mervin is one another close to him – he uses the ultra filthy langauage

      All others that are very close to MaRa – proves the Raja charactor. This is the reality of our country today.

      My problem is all these are the reality, but our stupid people kneel down MARA in the inaguaration of the Airport day before yesterday, may be those feel that MARA ^makes wonders. They dont mind high inflation rates and unbearable cost of living particularly for the poor people.

      • 0

        When the Pappa crab crawls sideways,no wonder it’s siblings follow same.

        MARA is notorious among his cabinet ministers and party supporters talking in filth on political issues. News reports are coming out as MARA talking in filth to GL Peiris the MR Poodle on international political issues. All Govt.ministers, Foreign ministry officials and UPFA members are under constant MR house arrest type supervision and constant spying. No freedom of speech, with White van abductions and disappearance at MARA’s discretion.

        How about Gota’s famous talk…you dirty Fuck…g pig eating sh…t…

        Talking in Rajapakse King Dutugemunu vocabulary is spreading to all other Ministries now spreading to BBS sanga samayama.

        Watch and wait how far the drama unfolds.

      • 0

        These children and people Kneeling down and bend on fours are new MARA King Dutugemunu impersonator’s idea. MARA specially train these Kneeling bunch to worship him where ever he goes.

        These are like other paid workers are taken where ever MR does as his publicity stunts.

        There was a report that one Pakistani UN official wanted his subordinate to worship him at UN Gen.Assembly while all other countries UN representatives including Ban Ki Moon was watching…….and now this MR Crazy Fusc…ng Bast…d immitating this among poor people to do same. Also touching and hugging children, and visiting Pansala while Buddhists watching almost daily are all his Publicity stunts to dupe public wasting taxpayer money.

        • 0

          Then they the unedudcated rulers have reached to the levels of North korea, although it is not discussed by any foreign senders sofar. Having seen those kneeling down performances by some grown up and the children in that airport inaugaration, I thought I should have gone mad not knowing all these. Anyway, my source of news are only thorugh web information.

          I have no words why the masses still bend their heads to this man, while the issues that he deliberately ignore are becoming more day to another.

          If you listen to radio program – Balumagala, though not all are being represented by them, most of the folks from rural areas prove to be very unahappy with all the politicians under Regime. The fact that politician have no voice but the mahadanamutta for even tiny issues have been seen in the course of his rule always. Minister of justice stays silence whatever the matter it is.

          Minister of education stays mum when university or other issues arise in the country.

          Minster of foreign employement stays mum even if poor house maids are being tortured or beheaded

          Minister of economoic developement stays indifferent when even female graduates are requested to be present in millitary trainings.

          Minister of Buddasasana is dead silent when some temple structures are being looted by criminals in Katharagama wadihitikanda areas

          Miinster of transport is dead silent when some IRC mongers that brutally harass the passengers in public busses

          Minster of religious affairs stay dead silent when Muslims or chirstian fellow citizens are attacked by Sinhala buddhist goons sponsored by ruling politicians

          Minister of transport stays dead silent some BBS IRC buddhist monks go amok on newly built southern highway entrances or wayouts.

          All in all, wihtout mahadanamuttas personally involvments nothing seem to be taking place in the island today.

          So my ten year old son asks, … papa, who is behind the export of larger amounts of alcohol to this country .. and why is that not being controlled over by THE RULING GOVT.. I have no good explaination to my child, there I have to be dead silent too.

  • 0

    The tragedy of Sri Lanka is that its citizens actually tolerate this nonsense!

    • 0

      How can citizen react – while even some senior ministers stay mum.

      Average people are under threat. They are scared of the rulers for their underground activities – like white van indidents.

  • 0

    This should also be published in lanken local news papers for the sake of the locals in the country.

    Until I watched a youtube video recently, I never thought that family business have been infiltrated to this level – Mattala business was primarily handled by one Wickramsooriya, who had worked to the SLA and now become businessman – he is no body else one of MR^s cousin, brother of today srilanken ambassador for the US -for tea taster, turned business man, just because of the relationship, has become a diplomat, not going thorugh years of foreign service but just the MR relationship. Americans and Europeans would laugh at the manner that our foreign relationship have become. Anyway, this is again not surprise when thinking about the credetials of all these individuals.
    Once upon a time srilanka had internaitonally recognized deplomats. All these are being eroded by Rajapakshes rule – Latter ist cause for everything that the folks face today.

  • 0

    Bandaranayakas had also family dynasties but to this levels, they did not appoint anyone.

  • 0

    To do this kind of thing, so openly. These people have no shame.

    Anyone who does this kind of thing is no patriot. Sri Lankans who vote for this family, even after seeing this chart are idiotic.

    If they have any dignity left. They should pack up and leave now. Do like “Ben Ali of Tunisia”, in other words.

    • 0

      The question of Voting after all these revelations, is that no Elections
      will be held in the future, as the President will say it is not worth
      spending on Elections when all are patriots who support them. The laws
      can be overcome with a CJ planted for this purpose!

    • 0

      @Ben Hurling
      How many will see this chart? Only those who read CT and later maybe email it to their friends or post it on their walls for friends to read. Not a single newspaper in SL will have the guts to print this. The Sunday Leader, the only newspaper that might have printed this is now owned by a RajaPassa sycophant.

      The RajaPassas’ have no dignity or shame, and the people who support them blindly have no brains. That’s the bottom line.

  • 0

    Wow! some conspiracy theory hack has lot of time on his hands.

  • 0

    Nothing to surprise. See Northern Tamils.They joined demonstrations against UN resolution.People have no choice or alternatives other than running behind this people like beggars.MARA has his killing mechanism against people who try to stand.

  • 0

    Thank you CT for the MR family chart and their connectiuons to the Rajapakse Family.

    What I like is if you could find the information as to How many top Govt. positions are occupied By Rajapakse Family, their friends and relatives, their goons,UPFA party supporters, UPFA ministers relatives and friends, etc etc,

    By this we could analyse the total number of Rajapakse Family and friends and UPFA Ministers relatives and friends and party supporters who occupy top Govt. Jobs after MR came to power.

    According to some reports there are over 600 MR family and friends occupy top Govt. Jobs and over 600,000 UPFA Ministers relatives, friends and party supporters occupy Govt.top and executive jobs after MR came to power.

    If you could gather and publish this information is great.

    There are still over 100,000 unemployed or under employed GRADUATES WHO ARE LOOKING FOR WORK.

    We need to send this report to UNHRC.

    • 0

      Mahela ,that is a good point.

      We the readers of CT want that information,how many Rajapakse family
      members are in employment ,which has been denied to the ordinary citizen of srilanka.
      The Rajapakse family members only qualifications will be
      RELATIVE, goon ,friends loyal servants of the king queen princes.

      Are we not starved of good governance?

      • 0

        John Paul,

        If you understand Sinhala, read this following web. to see how Rajapakses forcing Sri Lanka’s Italian Ambassador to issue Embassy Invitation letters to MR goons to get them visas to go to Itally.

        [Edited out]

        Since it became an overburden and risky to give invitation letters, Ambessador has refused to give anymore letters to MR Goons, and as a result MR has terminated his contract and has asked hin to come back to Sri Lanka.

        This is Rajano’s ashcharya.

  • 0

    I overheard the following remark by a bank clerk on the day the new ‘ Mattala Mahinda Rajapakse International Airport ‘ was being ceremonially declared open: ” Apey Namath Rajapakse Kiyala Maarukeroth Hondai ( it will be good to change our names as Rajapakse)’. I think this expresses what many Sri Lankans feel about the current situation! It is disheartening that multiple memorials are being built for MR with public money, while he is yet alive. This is a new phenomenon in this country. The president apparently enjoys seeing his name and face everywhere and this desire is being fulfilled at our expense. A bloated ego, is destroying a man and the potential of his presidency. The ‘ I, Me, Mine and Myself’ syndrome is fertilising the nepotism, inefficiency, corruption and sycophancy which are overwhelming our public life. Of course, the aspect of MR’s personality that is ever grateful, almost to a grave fault, to those who have helped him and stood by him in difficult times, also creates a circle that feeds on his generosity- with public money- though they are absolutely of no use to the country. The political system has also been deliberately designed and operated to encourage nepotism to be entrenched through electoral mechanisms. The voter thus becomes the sinner!

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      Aren’t you also part of the problem being a sycophant to MR/Gota?

      • 0


        Enjoy your dreams. I surmise these dreams are now haunting you and are becoming a nightmare! I feel sorry for you.


        • 0

          Don’t worry. Very soon Rajapakse name will be haunted down for good.

    • 0

      Dont worry about MR name boards of today, they too will disappear tomorrow (or in time) the same way heroes’ cemeteries disappeared. Where are the Stalin and Lenin statues of yesterday, and those of the Iraqi ruler “Sad_Damn_Hussain”?

    • 0

      These Rajapaksas are shameless group of crooks who value the name boards. That was not the practice of politicians of before 70s. Unfortunately people of SL believe these thugs and crooks. What can we do?

  • 0

    All these comments are true against the Mr.Other majour problem is all in all media sources castrated by the MR and by his family members.Even rascal Premadasa didn’t do. But he tried some.We all remember photographer took Hema’s net ball bikini etc and next day photographer varnished. Upali(Sajith premadasa’s uncle, Bappa)had harassed to editor Unus etc.

    But now no independent media in the country.If any one support to MR he allows any kind of media ex. “Hiru” TV it is totally drugs(kudu)money from Kudu Duminda.Don’t even amaze,If Ethanol Jonta starts a TV media in future. This the current trend of the country.We all SriLanka Citizen suffer lot.

    • 0

      Almost 30% (thirty percent) of any project is spent on Propeganda, TY, Media, press broadcasts, dance and entertainment events, advertisements, show off and for more voter registration.

      Look at all the projects of Hambanthota harbour, Mattala Airport, Gam udave,Deyata Kirula, divi neguma….all these projects are geared on promoting Rajapakse nepotism.

      This is pure croniysm to dupe public. There are many Rajapakse Museums will be available for future generations to visit.

  • 0

    Srilanka ^s close allys under Rajapakse

    a) Iran
    b) Cuba
    c) Pakistan
    d) China ( they are not genuine but possess long term interest to the region to fight with their rivals indians)

    d) Russia

    and many other poor countries.

    Only Russia and China may have a voice to neck and neck with world^s voices like US, EU countries, Canada and Australia

    So the coming colour towards the island nation is not fine as the tiny bunch of Rajapakshe rulers shout at.

    Stupid arrogance of the stupid govt will pave the way poor people to suffer in the days to come.

  • 0

    The fact that you say Buddhists have to be nihilists shows you indepth knowledge of Buddhism or indeed lack of it. Read sigalowada sutra to learn the basics of lay lifelife of a good Buddhist. To say it all in short, Mahela should know that Buddhist believe in samsara and therefore need not reach nivana at this life.

    Now, Mahela says ‘Allah is the same as Christian God’ and ‘Muslims are the descendants of Ishmale.’ Mahela may not know that Jews doesn’t believe Muhammad is true prophet. Not just that they also say Muhammad had high jacked the God of their ancestor, Abraham. Abraham named his God Yahweh but never called it ‘Allah’. But Muslims insist Allah is Abraham’s God and Muhammad is his last prophet and the rock or meteorite that they keep in Mecca a Allah’s gift to Abraham .

    Let’s turn to your own Christianity now. Christians also follow and prey the same Yahweh as their Lord; Yahweh the Father Jesus the son. Muslims say that the angel named Gabriel that appeared as a divine messenger to Daniel, to Mary, and to Zachariah also had appeared to Muhammad. Mahela may not know that Muhammad insisted that this same Gabriel had appeared to Abraham also. But nowhere do the Christian writers agree that Gabriel had ever appeared to Abraham.

    Mahela doesn’t seem to know that Muhammad had said Christian God ‘Jesus’ is no God but a mere prophet like him (Muhammad). Not just that, Jews too doesn’t accept Jesus is Yahweh or his son. I just cannot understand how ’the word’ I mean Bibles and Koran of the one and the same omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience God and his prophets can differ so much in basic understanding?

    When Thomas asked Jesus, “How can we know the way (to heaven)?” (New Testament-Jn 14:6) Jesus tells him, “I am the way …. No one can come to the father (the God) except through me.” If that is the case, both Muhammad and Jesus cannot be true. If Jesus is correct not just Muhammad but Jews too have been at fault in basic knowledge. And the whole pack of cards tumble there itself.

    Mahela doesn’t know that Muhammad had decreed (Quran 9:28); “O you who believe [Muslims] the Mushrikun [polytheists and unbelievers in Allah and the Message of Muhammad] are Najasum [impure, defiled]. So let them not come near Al-Masjd Al Haram [the Kaaba in Mecca] after this year”. This order is valid in any context to date’. And that’s why, no Christian or Jew can go near Mecca even this day. So what is this Mahela saying yours (Muslim) and my God is the same?

    Christians like Mahela talk backwardness of Buddhists. He has no idea about the true history of their church. He doesn’t know that the manner in which the Christianity is pushed as a world religion has all but evil roots.

    Mahela always try to degrade or look down on Dutugamunu. But Dutugamunu hadn’t painted dharma chakra in shields or arrows or swords of his soldiers whereas Constantine had painted the Christian cross in the amour of his troops as shields of protection. Constantine believed that made him win the fights and thereby the crown. Constantine became a Christian and thereafter he and his Pope, Essubuss had rammed Christianity upon the subjugated to become the founders and pioneers of religious repression.

    That was the biginning of know religious supression. All successive Popes and their cohorts just followed that gruelling practice one after the other. Few of them were all but mad. In their obsession to turn Christianity a world religion, at least ten million people were murdered in the name of a Jesus Christ and the Cross.

    If that is the start of Christians bequeath to the world peace that Mahela is talking about. So, it is not surprising that the Christians have been using most horrible campaigns to spread their faith ever since. In the name of the most benevolent God, in 1096, Pope Urban 11 had launched a war called the ‘crusade’ to vanquish all Non-Christians. That war could be considered as the inauguration point for repression that prevailed for the next thousand years or more. The record of Christianity during this long period is one of the most ghastly in history. Millions were killed not because of their rebellion but their religious faith.

    In contrast to afore said bygone days, the history of European colonialism during the last five hundred years is rather well written. Westerners, heroes of Mahela may like to call that era, the period of renaissance. During that so-called exuberant era, The Spanish and the Portuguese monarchs appointed insane buccaneers like da Gama as explorers of the day. As the Iberians sailed across, Christians carried their complex burden of prejudices that was central to their identity. For that reason, Vatican and their cohorts could not have covered up the façade of their ulterior motives.

    The Spanish and the Portuguese sailed the world over in search of loot. Christian missionaries not only blessed those pirates but also cruised with them to plunder whole nations of their heritage. This is of no surprise because then Pope Alexander VI and his son Cesare Borgia were most famous for their cruelty. Soon enough though, pirate’s utter greed turned two nations to be bitter rivals.

    As a result of their avarice, an inevitable duel developed between the two most piratical nations Spain and Portugal for the supremacy. God willing, the pope or Holy See soothed their enmity with a simple Amen: His holiness drew a simple line in the world map and divided the entire worldly heritage bequeathing the west to Spain and the east to Portugal.

    Thus, with the blessings by the Pope of Vatican, the holy sea, a missionary washed up to Sinhale in 1505 A.D with a Portuguese click of pirates. The Web site ‘www.sspxasia.com’ confirms this fact. They say a Franciscan priest on board celebrated the first Holy Mass in Sri Lanka. These ‘Franciscans’ are the priestly lot that were put in charge of killings called the inquisitions in 1237 by the Council of Lérida.

    The God’s emissary that came ashore to Sinhale soil must have had a Bible in one hand, a sword in the other and an out size cross hanging round his neck. From that day onwards, for almost two centuries, Catholic Padres assisted the murderous Portuguese to raid and rob the wealth our nation. Not that only, these padres destroyed the very culture that firmly endured over two-millennium in this land.

    In the midst of such horrific plunder, Portuguese stole the ivory crown of our king. They, knocked down the beautiful ‘Kelaniya Temple’ that stood for more than millennia. In the name of the God, Catholic missionaries have encouraged all such gruesome acts. They watched gleefully the torture, the killing and maiming of those that refused to forsake Buddhism. Missionaries expected those that killed to plead the God at least at their last minute. Their pursuit was to save souls of everyone. Just like their brethren, who administered killings named heresy; these Franciscans missionary maniacs also believed that those who die as Catholics would go to heaven and all others to eternal hell. To them, even killings are acceptable so long as souls can be sent to be with the God. Perhaps I must mention here that it is the postulation against this belief that Vatican excommunicated Father Tissa Balasuriya at one time.

    I can go on but this is perhaps enough to show why not many Sinhalas are Christians like him and why most of them resent the neo colonealist West.

    • 0


      Oh.my God. You have crashed my Brains with all these Christian Bashing.
      I don’t know where to start to answer to all your questions. But I will give you few points without writing thesies to confuse you. hHere’s few of them…..

      1)Europeans specially Spanish,Greece, Portuguese, British, Norwegiens etc, are born adventurers. They were born traders, conquarers and rulers. That’s how they ventured into USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, North and south pole, Moon and now into Mars and Galaxies and continuing.

      2)It is not only Sri Lanka But there are over 150 Countries in the world that they concured including all of Africa, All of South America,all of Middle East, all of Asia including China,Japan, Korea, Philliphine, India, Mongolia, Tibetetc..etc..etc..

      3)Therefore it was not only Sri Lanka, but the rest of over 150 countries that were under foreign occupancy, but got Independence later and are doing very well today.

      4)Why Sri Lankan Kings with 3000 years of history did not venture into outside world to do trade or govern them or to spread Buddhism…..other than history say some Sri Lankan Buddhist monks visited Burma and Thailand or They came to Sri Lanka.

      5)Before Europeans came to Sri Lanka, Parts of Sri Lanka…which are the Biggest Kandyan Kingdom aand The Jaffna Kingdom were under Indian Kings. So you can’t say Sri Lanka was Independent before Europeans came.

      6)I never said bad about King Dutugemunu, But I always honour and praise him both as a True Liberator and also a Honest, Noble and a Just King. Infact it was I who said that after the Elara-Dutugemunu war…….after Alera Died, King Dutugemunu not only gave a huge Alms Giving on behalf of Dead Elara, but also gave a KINGS BURIYAL AND BUILT A MONUMENT FOR HIM. It shows King Dutugemunu’s real Being.

      7)Both Christianity and Muslim relegion follow the old testement of Bible until Propher Abraham. Abraham’s two sons born to two different women divided Christian and Muslim.




      Please do your research internet to learn about Christian Religion

      Yahweh, Jehovah,…and many other native names given to God is one and same.

      All your other stuff like Missioneers Killing our Citizen are mere crap. Portuguese would have killed opponants during the war to capture land, like King Dutigemunu, king Parakkramabahu, the Dutch and the British and others do….but not for the sake of spreading religion.

      12)How about Somarama Hamduruwo, killing SWRD Bandaranayake……if you could explain…

      13)Isn’t it the British who united Sri Lanka under one flag where it was ruled by Indian Kings before, when they gave us Independence.

      14)How about5 British Tea trade, Rubber industry, all other Industries they introduec and gave when they left.

      15) Aren’t the British did good for us then BAD.

      Please do more research.

    • 0


      Sorry noble. You have to excuce me for the Grammer errors I made. I was rushing to take my son to doctor and I just jotting down the basics at that time.

      I understand what you are trying to say.

      Yes, there are some mis understandings between Christian, Jewish and Muslims….although their God is same, but the messangers are different.

      Here’s few of them.

      1)God wanted to test Abrahem’s faith in him. So God told Abrahem to sacrifice his only son Isaac for him. But when Abrahem was about to kill him, an Angel appeared and held his arm. You could read the above web.Then God was happy with Abrahem’s faith and Gave him many more blessings including his descenders including Israel, Arabs and Jesus Christ.

      2)You may also have to read some of Moses to know the Jewish and their Holy book Kabbalah to understand Jewish religion.

      3)Jews along with Romans were the Rulers, church high Priests and the governing body of Israel and Jerusalam the time of Jesus reign in.

      4)Although Jesus is Jewish…….Jews never believed Jesus as son of God, messiah and saviour, but looked at him as a threat to their existance as Jesus criticised their hipocracy, collection of taxes from poor while fighting against their laws, and discrimination of gentiles (other races like Palestine and poor) Jesus told them that they are like white colour painted tombs….which is clean outside but rotten inside, which made them angry at him. Also Jesus cured many sick and also raised dead and Jews thought Jesus doing these with Satan’s help. Therefore they made a plan to kill him….and they killed him on the cross.

      5)Jews never believe Jesus rose after three days, and made stories to tell that Jesus’s body was robbed and taken away from Tomb by his disciples and burried somwhere…….. But jesus appeared to his Disciples and gentiles and lived 50 days on earth before assending to heaven. He also said he will return to earth one day.

      6)Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet and not the son of God. But they believe that Jesus died and rose from dead and went into heaven(Rose into heaven) after 50 days.

      7)Muslims believe that after Jesus, God sent Prophet Mohammed who is the last prophet sent to earth by God which they believe upto now and helped to complete Quran.
      Please read to learn more of Sunni and Shia Muslim.

      8)I was talking to a Muslim scholar and we were discussing how Jewish people are so Brainy, rich and famous such as… and inventors Einstein (inventor), Bill Gates(microsoft), Mark Zeckurberg(face Book), Madonna,Britney Spears(music),Moshe Dayan (Israel1967 Deffence Minister),Steven spielberg(Movies),warren Buffet(wall street Billioneers),Alan Greenspan, Ben Brenake (US Federal Reserve Chairman)…and many other Multi, multi Billioneers throughout the world.

      So we were discussing how Jewish became so rich and famous…..and he said, it was said that God asked the Jewish Priests that if the want wealth and happiness in the world or in Heaven after their death…..and the Jewish High Priest said He wants the Happiness on earth and God gave his wish.

      9) According to Christian belief that until Jews(Israle) accept Jesus as their messiah and God, there won’t be peace in Israel. That’s why with all it’s wealth both in Israel and around the world and with their technology (No one Air Force in the world) still Israel cannot enjoy peace and happiness or stability in that region. The unrest around Israel and 6 million Jews killed by Hitler are all part of God’s punishment to Jews for Killing Jesus Christ and for not accepting as their saviour and God.

      But the bible say the whole world will come to attack Israel with over two million Army, and at that time Jews will accept Jesus as their Saviour when all the world is planning to attack Israel……and once it assept Jesus as God and saviour, Jesus will come and rescue Israel from the attackers. This is what the bible says, and it’s happening in Israel now.

      If you read Revelation section in Bible…..internet.. you will see all these.

      I went to your http://www.sspxasia.com web. but couldn’t find any to say Franciscan Priests did any bad things to others. Of couse even in Jerusalam and Holy land Franciscan priests have sections that are incharge of securing the holy places, but not as offensive army to kill others. I know them well in a Western country and have visited their Monastries. No they are not animalistic beings as the way you described.

      Infact It is Portuguese who abolished Cruel Punishments that those Sri Lankan Kings gave to People. Please read history as to what type of Punishments those Kings gave to it’s people. Ask Mervin Silva and he will tell. It is the western countries that abolished all those cruel punishments and re-wrote our constitution. Talk to your mothers and see how those Irish Nuns who took care of our sick people in hospitals and the convent education and schools the ran.My Mother and father both talk so good of them. All had to leave after SWRD Sinhala Buddhist Only doctrine introduced. All those nuns and priests were welcomed both in India and Pakistan and Mother Theresa Became an Indian Icon.

      You say Portuguese stole Ivory crown of our king……but it was British who preserved all the Sinhala manuscripts, and relics and heritage and built a huge Museum and gave to us when they left Sri Lanka. It is British who built the Magul Maduwa at Dalada Maligawa and helped preserve lord Buddha’s relics along with many other in the Dalada Maligawa musium.

      You talk about Portuguese stealing a King’s Crown…..then how about Kangetta stealing many of our Kings Rings, ancient coins, Swords and Bastamas “poles” which were kept in High security chambers and gone missing for ever. Can you explain how that happened after British preserved all this time and gave us when they left.

      How about Dutch built Galle Ramparts…..which is a world wonder and a heritage site. How many tourists come to visit it daily. They never borrowed money to built them, but looks still strong and a mystry.

      You have to balance your thinking and should know to appreciate what the West did for us…..which our Leaders do not appreciate and thankful to them. Those appreciations are not in our blood, but just to criticise for political reasons.

      Just go to any Western Ambassy and see in the morning how many are there in line to get visas to go those countries knowing only Five percent of VISA are given.

      We need a different set of unspoilt, uncorrupt and intelligtent set of leaders to take our country forward.

      • 0

        Dear Mahela,

        As you are a wonderful researcher, I would like to correct few things and advice to learn more about Islamic history!
        As you said in your quote no.06, the believe of muslim regarding jesus is wrong! Actually Jesus was raised not after he died…
        So, please kindly read the proper history!! As you read on the net sites are not the purest!
        Thank you

  • 0

    In another 10-year’s 10% of Sri Lankan Population starting from the poor, will die by starvation and diseases. Top 10% will grove there wealth and health. Next 10 years 10% from the middle class will face the same thing as the first poor 10%. In addition, top 10% will grove as before. This will go on until the real leader come to power.

    • 0


      The biggest ever environmental disaster in Sri Lanka’s history happened when President Rakapakse covered over 400 ACRES OF CULTIVABLE LAND WITH FOUR FEET OF THICK CONCRETE IN MATTALA.

      According to analysis, Mattala soil is best to grow Fruits such as Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Date Palm trees as well as vegetables.Fruits have much demand in the world market which a pound of fruit is equalant to a pound of Meat in the world market, while growing environmental friendly climate. Also low investment and maintenance, high yield and high profit with a opportinity for export potential.

      Also now they have dry fruits packets in the market which have a shelf life of over a six months to a year.

      400 Acres of Concrete will emitt Co2 back into atmosphere further drying already dry land in Mattala and HYambanthota district. Concrete is the worst heat absorber….worst than desert sand, where it sends back the heat back to atmosphere.

      This is besides building another harbour sending sea water further into land.

      What type of an Idiot Gon Haraka riding our country to disastar.
      Does Hambanthota Amude wearing Buffalo know about Environment Preserve and disaster management……

      How many jungles were cleared and trees were cut for various unwanted projuects by this uneducated Gon Haraka who never did any environmental study before commencing any project.

      These projects which are so harmful to the environment and climate change will occur and show it’s results in time to come.

      Rajapakses are more concern on putting a crazy photo on a pack of Cigarette to destroying a whole civilization with environment disasters due to covering over 500 acres of cultivable land with concrete.

      Surely this Gon Haraka will leave after his term ends with the commission package……but it is people and the future generation will have to face the natural disasters including climatic change with dry seasons spreading throughout the country and to pay back all the illicit loans taken By Thieves.

      Will there be any future for our future generations left in Sri Lanka after the environmental Killer assasin moron leaves office after destroying everything.

      It is time to stop this crazy Mee Haraka from further distroying and ruining our country.

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