25 May, 2022


Iraq & Racist Neo-Imperialism – Part II

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

In the concluding paragraph of the first part this article I asked: “If the promotion of a new world order based on democracy was not the real objective behind the 2003 invasion of Iraq, what was it?” In answering that question we must firstly bear in mind the full enormity of the horror perpetrated against the people of Iraq. It was not just one of the greatest crimes against humanity perpetrated during the post-Second World War era. It was one of the greatest of such crimes perpetrated during the entirety of human history. Just a few facts will eloquently testify to that charge.

Even before the Gulf War Iraq’s military power was negligible compared to that of the white behemoths of the West. After the Gulf War, it was non-existent. It had no weapons of mass destruction, and constituted no threat whatever to any country. Its people were subjected to cruel sanctions leading to the deaths of around 500,000 children, which former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright defended as justifiable. All that the Iraqi people wanted to do, just like ordinary humanity all over the world, was to send their children to school, try to make ends meet, and live out their lives as decent enough law-abiding citizens. Instead the horror of the 2003 invasion was gratuitously visited on their heads. It led to around the usually accepted figure of 600,000 deaths. That sober fact alone should suffice to establish that Bush and Blair have to be counted as among the greatest criminals of all time.

So what was the explanation for the Iraq war? The usual explanation is that the US wanted to grab Iraq’s oil. Even Raymond William Baker – whom I quoted in the first part of this article – so insightful about the crucial role of the Israeli factor behind the Iraq war, wrote as follows: “Finally, Iraq was the site of impressive oil resources. In global perspective, American control of Iraqi oil was judged critical to the potential great power rivals just over the horizon, notably China with its disturbing economic vitality and Russia with its resurgent nationalism. Should the American economy continue its decline, it was judged that Iraqi oil in American hands would be an extremely helpful lever in facing the Chinese, Russians, and other threats to American dominance”. That sounds a plausible enough rationale, and it could be persuasive, except that both the US and Britain had disavowed any intention of grabbing Iraqi oil, and nothing they have done contradicts that disavowal.

I would opt for a two-part explanation of the Iraq war. One is that it was an act of vengeance, of racist vengeance, for September 11 – that is the destruction of the twin towers. It is apparent from the BushBlair correspondence that it was that that made those two criminals start fantasizing about possible weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That correspondence establishes also that the decision to subject Iraq to mass destruction was made well in advance of 2003, and further that by his now notorious use of the word “whatever” – he would go along with the US “whatever” – Blair had committed to making Britain join in that mass destruction. Evidently the question of awaiting worthwhile proof pointing to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq never bothered Bush and Blair. All along they were grimly determined to wreak vengeance for September 11. But why do I call it “racist vengeance”? It was known that September 11 was an exploit of Saudi terrorists and that Iraq had nothing to do with it. The point is that the essentialising and stereotyping habit of mind that is typical of racists would make all Arabs share responsibility for September 11. Therefore not Saudi Arabia, an ally of the West, but Iraq, an enemy of the West, was subjected to mass destruction. Consequently Madeleine Albright thought it meet and proper that 500,000 Iraqi children should have died as a result of sanctions. That’s how mad racists can be.

The second part of the explanation as stated earlier in this article is that the US and Western strategy is to keep the Islamic world, more particularly the Arab world, weak, divided, and chaotic. The premise behind my argument is that the West as a whole would like to have a predominant position in a new world order since it is practically impossible to prevent the emergence of a multipolar world. Since it is in the nature of power that the appetite for it grows in the eating, they could be expected to want a dominant position, not just a predominant one. The two greatest obstacles standing in the way of that aspiration would be China and the Islamic world. An attentive reading of Samuel P. Huntington’s book on the clash of civilizations will show that that really is his sub-text. The Arab world in particular has a special importance because of geographical contiguity, constituting as it does the soft underbelly of Europe. And that is why Israel has a very special symbolic importance in the Western psyche: it is in Herzl’s vision the outpost of the white West standing staunchly against the advancing Asiatic hordes.

The essentially racist nature of the white Western support for Israel can be best understood by considering the peculiar case of the US: its support for Israel has been fanatical to the point of seeming to be part of a national religion, and that has continued despite the widespread contempt that it has provoked. Why? At one time it was widely believed that support for Israel was meant to secure Arab oil for the West, a nonsensical notion that is no longer in vogue. What has been in vogue for quite some time – in fact a virtually unchallenged orthodoxy – is that the power of the Zionist lobby explains it all. That lobby is said to control banking, the media, and politics at the apex in the US. But surely there have been many authoritarian regimes which have exercised that kind of control, indeed even more ubiquitous control, and have refused to hold democratic elections because they knew that they would be booted out by the people. I find it implausible that in the democratic US the alleged power of the Zionist lobby can by itself explain the intense American devotion to Israel. We must bear in mind the fact that it is a mindless devotion that has brought for the US the hatred and contempt of the entirety of the Islamic world. Common sense dictates that there has to be an anterior factor that explains that devotion, and that factor I believe is racism.

Today the most racist country in the world is probably Israel. Its system of apartheid is even worse than that of South Africa according to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whose testimony should surely be regarded as authoritative and unquestionable. Israel today is coming to be regarded as a neo-Nazi state, a point made even by some Israeli notables. It finds a fitting partner in the US, quite understandably because the latter is probably the second most racist country in the world. True, it has witnessed a magnificent anti-racism struggle which has led to the black Obama ascending to the White House. But the world’s press continues to be replete with stories about the racism that continues to be rampant in the US more than in any other country in the world. It is understandable therefore that the Americans should be more devoted to Israel than others, seeing in it the white fortress that withstands the advancing colored hordes of Afro-Asia.

The explanation for Iraq 2003 is that it was an outburst of racist neo-imperialism. We must not suppose that racism will therefore be a permanent feature of the new world order/neo imperialism that is still in an inchoate stage. The reason is that a powerful drive against racism continues, particularly in the West. However we should bear in mind what looks like an enduring appeal of racism, in which connection the antecedents of the Second World War are of interest. Hitler never wanted a war and he did not want to establish a German empire. What he wanted was to establish a world order in which Germany and other members of the Aryan race would exercise dominance over the supposedly inferior races. That racist idea was far from being antipathetic to the Westerners of his time. It was found that in every Western country conquered by Hitler’s armies there was a nucleus that was favorable to the Nazi ideology. Churchill, who was Hitler’s chief antagonist, was a white supremacist racist as was explicitly shown at the time of the Bengal famine of 1943. It was only in the course of the Second World War that the Allies became firmly committed to the ideology of democracy. What the Iraq war and the Israel of today clearly demonstrate is this: Hitler is not dead.

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  • 2

    IH says “It was one of the greatest of such crimes perpetrated during the entirety of human history. Just a few facts will eloquently testify to that charge.”

    The deaths of Innocent people are not justifiable at all whoever does it. However, we cannot accept the manipulation of human history by some biased writers. According to some sources Indian Population was reduced by 80 million by the invasion of Arab / Muslims between 1000 CE and 1500 CE. This invasion created 3 Muslim countries Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Armenian Population in Ottoman Empire was reduced from 1.7 Million to 300,000 in a two year period between 1915 to 1917. Some estimates give much higher number!!

    • 2

      Dear Izeth,
      If you had written an article “Pakistan & racist Islamic imperialism”, it woud have been more appropriate in the present context of world affairs. After the collapse of apartheid, the worst racists are the muslim countries with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan at the head. Can you name a single muslim country which is not racist, and not committing atrocities on non musli minorities. Look at Turkey, which is ruled by a Islamic fanatic, who is playing a double game of showing the world that it is fighting ISIS, but actually helping ISIS with arms supply, marketing the pilfered oil and killing Kurd fighters in Syria.

      Prior to 2001 twin tower bombing, Muslims were openly distributing inflamatory material in streets of London, campaigning for Islamic caliphate ruling the world, but after that they all went underground.
      It is the stern action taken by USA and allies in Islamic countries that this nonsense was suppressed. So do not blame them as racists or imperialists. At that time I told some muslim doctors in UK that all non muslims will get together and hammer Muslims, which is happening now and you are crying foul. Pakistan was harbouring Osama bin Laden, but was lying to USA that he was not in Pakistan. Do you blame USA in carrying out the operation to kill Osama without telling Pakistan.

      Majority of non-muslims are fully supportive of actions of USA, Russia and China to attack Islamic racists wherever they live. In Europe there is a general feeling that they had made a mistake of admitting Muslims into their country and very soon there will be a demand to expel them out of Europe. Israel has divine protection as it was born according to bibilical prediction, and however much you let out gas, you cannot do anything about it. Already ISIS cadres from Pakistan had infiltrated Srilanka especially in eastern province, and Srilakan government knows about it. [Edited out]

      • 4


        Great improvement in your attitudes. I am finding it difficult to type in rear of bus going fast on winding road..

        My only problem with Israel and you is belief in divine sanction.

        • 3

          Dear Sinhala man,
          I have always fought for justice and had been straight forward. Original people of middle east are the Sumerians and not Arabs or Jews who are migrants from North Africa. Sumerians were murdered and chased out by Arabs from their lands. Jerusalem is the birth place of Judaism, and there were Jews in Jerusalem before Islam was first introduced. Arabs collaborated with Romans to drive Jews from their homeland. The discription of Exodus and return of the refugees back to their land is in the Bible. Therefore Jews were not dropped from nowhere into Jerusalem. Islamic racists are twisting the truth and blaming the west for handing Bibilical lands back to Jews. Muslims claim that prophet Mohammed went to heaven in a chariot from Jerusalem and therefore it is sacred to Muslims. Can anyone with a slightest intelligence believe this cooked up story. When Islamic Pakistan was created from Hindu lands, no Muslim said it was wrong. When Hindus were driven off from these lands by Muslims, no Muslim said it was wrong. It is only when Jews are commiting the same thing and the affected party are Muslims that they talk of justice. What is happening to Arabs is divine retribution for the crimes committed by their ancestors to Sumerians. Similarly divine retribution will come to Pakistanis for the crimes committed by their ancestors to Hindus.

  • 3

    Izeth Hussain,

    For us what the heck with the invasion of Iraq?????.

    Misled by the dictator’s family, dictator/leader Sadaam Hussain is dead now,
    now Iranians are spreading the virus of Islamic extremism and sending the Muslims to heaven with 75 virgins.

    As your words says, did you not remember the full enormity of the horror perpetrated against the our people,to Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims of Sri lanka ,
    BY INDIA with the help of RAW, and with a coolie,A mercenary GANG, thugs called LTTE.
    Now the Indians are giving so many kinds of Carrots to Chew.
    STILL what they, the governed and governing politicos of sri lanka did to reconciliation.

    Why you are so worry about Israel, Zionist, Hitler, Iraq,

    Just look at our/your people first. Their lives are in more Dangerous situation than Iraqis are, because of Indian ISIS infiltrators.

    So don’t you think that better to mind our business first??????.

  • 4

    Dear Izeth,

    “a point made even by some Israeli notables”. Israel is a bit of a paradox, isn’t it? As implied by you, it is a functioning democracy at the least.

    As for American racism; yes, it is worrying that Trump may actually get elected if many more “Muslim bombs” go off in many parts of the world. I know that you are doing what you can to prevent such unnecessary incidents, and may God bless you for that.

    I’m too preoccupied with S. Thomas’ to be getting in to the subject of ISIS. You’ll be glad to know that I’ve made some progress there, and that this is a period of necessary hibernation:


    Thomians belong to the same social group as Josephians like you do, Izeth. So please contribute a comment – I’m hoping that no THIRD article from me will be necessary – but pressure must be maintained on the Bishop – he’s said he’ll contact me when he returns from somewhere abroad. Now that’s a secret! I’m banking on not many Thomians reading your blog. A few do, without doubt, but they’d be too intelligent to cross pollinate.

    Best wishes to you, Izeth.

    • 0

      Dear Panini – thanks. I still believe that your matter would be best resolved from within your Church itself.Incidentally the Tamil Islamophobic racists will be happy to know that my present article and its first part have been published by Sri Lanka Guardian also, not just by the Island and Colombo Telegraph. – IH

      • 1

        He has no idea of what he is writing. His petty theory is concocting things.

        See his mentality in all points. It is same and ome. They is not even mature person’s garbage. Just a Baby’s babbles.

        Tamil Islamophobic racists will be happy to know that my present article and its first part have been published by Sri Lanka Guardian also, not just by the Island and Colombo Telegraph. – IH

        “Finally, Iraq was the site of impressive oil resources. In global perspective, American control of Iraqi oil was judged critical to the potential great power rivals just over the horizon, notably China with its disturbing economic vitality and Russia with its resurgent nationalism.

        Since it is in the nature of power that the appetite for it grows in the eating, they could be expected to want a dominant position, not just a predominant one. The two greatest obstacles standing in the way of that aspiration would be China and the Islamic world.

        This is kind of kindergarten squabbles this man is calling as his Einstein- Newton’s’ inventions.

        His bitterness towards human race come from his in built poisonous, jealous. Then he turn back and try to measure everybody else with his own yardstick, the overflowing jealous. “Like Anchinavan Kakkukku Aakaayam Ellam Pai” this man see jelous in running water and not rolling stone too. It is such an stupid comparison he makes of others.

        Oil theory is age old story. I have seen this Oil Theory in American Media. It is his that theory is not matching with the other theory he is proposing why America is too close to Israel. Israel has no oil. Why America surrendering to israel? Izeth baba has a directly opposing theory for that. If America wants to be friend of Israel, should there be Oil in Iraq to attack Iraq? How much of oil America pumped out of Vietnam, North Korea, Ukraine, Panama, Cuba, Nicaragua…? Then why it let Iran to go even after Iran held 250 diplomats as hostages? There is no oil in Iran? He is putting a knot between the bald Head and the knee. This guy has no brain to think on his own. The man who ever appointed this guy to foreign Service should be put in jail for life time. This guy thinks his cut and paste is going to make us to go brainwashed (or plucked out) like him?

        America has forced the Oil price to come down from $140 to $30 dollars. That is how America became the world’s largest Oil producer. It is not Russia’s economic recovery is crushed now by going against West, it can not even participate in the International Games. Russia has very bad situation of holding the FIFA in 2018.

        He, further can not understand when a developing country get serious about its economy, it can grow much faster than a developed country with matured economy. His writing suggest that he thinks American Economy consistently going down. Developed countries’ economy also going, but not at the same rate of China India…These countries when they reach the Western standard of life they will face same problem. We all witnessed the real Miracle of Asia, Japan is having the same problem.

        China was long predicted to outgrow America like as back as 1976. That was the reason Taiwan was removed from UN and China was added there. That is an incident where China’s ability was recognized. China has been playing pussy cat soft until the string of Perl was discovered by American analysts. Sonia, because of the commission monies, refused to recognise it. But when Modi came to power, Even Lanakwe’s Port City was gone. These was taken by China’s biggest bullying, suspected of hacking the computers.

        “I would opt for a two-part explanation of the Iraq war. One is that it was an act of vengeance, of racist vengeance,” Saudi Arabia funded the attack. American Victims wants to sue Saudi Arabia. But it’s the American Goverment is blocking the victims. What happened to the vengeance when it comes to attack a country who funded the attack. In fact, if Comedy Izeth argue that America believes 9-11 was the attack of Iraq, then what is much serious there if it says Iraq has WDM and it wants to attack Iraq? Isn’t it Irq=a attacked America already?

        Further there was no China threat in 2001 to America. USSR was broken down. America had just finished funding Taliban and causing USSR to disintegrate. America was enjoying the Unipole Order- dominance. As I said earlier, Perl of string is latter one. It was too short notice for Bush to show his anger on China for that. ISIS was not born. His writings suggests he lost the order of hiray of the time line. America funded Taliban. Taliban provided backup for twin tower attack. Then why America, without finishing Afghanistan, got involved in Irar. Because the secound attack on iraq was vengeance on Saddam whom tried to humiliate senior Bush, thinking that he had lost power.

      • 1

        “My Church”, dear Izeth? What is that?

        I’m in Bandrawela, preparing to go down to Maharagama. The local priest (i.e. the new Anglican Priest in Maharagama – a man in his late fifties) is paying us a pastoral visit on Saturday, when my entire family will be present.

        A month ago, he had had a “Bible Study” after the service (I myself DO go to church occasionally). There he had acknowledged that they are very worried about the future of the Anglican Church. He had asked “how many members in Sri Lanka?” There must have been twenty present. My daughter was the only one who had responded. “Fifty thousand” she had said, vaguely remembering something that I had said. That’s what Wikipedia says, but I had personally been saying 25,000.

        The priest had said, “No, it’s only 26,000”.

        Last year, something like that had been said in the Church of the Ascension, Bandarawela, where I was baptised, with W.T. Keble being one of my Godparents. After the service, the parish priest quickly got my date of birth and my NIC number. I must have been added to the list “Anglicans” in the country.

        I’ve told you before that this is the Christian group that I am happiest with:


        Their numbers, too, are few, worldwide; but that is NOT one of their primary concerns. And they, too, run a few schools: Obama’s children go to one of them:


        But THAT’s NOT the reason why I like them! I attended my first Quaker meeting in 1968!

        All this must be strange to Sri Lankans most of whom imagine that these S. Thomas’ schools are Roman Catholic. There are about 1,500,000 (a million and a half) Catholics in this country. There is one great thing to be said for the Anglican schools, and it may be because their children cannot fill all the prestigious schools that they control: children of all faiths and ethnic groups are found in them. But they do tend to be snobbish, and far too many migrate.

        If you think about all those issues, you will realise why I say that our entire Sri Lankan society ought to be concerned, and saying what they feel about CHEATING!

  • 1

    Mr. Hussein:

    Many things appeared on this earth. Roman Kingdom was one. It disappeared but the Vatican and the Catholic Church survived on the whole earth.

    Imperialism or autocracy is just another. It appeared it lived it is disappearing.

    Allah di dnot talk about those things. YOur Nabhi thuma did not know it.

    but Lord Buddha Said, uppada, thithi and bangha.. Every thing is like

  • 2

    [Edited out] Hussain

    One thing you couldn’t explain is why Sadam set on fire the oil fields of Kuwait as he retreated in 91.

    What is wrong with America protecting its oil interests (and thereby that of the world). Do you really think that oil held by countries that follow the teachings of an illiterate merchant warlord in the fifth century had anything positive to contribute to the world by clinging on to oil, or keeping Sadam in power?

    On the other hand, people now blaming America for not intervening in Syria other than air strikes which never won a war anyway.

    Such hypocrisy.

  • 0

    Another truck-load of contradictory and unintelligible garbage by a commentator whose virtual weekly unwelcome imposition has to be grudgingly endured by an indifferent readership. Izeth Hussain, long established Tamil-hater, later shifted gears to gain the dubious reputation as Tamilnadu-India hater now pours from his inexhaustible supply of venom on Israel, the Jews and the USA. This man surely will be an ideal case-study for modern Sigmund Freuds.

    It is noted while he pours scorn on all these pet hates of his he glowingly white-washes the many sins of the Arabs and Islam – all with an inclination to sanitise jihad, ISIS and other major crimes against humanity commited in the name of Islam. Perhaps, the entire thinking process of the man is to catch the eye of the Islamic world as a notable Muslim writer – for all its dubious causes. That certainly includes the local Islamic society no less.

    As to the “cruel sanctions” Hussain sheds crocodile tears on, the world remembers the cat and mouse game played by Sadam Hussain with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at that time, hoodwinking the latter Iraq/he had neither WMD nor are in the process of building them in facilities within the country. It is a widely known obligation under the UN for all countries believed to have the capability of producing nuclear war munitions to report them to the IAEA. The latter also has the powers to demand inspection facilities by competent IAEA experts if they feel a member-signatory is not being forthcoming. Saddam Hussein continued to mock the IAEA and its monitors – sometimes asking them to come and then refusing to open up his facilities and so on. This happened more than once during Saddam’s days.
    The IAEA, meanwhile, had in its possession information Hussain was in possession of and was also building nuclear attack capabilities to be used initially against Israel – part of an elaborate global Islamic conspiracy lead by Al-Qaeda and other jihadists at that time. It is this deadlock that lead to the invasion of Iraq by the Coalition of the Willing lead by the USA.

    In offering vent to his anti-Western anti-Christian hatred he tries to twist the process of history stating “.. It (the Iraqi war) was not just one of the greatest crimes against humanity perpetrated during the post-Second World War era. It was one of the greatest of such crimes perpetrated during the entirety of human history….” Hussain has to be reminded the quarter century of the Vietnam War is remembered as the deadliest global conflict since WW2. Faced against an adversorial China in the background, the US unleashed the largest deployment of bombs and troops during the course of the war – to save Communism taking over Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma the Phillipines – among other neighbouring lands. Compared to the Vietnam War the Iraqi war was no more than a skirmish. Hussain has to discover new analogies in his fond wish to make him a favourite of the local and external Islamic world.

    Although it is a fad among Islamists throughout the world to name both Bush and Blair as “War criminals” the rest of the world think of them in more endearing terms faced by a mad dictator who had no compunction in sending his very large army against tiny Kuwait. That his top army officials broken into and stole from Kuwaiti banks brought shame to the whole world of soldiers at that time.

    As to WMD in Iraq, there is evidence Saddath Hussein had stock-piled them – part of which he used against his own people in Kirkuk killing over 6,000 unarmed civilians – children, women, the old and so on. Hussain avoids making reference to these serious Human Rights and War Crimes by Saddam – the dictator. When the Americans (and the Coalition of the Willing) were closing in, it is reported, Saddam moved much of the WMD to Syria then. It is from this stockpile that other great Islamic leader Bashar Assad – massacred several thousands of people from land and the air. Assad, after all, is a leading figure from that religion supposed to be based on Compassion and Mercy?? This is a repeat of what the Iraqis-Iranian armies did to each other during their own fratricidal war – caring very little about the damage the use of such harmful prohibited war munitions can bring the countries in conflict as well as their many neighbours. Iran, by the way, was lead by the virtual Pope of Shiite Muslims the Ayatollah Khomeini. Izeth Hussain’s cover-up here is no less similar to that of the unprincipled and pliable Pakistanis who hid Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda killers within their fold for years while continuing to lie to the world otherwise.

    “China with its disturbing economic vitality”??? What is Hussain trying to convey by this oxymoronic statement. China’s economic vitality has not only brought that nation from 3rd world to near 1st world standards but also has contributed to increasing world trade and global peace.
    Of course, the Chinese are not great supporters of global Jihadists and oppose the surreptitious and increasingly desperate Islamic plan for world conquest. It is no secret they have their own difficulties with their Muslim-majority Uyghur people in their North- Western borders in the Xingjiang Province.

    As to Hussain’s comment “The second part of the explanation as stated earlier in this article is that the US and Western strategy is to keep the Islamic world, more particularly the Arab world, weak, divided, and chaotic” The whole world knows the Arab world does not need anyone to keep them “weak, divided and chaotic” They are perfectly well capable of doing this themselves. It is a common joke in Israel and Jews world-wide “there can be no such thing as Arab/Islamic unity” This has been the case from the date of the death of Prophet Muhammad. Other than the original Sunni-Shia split they have dozens now as we can see in Iraq, Syria, the Levant, Pakistan and other places. The reality is by the very nature of the culture of Islamic teaching from then and now – based on blood, the sword and vengeance – there can be no unity among the Islamists. Who do millions of Islamists pour into reluctant Western Europe from Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere while Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman are large empty and extremely wealthy countries. Here’s a chance to show Brotherly Islamic Love and Compassion???

    Once more, Hussain slips into comedy when he insists “It was only in the course of the Second World War that the Allies became firmly committed to the ideology of democracy” ????? This wisdom may sell in the by-lanes of Kattankudy or Maradana/Dematogoda filled with ignorant Jihadi hordes – back from the Dessert after Sharia/Madrasa lectures. In the rest of the enlightened world, this will be considered the ranting of a lunatic.


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