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Is The Jamiathul Ulama A Bane On The Muslims Of Sri Lanka

By M. Zulkifli Nazim

M. Zulkifli Nazim

On 12th February 2013, at the TNL studios, where the debate between the Bodu Bala Sena and the representatives of the Jamiathul Ulama, the General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena, Venerable Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero, a very significant and valid remark was made, which caught the attention of the general public, where he referred to a specific financial problem faced by the Muslim community as  a result of them depositing their hard earned monies and life-savings with the Ceylinco Profit Sharing & Investment Corporation Ltd., (This includes the Ceylinco Global Profit Sharing & Investment Corporation too) where the members and representatives of the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama (ACJU)  were in the so-called Shariah Council and who are visibly missing from the scene now.  Where is the “halaal” aspect of this deception and what have they got to say now? He asked.

A statement very valid and well grounded in logic.

I would like to contribute something further to this.  When Ceylinco Profit Sharing and the Ceylinco Global Profit Sharing had their opening ceremonies to open their offices as well as their branches in various locations the main people on stage and who preached, spoke, encouraged and advocated to invest in these companies, were the members and representatives of the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama (ACJU).

The majority of the Muslims generally and especially those in remote areas, did not know of Lalith Kotelawala, the Chairman, they did not know who K.A.S. Jayatissa, the Deputy Chairman was, but they knew and placed their full reliance and trust on the members and representatives of this All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama whom they respected and believed without any doubt whatsoever, that these sacred and religious personalities will not represent this institution if there is anything wrong with it.

That was the confidence and faith the Muslim community had.

The majority of those who had invested were poor people and retired persons who had invested their life savings so that they may be able to get some returns for their survival.  What did the members and representatives of the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama do?  The first thing they did was to obtain personal loans to the tune of millions of rupees, compromising their position as members of the so-called Shariah Council.

It looks as if though they lured the unsuspecting Muslim community and those of other communities to deposit in this disastrous and chaotic institution for them to obtain their loans.  We too ask the same question from the representatives of the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama, what the Venerable Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero asked. Vis-à-vis – The ACJU who are talking of halaal certificates, can they tell us how they were able to deceive the community at large, who had placed their trust in this supposed organization of religious scholars?  Is this attitude and behavior which had caused so much misery to hundreds of people come within the ambit of the doctrine of halaal and halaal certificates?

The Monthly tabloid of the Muslim community in Sri Lanka, “Al-Islam”, in their December 2012-January 2013 issue had written an open letter, calling for explanation and challenging the President, of the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama, Rizwi Mufthi, on this issue, which had disastrously affected the Muslim Community financially and mentally.  He remains silent to this day.

It is quite apparent, what the members and representatives of the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama had done, was to involve themselves with these companies in the Ceylinco Group in aiding and abetting this fraud plotted against the communities at large, where they benefited the most.  Therefore, it follows that it is not only the two companies of the Ceylinco group who are to be censured severely, it is the members and representatives of the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama who had been the principal element in instituting this fraud too should be taken to task, berated and chided socially and legally for enticing and tempting the incognizant and unsuspecting members of the community, who are in dire straits today.

We can conclude without hesitation that the main cause and problems facing the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka today, is because, whatever the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama (ICJU) did.  They went overboard, to extremes and naturally there has been a backlash and an adverse reaction to both political and social scenarios.  The repercussions created an explosive surge targeting the Muslim Community and they are still, unbelievably, very dogged about it.

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    People read these articles from these links:

    All arguments have taken a turn totally different from the original article and each and everyone has started attacking the other and some Muslims have started attacking the writer in person. This is not good. Although we may be tempted to attack the person, all of you should stick to the subject. Anyway, these articles that appear in todays papers should be a good eye-opener

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    It is good that this article was published in CT as it has been circulating on other sites for some time without being challenged or commented.

    At the same time the discussion has revealed the hand of certain extreme movements amongst the muslims themselves, with foreign funding, who choose to attack ACJU for their own hidden agenda.

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      Oh Boy another Shasatrakaraya. Let me have your address Safa, I would like to come to you for a reading. Wow!

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    Dear Editor, whilst thanking you for publishing my article as well as all the comments. Up to now I have not responded to counter or accept any arguments. However, I would like to present my final word on this.

    When I wrote this article, I really wanted to see what the reaction of the Muslim Community is like. The reason is I have been catering to the Muslim Community and serving them in a variety of ways in various fields for over 30 years, in education, employment and training including talks, lectures and sermons in a variety of subjects .

    Leaving that aside, I found these responses from a cross – section of the Muslim community as well as other communities giving a mixed assortment of ideas and opinions.
    Some have responded with knowledge and intelligence and some with the addition of wisdom.
    Some in the Muslim Community have been replying with total ignorance, abuse, envy and unsubstantiated personal attacks and aggression, which gives a fair assessment of the prevailing mentality and understanding of the general state of things.
    I have seen how people who in my presence talk respectfully, being courteous and humble and when out sight, thevery first opportunity they get, they use your own words against you in a frenzy of abuse so as to damage the reputation, character and the good name of a person.

    In other instances of observation, Although Muslim names and Sinhala Names and other names have been used, they may not be from the same community which they purport themselves to be; but may have been trying to aggravate this into a full scale war. This can be clearly seen by the responses using pseudonyms showing antagonism and animosity, arousing and provoking so as to ignite hatred and execration amongst communities.

    I can only appeal to all concerned pray to a Divine Power to grant you all good thinking, understanding, perception so that you may do things to create affection and warm – heartedness amongst all to live in an environment of peace and tranquility in this blessed and lovely country of ours. Thank you all for your kind patience.

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    You are a gutless fellow who is hiding behind false name and you have the audacity to insult others. Shame on you. May be you are not aware that because of the ACJU people consumed haraam foods under the halal certificate. Shame on you a million times.

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    Being amazed at the hostility and personal attacks against Mr. Nazim, I made certain inquiries and came to know that he is a well-known and famous person in the Muslim Community. I would like to add that he is also a very brave and courageous person, giving his real name and even his photograph and for the love of truth, he put himself, his reputation and even his life at risk.
    All the others who are lashing invectives against him are nothing but a bunch of born cowards hiding behind false names – pseudonyms and howling like the cowardly hyenas they are.
    The way he is being attacked proves beyond any doubt that it is beautifully orchestrated by the Jamiathul Ulama and their Henchmen – the same couple of fellows bearing various names and various non de plumes involved in this attack.

    There had been so many attacks on the Jamiathul Ulam-even todays papers the Ceylon Daily News carries two articles unleashing a scathing attack on the Jamiathul Ulama – my question is why this sudden focussed attack on Mr. Nazim and not against the many articles that were published in the national newspapers!
    Anyway, We do not care how anybody may respond to this negatively. We only know that those who plotted this attack and is continuing the attack like no other shows extreme jealousy and extreme cowardice.
    So you cowards – and you will dare show yourself or identify yourself, because of the dastardly and despicable cowards you are.

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      You are amazed by the hostility and attacks on Mr Nazim who is one individual. But ironically you are not amazed by the hostility and attacks on an entire community and their clergy by BBS / JHU / SR ?
      In Islam we call this Nifaq or Hypocrisy.

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    Since you seem to be concerned about the responses to Nazim’s article and you have tarred us as cowards and haters of moderates, I am compelled albeit most reluctantly to respond to your allegations. I take each one of your accusations and respond to them as best as I can:
    Nom de Plume usage- Pseudo name usage is the accepted norm on this forum. There is a reason though; in our lawless country where there is no guarantee on life and property, such practices are accepted.
    Use of hatred- You are no exception. Look at all your posts full of vitriol and invective plastered with anti-minority sentiments. Your write as if the ACJU are a bunch of rogues. It’s deeply offensive to us Muslims to have our religious leaders insulted. Your lack of sensitivity and decorum speaks volumes.
    Attacks on ACJU- The newspaper you are quoting has lost all credibility and it’s a current editor is a political stooge. He published an article by Shenali Waduge. It was so full of hate mongering and blatant lies, that if not for the seriousness of the allegations, what she wrote was laughable. So one should take rag sheets seriously.
    Cowards attacking Nazim- Since you are a Sinhala Buddhist, who practices tolerance, and is preaching tolerance to other races I would like to ask you if you would allow Mahayana Buddhism to take root in Sri Lanka, allow priests to get married and have families of their own? Would it be acceptable to you?
    It’s important when you post on public fora you consider the impact of your position on other readers. I know it is a free world and just as much as you have the right to post there are others who will have their own points of view. I will let you hate Muslims, that’s fine with us and we could live with your hatred.
    The Holy Bible has a nice quote for people like you “let us not judge lest ye be judged”- Mathew: 7.1

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    This Zulkifli Nazim is a Iranian or shia sympathizer. The ACJU are sunnis resulting in the hate campaign from him.
    Further ACJU does not vouch for the financial feasibility, only that the institution adheres to the islamic principles. We don’t want hate mongers from the Islamic community as well, and its well known that Iran is supporting the government against the muslims whole heatedly.
    Please note that this persons name and beware.
    The ACJU is doing a great service to improve the religiousness of the muslims, and the men should educate the women of the Jummah sermons.
    If someone is doing wrong, there is no resentment/hate, so by default ACJU is doing something good. Allaah will help and protect the Muslims, ask Dua.

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    Mr. Safa/Marwa; You must have thought yourself a self-declared SHAKESPEARE; do not think so, you will have to learn a lot in Queen’s Language, also try to learn bit of modern ENGLISH; some oldie styles have GONE WITH THE WIND; mistakenly missing PREPOSITIONS will never prove that someone has to go for a lesson. The purpose of language created by human beings to express thoughts and ideas, and nothing more.This is no more a divine language. Mind it and focus into the SUBJECT we always discuss. Come back to the subject matter we are in business.

    I was so reluctant to declare my profession as I knew, you guys knowing nothing about out-side world will try mudslinging on me and whoever stands to the truth. No matter what you think or write. I stand as a GOOD MUSLIM which Almighty Allah (SWT) knows best, no need your HALAL certification theory on that issue too. The forum has opened to all to discuss matters that must be relevant to the SUBJECT; instead, from the beginning you are doing CIA JOB. What all I want is; these shrewd HALAL CERTIFICATION guys and the headquarters for same be wiped out from this BEAUTIFUL MOTHERLAND immediately. We should never let any room for these rogues to gain personal benefits from “FISHING OUT OF TROUBLED WATERS. More over, as a true fellow citizen of Mother Lanka, we have many more vital issues to be dealt with.

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      Dear Mr Lactose you say

      ‘I stand as a GOOD MUSLIM which Almighty Allah (SWT) knows best,’

      How can you claim to be a good muslim when in the very next sentence you say

      ‘these shrewd HALAL CERTIFICATION guys and the headquarters for same be wiped out from this BEAUTIFUL MOTHERLAND immediately’

      A very violent proposition for someone claiming to be a ‘good muslim’?

      Anyway I think everyone wants to solve this issue but the solution is not to attack ACJU who in my opinion are doing an excellent job. You may think otherwise. At present a course of action is being followed to have discussions with stakeholders and a solution will be announced tomorrow. So this type of intemperate remarks are not required.

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        Dear Safa/Marwa; I meant; as ourselves our fore-fathers reached HALAL food sans any certification. Undoubtedly, we are easily reachable to HALAL food here in SRI LANKA. If certification process continues; it will be dangerous and the so-called HALAL labelled food will not be “HALAL” any more but FAKE. I always stick to my statement without any change, no matter whoever takes whatever the decisions may be.

        As a brother of ISLAM; pardon me if any of my comments hurt you personally. The day of JUDGEMENT will only rule out; who will be the good MUSLIM and who will not; it is beyond our thinking.

        I would like to conclude herein; exchanging beautiful SALAM, while leaving others to continue their part.

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          My dear Lactos, this is a Halal statement and you know what? it truly merits a certificate.

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          Walaikum Salam, Wa Rahamatullahi, Wabarakathuhu!

          May peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of Allah!

          3.103 : And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.

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    ACJU is a group of dime a dozen Lebbes, after the Halal fiasco we don’t hear anything about this lot, meaning no money no honey….so no noise

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