7 June, 2023


ISIS Myiasis – Part II

By Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

Time is palpably moving fast. President Obama’s first inauguration was like yesterday. Eight years have elapsed since. “The Apprentice” will officially take over the mantle of the Oval Office come January 2017. The 45th President of the United States of America.

The world is changing and changing fast. Technology, education, health, dress – there is hardly anything in life that is not changing, some changes we like while others create fear and anxiety. The trailblazing socio-economic and political changes taking place globally, regionally and locally no different. It seems change itself is undergoing a profound change.

Regardless apparitions of the past will continue to haunt the world, one such recalcitrant ghost is ISIS. It seems expert script writers are meeting President-elect Donald J Trump at his private golf course one after the other. Let’s wish each one of them all the very best.

The soccer ball with the four English letters ISIS designed in bold letters will be soon passed on to Donald J Trump, let’s wait and see how he’ll navigate it. The way he manages will reveal the temper, tone and rhetoric with which other leaders and officials will subscribe and subsume to the official narrative of the day. Included in this distinguished panel of officials is none other than our own Minister of Justice the right honorable Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.

We come back to the statement made by him in parliament purporting an intelligence report released one and half years ago allegedly stating that four Sri Lankans had joined ISIS. To date no prima-facie evidence had been produced to corroborate this.

ISIS among other things is a game, a ploy to rule the world and plunder resources of Muslim countries.

Not totally discounting or exonerating radical Muslims and their involvement but admittedly the picture reveals a different story. We shouldn’t get too excited about the official position. It’s also alleged by western experts that ISIS is an ingenious strategy of the western intelligence to flush out naïve Muslim youth romancing a nostalgic epoch that immortalized martyrdom.

Regardless whether it’s a western conspiracy or not, the true and trusted scholars of Islam had done their part in exemplary fashion warning Muslim youth against all forms of extremism. Their sincere intention is to educate Muslims to the best of their ability and empower them with the right knowledge so that they are able to countenance the challenges adequately.

Shaykh Abd Al-Muhsin Al-Abbaad is a major scholar from the city of Al-Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He issued a statement regarding the alleged khilaafah announced by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Following is a summary of the essential points:

I think every Muslim youth wherever they may be must read the summarized points vis a vis ISIS put forward by the distinguished scholar.

  • That a sect appeared a number of years ago calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Daish), those behind it were all unknowns, identified only by nicknames.
  • They began to call themselves the Islamic Khilafah, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an imposter under whose command or knowledge many were killed in barbaric ways. It is better for this sect to recant and return otherwise it will simply be blown away by the wind as has happened to sects like them before.
  • It is unfortunate that this alleged khilafah has received acceptance by the youth in some lands, they showed their happiness and joy like a thirsty person who sees a mirage of water, and some of them claim that pledge of allegiance is due to this unknown khalifah. How can goodness be hoped in from those who have been put to trial with Takfir and slaughter in the vilest of ways? The youth should free themselves from them and not follow any one who shouts and screams.
  • Then the Shaykh cited texts to show the danger of extremism (ghuluw) in the religion and the important to return to the people of knowledge.
  • Then the Shaykh cited texts that indicate the sanctity of life and the gravity of murder and taking life without due right.
  • The Shaykh advised those youth to recant and to come back to their right guidance and not be led to their destruction, that they should maintain their obligation of hearing and obeying those in authority over them and to maintain the order and security of their nation.

A practicing Muslim can only express outrage at some of the actions of ISIS. Islam is the final religion of Allah Almighty and obviously does not permit the heinous killings, destruction and other abominable acts committed by ISIS and their affiliates in different regions of the world.

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ala – Sheikh is Saudi Arabia’s highest-ranking cleric. He stated the following “Extremist and militant ideas and terrorism which spread decay on earth, destroying human civilization, are not in any way part of Islam, but are enemy number one of Islam. Muslims are their first victims.”

Muslims are a dignified community and have lived so in this manner in Sri Lanka for centuries. It’s a good thing to take adequate corrective measures to prevent any future radicalization. Prevention is certainly better than cure. There is no greater tool better than pure education in this regard.

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama has a significant role to play in educating the Sri Lankan Muslim youth about strange and pernicious ideology alien to Islam. They got to amass all resources necessary in the best interest of the youth. If need be tap into the scholarship of other Muslim countries. They have to educate all Moulavis with authentic proofs from the texts of Quran and Sunnah, also citing verdicts of scholars from the past and present conclusively proving that ISIS is nothing but a gross innovation to the religion of Islam. This is a formidable task and I sincerely hope the ACJU will rise to the occasion.

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    Thiruvathavoorar Lakshminarayan

    Oh Let the Lingam of Shiva and The Yoni of Parwadi bless you !

    ah ah ha ,giggy giggy

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    Very well explained Mr. Idroos , yet there are many married and gone astray, they will burn in hell.

    by the way AYMAN ,why do you waste your precious energy and knowledge trying to explain to people like Amerasiri ,Ben Hurling and Native Veddah?

    They are all one group and life members of the Satanic Cult of FAHIM KNIGHT, The notorious ,Illuminati Freemason and a Zionist agent of Israel.

    May Allah bless you Mr.Idroos and brother AYMAN .

    • 4

      Fathima Miifaza Hassen

      “by the way AYMAN ,why do you waste your precious energy and knowledge trying to explain to people like Amerasiri ,Ben Hurling and Native Veddah?”

      At least Amarasiri is trying to impart correct Quranic and Islamic knowledge from the great Islamic Scholars, like Ibn Rushd, so that AYMAN can be saved from the Hell-Fire on the Day of Judgement, as per Islamic Theology, for following Wahhabism, that is clearly proved to be Satanic Faith, and bring AYMAN, to the fold of Allah (saw), and be saved.

      Amarasiri wants to save AYMAN and other Wahhabites from Hell-Fire.

      Saving one life is like saving Humanity, the Quran, Verse (5:32)

      Yusuf Ali: On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

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    [Edited out]

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    Amerasiri ,admirable your knowledge being an atheist from Buddhist background.

    But The Child-bride rubbing in anyways gives out your inner hate as an atheist.

    • 1

      Amera and Appuhamy are one and the same person.
      You are paid agents of those opposed to Islam.
      The more and more you write,you are being exposed.

      • 3


        “You are paid agents of those opposed to Islam.”

        You sound more and more like George Bush who infamously said ‘You are either with us or against us’ and repeated by the national Hangman Gotabhaya. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdhuM9zTovE”

        Yours is the mother of all stupid argument to end all rational discussion.

    • 2

      Ameray The Appuhamyia

      “But The Child-bride rubbing in anyways gives out your inner hate as an atheist”

      You are mistaken here. There was no hate at all. Just humanity to protect children.

      Amarasiri did not want Thiruvathavoorar Lakshminarayan to abuse his newfound privileges, irrespective of his religious beliefs. Same with little boys being taken in as Samaneras, based on Rahuka being ordained at age 7, by Buddha,

      Atheists do not go around and destroy and burn churches, mosques, and temples, like the Sinhala Buddhists, Fundamentalist Muslims and Fundamentalist Christians. Why?

      Because they do not have Statues to answer and Gods to answer. They only have reason, common sense and humanity and ethics to answer. Some are Deists.

      The Billionaires who are giving half their wealth away to charity and for humanity such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are Atheists or Deists.

      Re Buddhism — ATHEIST POWER!


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


    • 1

      Ameray The Appuhamyia

      “But The Child-bride rubbing in anyways gives out your inner hate as an atheist.”

      Wrong!. Just want to protect the children, young girls and boys included. Let them have their childhood.

      Questions for Atheists – ANSWERED!

      Go furnish him with your own answers, if you wish.


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    Amarasiri -Wa!!!!!! a friend of mine all the way from Christchurch alerted me that my Pseudonym is under attack .

    I just can be bothered , it is only a Pseudonym, who cares after all it is not my full name which include my father’s, so I let it pass. it is not worth wasting ones energy with people who are AKin to the crabs and shrimps ,carrying shit in their heads ,but digging into others shit.
    Quoting you
    Yusuf Ali: On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

    This is my understanding of the interpretation ,it is time Muslims stop quoting this as a way of side tracking the terrorist suicide bombings targeting innocent Civilians or anyone, which is no match for the opponent who do not have access to it, am not condoning the use of drones , Aerial bombings, Air battleship attacks ,surface to surface bomb shelling indiscriminately with no concern or compassion towards innocent civilians and to term and justify it as collateral damage,it is never acceptable from any government force, it accounts to guilty of premeditated genocide.

    While at the same time , no matter what the situation is or who the opponent is , As a Muslim fighter he can never ever target Civilians under no circumstance according to Islamic War rules , and he can not rape , torture , destroy the dwellings ,including treas, he cant attack the farmer working in fields , he can not chain or shut the Prisoners of war , if the prisoners of war want to walk around he should be accompanied , just because your enemy is not bounded by the laws of Islamic war and he commits crimes dos not give you open license to follow the same, and the much made mockery of the slave girls (who are from the enemy camp), the Quran does not demand you to rape them and torment them , on the contrary God encourages the Muslims that freeing the slave is one of the most noblest actions and a great merit, the issue is everyone have become google and Wikipedia Scholars, a very convenient source to quote out of context , This is the first time I seen this verse been fully contextualized and quoted by Amerasir ,(but still to see a Muslim do it)

    This verse is only an example story to the Muslims ,but it is directed to the Jews and Israel till today does not follow it..

    What should be quoted to the Muslim terror act is that, no Muslim is under any circumstance allowed suicide and that is period ,subject fully cover with one sentence.

    subject closed , you can not use Suicide to Kill your enemy or civilians.

    So what do you do? yes the whole world is unfair , what you as a Muslim must do is 1) endure , compromise , destroy the enemy by offering your hand in friendship , sit down and have a dialogue , keep talking until you reach peace , you have to do it if you care for your community , simply because you are too rooted in tradition and completely backward in modern technology ,(I am not trying to belittle my community), this is fact , and it is not logical to expect miracles ,without hard work, remember God feeds every bird ,but he does not throw it into their nests, they work hard for it.

    You see God is not prejudice and he does not think or behave like man ,this is why Islam’s God is unique ,it would be blasphemy to accept him to do so.

    He has already given everyone two assets , without prejudice , 1) free flow of knowledge, who is willing to seek it, can achieve almost anything ,it is nowhere else, but within us, 2) complete free will , do good with your knowledge or evil , the repercussion also has to be borne without complaint as much as one enjoys the rewards .

    God is already aware of every single beings intention of abuse and good intentions , but he is not going to intervene it is already written , but only not- Muslims ,but Mumins(The faithfuls) yes I believe can change fate by following his commandments, and the wisdom passed through his Messenger.

    He is definitely not bias , he also sticks to his word unlike the man. he have said do what you want and I will deal with you on the promised day,unlike us he is not hasty ,he is very patient and he is in no hurry to rush or make an interim judgment.
    On the day he has decreed all would be judged .

    Give peace a Chance …. God’s best attribute out of 99- is salaam (peace) ,and His system ,if you wish call it religion ,for me it is a way of life and not a religion -so Islam -is salaam .. offer peace and do not go for war ,you do not have the means for it , you will only make the enemies richer and powerful, at the cost of your wealth, blood of your people and destruction of your nations .

    The Choice is yours, it is not weakness to choose wisely what we are capable of by offering peace,it is no loss , until God decides other wise.

    The best way to defeat a powerful enemy is to make him a friend.

    Remember there is not a single war anyone has won, all are losers in a war ,while the weapon manufactures and dealers are thee only ones who gain. In Peace all are winners.

    I pray The New Year 2017 will usher nothing but peace.

    • 2


      “The best way to defeat a powerful enemy is to make him a friend.’

      This is what Ibn Rashd, Averroes with Aristotle, unlike some of the Islamic Theologians.

      Aristotle and Averroes Lyrics


      Let’s see what the most respected and the best Islamic Scholar and Philosopher, Ibn Rashd, Averroes, Ibn Rushd (14 April 1126 – 10 December 1198), full name (ʾAbū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn ʾAḥmad Ibn Rushd‎), had to say about these Quranic interpretations, by the Theologians and Islamic “Scholars”.

      The Islamic Scholars are hung up on whether the Quran was created and temporal or uncreated or eternal. Reading the works of Averroes, the top Islamic Scholar of All time, is not hung up.( Some Islamic “Scholars” and others are still hung up on the Earth spinning on its axis and moving around the Sun.)

      On Top, those who understand the “Holy Book”, and therefor by corollary, the Sharia.

      1. The People with knowledge- The Philosophers. The Quran is for them to interpret accurately.

      2. The Theologians are Literalists*. They are like Parrots. They are literalists.
      * adherence to the exact letter or the literal sense, as in translation or interpretation:

      3. The Common People. They just listen, to whatever, the Theologians say.
      Idiotic “Theologians” such as Abdul Wahhab says, idiotic things, the Wahhabis, who do not know do and follow.

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    A superb article every Muslim must read.

    WORLD VIEW : Donald Trump’s mistaken view of Islam – Opinion …
    4 days ago – An abiding fear for Donald Trump is that the Middle East dictators’ successors in power will be militant Islamists who once elected will stop at …

    • 1


      Your link did not work.

      Here is a new link.

      The Age of Reason and Investigation that was there from 800 CE to 1100 CE, was missed, courtesy of the Theologians and Ulema, to maintain their hegemony. The West succeeded in the 16th Century, to get to the Age of Science, Age of Reason and Enlightenment.

      Stupidest Muslim Vs Neil Tyson – How ideology can ruin intellectual power

      This is not a debate between some Muslim and Neil Tyson. But this video shows the thinking of some very well educated 21’st century Muslim (I don’t know he is ignorant, stupid or dishonest. But he is one for sure) and Neil Tyson speaking in a lecture about how Muslims intellectual power ruined by an ideology.


      WORLD VIEW : Donald Trump’s mistaken view of Islam


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    Simply disgusting. What has this forum descended to. Where did you begin and where are you now. You were all
    Attempting to make fun of Islam and Muslims. Now you are all discussing about sex ,and prostitution.The ‘fig’ leaf
    has fallen and you all stand exposed.Veddah, your amuse too has fallen.

    • 3


      “Attempting to make fun of Islam and Muslims.”

      Nothing that sort. Readers are raising valid questions regarding the medieval middle east practices creeping into this island being packaged in Islam/Muslim.

      If one cannot rationally argue cogently on a point raised in this forum one has to expect to be abused, depending on the one’s point of view.

      All stupidity and unscientific practices should be challenged and sought explanation.

      It is unacceptable that people should be led by those who could not rationally explain to others. There is no need to hide behind holy books, messengers, god’s will, etc.

      Insult where insult is due.

      • 0

        Why the heck are you concerned. Just leave the Muslims to practice their religion. They can sort out their own
        problems without assisstance from those making a mockery of religion.
        Muslims do not have to convert, giving any money. No one is compelling Veddas to follow Islam.
        Mr.Idrood has written something and there are some readers hell bent on making fun out of it.
        No one is trying to hide behind ,holy books and messengers and gods will,to quote you.
        There are 1.6 billion people who accept and follow these as against a microscopic minority,like you.
        Why do you not come out into the open and start a movement to challenge these people, instead of you
        hiding in thIs forum.
        If you think you have succeeded you are a damned idiot.

  • 2

    OUTSIDER ,OUTSIDER not allowed in- keep out.

    The prostitution story has not6hing to do with Islam , Why are offended ?
    Does it connect you somehow , you do not understand the logic behind th sarcasm , it was more a defense than making fun.

    Anyways most Muslims have a tiny mind no.

    • 0

      If it has nothing to do with Islam why bring this into this discussion ???

      Again you have a shot at Muslims ,about tiny minds.
      Why don’t you leave Muslims to themselves.
      The Muslims are not denigrating any others beliefs including the atheist,while they hold fast to their beliefs.
      Just leave them alone !!!

      • 1


        “If it has nothing to do with Islam why bring this into this discussion ???”

        Wahhabism and ISIS have very little to do with Islam, except that Wahhabism follows the Devil, Satan, Iblis. The I stands for Iblis, not Islam.

        Wahhabism is not even one of the Schools of Islam, Madhanib, like Maliki, Hanafi, Sahafi and Hanbali.

        Ibn Taymiyyah’s Opinion on The 4 Madhāhib.

        Wahhabism, is not a Schools of Islam, Madhanib, nor is Kitab Al Tawheed, written by Abdul Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism- a Holy Book. It is actually the Holy Book of Satan, Shaytan, Iblis, Devil to trick Muslims and non-Muslims alike, so that Muslims can be killed, as shown by the Wahhabites especially ISIS.


      • 1

        Outsider 1- “If it has nothing to do with Islam why bring this into this discussion ???”- Yeah, I think on sympathetic considerations for a loosing side, we have to desist from attacking them.

        2- “Again you have a shot at Muslims ,about tiny minds”.

        Only a tiny mind would kill others for having a different idea. Only tiny mind would believe in an unseen, unheard of God, who seems to be no match for Barak Hussain Obama’s drones.

        3- “Why don’t you leave Muslims to themselves”. There is nothing I would like better if you follow that advice and get lost.

        4- “The Muslims are not denigrating any others beliefs including the atheist,while they hold fast to their beliefs”. Sure, you are not denigrating us but only killing us.

        5- “Just leave them alone !!!” To do what? Continue to murder?

  • 0




    SO WHEN YOU ask us to leave Muslims alone you must qualify , Sunni that Sunni this and countless numbers , so it is with Sheehas ,so please tell us which ones out of the lot you want us to leave alone?

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    BTW why is mr.I- droos having hip pop beard? what is that color in the middle ?

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    [Edited out]

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